Mile Chapter 278: Blacksmith Idiots

Mile Vol 6 Page 09
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Mile Chapter 278: Blacksmith Idiots



When Mile was desperately apologizing to Rena, Maevis was also called out by dwarf men.
Several of them.
…both their appearance and actual age were perfect 《Old-man (Ossan)》


『Please. Show me your sword!』(Dwarf)



Yes, those dwarf were the blacksmiths that participated in the raid unit who saw Maevis cutting the special kind of Ogre and some other blacksmiths that heard the story from them.


『I beg you, just show me for a bit, please!』(Dwarf)

『Only a little bit! Just a little bit!』(Dwarf)

『Just a glance is fine!』(Dwarf)


Facing a series of questions that involved the secret of the party,
Maevis was at a loss and looked for Mile’s support,
However, Mile was busy trying her best to calm Rena down right now,
It doesn’t seem like Mile can come to help.


『Uhmm …』(Maevis)


Maevis was in trouble. With her personality, Maevis couldn’t ignore the desperately begging dwarves.
If Mile rejects talking about it, she will also do the same, but Mile is busy right now.


『『『『『『Pretty Please! (Onegai Shimasu~uu)』』』』』』(Dwarves)

『… I understand …』(Maevis)


Even though she could confront the powerful Ogres head-on, she was rather weak to confront people asking for a favor.

Maevis removes her sword and hands it to the dwarves.
Fortunately, the daggers weren’t used in front of the dwarves, so they didn’t ask Meavis to show them.
Besides, normally spare weapons are used for emergency use, they are cheaper and not as good as the main weapon.

The Dwarves didn’t care about it because of that common sense.
…In fact, in Maevis’ case, the dagger was far more dangerous.




One of the dwarves pulled out the received sword and other dwarves also came closer to appraise it together.


『I think that the main component of the material is steel, but there is a lot of other metals mixed in…
But I don’t know the cause with that golden glowing…』(Dwarf)


Other dwarves are also pondering.


『But what was that golden light glowing phenomenon at that time?
And this sword didn’t look so sharp so how did that happen?』(Dwarf)



Yes, the blade that was sharpened by nanomachines had a coating for camouflage to make it look just like before.
Yes, just like before, it looked just like an《average sword》you can find anywhere.


『Where did you get it? Who created it?』(Dwarf)

『 Didn’t you just ask to see it?』(Maevis)


Maevis complains that the dwarfs demand even more than before, but the blacksmith idiots don’t care about that.


『What are the materials? What is the component ratio?』(Dwarf)

『How much is the firing temperature?』(Dwarf)

『At that time, your sword has actually emitted light. What was that?』(Dwarf)


A storm of questions was dropped in quick succession.


『Ah, auuu…』(Maevis)


Maevis wasn’t impatient even though she was surrounded by a group of Ogres, but she wasn’t good to be surrounded by a group of mobs.


『I don’t know! Because I didn’t create it!』(Maevis)


Maevis screamed so desperately. And the dwarves seem to realize that《We asked for something impossible》


『Well, then, at least tell us the store you bought it from…』(Dwarf)


However, even though they realize that it’s impossible.
There’s no reason for them to give up on getting more information.
If they can have a small chance to climb to a higher height, to learn about the unknown technique that was never seen before, they will chase after it to the end.
Because these dwarfs are such people.




Of course, when the dwarves caused such a ruckus, Mile and Rena would realize it.
The thing related to Maevis and Mile’s ability is the secret of Red Oath.
It wasn’t something that could be brushed off with some petty personal matter.


『…It’s a hunter’s secret. Anything else is off-limit』(Rena)


Mile was somewhat late.

Rena ran to the group of dwarves and said so.
And, Mile has fortunately escaped from the previous issue.


『That’s the secret of the noble family that is restricted to their descendants.
If you are too persistent, you will be punished for stealing secret information…』(Rena)


The secret of the hunters.
The secret of a noble family.
And punishments for stealing secret information…

There’s nothing they can do except《Shut their mouth》
Even though dwarves are Blacksmith Idiots, they aren’t stupid enough to ignore that.




They understood what Rena said.

Certainly, with such a sword, the common sense of the world would be overturned.
If people know the existence of such a sword, the military, the nobles, no, the royal palace will not leave it alone.
That person will be summoned soon and their secret will be exposed.

But if that person used it as the bargaining chip, they can easily get noble status,
There must be a reason that she became a hunter. Something that outsiders can’t understand.

Although the dwarves understood so, there’s no way they could forget the existence of the super technique once they knew its existence.
It bothered them so much that they wouldn’t be able to concentrate on smithing or anything from tomorrow onward.

Mile saw the situation and joined in.


『… It can’t be helped.
As it is, you will not be able to concentrate on your work so I will teach you a little about that.
…However, this is my family’s secret, it’s absolutely necessary that anyone who heard of this to keep this a secret.
If you accept that condition, you can stay to listen…
But if you don’t want to, please leave this place and don’t listen to it』(Mile)



There was no one who left the place.

On the contrary, blacksmiths in villages,…
No, not only the blacksmiths but also warriors, hunters, miners, farmers, and all others are gathered.

And the Loli Dwarves, who seem to be the aunties in real, pulled way the Uncle Dwarves, who seem to be young children in real.


『First of all, that wasn’t the power of the sword』(Mile)



The noise has disappeared as the dwarves were all dumbfounded with Mile’s explanation.
And in the silence, Mile asked those who were members of the raid unit nearby.


『Can you lend me that sword?』(Mile)


Even though the dwarf didn’t understand, he took his sword along with the sheath and gave it to Mile as he was asked.


『That is some kind of magic』(Mile)


Mile held the sheath with her left hand and pull the sword out with her right hand.
She slipped her two fingers from the handle to the tip of the blade.
And then the sword’s blade emitted golden light.

Yes, this is the secret technique,《Light Saber Sword》that Mile used in the battle with Glen of《Mithril’s Roar》
The blade is coated with magic that illuminates the light.
However, this magic blade is temporally formed with a single-molecule technique for the moment.


『Maevis-san, please throw a boulder that you need to hold with both hands at me!』(Mile)

『I understood!』(Maevis)


Meavis picked up a sizeable boulder nearby and threw it lightly towards Mile.




Mile lightly swung the sword, and the boulder was cleanly cut into two.


『Just like that, we enchanted magic on the sword to make it sharper.
As you can see, this is really a good sword that won’t break even if I enchant strong magic on it.
Now, your sword’s prowess has been proven.
It’s a product that can be compared with Maevis’ sword』(Mile)



The dwarves raised their cry of joy and started drinking alcohol.
A festival that increased the degree of chaos…
Or it was just a large-scale drinking party.

And only the members of 《Evil Spirit Utopia》 and 《Flame’s Friendship》 didn’t believe in Mile’s explanation at all.

They looked at the Mile with suspicious eyes…

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  1. 『I bet you, just show me for a bit, please!』(Dwarf)

    BET – > BEG??

    『Maevis-san, please throw a border that you need to hold with both hands at me!』(Mile)

    I think BORDER – > BOULDER?

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  2. couldn’t ignore -of- the desperately
    make it look-s- just like before
    Maevis scream-s-+ed+ so desperately
    We ask+ed+ for something impossible
    the store you {buy}->{bought} it from
    Something {the}→{that} outsiders can’t 

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  3. Hm, those maniacs were fooled (somewhat). The other hunters are harder to fool, so we might get interesting chapters soon.
    Thanks for the chapter! God bless you, take care, and have fun!


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