Cathia Chapter 4-10: Unbreakable fighting spirit

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T.N: 1 more chapter for Taru, Mira, Asley and we will marathon Arge.

Cathia Chapter 4-10: Unbreakable fighting spirit



『You really finish the fight with a counter after all… Nice fight』(Lior)


Lior-san got up without spending much time after falling down.

When I checked my condition, my breathing was disturbed and I was sweating.
Then I walked to Lior-san while adjusting my breathing.

The venue is still noisy, but if I get close to Lior-san, I can talk to him just fine.


『Lior-san, are you injured?』(Cathia)

『Oh… no problem.
I was correct to wear my Armor』(Lior)


The chest armor has been shattered, it may be impossible to repair.


『 Don’t show me such a face, I don’t want to see it.
More than that …』(Lior)


Was it showed on my face? Well, that’s because I liked that armor.

Lior-san took off his Armor.


『Thank you for the fun fight.
It’s been a long time since I was able to fight with my full power』(Lior)

『No, that.
Uhm, likewise』(Cathia)

『Haa~, what’s that!?
Oh well. So, when will you fight me again?』(Lior)



What are you saying? This person, honestly…
Talk of the next battle already?


『It’s the next fight. Another fight.
Isn’t it common sense to keep fighting until you win after losing the fight?』(Lior)

『No no, that’s only your common sense.
Next fight, right?
…I want you to leave a period of at least one-week 』(Cathia)

『Way too long!
Any time at tomorrow will be okay!』(Lior)

『I don’t like it. I am so tired today.
And I’m not sure that I can fight with my best ability』


Today battle really tired me out.
And he wanted to do it daily?
I don’t want to think about it.


『It isn’t usually so!?
But as expected, you are good at counter-attacking.
You may not reach Tim’s level but you aren’t inferior at all!』(Lior)

『Eh, are you joking?
Gramp’s counter is way sharper.』(Cathia)

『…You are no good. Don’t over exaggerate him too much…』(Lior)


I don’t think so.
It will be much longer for me to catch up with gramp.

Eh? But then, when Lior-san met Gramp, was he still active?


『Cathia-san, good work』(Neil)

『Oh, Neil-san.
The same to you』(Cathia)

『No no, It’s nothing in comparison to Cathia-san.
What should I say? Cathia-san is always running ahead of me』(Neil)

『Hey, what’s with that?
Why did you have the face like you realized something suddenly, Neil-san!?』(Cathia)


Why did he say such a thing while looking at the far distance…?


『No, I wish I can be strong enough to protect your back.
I just reconfirmed what I already knew』(Neil)

『What did you say, Neil?
You are a man, you should aim to be stronger than anyone else.
How about training with me over and over again』(Lior)

『 No no no. I have no such ambition! It’s true!』(Neil)

『Are you okay…
Oh well.
So what happened to Fina』(Lior)


Now that Lior asks about it…
Fina-san has always come first.

『Oh, Fina-nee is over there』(Neil)


As I looked at the direction that Neil-san pointed to…
Fina was spreading the materials on the floor and the audience is surrounding her.

Occasionally, someone raised their impressed voice.
There are many people commending the picture.

Is she already about to finish?


『Oh, is it usual?』(Lior)

『As always.
She can not see the surroundings anymore.』(Neil)


Fina-san is moving the brush in a frantic way.


『What’s that? … Oh, you did tell me she is a painter』(Lior)

『It’s done!』(Fina)



No, she was usually fast that she could finish the picture in one night, but this time was especially fast.


The audience raised their voice 《Ooooh》
Then Fina-san came over with the canvas.


『No, I’m going to have some more adjustments.
It’s just roughly done.


Fina-san showed the picture to us.

The picture this time is… uhm… is it the finishing clash of the previous battle?
It has a dynamic composition,
It is depicted how a red-haired female swordsman sent a big Lion-man in Armor flying with a thrust.


『Uuoo. Amazing.
You… you’re not just a noisy girl』(Lior)

『How rude!
Hmm, but it’s fine.
This picture of the moment you lost will soon be circulating throughout the country!』(Fina)

『Huh… Do you plan to duplicate and sell it?
I would also like to buy one』(Lior)


Unexpectedly, Lior-san seems to be interested in pictures.
However, it’s not the reaction that Fina-san wanted.


Don’t you feel regret, Ossan?』(Fina)

『What are you saying? It’s certainly a shame.
But losing is losing.
That fact will not change no matter what I do, right?
I was blown off wonderfully.

Cathia-chan, how about this picture?』(Fina)

『Eh, yes.
I think that this picture is more powerful and detail than the picture of the mine…
Of course, I’m not saying that the previous work is bad』(Cathia)

『Oh, I was able to concentrate on watching this time!
Cathia-chan’s opinion is generally correct.
But can you tell me your opinion more honest?』(Fina)

『As usual.
No, this is a better picture than usual』(Cathia)

『Why thank you』(Fina)

『Hey, why do you show a different face compared to when I praise you』(Lior)

『Ossan is a bit over!
Unlike Cathia-san.
Just give it up!』(Fina)

『Oh, that was harsh…
Well, I will be going now』(Lior)

『Oh, if you like the picture, buy it.
I think it will be out soon.』(Fina)


The audience raised their cheerful voice.
This picture should be sold well.

When we returned to the lobby of the dojo, Lior-san stopped us.


『I have a favor to ask of you.
It’s a matter of getting to the capital city. Can I go there together?』(Lior)

『Umm… Why?』(Cathia)

『Actually …』(Lior)

『Oh, Grand Master (Dai Sensei). Let me explain from here…』(Mizuho)

『Oh, Mizuho-san』(Cathia)

『The truth is,
Grand Master has a very bad sense of direction
Because there’s a rule that the title holder must come and have a fight at the event.
It will be bad unless we have someone to go together with the Grand Master…』(Mizuho)


『Well, that’s right …
I also have a business in Cyrus that is our next stop.
I ask of you』(Lior)

『I also ask you this favor as well.
I asked Grand Master to deliver a letter to my sister.
So, I’m worried if he can reach there properly』(Mizuho)

『There is no reason to refuse … but how are you two?』(Cathia)

『 Well, it’s just like hiring the strongest escort for free.
I don’t mind that.
However, if you bother Cathia-chan, I’ll kick you out』(Fina)

『Of course I agree. Or rather, I should be thankful.
I mean, by traveling together, I may gain a lot of valuable experience…』(Neil)

『Then, Best regard on the trip to the capital city, Lior-san.』(Cathia)

『Ooh, I’m thankful.
… Last time, I have started 3 months before the event but I only arrived at the last minute…』(Lior)


Three months ahead…?
It should be about a week from here to the capital city.
Where did you go, Lior-san?


『Well then, we are leaving tomorrow』(Lior?)


The next place we will stop is the magical city, Cyrus. And then we will head to the capital city.
We will arrive there soon.
In the meantime, let’s rest for today.
It was a really tiring fight…






『Cathia-chan. By the way, I have one more picture but…』(Fina)


That night, when we are in the room, Fina-san tells me that there was another picture.
Neil-san is away because he is taking a bath.


『Eh, but you didn’t use it?』(Cathia)

I was planning to use this one if Li-ossan fussed over his lost』(Fina)

『What kind of picture is it…
Oh, this is a picture during the confrontation』(Cathia)


It was unusual to finish the two pictures in such a short time, but she was patient because Lior-san might not accept.


『It’s not much powerful compared with the other one.
I was worried that I might need to use it.
However, he proudly accepted it “Losing is losing”』(Fina)


Certainly, the impression that the viewer sees will be different between the moment of losing and the picture during the confrontation.
Even if the lost battle itself doesn’t change.
However, Lior-san seems not to be a person who cares about the surrounding’s evaluations.


『What should we do with this one?』(Cathia)

『I have shown it to Mizuho-chan, she would like to decorate the Dojo with it! She asked me for it』(Fina)

『Eh… but in the end, it’s a picture of the fight that the Dojo’s Master lost』(Cathia)

『It’s okay.
Because that girl is a fan of Cathia-chan』(Fina)


『To be precise, why do you think that girl join this dojo?
She aims to be strong and she admires strong people.
That means…』(Fina)

『That means…?』(Cathia)

『Cathia-chan is the ideal form for all Dojo’s undergraduate girls!』(Fina)


『She told me that she would buy the picture when it comes out later』(Fina)

『……Is that so?』(Cathia)


Was it the reason that I was asked for handshaking and the girls gave me the hot stare?
Even if I have become popular with girls, but I also become a girl as well. How sad…

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. So Cathy chapter today and we will have a Taru chapter SOON™, this makes me happy, thanks for the hard work 🙂


  2. Some corrections I recommend:
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    Thanks for the chapter! May God bless you, take care, and have a great day!

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    • No, Arge’s turn now.
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