Taru Chapter 23: The Alchemist’s torture

Taru Lulua
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T.N: Too long, too many new items I must name.

Taru Chapter 23: The Alchemist’s torture



『Ugee……』(Taru)Taru Icon


I managed to regain consciousness from George’s 《Kiss of death》


『Tenshi-sama. Are you okay?』(Mina)


Mina gets closer to me and hands over the 《Gospel of moonlight》

That’s right.
I was trying to identify this pink petal for alchemy.


『Uuu』(Taru)Taru Icon


However, when I look at this item, it somehow reminds me of George’s…

No, let’s stop.
It’s forbidden to remember.

I managed to recover my energy with the motivation to alchemy, and I immediately activated the ability 《Appraisal Eye》


『Waa… Tenshi-sama’s eyes are shining gold』(Mina)

『Oh my, Taru-chan is really Tenshi-chiyuan』(George)

『Chiyuan…? Tenshi-sama is Tenshi-sama』(Mina)


Somehow, I’m scared of Mina’s coldly retort to George.

With 《Appraiser Eye》 activated, I look at the 《Gospel of Moonlight》


《Gospel of Moonlight》
The petals blessed by the power of the moon spirit, Urud.
It is said to bring joy to people since ancient times.
The faint radiance of the moonlight made the petals very fragile.


Moon Spirit…
Because the fairies are already here, can I meet the spirit someday?

Petal’s characteristic is very fragile…
Is this a statement related to alchemy…?

But how do you relate this to alchemy?
There is no hint at all.

For the time being, I put the petal into the synthetic pot.


『Well, thinking won’t have any use here』(Taru)Taru Icon


《Appraisal eyes》 isn’t useful. Let’s try synthesis.

Let’s see. The material that seems to be compatible with 《Gospel of Moonlight》 is…
I will check the materials one after another over the synthesis pot and find out the sky pattern material.

There was no good thing other than 《Fairy Powder》


Okay, let put 《Fairy Powder》in.

The sky pattern in the pot is melting with the golden color.
《Gospel of Moonlight》is very fragile, so let set the firepower at very low.

As I observed the situation while mixing, the color in the pot became darker little by little.
One minute mixing. The inside of the kettle was completely black.


『This is useless …』(Taru)Taru Icon


The red smoke came out from the Pot showing a failure.


Failed in the synthesis 《Gospel of Moonlight》 + 《Fairy Powder》
The materials have been lost:


《Prize and Auction》’s Notice:

《Forest’s Medicine》× 2 sold
《Emerald’s Tear》 x 3 sold
《Crystal Potion》x 1 sold
《Fire Protection Dust》 x 1 sold
You got 5776 Eso


『Yay!』(Taru)Taru Icon


Eso came right after the failure log.

It’s sad to lose one piece of precious《Gospel of Moonlight》, but I was delighted to be able to test the ability 《Training technique》faster than I thought.


You feel happy with the failure?』(George)

『Fuu~』(Taru)Taru Icon


『Let’s go, Mina!』(Taru)Taru Icon


With a hidden meaning smile, I take Mina, dash to go to the tool shop to buy the alchemy kit, and come back to George’s shop.


『Fu~ fu~ fu~!』(Taru)Taru Icon


Showing the newly purchased 《 Torture pedestal of restoration》 and 《Bento box》 to George.

The pedestal made of black iron was quite large. It covers 1 meter in all directions.
There are various instruments hanging on the side of the pedestal.
Double-edged sword, Hammer, Rapier, and 2 tongs to grab something.

What I was more concerned about was a hollow that used to fit something spherical


『Oh~ my~ my~ What is this Kit? I have never seen it before』(George)

『Somehow, it looks horrible』(Mina)


《 Torture pedestal of restoration》
Some sacrifices are needed for the quest of knowledge.
This is the experimental instrument from the time when alchemy is hated and disliked.
Used to Evolve and Change the characteristics of materials


『Ku~ ku~ ku…』(Taru)Taru Icon


This is torture.
It’s time to go to the Dark Side of Alchemy at last…

Well, what material should I change?
It’s decided.
《Gospel of moonlight》which was only compatible with 《Fairy Powder》 earlier.


I place a small, fragile petal on the《 Torture pedestal of restoration》


Do you want to sacrifice?
Do you want to torture?


I got a quick choice right now.
I’m looking forward to it.


First of all, select sacrifice.


Then the black liquid spread from the top of the pedestal, as it went down, it covered the《Gospel of moonlight》
When the black liquid completely covered the petal, it changed into a sphere after a while.


《Gospel of moonlight》has been sacrificed
《Magic Sphere》 received



I haven’t heard that the material itself changes to another material…
What is this black sphere?


Taru Item
Consumable Item for Alchemy Kit 《 Torture pedestal of restoration》
Add magic resistance + 8 to the next material


I see.
This must be an item dedicated to 《 Torture pedestal of restoration》, right?

And it might add Magic Resistance Correction to the next material, as you can guess from information: Add Magic Resistance + 8

It means that I can boost the Material’s Characteristic with the cost of the sacrificed material.

I see. This hollow used for putting the sphere to strengthen the next material.

Isn’t it good?
Sacrifice to reach the higher height, a forbidden road.


『Ku~fu~fu~』(Taru)Taru Icon


Well, let me show you the result of my dedication.

Then I place 《Gospel of moonlight》 again on the 《 Torture pedestal of restoration》and this time I choose the torture option.


Characteristics of 《Gospel of moonlight》

Slash: 0
Strike: 0
Pierce: 0
Elasticity: 7
Hard: 0
Attribute: None
Magic: 10


Various Numbers were displayed.
Apparently, it has no resistance for Slash and Strike.
It seems to be somewhat Elasticity and no Hard?



How do you want to torture?




I can even torture without using the 《Magic Sphere》 just now

Earlier, when I analyzed 《Gospel of moonlight》with 《Appraisal Eye》ability, it was written to be very fragile.
In other words, if I can change the Very Fragility Characteristic with torture, it might increase the number of compatible material for synthesis.

If so, the item should be strengthened with 『Strike』or 『Hard』

I choose『Hard』
Then the assist log flowed.


Please use the tools: Sword, Hammer, and Rapier to torture the material
The tools have the characters: Slash, Strike, and Pierce.
You must torture the material with various weapons at the same time
The number of Characteristic is proportional to the strength of the impact
In the case of 『Hard』, there are many instructions to give a strong impact:



『Toun~ toun~ tou~ tou~ tou~ tou~ tou~ tou~ toun~♪』(Rhythm’s SFX)



Something like a song from the radio exercises was playing suddenly.

And on top of 《Gospel of moonlight》, the big letter of『Slash』is slowly dropping down.


『Wha…』(Taru) Taru Icon


Must I attack the material in the same way as the rhythm music game?

The moment the letter 『Slash』touches the petal, I grasp the double-edged sword in a hurry and slash it.
A crisp sound is resounding from the Pedestal.


Hanabira chit~ chi ~eeeeeee! (SFX)


It seemed to be really upset as I missed the timing.

Furthermore, according to the music, other letters of 『Slash』, 『Strike』, 『Pierce』are coming down.

If I try harder, I can do it.
No, I will definitely do it.

No more material can be wasted!


『Fuhhohha~』(Taru) Taru Icon


I grasped the tool-weapon one after another to Slash, Strike, and Pierce.


『Zashuzzashu~ gatsun~ pusugga~ nppusu~ pusuzza~ shun~ ♪』(Rhythm’s SFX)


If I can torture the material with good timing, dazzling light and Stardust will be scattered.

Apparently, the size of the letter indicates the strength of the impact given, the larger the letter, the stronger the impact. The smaller the letter, the weaker the impact, etc.


『Shupa~, gotsun~, goggo~, busuri~! Zuba~♪』(SFX)


I slashed with the sword, strike with the hammer, and pierce with the rapier in tune with the song.


Kieeeei! (SFX)

『Zashu~』(Rhythm’s SFX)

Nu ~un! (SFX)

『Gatsun~』(Rhythm’s SFX)

Fu he~ (SFX)

『Busuri~』(Rhythm’s SFX)


Hold the weapon, get on the rhythm and go crazy!

This is the beat that plays with my alchemy.
The rhythm cut into my body! No, it deeply indulges in my soul.


『Haffu~ffu~, e i~』(Taru) Taru Icon


Hi ~yahha!

More, more.
I will torture you more.
Let me hear your cute scream, 《Gospel of Moonlight》-chan.


『Fufufu』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Tenshi-sama has become Akuma-sama…』(Mina)

『Oh my~ my~, this is somewhat great picture』(George)

『Pinpinrorin~~♪♪ ♪』(Rhythm’s SFX)


When the song is over, the falling letters also stop coming down.


《Gospel of Moonlight》has been strengthened
『Hard』+ 12


『Haa…Haa』(Taru) Taru Icon


This is exactly like a rhythm game.

The strengthened 《Gospel of Moonlight》has changed the name to 《Gospel of Moonlight – Revision》

Next, I set the《Magic Sphere》made with 『Sacrifice』in the hollow of the pedestal.

Then, from the pedestal, a screeching voice like『O~o~o~o~o~o~』 was generated.
The《Magic Sphere》became black smoke and wrapped the 《Gospel of Moonlight -Revision》



——————————————————————– –
《Gospel of Moonlight -Revision》has been strengthened
『Magic』+ 8
——————————————————————– –



I analyze 《Gospel of Moonlight -Revision》on the pedestal again.



Characteristics of 《Gospel of Moonlight -Revision》

Slash: 0
Strike: 0
Pierce: 0
Elasticity: 7
Hard: 12 (+12)
Attribute: None
Magic: 18 (+8)


And, the characteristics changed.

I see. I see.


We can make strengthening 《Magic Sphere》 simply by 『Sacrifice』materials on the pedestal to further strengthen the next material.


Okay, time to try 『Sacrifice』 and 『Torture』on other materials.


When I tried『Sacrifice』Mofu Usa’s drops, 《Red Eye Stone》, it became 《Flame Sphere》with 『Flame』+ 5


To summary, the abilities go like this:

 『Torture』 can be used to torture the material according to the rhythm of the flowing music, and the resistance of the material can be strengthened.

『Sacrifice』can be used to make the strengthening material《~sphere》 to further strengthen the resistance attribute.

Slash with the sword
Strike with the hammer
Pierce with the rapier.
Stretch with the 2 tongs.

To strengthen Elasticity, you need to use sword, hammer, and tongs to hit with weak + fine details.
To strengthen Hard, you need to use sword, hammer, rapier to hit with strong + monotonous.

For Attribute, you need to set a circle.
Just set the magic circle.


Somehow, for example, if you want to continue strengthening fire attributes.
Just set the Attribute to Fire before 『Torture』 it.

Also, if magic resistance is raising.
It might be useful as a material for weapons and armor.

It seems that 『Torture』focuses not only on synthesis but also on creating versatile materials.


『Somehow, alchemy is really profound ♪』(Taru) Taru Icon

『As expected of Tenshi-sama…』(Mina)


In other words.
If there is no mistake that the material can be strengthened.
If you make an item or equipment with the reinforced material, you may be able to create a ridiculous thing.


『A glimpse of the unlimited possibilities of alchemy! Fuhaha!』(Taru) Taru Icon


After testing the 『Torture』, I instantly challenge 『synthesis』using 《Gospel of moonlight》

This time I used 《Gospel of Moonlight -Revision》 which was strengthened with 『Torture』

Have I increased the number of compatible materials other than 《Fairy Powder》?

Patiently, I check each material over the Pot.

Then, the 《Crystal Branch》collected at the crystal creation forest, 《Crystallizer》 showed the sky pattern in the Pot.


『It’s here (Kita Kita)』(Taru) Taru Icon


The temperature of the Pot is set at medium heat and I put the 《Crystal Branch》 in as the second material.

Petal and Branch.
The materials seem to be compatible.
Hardness in the Gospel of Moonlight, that is, firmness, endurance?

Did the two materials become compatible by raising the Hardness?

The pot is clear in pink color.
It’s sticky, but I can stir it with the stirring stick.


After a while, the Pot seemed to become slightly darker,
I activate the ability 《Eternal Pursuing Completion》
Put the 《Fairy Powder》 in the beaker and put it in as the third material.

I was concerned about the last time response because the color turned black and failed.
But unlike before the color returned to light pink again.

After a few dozen seconds, the blue smoke rose from the Pot, the signal of success.


氷霧のステッキ_画像《Moonlight’s Flute》 has been completed

《Gospel of moonlight – Hard – Magic》+ 《Crystal Branch》+ 《Fairy Powder》 《Moonlight’s Flute》was recorded in the recipe.


I made a whistle.

The structure is simple and shaped like a flute with a thick tree.
However, it’s pale pink and clear.
I can also see the hollow inside, and it seems to be harder than plastic.

Hey hey.
I guess I was able to do something great.

I can play a nice tone, right?



Taru Flute《Moonlight’s Flute》
【Use it to increases PT member’s speed +40 and magic +100 for 2 minutes.
When playing under the weather 『Moon night』,
recover all PT members MP by 80 and make the first hit always critical.
Use limit: 3 times】


That’s great.
Was there an item which the effect is changed depending on the weather?
Moreover, I was told that there is no MP recovery item in Clan-Clan yet. But now, another MP recovery item besides 《Forest’s Medicine》 is made again.


『A nice flute, Tenshi-sama』(Mina)

『Umm, It’s absolutely amazing… no, it’s a pretty good item…』(Taru) Taru Icon


But I thought.
I haven’t been able to create an attack item with alchemy.
Of course, I am satisfied with the result of this synthesis.

If the weather is 『Moon night』, the guaranteed first critical hit is quite aggressive.

But that’s only if the weather is 『Moon night』


In that case, the previous PvP battle that I fought together with Yuuki and Kouya, I still lacked the firepower.
《Extreme Candy Ball》with attack power + 10 is too plain.


Is there something or a hint?

I activate the ability 《Appraisal Eye》and examine the materials on hand again.
I went through all of them and found the material I was interested in.


It’s a material called 混沌の泥_画像 《Black Lump》

Taru Black Lump

It was the failure Upper Conversion 《Horse’s Dropping》x 3 → 《Black Lump》

The first failed material created when using the Alchemy Ability 《Conversion》 in Michael Angelo.


《Black Lump》
【Horse’s Dropping.
The horses had accompanied people since ancient times for everything.
The Horse’s dropping is full of nutrients, it can bring grace to the earth and make it flourish.
From such Horse’s Dropping, a Black Lump was formed, which was a useless product and an unidentified object.
It’s the item with various possibilities】

Taru Item 1

Horse’s Dropping is amazing.
Fec*s is amazing (The raw also censored)

I can’t say out loud my impression though.
Yeah, definitely not.


I thought that I couldn’t use it at all so I left it to gather dust in my inventory, in but in fact, 《Black Lump》 is amazing


Anyway, although I tried to put this 《Black Lump》in the synthetic pot, there was no compatible material. They all gave out the cloudy sky.

In other words.
Some 《Training》 is necessary.


『Ability 《Training》  activated!』(Taru) Taru Icon


First, putting the 《Black Lump》in 《Torture pedestal of restoration》



Characteristics of 《Black Lump》

Slash: 2
Strike: 2
Pierce: 5
Elasticity: 0
Hard: 5
Attribute: Flame 3
Magic: 0


Is it fire resistant?

Then I should try the 《Flame Sphere》 made by『Sacrifice』 《Red Eye Stone》with 『Flame』+ 5


《Black Lump》 has been enhanced
『Attribute • Flame』+ 5

Next, let’s put this 《Black Lump》into the synthetic pot again after the fire resistance is already raised.

There’s no change.




『Ability 《Training》  activated!』(Taru) Taru Icon


Then I『Sacrifice』《Red Eye Stone》to make 3 more 《Flame Sphere》

Good thing, earlier I have bought a lot of 《Red Eye Stone》  in 《Prize and Auction》

《Red Eye Stone》 can be used to create 《 Crimson stone》with upper conversion. It was useful.


Characteristics of 《Black Lump》

Slash: 2
Strike: 2
Pierce: 5
Elasticity: 0
Hard: 5
Attribute: Flame 23 (+20)
Magic: 0

With《Training》, 《Black Lump》 has increased fire resistance considerably.


How is it this time?

I put the《Black Lump》into the synthetic pot again and patiently looking for a compatible material.


《Crimson stone》and 《Crystal Flower》showed a good response.


It’s understandable that 《Crimson stone》 is compatible, but 《Crystal Flower》is unexpected.

Anyway, it’s a challenge.

Let’s put《Crimson stone》in as the second material.

Set the temperature to high and mix the synthetic pot.
The color is black and red, but it’s not dirty.
It’s more like the Mixed of Blood and Darkness.


『Ku』(Taru) Taru Icon


It’s quite sticky, the stirring stick is heavy.

I activated the ability 《Eternal Pursuing Completion》and changed the 《Crystal Flower》into the liquid crystal with the flask and then poured it in as the 3rd material.

The moment it was poured in, the dark color was instantly washed away. It began to shine brightly into red, green and yellow.


『Uwa』(Taru) Taru Icon


Furthermore, something like plasma red and yellow light emitted from the Pot.

What is this?
It looks like fire powder. No, it’s a different thing because it exploded.

However, I will go forward with this.


Mixing~ Mixing~ Mixing~ Mixing~


《Aiming Fireworks (small)》 has been created

《Black Lump – Flame》 + 《Crimson stone》+ 《Crystal Flower》《Aiming Fireworks (small)》 has been added to the recipe


This is fireworks…

It somehow looks like a cylindrical hand-held bar.
At the tip, there is a small crystal with the shape of a star, which looks like a child’s toy at first glance.

A magical girl’s Twinkling Star Baton♪

Right now, I’m a silver-haired girl, I wonder if it would be something like that.



《Aiming Fireworks (small)》
【If you use it, the fireworks will fly from the tip of the star rod.
Cause fire damage to the opponent.
Inflicts AOE additional damage to targets in the area where fireworks bloomed】


『At last… we got an attack item』(Taru) Taru Icon


And it’s a long range AOE attack.

As expected, 《Black Lump》 is amazing.
It’s amazing even though it is a failed conversion of Horse’s droppings.

I mean, 《Emerald’s Tear》 potion also used 《Sewage》, which is also a failure upper conversion of 《Water》


In the Clan-Clan, the failure material is also a fine material of alchemy.
In other words, it’s “failure is the mother of success”


『Fuu~…』(Taru) Taru Icon


I stretch and sigh from tired.


『Is it over?』(George)

『Tenshi-sama, good works』(Mina)


George and Mina encourage me.


『Yeah, it’s over』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Again. You do something amazing!』(George)


George says his impression with my result.


『I am impressed with the result of Tenshi-chan’s Alchemy but
I’m worried about what the wise man Misora was saying.
Was it a ball?
I wonder if it will really be held』(George)

『Speaking of which, that’s right… did George check it?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『So far as it goes, I have tried going to Duke Teary’s mansion. Unfortunately, there were no change』(George)

『Fu~umu…』(Taru) Taru Icon


Oh, speaking of which I haven’t tried the carriage’s figure that Misora-san gave me yet.

Then, I take out the《Silver Spirit Carriage》from my inventory.


『Waa, Tenshi-sama… It’s wonderful』(Mina)


Mina admired the miniature of the carriage on my palm.
This is certainly well built.

Let’s try using this item.


《Silver Spirit Carriage》 can’t be used here
Please go outdoors


And the log flowed.


『Oh my~ my~, what is that?』(George)

『I got it from Misora-san.
Apparently, I can’t use it indoors, so I will go out and use it』(Taru) Taru Icon


After giving the short answer to George, I walk out of the store.


『… That’s very interesting. Mina-chan, we should also follow after Tenshi-chan』(George)

『There’s no need to tell me.
Because I want to be with Tenshi-sama forever』(Mina)


That’s a little scary remark, but I don’t ask for the detail.
Anyway, they follow me after I left the store.

On the majestic highway paved with cobblestones, I only see a sparse number of player.
There seems to be no problem in particular.

So again, I tried using 《Silver Spirit Carriage》



It went *pop* with a screen of smoke, white and gold powder are scattered.

After the smoke was cleared, a large horse carriage appeared in front of my eyes.
There are four beautiful White Horses, connected in two rows to the pavilion.
White cloth with golden threads sewed to cover on the upper part of the body and their heads.


『This… this is great …』(Taru) Taru Icon


The four-wheeled carriages are painted in silver with thin gold decorations. The atmosphere is elegant and luxury.


『Waa~ha… it’s a beautiful carriage …』(Mina)


What’s more surprising is Several little fairies fly around and scatter platinum powder.

These fairies are less than half the size of the fairy in the Gem Product Forest, 《Crystallizer》, but they are unmistakable fairies.

To put it briefly, it was a carriage that seems to be possessed by some royal noblemen.
No, more like something from a fairy tale.

I can’t hide the surprise that the figure has become something like this.


『Ah… uhm…』(Taru) Taru Icon


When I was dumbfounded, the coach, who was holding the reins in the pavilion,
started walking down before me.


『Milady, where do you want to go?』(Coach)


This person, his face is a black haze with only two red circles like eyes.
I can see clearly that he isn’t human.

Both his clothes and body are black, so let’s call him Kurosuke-san.
Kurosuke-san gave me a courtesy bow and asked such a question.

This is…
Is it an item for moving …?


『Ga, Gaddemu!』(George) (T.N: I don’t know what he means, in Katakana, maybe something like Goddam)


I have the feeling that I don’t want to see George right now, but I turn my face back anyway.

His mouth and his eyes are wide opened in surprise.




Okama-san’s cry echoes on the roadside.

Even players passed by were also surprised by the carriage,
Or were they surprised about Okama-san’s screaming?
I couldn’t tell.

Taru 9
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