Arge 168: Midnight Gathering

Arge 2
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By the way, I retranslate the Novel from chapter 79 to chapter 83 together with the Manga Chapter 20.


Somehow Novel Update didn’t accept this as Novel’s release.

Arge 168: Midnight Gathering



『I see, with the Shadow Moving Skill, Mutsuki-san has come here from the Demon Continent』(Arge)

After (saving) setting my own shadow on a certain spot, I can move back there at any time… Well, it’s like simple transfer magic.
But I can’t move back to the place I visit before unless I set it.
This is a familiar shop from a long time ago.
I often come at the end of work』(Mutsuki)


After a brief explanation, Mutsuki-san drinks his teacup.
I wondered how he moved when there’s a considerable distance from the Demon continent. It seems to be due to the effects of his Skill.
From his explanation, ot seems like he can’t use it unless he (saves) set the visited location once.
It seems like the warp magic in RPG.


『If I use this, I might take your friends here,
but… I have to remember their shadows first…
It’s troublesome. Well, you know, it’s all about understanding the quality of existence』(Mutsuki)

『In a nutshell, it takes a long time to issue a pass card… is it like something?』(Arge)

『That’s right.
Well, how about you stay here for a while?
Under such circumstances, it would be better to have more power?
If you can wait, I will bring them here』(Mutsuki)


As Mutsuki-san has grasped the situation after we explained somehow, even though he said “it’s bothersome”, he was still willing to cooperate.
Just like before, he is a caring person.

Of course, if it’s possible, I want to meet Felnote-san, Kuzuha-chan and Neguseo are also coming here.
And I suggested it to Aoba-san.


『… So I would like to stay here for a while, do you mind?』(Arge)

『Yes, it will be helpful to increase the number of people coming』(Aoba)


Aoba-san gave her approval. So, we will stay a few days in the Republic.
At the end of the talk, I start eating Satsuki-san’s cheesecake, the fluffy sweetness and softness spread in my mouth.
Since the said person has gone to the back with Kuro-san, I’m somewhat sorry that I can’t say that it’s delicious directly to her. The cakes in this shop are really tasty.


『… Fufu』(Aoba)

What’s wrong, Aoba-san?』(Arge)

『Nothing. It seems like your food preferences don’t change』(Aoba)

『Oh … it may be so』(Arge)


I have always liked cheese-based cakes.
It seems that Aoba-san smiles now because she remembered the old days.
There was no one in this world could share that kind of memory,
because it wasn’t even 1 year since I was reincarnated.

While I feel something nostalgic, I taste another bite of Satsuki-san’s cake.


『But this cake is really delicious.
The maker understands the taste of the ingredients well and makes an optimal balance.
Just like this kind of taste』(Aoba)

『It was good. I recommend it.』(Arge)

『 The cakes are really delicious.
I have been eating it for a long time …
It’s amazing how I won’t get tired of it after eating for years』(Mutsuki)


Mutsuki-san said so while taking another bite from his cake.
He and Satsuki-san seem to know each other from a long time ago.
Because they are long-lived race, they might be acquaintance for hundreds of years.


『… By the way, Mutsuki-kun, is it all right now?』(Isabella)

『Hmm, what’s wrong, Isabella?』(Mutsuki)

『 Don’t “what’s wrong” me, you know what I want to say…!』(Isabella)


In response to Isabella-san who had been silent up until now, Mutsuki-san gave a clear reply.
What Isabella-san wanted to say was understood not only by Mutsuki-san but everyone in this place.
That is, 《I want to change clothes》

Anyway, she isn’t wearing her usual suit, but wearing a frilly dress.

Specifically, it’s a dress with a design similar to a maid dress that is the work clothes of this coffee shop.
There isn’t much exposure, but it’s very cute.
Dressing like that makes Isabella shaking with her red blushing face.
It stands out more than her usual suit-like appearance.


『Why do I have to do this ………?』(Isabella)


Originally this was what Satsuki-san tried to put on Isabella-san before we came.
Even though Isabella had kept trying to refuse, Mutsuki-san gave his approval and she must obey.


『You should wear it. You look good, no, you look great in that』(Mutsuki)


That’s why Satsuki-san has been on fire again.
As a result, Isabella-san, who has already been shivering due to shame, became more unstable with Mutsuki-san’s compliments.


『Well, isn’t it fine as long as you look great?』(Mutsuki)

『Thinking of my age, please. It’s unreasonable! In the first place, my arm…』(Isabella)

『As for your arm, you are wearing gloves with long sleeve, so people can’t look at it.
And even though Isabella is beautiful, but I think you look great in such cute clothes, too』(Mutsuki)

『Cute (Kawaii)…!?』(Isabella)


Hearing Mutsuki-san calls her cute, Isabella-san’s cheek became even redder.


『In the first place, you care too much about your arm.
There are other places to make others focus.
Just like your beautiful face, or your cute personality.
I think you’d better dress up more.
Seeing you dress up like this make me happy…
That’s hurt!?
It’s hurt, I said!?
Stop hitting me!』(Mutsuki)

『Take this! You…you!
Honestly!! Enough already!!』(Isabella)


Mutsuki-san left the table as the blushing Isabella-san kept hitting on him.
Seeing these two’s quarrel, Aoba-san exhaled a sigh.


『This is lovey-dovey, isn’t it?』(Aoba)

『There is no such thing …!』(Isabella)


No, it doesn’t look like you are just friends by any means.
Even with how insensitive I am, I can understand that much.
Isabella-san and Mutsuki-san are a pair.
And it’s not friendship, but a relationship between men and women.

In fact, even when Isabella-san is scolding Mutsuki, her cheeks are blushing and her mouth is loosening.
She must be glad to be praised by her beloved person.

The striking sound is heavy, but she can’t hide her feeling with that.


『Anyway, I will change clothes! Because I hit my limit!』(Isabella)


Isabella-san tried to show intimidation as she said that and when to the back.
After seeing off Isabella-san in satisfaction, Mutsuki-san turned his face to us.


『First of all, I understand the circumstances roughly.
Leave the matter of your friends to me.
I will bring them here as soon as possible』(Mutsuki)

『Thank you, Mutsuki-san』(Arge)

『 Don’t worry about it.
Or rather, I’m grateful that you have protected not only Richelle but also the Dark Elven territory.
I also think that it was good that you protected them. Even though I have a long relationship with them, I couldn’t come to help them in time.
Just thinking of this as I return the favor』(Mutsuki)


It seems that he doesn’t mind lowering his head, Mutsuki-san bowed to me to show his gratitude.
It was a natural action so I accepted it without remorse and Mutsuki-san showed a reliable smile.
He must have a good face if there is no mark on it.


『As ever, Mutsuki is the type that shoulders everything on his back』(Iris)

『Oh … Iris. It can’t be helped, it’s my natural』(Mutsuki)

『Well, as usual.』(Iris)


The blond vampire hugs Mutsuki-san from behind as she is hanging on his neck.
Iris Ichinose, Satsuki’s partner, the vampire in charge of snacks at Satsuki Cafe.
She can’t come out while the sun is still out, but she can move freely as it’s night right now.
It seems that she has overheard our talking.


『Well, that’s the good part of Mutsuki-kun but there is also bad part, too』(Satsuki)

『Right? That’s how Mutsuki-kun is』(Fumitsuki? or Iris?)

『Satsuki… Fumitsuki. You also came?』(Mutsuki)

『Yes~s. Arge is coming so I want to say hi…
It’s been a while, Arge. Please enjoy your stay』(Fumitsuki)

『Ah yes, it’s been a long time』(Arge)


In response to my reply, she smiled back at me.
Fumitsuki-san, just like Kuro-san, she is the waitress at Satsuki Cafe.
She has black hair and a bunch of white hair.


『Oh, what happened to Isabella? I think she went to the back』(Mutsuki)

『She was half crying “I will change my clothes”
So, I lend her the changing room to change clothes』(Satsuki)

『Yeah, then I will return when Isabella returns.
Can I have some cake to bring home?』(Mutsuki)

『Even you are also addicted to it. Fumitsuki-chan, please』(Satsuki)

『Yes, yes. Thank you for your patronage♪
So then Mutsuki-kun, I will see you later.
I need to say hello to other customers』(Iris)


Mutsuki-san said that he knew this shop from the old time, but I think he has a fairly long relationship with Iris.
Although the behavior of people in the shop was somewhat loosened, Mutsuki-san was just responding like normal.
After finishing talking, Iris-san released Mutsuki-san’s neck and descended on the floor.
She had a cute smile as a mischievous girl.


『Arge, long time no see』(Iris)

『Yes. Long time no see, Iris-san』(Arge)

『It seems like you bring a friend that I haven’t seen before…
Um… I see. she doesn’t look like bad people.
Nice to meet you, I’m Iris Ichinose』(Iris)

『My name is Aoba. Nice to meet you』(Aoba)


I greet Satsuki-san while Iris-san and Aoba-san are greeting each other.


『Satsuki-san. Excuse me, is it fine to talk?』(Arge)

『Yes, what is it?』(Satsuki)

『I have something I want to ask you later, so…』(Arge)

『Okay, I will listen to it later.
By the way, it’s rather late already.
Both of you need a place to stay.
I will lend you the room as you like』(Satsuki)

『Sorry and please』(Arge)

『You don’t have to apologize!
There are plenty of rooms available!』(Satsuki)


With the same tension, as usual, Satsuki-san accepts us easily.
I felt nostalgic and thankful, and I bowed down to her.

Arge Felnote
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