Arge Chapter 169: The Goal of the Promise

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Arge Chapter 169: The Goal of the Promise


Sakura Flower reminds me of many things.

The same applies to Japan, the country where I lived in my previous life, and I also remember the promises I made with Aoba-san.


I closed my eyes for a while and wrapped myself in the nostalgic scent.


『…Sakura Nomiya was really great like people said』(Aoba)


The one who raised the admiration voice is Aoba-san, who I was finally able to meet again.
… It’s strange.

I didn’t think that I could meet the acquaintances of my previous life again after I was reborn.
Our bodies have changed but there is something that doesn’t change.
The promise we made was one of them.


『Uhmm… Satsuki-san recommends this place』(Arge)


The scenery in front of our eyes is dying in the color of Sakura Petals.
The fluttering flower snowstorm is so beautiful.
We decided our future plan at Satsuki Cafe last night. After asking Satsuki-san about Sakura Flower View Spot, we came to this spot as soon as it was bright.
In order to fulfill the promise we made.

As I look around, many people are looking at Sakura Flower in the same way. Some of them wanted to enjoy tea and liquor under the Sakura trees.


『It looks like Japan…』(Arge)

『Arge-san as well, do you feel nostalgic?』(Aoba)

『Yeah. For me, it’s been a few years since I have had a 《Hanami》 (Flower view)』(Arge)


Long before I was reincarnated into this world, even before I was locked down.
It was a really long time since I have a chance to see outside again.


『 The area around here looks good』(Aoba)

『Is that so? 』(Arge)

『Yes, I’m confident in Flower Viewing』(Aoba)


That’s what Aoba-san said, who was the genius of Flower Arrange at Kuon house. So it must be true.
She beckoned me with *koikoi* and I obediently went to her side.
By the time I came next to her, Aoba-san had already sat on the ground.
I sat near her and looking up, the sky was covered with The Sakura canopy.




Beautiful. I think so honestly.
The fluttering petals fall on the blue sky.
I reach out to a gentle smell that touches my soul.
A whistling wind blew off the petals on my cheek.


『I remember, you told me “Flowers are great but I prefer Sakura Flower”』(Aoba)

『… there was that too』(Arge)


Certainly, it was about when Aoba-san asked me about my impressions of her Flower Arrange when I was alive. Although I didn’t complain about her flower works, I said that I prefer Sakura Flower.

Of course, I didn’t say that Aoba-san’s work was bad.

Simply, it’s a matter of my preference.


『…I’m glad』(Aoba)


『It’s not the Flower Arrange…
But the two of us could watch the Flower you wanted to see like this(Aoba)

『……Is that so?』(Arge)


Aoba-san laughs happily from the bottom of her heart, I could only vaguely reply to her.

To me, it was a small promise to me and I mentioned my preferences.
I didn’t really care for it. It’s a promise that I have forgotten until I dreamed about it again.
However, Aoba-san kept thinking about it all the time, even after she died. And now she smiled from the bottom of her heart right next to me.

I wonder what is this feeling?

Somehow it feels great and bad at the same time, such a strange feeling.
It’s kind of itchy, embarrassing, but I don’t hate it.
My fingers cross and I don’t know how to explain.


『Fu fu. As expected, you are still Ginshi-san』(Aoba)


『The face when you don’t know how to do it is still the same.』(Aoba)

『…Is that so?』(Arge)


I have been reincarnated.
My face and even gender have changed, but my soul hasn’t changed.
So, it might be just like Aoba-san says. I wonder if even my way of making facial expressions still hasn’t changed.
However, it’s a bit embarrassing to be watched so closely, even at such places.

I turned my face away from the heat of my cheeks and I felt the smell of Sakura Flower.


『Uhm… that’s right, I made a lunch box (Bento)』(Arge)


I think it’s a little painful escape. But I should be okay because it’s before noon.
The lunch box that I have prepared from the early morning.
Speaking of Sakura Flower View, food and snacks are also important.
I took Satsuki-san’s cake as snacks, but I made the meal.

Getting up early was a hassle and the light was out when I was cooking but I think the taste should be fine.

It’s a coffee shop. The kitchen is quite solid and the materials are good.


『I tried making Japanese food because it’s nostalgic』(Arge)


The contents of my lunch box are Japanese food, the menu centers on vegetables including spinach. It’s familiar to Japanese servants.

There are a lot of vegetables with simmering chicken like Chikuzeni.


『As I remember, you liked vegetables, right Aoba-san?』(Arge)

『Oh, you remember it.』(Aoba)


Aoba-san was not vegetarian but I remembered that she liked vegetables more than meat. After being put in jail, I didn’t have a chance to have a meal with her anymore, so I wasn’t really confident but it seemed like I wasn’t wrong.

Aoba-san received my lunch box from my hands.


『Well then, Itadakimasu』(Aoba)


Aoba-san gratefully and elegantly tasted the food.


『Uhm… it’s delicious』(Aoba)

『Ah, I’m glad. I wasn’t very confident.』(Arge)

『… Are you not confident with this?』(Aoba)

『Well, compared to the food from Kuon Family’s chefs, what can you expect』(Arge)


I learn cooking after being regarded as 《unnecessary thing》 for Kuon Family and having nothing to do behind the iron grids. In other words, it’s the skill acquired by killing time, so it’s only an amateur skill.

The Kuon house always had talented cooks and they could eat all kind of dishes from all over the world. Compared to those people, I think that my cooking is just child-play.


『Fuu … Arge-san’s hurdle is too high』(Aoba)

『How so?』(Arge)

『The level of Kuon Family is indeed abnormal.
However, in Arge-san’s case, I was the only one who could see your worth…
You were only confused because you were rejected by them,
I understand your feeling …
But I think you should be kind to yourself a little more(Aoba)

『I thought I was sweet enough for myself, though』(Arge)


My goal after being reborn is 《to have someone feed me three meals and can take a nap anytime》

It’s quite a selfish setting and sweet setting.

However, it doesn’t seem to be what Aoba-san wanted to say. Aoba-san shook her head to deny, but she didn’t say any more about it. Is that the reason why she described me as 《a bud》?

I wondered about it, but I didn’t ask any further. Or rather, I couldn’t hear.


『In the first place, the Kuon Family couldn’t do this to me』(Aoba)


Aoba-san took my hand and put on her cheek.
The feeling of my fingers touching her cheek was warm.


『 Alraune has no heartbeat… but if their heart gets warm, it will heat up in this way』(Aoba)


『Yes. That’s right.
A simple dish can’t satisfy my heart. No matter how delicious it is, it won’t be enough.
It was because you were the one who made it. I’m really glad(Aoba)


Aoba-san smiled with a loose cheek. She is really pretty as if the flower is blooming.
As for me, I felt bad to give her this Bento because I thought it was nothing compared to the cook in Kuon Family.
Aoba-san simply denied that and told me that this Bento is better.

…I feel awkward.

This time I made this Bento while thinking it was bothersome. I thought it was rather bad.
But right now, I have an unnatural feeling that is somewhat awkward and itching.
However, I don’t hate it.


『… Let’s eat before it gets buried in the Sakura Petals』(Arge)

『Yes, yes. Arge-san. Thank you for your Bento』(Aoba)

『… you’re welcome』(Arge)


I respond to Aoba-san’s gratitude.

I don’t understand the taste of my Bento well because of the smell of the Sakura Flower and my embarrassment.

Arge Aoba
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  1. Correction:
    I have been {incarnated}->{reincarnated}.

    『I tried making Japanese food because it’s {nonstalgic}->{nostalgic}』(Arge)

    Just noticed it while reading, thx for the chapter as always 😀

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