Arge Chapter 170: The Vampire doesn’t want to work at all

Arge Vol 5
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T.N: Manga is both long and skipping too much. Manga Chapter 21 and 3 of Novel Chapters are almost done.

Arge Chapter 170: The Vampire doesn’t want to work at all




First thing in the morning.
After having a conversation, I took a break.
Even though I said conversation, it was just the thought transmitted via blood contract skill. I was talking with my favorite horse, Neguseou.

I told him that I was waiting at Satsuki-san’s cafe in the republic and he acknowledged it.
As I waited in a safe place, I told him that they should be at ease while coming here.
Even though they could use convenient magic, they were forced to cross the sea, so both Kuzuha-chan and Negseou should be quite tired.

First of all, I want them to take better care of themselves.
It will take a few days for Mutsuki-san to bring Felnote-san’s group here, so there’s no need to rush.


『Well, I got in touch. I will take a break and sleep…』(Arge)

『Did you think I would let you do it? Arge-chan, secured!』(Satsuki)



After finishing the communication, when I tried to go to bed, the door of the room was forcibly opened.
It’s Satsuki-san, the manager of Satsuki Cafe. Even though she is a vampire, she is still in high tension in the morning. She quickly moved to my bed and showed me…


『Yes, this is Arge-chan’s uniform. You will change into it right away』(Satsuki)


『 As it’s not a busy time yet, so, please change your clothes right away.
Oh, don’t worry about me, you may think of me as the landscape.
NOW, change your clothes』(Satsuki)

『…It’s no good unless I wear this?』(Arge)


Satsuki-san has prepared a Satsuki Cafe’s uniform.
It also fits my size exactly.
I have been helping the store before, it seems she kept the clothes at that time on purpose.
In other words, she would like me to help the shop.
Dressed in a cute, girly fashion.


『Of course!
Please take a look at this Frill!
This Skirt!
This Chest!
Which will be a perfect match for my shop. So perfect.
Isn’t it amazing?
The person who thought of this is a genius!?
And that’s me!』(Satsuki)

『Ah, no. Uhm… that’s not the case …』(Arge)


I wanted to say that it was embarrassing, but it seems that I didn’t get through.
No, isn’t she well understood and ignored?
Of course, I can choose to refuse. But since I have been indebted to Satsuki-san, it’s hard to refuse.
Anyway, I can sleep in this room because she allows it.
When I wondered what I should do, the number of visitors increased.


『Arge-san? It seems quite noisy…』(Aoba)

『Oh my, isn’t that Aoba-san? Good morning』(Satsuki)

『Satsuki-san … why are you here?』(Aoba)

『Fufu… wherever there’s a cute little girl, there’s Satsuki-chan…』(Satsuki)


Satsuki-san folded her arms and lifted her tits with a smug face, but I just didn’t understand what she meant.


『Roughly speaking, I’m trying to dress Arge-chan in pretty clothes』(Satsuki)

『I will help. No, Please let me help by all means.』(Aoba)



Somehow Aoba became an enemy.
She stretched her ivy and grabbed my leg.
Of course, I did not intend to run away from the beginning, but with this, I can’t move anymore.


『Uhm… Aoba-san …?』(Arge)

『I’m sorry, but I can not suppress my curiosity…
… ah ah … how cute a flower of shame blooms … fufufu …』(Aoba)



Aoba-san looks like in a trance and she is coming to my bed.
Of course, with physical restraint like this, I can escape with atomize skill.

But in that case, I will be chasing right after.


『Fu …your cute figure,
Won’t you please show me …?』(Satsuki)

『Well, are you ready?
Did you pray to Amitabha?
Pray to God?
Are you ready to be shivering and embarrassed in the corner of the room?』(Aoba)

『Yaa… both of you, please wait for a moment … Hi~ni~ya~aaaa~!?』(Arge)


I tried to beg, but it never happened.
I leak out a cute scream, which is still unfamiliar with my own mouth, in the room.

Arge Maid
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