Arge Chapter 171: Working Time

Arge Maid
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Arge Chapter 171: Working Time



Satsuki Cafe is a cafe run by Satsuki-san.
The shop has a chic atmosphere and a wide variety of snacks as well as cakes. All of them are delicious.
The restaurant’s reputation is very good. Kuro-san and Fumitsuki-san, who are in charge of the waitress, are always moving fast and are dealing with customers in time.

I also helped the store the last time I was indebted, but I remember it was way busier.
The last time, Kuzuha-chan must make full use of her Bushiha-chan in order to serve customers in time.

Today I also worked together with Fumitsuki-san and Kuro-san.
But it’s rather easy today, we can afford to have free time.




I am walking along the hallway and I can’t help getting people’s attention.
Because my appearance is a beautiful girl now.

My waitress’ work today is《to get a look》
I have to look fashionable in order to be seen as a thing to decorate the shop.
The frills, the swaying skirt and the gaze of everyone concentrated on me is very embarrassing.

I’m seriously aware that I am a girl.
Not only that, today there’s a bonus, my old acquaintance.
I can’t be more ashamed.


『Oh, Aoba-san, don’t just look at me, order something…』(Arge)

『Eh? Wait a minute. I knew what I wanted to order a moment ago, but now, I… forget?』(Aoba)


While saying all that, Aoba-san’s eyes aren’t looking at the menu but at me.
She stares at me from head to toe, from frills to the skirt, etc.
In that case, I would like to do it later, but my escape route has been cut off in the first place. Aoba-san’s thin ivy is firmly wrapped around my ankle.


『Arge, it’s almost time to settle down. So you can take your time to get your friend’s order』(Fumitsuki)

『Oh, thank you, Fumitsuki-san』(Arge)


Fumitsuki-san told me so out of concern, but that meant I had no more reason to run away.


『Uhm …that’s why Aoba-san. If you decide, please order』(Arge)

『I understand.
Ah but…
When your work is over, you will change your clothes, right?』(Aoba)

『…Of course』(Arge)


It’s not the clothes that Kuzuha-chan sew, nor it’s the everyday clothes given by Zeno-kun.
I’d say it’s the work clothes.
For me, who don’t want to work, I don’t want to wear it all the time. And more than anything, it’s so embarrassed to let see me wearing this.
Not to mention, the person who looks at me right now knows about me from my previous life.

I would sleep in it if I was too tired to take it off, but I would like to change my clothes if I can afford it.
Aoba-san smiled and released more words without mercy.


『But let me see it closely a little longer』(Aoba)


『Because Alge-san looks really good in it.
This is the world without photos. So, please show me carefully until it’s properly engraved in my memory.』(Aoba)

『Ugu u…』(Arge)


I was troubled.
Somehow today, Aoba-san is quite mean.


『Aoba-san… don’t bully me too much… because I’m really embarrassed…』(Arge)


『I’m cute … NOT.
Most of all, Aoba-san should know, I am …』(Arge)

『 Don’t worry, I have always thought you were pretty cute』(Aoba)

『That’s why I’m not happy …』(Arge)


The fact that she considered me as cute even when I was a man was really shocked.
In my previous life, I was slender, with pale skin that won’t lose to vampires,
I couldn’t say that is a masculine body, but I don’t think it was cute either.


『 I’m not a fool. No, I’m really glad.
Because the person who was originally cute wears new cute clothes.
In a familiar and lovely scenery, just like a new flower that I don’t know,
That’s a great thing, right?』(Aoba)

『…I’m not sure about that』(Arge)

『You don’t have to understand. So can please show me more of that?
Your red face is also very nice.』(Aoba)



I don’t understand Aoba-san’s points well but she seems to be truly entertaining. To think the girl who treated me kindly during our move has become so mean.

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  1. TYVM for the chapter!
    Just as a heads up, your TOC only has up to chapter 167. 168+ isn’t listed.


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