Arge Novel Chapter 83+84+85 (Re-translate) + Manga Chapter 21


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Arge Chapter 83: Midnight’s Marriage Request


The Manga came out of her body, became dense and distorted the surrounding.
Her Aura was more dangerous than simply being hostile.
I and Kuzuha-chan got up from our sits and took the distance immediately.


Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 01


As she said those words, the walls from four sides started disappearing.
Not only that, furniture such as tables and closets also disappeared without a trace.
I remember this phenomenon.
Or rather, I use it most of the time.
It is a storage system skill possessed by vampires, Blood Box.
However, it’s impossible for even me, who has the highest skill level to store all the objects at the same time without touching it.


『This is…!? How …?』(Arge)

『 Don’t you want to have more space?』(Elsie)


Store many objects at the same time. without touching.
I don’t know what kind of trick is this, but she can do it.
She shows me something that not even me, a cheated reincarnated person can do with a calm atmosphere.
And she isn’t done yet.

With elegant movement, Elsie-san scoops up her golden hair.
Her ruby-crimson eyes are glittering from her hair’s gap.
And I can smell something that I know well.
It’s the smell of blood. The tear-shaped, crystallized blood.
The red fragments flew to the sky, ignored the gravity. Just like pearls in the air.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 02


I’m not really surprised. It’s a word I don’t know, but it’s just that.
From what happened so far, I knew that she was up to something.

The Blood Pearls bulge, gather and take form.
It was similar to Blood Arm, the skill that produces weapons from Blood.
But it’s not swords, spears, arrows or chains that I normally create.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 03-1

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 03-2


The irregular shaped creatures are coming out randomly.
A huge dog with two heads.
The creature with bat-like wings, snake-like torso, and lion-like head.
The creature with a silhouette like a biped walking lizard and octopus-like tentacles from the back.
The Creature with different wings and legs’ size between the right and left side of its body.
None of the creatures have the same appearance. It was just like taking out parts of a different toy from the toy box and mix it together.
They are all badly unorganized creature

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 03-3


Among the creatures that appeared, there was an eye-catching existence. There was something familiar with its appearance.
That creature has a bear-like body, like the Honey Devourer. But his arms were like the big monkeys with white fur.

I know it because I have seen it in Sakura Garden, the hot spring mountain.
Seeing the same thing as me, Kuzuha-chan raised her voice.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 04-1

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 04-2

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 05-1


Her laugh echoes through the night with pleasure.
The monster began to move in unison with her signal.

Somehow, things have escalated rather quickly. Above all, this is unmistakable the biggest threat even since I reincarnated in this world.
Even though I felt unpleasant, I took a step forward to cope with the situation in front of my eyes.


Arge Chapter 84


Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 05-2

With Elsie’s commands, the remodeled monsters moved.
The double-headed big dog called Bandersnatch put Renge-san on its back and leaves the spot. The rest of the monsters was rushing to Kuzuha-chan.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 06-1


The moment I tried to use the magic, the blonde girl appeared right in front of me.
While I was distracting, she used that moment to approach me.

I startled and made use of my “speed status” to jump back. As a result, I got some distance from Elsie-san, but I also got away with Kuzuha-chan.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 06-2

Just like I was pushed back my Elsie-san, Kuzuha-chan was pushed back by the monster and we separated from each other.

…Did she plan to separate us from the beginning?

She obviously did on purpose because she ordered her monsters to attack Kuzuha-chan as soon as she released them.

Right now, I and she are facing each other within several meters distance, which will become zero in an instant if we fight.
She laughs in a sweet and sour voice like dripping honey.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 07-1

Unfortunately, my request was denied. I’m not expecting her to let me go originally.
My hands are breaking sweats even though it’s night. It’s a sinister rather than unpleasant.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 07-2

Rather than fighting to win or lose, it should be enough to stop her movement…
Calm down, I must disable her in order to go and help Kuzuha-chan.

First of all, I have to concentrate the opponent in front of me. Adjust my breathing and calm your mind. Stab my fangs in my fingers and get blood.
The sweet bloody taste calmed my heart a little.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 08-1

I change the spilled blood on my finger with vampire skill, Blood Arm. The skill to make weapons with blood. It’s somewhat weird to call the chain a weapon, but as long as I think of it as a weapon, I can make it.

The speed isn’t impressed but I can operate it remotely. All of my chains are aiming at Elsie-san.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 08-2

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 08-3

Suddenly, something red was coming out.
A lot of blood-colored chains appeared from the ground.
It was a different skill from Blood Arm but we made the same thing.
Apparently, she didn’t cut herself to get blood. But her skill has the 《Blood》 in it, so, it should be the same blood-using skill.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 09-1

She used another skill and this time something black appears. Elsie-san’s shadow from the moonlight started changing its shape.
A lot of black hands stretched out like tentacles.
Together with the Blood Chains, everything is flying toward me.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 09-2

I don’t really care about magical attacks but physical attacks are troublesome.
I am only resistant to magic and curses. I must avoid or block physical attacks.
In order to defend, I manipulate the chains that I have created to block her chains.

Apparently, my skill is higher level than her. One of my chains can block 3 of her chains. At this rate, I can…

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 10-1

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 10-2


As she increased the number of chains, I also increased the number of chains to cope with the situation. My blood consumption increases, but I can not help.

And even if I can block her chains, the shadows won’t go away. Even though I have resistant against it, but I should avoid it as much as possible. Even with the maximum resistance, I can still take damage when the power exceeds it. It has been confirmed in previous battles.

I go through the forest while evading those《Shadow Hands》. It’s not so difficult with my special speed.
I approach Elsie-san while blocking her chains. It’s rather easy with the assistance by remote control. And as my chains are about to capture her.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 10-3


When my chains hit Elsie-san, her image suddenly appeared broke like hitting a mirror.
The fragments of the broken Mirror scattered around under the moonlight. Elsie-san was no longer there. The moment I realized it, she used her skill from another place.


Her Shadows flew at me again. But this time, they were multiplied with the Shattered Mirror. All of those shadows projected on the Fragments flew at me.
Even with my speed, I can not avoid it. There is no 『gap』 to avoid. No matter how small my body is, I can’t go through this net.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 11-1


I have no choice but enduring the shadows with my magic resistance and curse resistance.
The hitting shadows give me a dull pain and make my feet a bit heavier.
As expected, I was unable to defend it completely. I seem to be affected by the curse to some extent.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 11-2


I clear away the disturbing curse with my recovery magic. The number of shadows is still increasing. Even though my feet are heavy, I still go forward… to the caster place.
Beyond the lights and shadows which are coming from the Mirror Fragments, The Golden Vampire is laughing

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 12-1


From the ground, something like Rose’s vines came out.
From its appearance, I could tell that they were imbued with curses.
And those vines started to bind me completely.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 12-2

At the moment I was frowning so, my body suddenly became heavy like walking under water.

I use my atomization skill to transform my body into mist form.
I don’t want to use this skill because it will weaken my awareness. But I need to get out of this binding, I can’t do anything in this state.
I might get away by transforming into shadows, but my opponent can manipulate the shadows. I should better avoid that.


Even though my awareness is lower and I have no ears in this form, I can still hear her voice.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 13


My consciousness faded, I felt like I was pulling down.
My awareness was heavy, similar to falling asleep. But it was more violent than that.
The unpleasantness is catching my feet. My faint hearing and vision are blackened and I can’t do anything to stop it.
My unshaped throat felt like screaming.

……Unpleasant… Unpleasant… Unpleasant

I released my atomization skill in reflex so that I could escape from the feeling of being sunk in a bottomless swamp.
The golden mist before me also gathered.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 14-1


The gold mist converges and takes shape.
The Golden Vampires with Red Eyes appeared and danced in her Black Rose dress under the night again.

She used her skill to tie me up while I was still stunned. My limbs were bound and I was deprived of freedom.
And it didn’t end there. The chain pulled my body to Elsie’s direction.

As I heard Elsie’s voice, I felt a soft touch on my back.
The chain pulled me on a soft bed with a bright red sheet, as if dying with blood.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 15


That was a simple explanation, I can understand even my head doesn’t work well yet.
Because her will is stronger, 《I was dominated》
Her will took control of my will.

Indeed, there was no one as weak will as me
Now that I know how it works, it can be said that this result is natural.
I can’t keep my consciousness. I can’t concentrate or move.
And slowly, the golden color covered my view.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 16

In a trance state, Elsie used magic.
The extended shadow wraps around the chain and becomes a red-black constraint.

There’s no pain. It must a little different from the previous magic. However, I can’t resist this magic.
This magic is more like adding mental damage to me. My concentration is disturbed.

I try to get rid of it somehow, but I can neither break it with my strength nor I can use any skills.

Elsie is laughing as she shakes the chains.

She put her thin fingers on my clothes.
And the Japanese clothing, that Kuzuha-chan gave me, was torn apart with incredibly sharp nails from her fingers.


Arge Chapter 85




My body is shivering as my bare skin is exposed to the night air.
Even if I want to hide my exposed skin but my limbs are tied by the chains, I can’t do anything.
Elsie-san is staring at my naked body from head to toe as if wanting to devour me.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 17

Her fingers caressed my body as if checking a product and that gave me a strange feeling.
Even though I wanted to resist, I couldn’t do anything but struggling in vain.
I always feel like sleeping in a soft and nice bed, but right now, even though I’m lying down in a soft bed, I feel terribly uneasy.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 18-1

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 18-2

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 18-3


There is a moistened feel on my skin.
She is licking, sucking and sometimes her canine tooths lightly stab on my skin.
I squeaked out of the weird feeling and my back trembled.
Maybe because it was too much for me, I feel dizzy from the sweet smell.


It’s different from being uncomfortable. I can’t stand it. I feel like I will become crazy if I don’t speak it.

As she put her wet tongue on my body, my mind is becoming blank.
My aspirated skin gets so numb that it’s extremely hot.
Her fangs are crawling here and there. It makes me itching.
It’s painful and unpleasant but I can’t do anything in this restrained state. And my voice comes out.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 19-1


Elsie-san sneers nastily.
Her fangs are pointing out and shine brightly reflecting the moonlight. She has the eyes of a blood-starved beast.


I have a very bad feeling. Even though I know it will be useless and she won’t stop.
I scream while being bound by the chain.
Elsie-san laughs happily looking at me.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 19-2

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 19-3

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 19-4


She has an ecstatic smile as she puts her canine teeth closer to my neck.
No matter how I struggle, I can’t escape nor ask to be spared.
Her canine teeth pierced on my neck…

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 20-1

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 20-2

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 20-3


It is totally different from biting myself or sucking blood.
Blood Sucking isn’t painful, I just lose some of my strength. But there’s a strange feeling on where the fangs stabbed me, it’s terribly hot.

It was much stronger than being sucked blood. I felt like even my nerves could be swallowed.
I can hear the sound on her throat every time she is gulping down my blood.

I can see light and dark in front of my eyes while my consciousness is fading and returning.
My whole body feels numb from the heat being poured at the bitten part and it doesn’t stop.
I can’t even shake myself nor make a voice. I can’t afford to protest nor deny. My whole body is losing power as if being swallowed.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 21-1

I can’t heal my wounds, I can’t afford to even think about it under the night sky,
I can only give out the moaning voice

Every time, I was forced to squeeze the sweet voice like a girl, I realized how much my body is different from my『Previous Life』
The sweet numbness removes the power from my whole body even with my rejection from the heart.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 21-2

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 21-3

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 22


I do not know what she is saying.
My head is on trance, I can hear words but I can’t comprehend them.
My wound is so hot. Even just a simple touch on it can make me leak out the sweet voice while my whole body has a numb sensation.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 23-1


My body became hot.
I knew what she would be doing. I could predict it from what she said.
My awareness is similar to when having a cold, it’s almost impossible to think of anything.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 23-2

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 24-1

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 24-2

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 25-1


Elsie satisfied laughs.
And again, she slowly put her mouth on my neck.
Thinking so, I close my eyes to escape from it.
I could only imagine what she would be doing.
Feeling similar to despair as well as giving up.
As her fangs are pressed on my skin and my moaning voice《Hii~》is naturally leaking out.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 25-2


Before finishing that word, Elsie-san stopped and jumped away from me.

Arge Manga Chapter 21 Page 26

I opened my eyes as I didn’t feel her weight on my body.
After a momentary delay, I managed to find out Elsie-san has left where I am.
She probably left me to avoid something. But what is it …?

I heard a dignified voice that clears my doubt.
I know this voice. Even though it was only a few days but I was listening to it every day during that time.

It was annoying but also kind, because she said it while thinking of me.
Shaking the chains, I tried to get up as much as possible. Although my body still doesn’t have any power, I still want to see her face.

The gently face with the purple left eye and golden right eye.
Carry a warm atmosphere, her brown hair is tying to the side.
Her big breasts are bouncing and her breathing is rough. I’m sure she tried to run here as fast as she can.




Like a knight come out from the fairy tale.
The nostalgic person from my memory is here.




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