Mile Chapter 285: Elves’ Escorts 2

Mile Vol 10.4
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Mile Chapter 285: Elves’ Escorts 2



『We are C-rank Hunter Party《Blue Meteor》, best regards』(Blue Meteor)


The other party who received this job together was a very ordinary party of five men.
They are all around 20 years old.
If it’s only their appearance, they look the same age as employers… Just the appearance.

After meeting with the client, they invited the girl party to a meal and Mile’s group accepted.
It’s really important because they don’t know each other’s abilities.
Hunters can’t afford to leave their back to someone without knowing the other party’s skill and combat power.

There was no reason to turn it down. Besides, they also said that they would take care of the meal cost so《Red Oath》agreed.

They did have some simple self-introduction in front of the clients but that was only for business.
The post-meeting is more important.


『Just like what I introduced just now, we have three swordsmen including me, one archer and one magician.
I’m the leader, Graf(グラフ Gurafu), a great-sword user with the role as wall/defend breaker.
(カラック Karakku) Clark’s weapon is Rapier,
(ラトル Ratoru) Ratol’s weapon is Short Sword』(Graf)


The party leader, Graf, is holding the two-handed sword, that seems to be the Earth’s Bastard Sword or Claymore, with only one hand.
Perhaps he also usually uses it as a two-handed sword but he can use it as a one-handed sword if he needs to use a shield.
He must have extraordinary force in order to do it, though… (insert a meme)
Clark is using the Rapier, maybe he mainly uses it to stab and inflict cut to the enemy. Ratol is using a stable Short Sword.
Unless there’s a spearman, it’s the best long-reach weapon here.


『(ケスバートと: Kesubaato) Kesbart, the bow and dagger user.
(マレイウェン: Mareiu~en) Mareiwen, the Offensive Magician.
Pauline seems to be supportive Magician, so may I ask her to support everyone?』(Graf)


As Pauline heard that, she nodded.

Yes, Pauline is Supportive Magician. It’s easy to forget because she uses spicy hot magic and hot water magic all the time, but originally she is supposed to be good at healing and support magic.


『I’m Maevis, I have strength and endurance, I am also confident with my  speed and special move.
Rena is good with offensive magic, especially fire magic,
Pauline is good at healing magic.
However, even though they are good at those magic, that doesn’t mean Rena and Pauline aren’t good at other magic. There’s no problem with using other magic at the same time.
And that last girl is… 《Mile》.
At first, she called herself 《Magic Swordsman》 that can use magic and swords,
but, well… she is an organism classified as 《Mile》 and her job title name is also《Mile》』(Maevis)


What’s with that, the members of《Blue Meteor》 have their face saying so,
What’s with that, Mile raises her voice to complain to Maevis.
Meanwhile, Rena and Pauline are just nodding *un~ un~*

After that, both parties talked in more detail, but the faces of 《Blue Meteor》 gradually distorted.
…as they looked at the empty dishes, which were stacked one after another.
Yes, Rena and Mile couldn’t hold back at this opportunity.
Moreover, the victims, 《Blue Meteor》 suffered more damage because they chose a slightly high-class store in order to show the girls a good place.
A plate of dishes here cost about 1-2 pieces of silver coins.
And the plates keep stacking in front of Rena and Mile.

Although Maevis isn’t a big eater like those two, she is rather tall as a woman and she is moving her body a lot every day so she also eats healthier than a normal woman.

And lastly, Pauline, she eats until she is about to throw up because it’s FREE.
She is also concentrating on expensive dishes.

The total amount has already exceeded 80 silver coins or 8 small gold coins.
That is equivalent to one person worth of reward for this job.


(((((…………)))))) (Blue Meteor)


《Blue Meteor》 received the job this time not only because the reward is rather good but also because it’s rather safe. However, their main reason is that they can act along with《Red Oath》
For that purpose, this isn’t a big deal, such as spending 8 small gold coins.
They think so. ……yes, they think so.


(((((This is overkill, these girls…))))) (Blue Meteor)


Yes, five members of 《Blue Meteor》cried in their hearts…


And the morning after two days.


『Now let’s move!』(Etoul)


At the command of the employer, Etoul, the carriage began to move.
The carriage and coach are rented, they will take the group to the entrance of the destination forest, which is half a day of traveling. After two days, they will come to pick the group again at same place.
While riding the carriages, everyone will have a talk about the survey and sample collection until they arrive at the forest entrance around noon.




『Well, carry our luggage』(Graf) (T.N: Graf uses rough language like a command than a favor so I don’t add “Can you” or “Please” or question mark “?”)

『『『『Eh?』』』』(Red Oath)


When they arrived and got off the carriage, Graf said so to Mile.
Without even helping to unload the goods on the carriage.


『You can use storage magic, right?
We will leave all our luggage and collections to you.
…What? Why do you have such a funny face?
Can’t you carry all the prey we hunted?』(Graf)


The self-introduction and tactics at the other day’s meeting mainly focused on coordination when fighting monsters, and didn’t mention about Mile’s storage magic at all.
The girls didn’t hide about Mile’s storage, there were a lot of hunters and guild staff in this town who witnessed it.
So it wasn’t strange that 《Blue Meteor》 knows about it.

…That’s fine, but the problem is 《how to speak》

They just casually say it.
It’s not the attitude when asking someone a favor.

In the first place, the reason why the client recruited as many as 8 to 10 people, is to secure not only escorts but also the number of people for searching and transporting the collected materials.
It was explained at the time of the meeting.

Yet, from the beginning, Blue Meteor thought to let Mile carry everything in her storage, including what they can hunt and collect, rather than searching for the research objects that can’t earn good profit.


What are you guys talking about?
Our request also includes carrying our luggage,
Not helping the girls carry their luggage aside, are you going to let those girls carry your luggage too?
Anyway, it’s usually the reverse,
What in the world are you thinking?』(Shararil)


When Mile’s group still can’t catch up with the situation, the two employers jumped down from the carriage and said with an angry face.


『Well, she can use storage magic with stupid capacity, so we’d better leave it all to her』(Graf)


With the face of not knowing what’s wrong with his demand, the leader of Blue Meteor, Graf tries to explain so. And this time, Etoul yells.


『 Even if she has a large storage capacity when she put in a lot of things, she will need to use a lot of magic and mental energy to maintain it!
It should be alright in a safe city but it will cause a wasteful burden in the dangerous forest.
Carry the luggage on your own!
Did you intend to let these children carry everything when you saw they received our request from the beginning?
Besides, if you say that you don’t want to carry our luggage evenly divided, it’s a breach of contract.
I will cancel my contract right now as a contract violation』(Etoul)

『No …』(Graf)


The clients, Etoul and Shararil only know about Mile’s storage magic now because 《Red Oath》 didn’t say anything at the time of the meeting. But even after knowing it, they don’t allow 《Blue meteor》 to use Mile’s ability.

There are a lot of elves who can use storage magic than human beings because they are the best race who can use magic. So of course, the elf clients have a good understanding of that ability’s shortcomings and difficulties.

…except that Mile doesn’t fit in that category.


At the time of the meeting, they behaved more decent.
However, now that they have received the request, they wouldn’t be able to cancel the order of the request because the request already went through the guild.

Normally, if 《Red Oath》 stops working here, the contract violation may give a request failure and a penalty on their record.
However, this time the clients will point out that 《Blue Meteor》 is the one who violated the contract.


『Gunnununu …』(Graf)


The plan is crazy, Graf is bitting his lips.

Apparently, he didn’t want to make a positive impression on 《Red Oath》 and invite them to their party. His words pointed out that he simply intended to use 《Red Oath》

This is far away from the capital city, there will be no way for a new young talent party from other countries that is on a training journey to Mafan, a local city near the border, will stay here.
Thinking so, he may have thought of earning a lot using 《Red Oath》 this time, neglecting the consideration, maintenance of positivity, etc.

In their last two jobs, 《Evil God’s Utopia》 and 《Flame’s Friendship》accompanied《Red Oath》 and earned a lot. Red Oath lost a lot of earning for sharing with the accompanied hunter seniors but they smiled happily. The girls must treat their seniors well.

Graf thought so and he intended to use it in a good way, but the client gave him an extra talk.


After that, the Blue Meteor thought that “Red Oath didn’t intend to refuse the previous instruction from them. They only stopped it because the client interfered”

Yes, they believed so.

And in this world, there is also a Bible.

“Believing is the salvation”

Mile Vol 9.7
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