Mile Chapter 288: Elves’ Escorts 5

Mile Vol 10.1
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Mile Chapter 288: Elves’ Escorts 5



『That 《Search magic》 is …』(Etoul)


Of course, Etoul and Shararil also know about the magic of search.
But that wasn’t something that Mile could do just now.
That’s something different.


『…Search magic』(Shararil)

『 Don’t peek at the hunter’s skills and abilities』(Pauline)


Mile won’t know what to say if you leave her alone in this state.
Thinking so, Rena and Pauline interfered, Etoul and Shararil couldn’t ask anything because they also just said so.

The same goes for them, they can’t obediently《teach all their research results so far》to someone they just met.
If you think about that, there’s no way for the hunters to explain their abilities, which may affect their life and work, to other people.


『『……』』(Etoul + Shararil)

『Well, the way to use this Search Magic is…』(Mile)


Munyu! (SFX)

Mile Vol 9.9

『What are you trying to say here?!
Didn’t you hear mine and Pauline’s words?!』(Rena)


Rena pulled on both Mile’s cheeks as she said that.

For Mile, this kind of search magic isn’t really a great deal to her life or work.
She simply thinks that it isn’t a magic that causes harm and it will be useful to everyone if they know it. But it’s obvious that it’s ridiculous magic if you published it.
It will affect Mile herself and this whole world…


『Mile, what is common sense in the world?』(Maevis)

《Hunters are stupid, if you are persistently asking them, they may even teach you their secret art, they may be willing to give you anything》
If such a rumor spreads, won’t it bother other hunters?』(Pauline)



Apparently, Mile seems to understand Pauline’s concrete term than Maevis’s abstract term.
It seems that Mile casually thought that 《searching magic isn’t attacking magic and there’s no fear of being used in homicide or war》
but depending on how it’s used, it has the power to overturn the war situation.

There was no such magic.
And the two employers, who missed the chance to learn the secret of Mile’s Search Magic, looked at Mile with “never give up” eyes.


『Here, Lyren grass!』(Mile)


After picking up several more plants along the way, Mile pointed out the Lyren grass.
And when Etoul and Shararil confirmed the surroundings, there was certainly a large Tafina tree and the Yotsume grass grew together.


『… Where is copper ore?』(Etoul)



Mile pointed to a nearby rock as she answered Etoul.


『『…………….. 』』(Etoul + Shararil)


It was not in a state where people could recognize whether it was copper ore just by looking.
And although they are researchers, Etoul and Shararil’s specializations are about animals and plants, not minerals.
So they couldn’t tell if it was really copper ore.


『… Do you want to bring it home?』(Mile)

『Hmm, yes, please.』(Etoul)


The answer was yes, so, Mile stored it in the item box… The whole rock mass.


『『Eh?』』(Etoul + Shararil)


『『Ehhhh?』』(Etoul + Shararil)

『『『Eeeeehhhhhhh?』』』(Mile + Etoul + Shararil)


Etoul thought that Mile asked 《Do you want to collect this Lyren grass or leave it alone?》
However, Mile thought that the elves couldn’t determine whether the rock was a copper ore and asked《To bring this rock back for later analysis》

And 2-3 cubic meters hole were exposed on the ground after the rock disappeared.
Apparently, most of the rock was buried in the ground.


『『『『『『『………………』』』』』』』(Blue Meteor + 2 Elves)


Hardened, employers and 《Blue Meteor》

And Rena’s trio has the face like *Oh well*…



『Ah, can I go hunting a little?』(Mile)

『Eh? But it’s about time to take a break …』(Etoul)

『Ah, but I don’t need to take a break.
Everyone can just rest, I will continue to investigate as it is』(Mile)


Mile got permission from Etoul and disappeared in the 10 o’clock direction.
And Mile came back in a matter of minutes.

There was no one who wondered anything about it.
Even it was too early to return.


(((((Oh, storage magic… And search magic))))))) (Blue Meteor + 2 Elves)


Somehow, they are getting used to the being called 《Mile》
It’s just that.



* *******************************


And at the campsite.


『Etoul-san, Shararil-san, please come with us!』(Mile)


Two of the employers were invited by Mile and came to the side of the simple BBQ set up by 《Red Oath》


『Because I hunted it during working hours, both employers have the right!』(Mile)


The elves are convinced with Mile’s explanation, they don’t hesitate to join in.
Then, Mile started taking out ingredients from the Storage, Maevis has roughly dismantled it, and Pauline cut it into small biteable pieces and grilled it.


『『Delicious!』』(Etoul + Shararil)


It was just like “Americans” rejoice over beef. (T.N: Katakana)

Only the rich people in this world can eat meat such as deer, salmon, and cows.
The common people are only able to eat cheap monster meat in their daily life.
This isn’t something that can be eaten unless they have a celebration, especially deer meats.

《because there is Mile》 that everyone in 《Red Oath》 eats them all the time.
If it’s an average hunter, he won’t eat the meat by himself even when he hunts it.
Apart from eating things he can’t bring home or eating at the site where he hunts.


『『『『『………………』』』』』(Blue Meteor)


And five pairs of eyes are staring.


『… Somehow, it’s hard to eat like this.
Would you mind sharing some of this with them?』(Etoul)

『Because we hunted this while we were working, so you, our employers have the right.
This is like a special supply from the employer, so there are no problem.』(Mile)


Mile said so, agreed with Etoul’s request, who seems to be unable to endure the eyes from 《Blue Meteor》


『Thank you!』(Graf)



Apparently, the 《Blue Meteor》 also seemed really looking forward to it




『Aport!』(Mile) (T.N: The same word from 『Aoi Futaba』in 『Asobi ni Iku Yo』)

Don…! (SFX)


A large tent that appeared with a mysterious spell from Mile.


『『『『『『『………………』』』』』』』(Blue Meteor + 2 Elves)


I do not care anymore.
Seven people had such eyes.


『That’s it, please go inside the tent.』(Mile)


Employers have designated three or more female hunters for their safety.

If only 《Red Oath》goes into the tent, 2 women employer with the five untrustable men will be rather dangerous.
All women have to sleep in the tent.
It was natural for everyone in 《Red Oath》 to think so.

Then Etoul and Shararil, who got into the tent after crawling at the entrance cloth, saw it.




『『Table set …』』(Etoul + Shararil)


I don’t want to think about anything anymore.
The two elves have their eyes telling so.

Mile Vol 9
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  3. The creature known as Mile, and categorized as Mile, is quite the common sense breaker, and the two elf researchers just found out, while the men from Blue Meteor realized they underestimated the “average” part.

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    Also they are in a forest, finding space for a tent that big can be a pain.
    And here I thought my common sense was already dead, guess I should have gone all dead space on it and made sure.


    • Nah, it only takes about 15 min to assemble a tent like that and it’s not totally for long term encampment. It disassembles into 2 parts, the outer canvas covering that you can fold into a meter wide square bundle and a bag of hollow metal piping and joints. A 2 man job, but you can 1 man it if you need to. We usually call it “tentage” to separate it from the normal tents.

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