Asley Chapter 12: A Brand New Life

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Asley Chapter 12: A Brand New Life



— 5:00 pm North District Grand Market —



During the explanation, Irene came into the reception room and told us our results.


And I was the only one who could answer all the question.



I have not felt it yet, but in that reception room, I was trembling for an unknown reason.


Rina grabbed my hand to support me.

As for Pochi…


Pochi smiled out loud.


I’m glad I could afford the money, but it was clear that our monthly life was tight.

I heard that there’s something like a student dormitory at Magic University, so I asked Trace about the details and she told me the wonderful information that we could stay at the dormitory for 500 Gold a month.

I and Rina went to do the dormitory procedure and decided to stay at dormitory from March.

However, for the time being, I must earn more money by doing guild’s quest.


Because we don’t have to spend 10,000 Gold for each of us for the admission fee, we can spend it for yourself. I don’t think that I need to buy clothes anytime soon but Rina said she would like to give me a robe with that money.

I said that Rina should use it for herself but she stubbornly refused.

And then here we are, the North District, Grand Market






It will be a disaster if Pochi chooses it, but it would be safe with Rina.


We went to various stores and searched for clothes. Sometimes we decided to buy things at some shops but we were refused entry because of my appearance.

By the way, we can freely bring our familiar to go shopping.



In the fitting room of the last store, I received these words from those two.

Black boots, brown pants, a necklace with a silver key accessory from the top of the black turtleneck inner. And…


I feel malice in Pochi’s words, but Pochi helped to choose this cloak.






Yes, I wanted to celebrate Rina for passing the entrance exam and was trying to buy a present.






The store is located on the west side of the Magic Academy and looks like an old-fashioned wooden house…


A rough voice echoed when I opened the door along with doorbell.

At the back of the store, a thick black-haired uncle was sitting on a chair while reading a book.



Gaston corrected the glasses and looked at me. Then he pointed at the left direction.



I was surprised as if something grabbed my heart. I felt as if the blood flow in my whole body stopped for a moment.

Gaston, who called me from behind, approached me without footsteps and went around in front of me.



I appeal for Rina’s approximate height by hand and convey the desired size.


The old man handed me a silver-colored cane.


An unknown word that I didn’t know.



It can be said that civilization has advanced in these places.




I pointed to a price tag “9800 G” stuck on the shelf and asked Gaston.


I got an immediate decision and decided to buy both canes.

I came out of the store while hearing the same doorbell and cool greeting voice.

The area is already getting dark.



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  1. Thanks for the chapter!!!
    It kinda gets confusing because I read the manga text instead of the actual text
    But Rina is so cute in the manga!

    And you post at the most random times!! I just finished dinner bu sometimes you post a like one am in my area and at noon too!!
    I’m totally not complaining because it gets in the way of being first…


  2. for admin, please write everything down because the one in the picture cannot be translated into another language via google translate


  3. Are there 2 mangas about this novel?
    Some websites release a manga that is like only 1/3 of the plot I see here. And they call Asley “fooly”.


  4. Have you thought about getting an emergency power box/supply? you can drain it when you dont have power for a few hrs and charge it during the time you do.

    If its a power problem thats cutting your internet you should try suppling your internet box with power when it get shut off and see if you still have service. I dont know about vietnam but here when power outs happen the internet still runs as long as you still have power for the internet box.


    • Sigh!
      There are group overtaking me.
      They translated so fast that I lost motivate.
      I believe they translated to Manga Chapter 18.
      The Manga is faithful to the Author’s Novel so there is almost no different between Manga and Novel. (Besides some narrators)


      • We still love your work very much, and also thank you for all the work you put into this already it’s really great to be able to read the 2 side by side (also there are only so many manga chapters while there are tons of light novel ones which would allow us to go deeper into the story.


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