Taru Chapter 24: Noble Family of the Divine Soldiers

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We have 1 more Mira chapter and 1 more Cathia chapter before returning to Arge.

Taru Chapter 24: Noble Family of the Divine Soldiers


『Uhm, about this. What should we do?』(Taru) Taru Icon


Because I don’t know, I will ask Mina and George then.


『I will follow Tenshi-sama to wherever you go』(Mina)


Mina pinches the end of her skirt and has a polite bow.
Somehow I can’t read this little girl.

As for George.


『What is this~♪ What is this~sssss』(George)


This person as well, he acts like crazy. His “Tension” is annoying.
I understand, so stop yelling because people are staring at us, it’s hurt.


『Where are we going, though?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Hmm~ … th~at’s ri~ght… …』(George)


George brushes his beard on his chin, thinking for a while.


『We want to find more clue about wise man Misora’s word,
So why don’t we go to the residence of Duke Theary?』(George)


Oh, that might be a good idea.

The hints from wise man Misora, who doesn’t behave like NPC at all,
I’m somewhat concerned about what kind of person Duke Theary is.
We may also be able to get information on fairies and other events.


『Well, Monsieur Chauffeur.
I would like you to take us to Theary Mansion』(Taru) Taru Icon


The person who manages the God Soldier Deus to prevent PVP in the city.
What kind of person is he?


『Understood, Mademoiselle』(Driver)


He put his hand on his chest and elegantly bowed like a noble servant.
Then the three of us got on the pure-white-like platinum carriage.




『Fuka Fuka…』(Taru) Taru Icon


The Interior is based on black with red color as key points.
The seats are also fluffy and comfortable. It seems like this carriage is big enough for 6 players.

There is Cloth hanging down, covering the window.
When I pull the string, the cloth is pulled away and lets me enjoy the scenery outside. I open the window and take a peek outside.


『Uwa, it’s nice』(Taru) Taru Icon

Shironeko pop out.gif

As the carriage is moving, the scene of the pioneer city, Michel Angelo is flowing from the front to behind.
The feel of the wind on my cheek and the vibration transmitted to my body are pleasant.


『Angel-chan, this is …』(George)


George calls for me, who is excited to watch the city, from inside the carriage.


『Yes, what’s wrong?』(Taru) Taru Icon


After I pulled myself back from the window and talked with George, he pointed to the ceiling.
There was a video of the front of the carriage.


『This is……』(Taru) Taru Icon


Then suddenly the log starts to flow.


The destination is set,
Do you switch from Auto Pilot to Manual Pilot?


Oh, I can maneuver by myself.
When I’m still wondering, the horse’s rein reflected on the ceiling is hanging down.
And a rein appears from the screen!
It’s like a game center attraction.


If you hold the reins, you can steer the carriage


『Somehow, I can control it myself』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Oh~ my~, as~ expect~
However, if you are moving around the city at this speed.
I would recommend practicing in places with few mercenaries.』(George)


I see.
If my carriage hits someone, it may develop into PvP.
I still don’t know what kind of damage can be caused by the carriage collision.


『 I should Auto Pilot this time to relax』(Taru) Taru Icon


After riding the carriage for a while.




My “Ane-san” sent me a friend-message.
She often complains but I’m in debt to her for helping me level up and the weapon. I receive the call with reluctance.



『What is it, Ane』(Taru) Taru Icon

『You know the Mercenary Clan, 《Hundred Demons of the night》, right?』(Shin)


A somewhat painful Mercenary Clan led by the sleep-less magician Glen, who I, Kouya and Yuuki fought last night.


『U…uhm』(Taru) Taru Icon

『According to some information, I heard that a Silver-haired girl was killed by them』(Shin)

『Eeh!?』(Taru) Taru Icon

Shironeko !


…… That’s definitely about me.
Where did you get such information from?


『I wonder if it’s Taru?』(Shin)

『……why?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『As far as I know, there’s no other silver-haired girl but Taru』(Shin)


I see.

But it’s a little shameful for my Ane-san to know that I was killed.
I told her I can solo as a mercenary in Clan-Clan. I would hate it if she thinks that I was killed because I chose the Alchemy Skill.


『What if it’s true?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『 If there is really someone who dares to kill my Taru. My Clan is going to crush them with all our strength. I will declare war and continue to destroy them until they quit Clan Clan. I will keep hunting and hunting, destroy all their motivation and soul』(Shin)




『We…?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『My mercenary clan』(Shin)

『He, hee…』(Taru) Taru Icon

『I wonder if you really were killed?』(Shin)

『No……』(Taru) Taru Icon


I must not let her know it. It’s important.


『But, on the bulletin board of the Clan-Cran official site, Combat & PvP & Skill,
that girl closely resembles Taru』(Shin)


Gata~ (SFX)

The carriage stopped.


『Who’s there? Stop!』(Guard)


I heard a shout from the outside of the window.
The two God Soldiers dressed in blue armor were blocking the road in front of the gate.


『 Ane-san, I will contact you again』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Hey, Taru?』(Shin)


When I turned off my friend message with my Ane-san, George was disappointed and sighed.


『Oh my-my~, As expected. I’m not sure that we get pass permission』(George)

『What do you mean?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『 In order to get in Theary Mansion, we have to clear the quest “Contribute to Maintaining Security and God Soldiers’ training”』(George)

『Why didn’t you say that first?』(Mina)


Mina raised her voice spoke in my stead.


『I just have a feeling that we can pass with this carriage♪』(George)

『On what basis …』(Mina)

『I’m sure of it♪ A woman’s Intuition』(George)


George, you aren’t a woman.


『Haa …』(Taru) Taru Icon


Certainly, God Soldiers are really strong.
I would like to avoid conflict with them.
And I’m excited to see the talk between God Soldiers and the Driver.


『Excuse me for the late introduction. Ma dame, Taru-sama is a friend of Wise man Misora-sama, the guardian of Fairy』(Driver)

『Hou』(Deus 1)

『My apologize for the visit without notice. But I don’t think it’s good for you to send us home without consideration』(Driver)


Depending on how they see it, the Driver’s lines may be a little provocative. And I don’t feel good about it.
I want him to be more careful. No matter how many strong mercenaries we may have, our opponent is the NPC that we can’t deal with.


『This carriage … certainly, has the feel of fairy…』(Deus 1)

『We must report it to the higher up』(Deus 2)


I feel like the story is developing in a big way…


『Excuse me, please wait for a while』(Deus 1)


One of the God Soldier said so and ran into the gate.




『I receive a report that visitors with fairy essence have come to visit.
Certainly, you are equal to the fairy,
No, you are more beautiful and lovely than the fairy, Mademoiselle』(Old Gentleman)


It’s an old man with brown hair. He wears a short cloak-like hem on the right shoulder from above a well-made shirt.

He greeted us.
He isn’t an average person, because he didn’t feel disturbed with Okama-san. He even greets George properly.
He is a gentleman.
After that, we were guided to the Mansion with his permission.


『See~ee, wasn’t I right?』(George)


It was a bit awkward as George made a wink with his eyes closed. It was a little bit disgusting but this time it seems that his “woman’s instinct” was right.
We were lead through a long road to a mansion.

And I learned that the residence of Duke Theary was vast as he possessed great power.
There is a number of unusual divine soldiers guarding as we walk in the hallway.
It seems that their strength is also higher than the one we met on the street. Certainly, they are guarding a Duke after all.


『This is Theary study, please come in』(Old Gentleman)


Is he a servant?

Then a Middle Age Gentleman greeted us as we went through the door.


『Oops, it seems like we had some rough behavior in front of you, Mademoiselle. Forgive me』(Middle Age Gentleman)


The Middle Age Gentleman is on his knees as he said that.
His behavior is somewhat similar to that of a great Noble.


『My name is Oz Skuwent Theary』(Theary)


Apparently, the man in front of us is Duke Theary.


『I’m Taru』(Taru) Taru Icon

『It’s Minadzuki』(Mina)

『G~E~O~E~G~E♪ It’s~ been~ a~ while~ Theary』(George)

『Oh, isn’t it George-dono? I have been in your care in the previous soldier training』(Theary)

『It’s~ Okay~♪ The God Soldiers were really strong and I liked it. Of course, Y~O~U as well』(George)


I was taken aback with Okama’s seduce scene.
Certainly, Duke Theary has a body like George.
His six packs muscles can be seen through the shirt.

Or rather, did George complete the quest for admission?


『Ahem. Anyway, I heard the report that a lady carries the fairy’s essence…』(Theary)


Duke Theary turned to George, Mina, and stopped at me.


『*Homu* Hmm, So, Taru-san is the one who has the fairy?』(Theary)


I felt like I heard the way he said “Homu” somewhere.
But an uncle said “Homu” is somewhat cute.


『Ah, yes』(Taru) Taru Icon


For the time being, I will reply obediently.


『Do you know the wise man Misora-sama?』(Theary)

『Yes』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Have you met her?』(George)


George cut off in between.


『Well … I met only once when I was a child …』(Theary)


Then, Duke Theary explained to us the lore about his house.
In the past, there are fairies and elves living in Misora Forest. And Theary family seems to have been the Lords of the people who coexist with the forest.
It’s just like the story I heard from Misora.

But then humans aimed for the treasures of the fairies, they broke the rule and attack the elves and fairies. The fairies and elves left the forest and never appeared again.

Many years have passed, the descendants of those people tried to atone for their ancestor’s sin by holding a ball once a year. They desired to regain friendship with the fairies. And that desire has spread. It has become a custom.
In other words, this “Fairy Ball” isn’t an event of only the pioneer city Michel Angelo but in all cities.

It seems that the Wise Man Misora has shown her face once to Duke Theary once when he was still a child.


『The fairies seem to like to play and have fun』(Theary)


Duke Theary voice is rather heavy.


『I invite a lot of people, have a great party, hoping that warm atmosphere will bring the fairies back again』(Theary)


I wonder if Duke Theary also wanted to meet the fairies.


『And I want the opportunity to apologize to the fairies. People may think I’m naive but I want to revive that age in which humans and fairies, elves, held hands and living together』(Theary)


I see.


『According to our tradition, All the food served in the ball are what fairies loved. For years, I have been trying but I have no hope of meeting the fairies again until I meet you here, Mademoiselle』(Theary)


Duke Theary’s eyes are brightening.


『By all means, I want you to participate in the dance event held in Michelangelo』(Theary)

『I don’t mind joining, but what kind of event is the “Fairy Ball”?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『It’s just a social event』(Theary)

『I see……』(Taru) Taru Icon


What is social gathering?
Eat, dance, talk?


『You seem to be the friend of wise man Misora-san. I would like to offer you a dress for the ball. Will you accept it? 』(Theary)


Dress …?
I haven’t worn such girl-like clothes in this character until now.
Somehow it feels like the last line that I should not go over.
Of course, I didn’t have the equipment of such design, but I hesitate to wear women’s thing somehow.
Let’s polite refuse him.


『There’s no need for it』(???)


A confident voice uttered from behind.
I surprised looking back. It’s Misora-san.


『Misora-san!?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Ya, Taru-chan. It’s the second time we meet today』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『Ah, yes. Hello (Kon’nichiwa)』(Taru) Taru Icon


When my greeting with Misora is over, I look back to Duke Theary. He was staring at Misora while shaking.
He seems to be surprised by the sudden entrant.


『You are ……』(Theary)

『*Homu* Hmm, fufu. What are you so surprised for, little boy Theary?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


Oh, I wondered if that Duke Theary copied that *Homu* from Misora.


『It’s not strange for him to be surprised when Misora suddenly appeared here out of nowhere』(Taru) Taru Icon

『That is…
Oh, certainly. Any place visible to the sky is Lady Misora’s territory』


But we are indoor now.
We can’t see the sky.
Is the sky seen from the window also in the range of conversation?

When she looked back at me, Misora-san smiled like Naughty Child.

…Somehow, this girl…
It seems like she did something.
She was aware that I was killed by mercenaries right away.
And didn’t she just teleport to me… in a matter of seconds?


『It looks like you has grown a lot』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


Misora stared at Theary and said her impression.


『Yes, It has been a long time, Sage Misora-sama. I’ve always wanted to meet you again for forty years』(Theary)

『*Homu* Hmm, fufu. You seem to be energetic』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『Yes. Our Theary Family has always been longing for the day the Fairies come back again. Even if a similar disaster will come down, I intend to carry a sword to protect that wish』(Theary)

『Hmm, fufu. I admire your spirit but now isn’t the time to say such a thing, isn’t it?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『Please forgive me for being rude. I’m so glad to see you and I’m excited about it. It seems like I have become desperate』(Theary)


Duke Theary tried to apologize and atone for his ancestor’s mistake, but Misora-san said it’s not the time for this.


『Well, that’s fine.
Unlike us elves, human beings don’t live long, their death comes rather soon』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『Thank you for your generous care』(Theary)


The Lord of the almighty NPCs of this world bows his head to the Witch Lolita.


『Well then, we will return the main axis of the story.
The dress that Taru-chan will wear in the ball. There’s no need to bother the Duke Theary』

『That… may I know the reason?』(Theary)

『Human beings have no right to dress my friend. I won’t allow it』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


Misora-san’s statement suggests that I’m not a human being.
And then she slowly turns to me and puts her hand on her sleeve.
Once again, she decided on her own.


『She will wear this, my dress』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


Misora-san pulled out a dress from nowhere as she said that.
Is Misora’s sleeve a four-dimensional pocket?


You have received 【Sky Dance Rondo】from Misora

【Sky Dance Rondo】
【Fairy Magic Dress.
It’s dyed in clear sky blue by the blessing of Sage Misora.
It is filled with a desire to let her friend soaring in the sky】

Equipment condition: MP 40, Intelligence: 120
Rarity: 9 Star
Status: Physical Defense + 32, Magic Defense + 157
Special Effect: reduce Gravity to one-sixth when equipping


This dress is seriously B-A-D-N-E-W-S

This is a dress worn by a noble lady.
The base color is white and light blue.
If I wear this now, it will surely look great but that’s scary.

Both my Silver hair and this Sky Blue Dress emit particles.
Yes, that’s bad news.

I also want to enjoy the sight of a beautiful girl.
But not myself.

And reducing gravity to one-sixth?
Can we soar fluffy?
A very attractive effect, but I don’t want to show it in public.
The day I got killed and robbed of it, I would cry.


『Taru-chan, you must like it a lot, isn’t that right?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


While I was still staring at the Dress, Misora-san smiled and talked to me.


『Ah… oh. Yes. Thank… you…!』(Taru) Taru Icon

『And that’s it. Case closed, Theary little boy』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『That seems to be the case』(Theary)


Duke Theary bows his head.


『Ah, that’s right, Theary』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


『You got me interested in it a little, so, would you listen to my proposal?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


Misora smiled and talked to Duke Theary.
Somehow Misora also glanced at me. I have a bad feeling about this.






It was a rare scene of a Witch Lolita preaching a middle-aged man.

Then we left the house of Prince Theary.
Misora said that she also wanted to ride the carriage, so I, Mina, George, and she went back together.

I look at Michel Angelo with dusk approaching from the window.

Then, the log announcement flowed suddenly.

One week later, city, town, and village’s ruler will have a royal battle for their govern right.


『This is!』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Yes, Tenshi-sama』(Mina)


I and Mina’s eyes meet each other.


The “Fairy Ball” will be held in all settlements, not just the big cities.


『As expected!』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


Misora-san sits on the other side, smiling.


Mercenaries can just talk with each other in the event, spend a good time with your friends.
Let’s deepen the friendship between mercenaries.
That pleasant air may invite the fairies.


『Let’s catch a man in that ball dance event~tttt!』(George)


I see.
This event might also be a remedy for PT and Clan’s troubles as the service starts.
If we can meet good PT here, the range to invite PT in the game will be expanded and the tactic range will be increased.
I may have a good encounter there as well.


Participation condition:
Only Mercenaries who ride the new item “Carriage” can access the venue of the castle.


『Angel-chan already has this horse-drawn carriage… I’m~ so~ envious~』(George)

『 Doesn’t George want to ride this carriage together?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Eh, Tenshi-sama, that’s a little…』(Mina)


I can understand why Mina was reluctantly somehow. It’s a huge gap that black colored perm Okama is in this carriage and entering the venue. But I am indebted to George.
I would like to carry him to the venue with this carriage.


『Uuum~, can I ask to go together?』(George)

『Yes』(Taru) Taru Icon


New item “Carriage” will be sold at the tool shops in each city from now


Oh, from now on, the carriage is on sale.
The moment I read that, I receive a friend-message with *Pikon* sound.


『Hey, Taru! Did you read it just now?』(Yuuki)


It’s from Yuuki.


『Yup』(Taru) Taru Icon

『It’s a carriage! Right now, I confirmed in the tool shop, there are three types』(Yuuki)


Oh, I’m glad I got a carriage for free to ride right now.
How much is it?
I can’t say anything about the dress, but I am very thankful for the carriage.
I don’t have much money.

Well, Yuuki is early in confirmation.
Well, he is a leader of a mercenary clan after all.


『10,000 Eso for one-horse carriage,
30,000 Eso for two-horse carriage,
100,000 Eso for two-horse four-wheel carriage!
They are so expensive!
There seems to be plenty of customization elements for each part』(Yuuki)


Oppps, wait…
From what Yuuki said, isn’t two-horse four-wheel vehicle is the highest specs?


『 Isn’t there four-horse four-wheels carriage? A Platinum sparkling one』(Taru) Taru Icon


Yes, we’re boarding the four wheels『Platinum Horse carriage』with four horses right now.


『4 horses? Such a thing isn’t sold anywhere. The color can be customized by yourself, so if you want, Taru, you can change the color after buying it』(Yuuki)

『Ah yes … aren’t carriages only sold at the tool shop?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Hmm … I don’t know. Maybe a craftsman mercenary with woodworking skills might get a hidden recipe for a carriage later. Then he might create an original carriage』(Yuuki)

『I see. Thank you』(Taru) Taru Icon


Apparently, my carriage is like a special order.
I was worried about wearing that dress but it seems even the carriage is bad news as well.
It’s kinda late but… keeping secret about the Crystalize Forest might be rather hard.
I don’t say it’s anyone’s fault because I’m indebted.

I sighed while Misora-san is smiling and watching me.


『Haa…』(Taru) Taru Icon

『*Are are* Eh eh? Taru-chan, what’s wrong? Are you tired?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『……No』(Taru) Taru Icon


I was swayed by a small vibration.
The Mercenaries in Michel Angelo are boiled by the log announcement.
The city is full of noise in the sunset.
While a platinum carriage is quietly returning.

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    『Oops, it seems like we had some rough behave in front of you, Mademoiselle. Forgive me』(Middle Age Gentleman)
    『Oops, it seems like we had some rough behavior in front of you, Mademoiselle. Forgive me』(Middle Age Gentleman)

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