Mira Chapter 59: Means of transportation

Mira Vol 8
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Mira Chapter 59: Means of transportation



『Well then, your next destination is the Ruined Sky City. Consider the distance, it will be a long trip this time』(Solomon)


Suleiman returns to his task of deciphering as soon as he finished his role. Solomon changes back to casual language again and Mira feels a sense of incongruity


『I have been wondering about it (n~ja~ga),
Was the previous language used to give dignity (jatta~na)?
Suleiman has been around since the old time, would it be necessary to do something like that?』(Mira)


Speaking of that, Mira remembered that Cleos and Mariana were fine with Mira used different language than in the game. There should be no need to use dignity language in front of Suleiman.

Solomon has a big sigh when Mira thought so. That’s right, Solomon also thought so before but there was a reason for him to put up a front.


『At the beginning I didn’t care too much as well, but I was told by Luminaria that I had no dignity. Now that everything has become a reality, it might become a problem later on.
So, at first, I planned only using the king-like wording with the outside.
But when I consulted with Suleiman about that… he demanded to check if there were any words or attitudes unnatural!
From then, whenever I’m in front of Suleiman, if I don’t use king-like wording, he will get angry』(Solomon)

『Somehow, he seems faithful to his work ~yano』(Mira)


Solomon shrugged his shoulders *Yare Yare*. Mira smiled happily and was convinced with that plausible reason. Suleiman is really such a man.


『Let’s go back to the story. It’s certainly far to reach that Ruined Sky City』(Mira)


Mira remembers about her air travels so far. The scenery is superb, and she doesn’t bother with the cold as she has the fur coat. The faster she flies, and the farther she travels, the shorter the travel time. However, Mira still found it’s unbearable sitting on Pegasus for many hours.


『What happened to the wagon? Would it be available anytime soon?』(Mira)

『Well, because there were many custom-made products.
At that time, it was so exciting that I wasn’t thinking about it. It’s still under construction』(Solomon)

『Nu~u. I see.』(Mira)


If the ideal wagon is completed, everything will be solved. In this case, she will need to ride Pegasus for a while. Pegasus will be rather happy to fly with Mira. As for Mira, it was fun, but she couldn’t bear the accumulation of fatigue. The other day, she got so tired on the way that she took a nap in the meadow.

Mira lays on the sofa, looking up at the sky. She dreams that only if this sofa can fly in the sky, too.


『You looks awfully disappointed. What’s wrong?』(Solomon)


Solomon felt something wrong from Mira’s appearance and he asked so.


『Right now, I am traveling on Pegasus ~n ~ja ~ga ~na.
If I cling on his body for a long time, it will be rather tiring ~n ~ja ~yo.
And this time, I need to travel to Ruined Sky City.
Please show some consideration when making some old people (年寄り) working』(Mira)

『I see, that’s true. When you keep on riding for a long time, you will get tired even though you can arrive early. Speaking of which, I knew about this before, but it looks like it’s time for you to have some fun』(Solomon)


Solomon spread out a large map on the dest. Mira stood up and stayed near the desk to look at it.


『This is a map… but there’s something different ~no ~yō ~ja ~ga
What is this line?』(Mira)


The map spread out on the desk was a regional map centered on the holy state of Alyspharius (アリスファリウス: Arisufariusu) throughout the southeast of the continent. Besides a simple place name, a very noticeable curve is drawn to cross. The names of the towns are dotted on the line. Solomon pointed to one of the points, a point located in the north of Alkite kingdom and beyond the mountain.


『This is a route map of the mainland railway.
If you are tired of air travel, you can go by land.
The nearest station town from here is this silver side.
From here, take the railway to Alys and from there if you change to Pegasus you will be less tired, I think it will take about three or four days to get to Alys (Alyspharius)
But there will be plenty of lodging in the town where the railways go, so I think you will get enough rest』(Solomon)


Solomon moves his finger along the line to the station town of Alyspharius holy land. And from there to the mountain area of the Ruined Sky City.

Mira stared at the route map, reading the name of the city on the track and raising her face as if she had recovered her ego.


『The railway!?』(Mira)


Such means of transportation didn’t exist in the game. Players used the floating continents, locals used carriages or boats at best. While wondering how much technological innovation would be enough, Mira smiles and eventually strikes the desk with excitement.

『Wonderful, wonderful! It’s a masterpiece!
I don’t think there’s a railway.
No, there are airships, so of course, this is natural!』(Mira)

『Oh, you already knew about the airships. Tch, I got one less new item to surprise you』(Solomon)


Solomon leaked his voice because Mira already knew about a new technology flighter.

Then, after remembering everything on her route, Mira sends a hot glance to Solomon for details. Solomon came up with a brief explanation to answer that expectation.

The Continental Railway is also a gift of magical engineering, and the lines initially deployed were laid to connect the Three Kings. The station area given by the Three Kings is in charge of its own authority regarding administration and immigration, and it is recognized as a special territory. There are many people ưho use now. Of course, Towns and villages near the railway are flourishing greatly.


『I am very familiar with this area during the game. Next, I will try to get to Alys on the railway. Speaking of which I also have one more destination』(Mira)


After deciding on the railway trip, Mira remembered the clue which she happened to encounter. She took out the map from the item box and spread it on the route map.


『This is…? What is the mark in the Four Seasons Forest?』(Solomon)


This time it’s Solomon’s turn to question. In the middle of the continent, where the mountain ranges meet, it’s marked in red. Solomon quickly turned to Mira.


『I would like to talk about Chimera Clausen first. The other day, I just met some people』(Mira)


Mira told in detail what happened after leaving the Demon Maze.
She followed a suspicious man in the woods, witnessing him attack the spirit of the lake.
A man of Yin Yang appeared to prevent it.
That man came from an organization that is opposed the Chimera Clausen.
As Mira accompanied him to their camp, Mira thought those people might have a relationship with Nyanmaru’s master.
She then talked to the captains of those men and was told the location of their home base.


『Thanks to the medal that I have received from you, I have somehow been able to prove myself.
As a result, they told me about their home base!』(Mira)


Seeing Mira laughs in good mood, Solomon looks at the red note with a somewhat surprised look.
It’s not about using the medal.
Rather, he is glad that the medal helped Mira.
Solomon was surprised by the name of the opposing organization in Mira’s story.


『Were those people really calling themselves the Isuzu Federation?』(Solomon)


Solomon asked again. Different from Solomon’s serious atmosphere, Mira was somewhat relaxed.


『That’s right. What’s wrong?』(Mira)


“Wait”, Solomon said that, took a book out of the desk drawer and placed it on the map. The cover of the book is『Let’s protect the spirit and the environment』


『Let’s protect the spirit and the environment? Is this an environmental protection Pamphlet or something? What’s wrong with this?』(Mira)


Mira picked up the book and skimped through it. The contents are Details and Calls for the charitable work of environmental groups,
The destination of the donation is also written…

Mira looked at the name of the destination.

The names of all the environmental protection groups, listed as destinations in the Three Kingdom, is Isuzu Federation


『This is… What does it mean?』(Mira)

『As you can see, Isuzu Federation is a charity organization that has been established to protect the natural environment and widely known throughout the continent.
Their activities are solid. It was said that the Isuzu Federation has protected the spirits and tried to restore the Grimdart North Forest, where most of the spirits were captured.
They hope the spirits could come back there soon.
They tried to lower the negative effect on the environment due to the absence of spirits.
They also did the same in other places.
They gained a lot of achievements and the spirit’s compassion,
They have the organizational skill as well, as a correspondent, they get a lot of people’s help in towns.
That is the figure of the Isuzu Federation, which is publicly known.
If what you saw and heard was true, those color named people knew the existence behind this organization』(Solomon)

『Hm… I don’t know they have such foundation』(Mira)


With this information exchange, Solomon now knows the back side of the Isuzu federation while Mira knows their front face.

And they understand. No matter how much protection is given, the spirits will not return unless you deal with their Nemesis, and the environment won’t be stable again. The colored members Mira met in the forest are the execution unit for that purpose.


『 I can’t say that it’s absolutely because I don’t check it yet. But from their point of view, it’s likely to be so.
When you think about it, they are an organization working for the purpose of Spirits and Environmental protection on such a large scale, Chimera Clausen is their most hated existence.
There is no wonder if they have a department to fight against Chimera Clausen with force.
However, some countries will be alert if they become armed organizations rather than a charity one. Given that, they chose a good hideout』(Solomon)


The Isuzu Federation is pushing the activity of environmental protection and extending its activities to the whole continent.

But as Solomon says, even if they are fighting against Chimera Clausen, who illegal hunts spirits and have people’s support, they wouldn’t be able to spread as widely in the form of an armed organization.

Mira agrees with Solomon then closes the book and put it back on the desk.


『Just which one is their real aim?
Do they want to restore the environment which doesn’t have spirits to maintain anymore?
Or do they want to eradicate the Chimera Clausen?
Well, from your point of view, there seems to be no harm,
If that’s the case, it would be nice to try raising the amount of contribution a little more』(Solomon)

『Hou, did you want to contribute?』(Mira)

『Of course, to protect the environment is to protect the spirits.
Speaking of spirits, they are friends of engineers.
As the King of Alkite Kingdom, I can’t help but not cooperate』(Solomon)

『Certainly, it’s true』(Mira)


The Alkite Kingdom is famous as a country of engineers.
By supporting the Isuzu Federation, who claims that they are protecting the spirits, will definitely improve the impression both internally and externally.
Rather, it would be impossible to say that such a country wouldn’t support it.
However, now that the activity behind it is known, the Isuzu Federation seems to be aiming to destroy the Chimera Clausen.
That would be a rewarding situation for the supporters.
Solomon calculates so and wants to adjust the donation.

And there was another speculation on that.
If Mira already showed the medal, the other party should have noticed the person behind it.
They also conveyed the existence of the armed organization of the Isuzu Federation, which had been concealed until now.
On top of that, they also revealed their home base.

Solomon received this as a message.
And raise donation as the agreement of cooperation.
After that, he will wait for contact from the other side.
Mira has returned home with a great souvenir, Solomon laughed in a selfish manner and looked down on the map where the home of the Isuzu Federation was written.


『There are many spirits in the forest in the four seasons. If they have the strength and they want to protect the spirits at the same time, it makes sense that they make their base there. They only need to arrange the means of transportation』(Solomon)

『Fumu, if they don’t make their home base there, no matter how you look at it, the Four Seasons Forest would have become a great hunting ground for the Chimera Clausen』(Mira)


The Four Seasons Forest is a paradise and sacred place for the spirits.
Because many spirits are inhabited, it can be said that it is also a paradise for Chimera Closen who aimed at the spirits.
But now, the Isuzu Federation has made their home base there, rather than hunting, the Chimera Clausen will be hunted.
Though there are difficulties in transportation means, it might be good to visit their home base soon.

So Mira considered.

There are two destinations, both of them are on the north side of Alkite kingdom.
Their distance is really far. Mira can’t visit them easily like the Demon Maze.


『By the way, where do you think I should visit first? Ruined Sky City or the Four Seasons Forest?』(Mira)


As for Mira herself, she was thinking of putting off the Four Seasons Forest trip until the wagon was completed. But she’d like to listen to Solomon.


『Hmmm, I think it should be fine to visit the Ruined Sky City first.
It will take time to identify the age even after collecting the wood chips.
I think you can visit the Four Seasons Forest using that time』(Solomon)


He suggests with a smile.
*Certainly* Mira admires Solomon for thinking the option with less time…


『Just how far you plan to make me work?』(Mira)


But ​​Solomon’s idea is also cutting down the time to rest as well.
When Mira notices it and complains, Solomon intentionally raises the corner of his mouth and smiles.


『Either way, you’re not the type who can stay still.
It’s not bad if you think of it as a rail trip.
I think that each station has various features and you can enjoy it.
There are many varieties of Station’s Bento, their taste was elaborated(Solomon)

『Umu. Well, that’s true… it’s also something like that』(Mira)


Mira starting thinking about it.
Eating excellent Station Bento while looking at the view from the train’s window.
Certainly not bad, Mira begins to feel excited again.


『Fine (ii~jarou)
I will follow your plan this time』(Mira)

『I hope you can see how wide this world is.
And let me tell you about the earlier issue of Karanak’s Leonir as well.
I had people search for that mysterious Yin Yang User,
But the more I looked into it, the more information came out.
It seems that a lot of dummies.
Well, even you don’t specialize in intelligence gather, you may be able to get in-depth information if you knew ahead』(Solomon)


As Solomon says, he narrows his eyes.

By chance, not even Leonir knows anything behind Isuzu Federation, but a young adventurer girl is about to get that information first. Solomon smiles happily as he wonders if Mira will be able to find out a great deal of information.


『Speaking of which, you said to secretly deal with this matter as much as possible.
Is this okay?』(Mira)

『You can rest assured about that.
Even though it hasn’t been announced, people have known about their existence.
They were quite strict, but they already told you the location of the home base.
You have shown them the medal, which means they already knew about me.
If anything happens, that will be my responsibility.
You don’t have to worry(Solomon)

『What’s that (Nan~ ja)? Did that medal have your signature on it?』(Mira)

『Well, something like that. Take care of it』(Solomon)


Mira looked up at the map and threw herself on the sofa.


『Well, end of the debriefing session.
It’s about time, shall we have lunch together?』(Solomon)

『Hm, it’s already time?
But I get it covered, so I’m fine』(Mira)

Shironeko Aha

Solomon tidied the desk and said so. Mira pulled the basket out of the item box with a *Doya* Smug face.

Mira put the basket on the table in front of the sofa while and proudly showing off.

Seeing that figure, Solomon opens his eyes and gazes at the basket.


『 Don’t tell me this is… your beloved wife’s Bento!?』(Solomon)


Mira answered with a bit embarrassed. It’s a basket that Mariana gave her on the way out.

Solomon glanced as if provoking Mira to open the basket.


『A lot of work is involved』(Solomon)


Solomon admired the contents.

The food in the basket was rich in balance and full of love for the eater.


『That’s fine, I’ll eat it all』(Mira)


When Mira made a declaration of affectionately alone, Solomon shrugged his shoulders in pity. He called a maid and instructed her to take lunch in the office.

After a while, the maid came in again and brought the meal. Solomon and Mira slowly enjoy the meal while having a chat.




Having finished lunch and enjoying a cup of high-grade tea leaves for Royalty, or rather solely for King Solomon, they confirmed the current time and remembered.


『Speaking of which, the arrival and departure time for Alys on Silverside should have been only noon』(Solomon)


Solomon said and got up to look for something in the bookshelf.

Mira opened the menu of the bracelet while casually looking at such a figure of Solomon.

The displayed time is 2:30 pm. It’s noon.

From what they confirmed the previous route map, it will be evening when Mira arrived at Silverside if she was going now.

There’s no way she can make it in time.


『Why do the train only come once a day?
It’s like the countryside.』(Mira)

『That’s already a lot.
When the railway just constructed, it was one per week.』(Solomon)

『Fumu~. Well, this isn’t our world, it’s a habit.
But noon isn’t it? What time is it?(Mira)

『Hmm, I don’t know. It’s only rough time and it’s not accurate. There it is…』(Solomon)


After answering Mira’s question, Solomon pulled the book out of the shelf and threw it over to Mira. As she opened the book on her knees, Mira turned to the page to see what time it was.


『This is … a timetable?』(Mira)

『Well, that’s it. It’s a guide to arrival and departure. You can check the time』(Solomon)


Hearing that, Mira checked the arrival and departure time of Silverside.

The estimated time of arrival is from 8 am to 3 pm.


『The time margin is too big』(Mira)

『It seems that they can’t operate accurately to the minutes or seconds, yet』(Solomon)

『Anyway, I’m not going to ride today』(Mira)


After Mira closed the book, she slowly drinks up the rest of the luxury tea and sits on the sofa.


『In that case, you should take the train tomorrow.
If you go now, you will get there in the evening.
Isn’t it better if you stay there for one night?
As I said, there are plenty of lodgings in the station area so you can spend a comfortable night.(Solomon)


As Solomon says so, he gives out three gold coins to Mira.


『This is this military fund. I’m expecting your success.』(Solomon)

『… Hmm, I’ll try to meet your expectation at the very least』(Mira)


Mira glanced at Solomon and received gold coins, then put it into her porch.


『Well then, are you going now? If you don’t get in time, you can enjoy the night in the hotel.』(Solomon)


Mira got up from the sofa and fixed her dress. She decided to stay overnight at the station area today.

However, if she was slow when she arrived at the station, she would need to sleep immediately. And on the next day, she would be chased by the time to get on the railway, etc.

So, it’s better if she could arrive at the destination early and slowly chose the inn to taste the food. Mira decided in her heart to enjoy such a traveling feeling.


『That might be the best choice. It’s quite far from here to Silverside. The lodgings are supposed to be lined around the station, so it is better to head to the station now』(Solomon)

『Hm, I understand. Then, see you again』(Mira)

『Yeah, see you again』(Solomon)


Mira opens the door and waves her hand to Solomon before going out.

Solomon is still sitting in his chair looking at the closing door. After that, he arranges various documents and resumes his work as a king.


As soon as she confirmed the destination, Mira tried to leave Alkite Castle quickly.

She summoned Pegasus in the square in front of the castle gate and flew away to the Silverside.

The next destination is quite far away. It will be a week or more until she comes back next. While flying away, Mira is looking back at the city, which gradually becomes smaller.

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  2. in both sections below you have Solomon talking like he is the one going to the places when it is Mira that is going

    “『Well then, →my← next destination is the Ruined Sky City. Consider the distance, it will be a long trip this time』(Solomon)”

    “『This is a route map of the mainland railway.
    If you are tired of air travel, you can go by land.
    The nearest station town from here is this silver side.
    From here, take the railway to Alice and from there If →I← change to Pegasus →I’ll← be less tired, I think it will take about three or four days to get to Alys (Alyspharius)
    But there will be plenty of lodging in the town where the railways go, so I think you will get enough rest』(Solomon)”

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