Arge Chapter 172: Family’s Introduction

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Arge Chapter 172: Family’s Introduction



『Fu~fu~fu~… It looks like you have an interesting trip.』(Iris)

『Well, yes. I didn’t get bored.』(Arge)

『Well, that’s good. It’s important not to be bored, for longevity?』(Iris)


The Golden Hair Vampire was laughing happily when she heard about my journey so far.
She has the appearance of a young girl, her name is Iris-san.
She is in charge of snacks at Satsuki Cafe and compared to me, she is hundreds of years of senior.

She is a standard vampire, she can only move freely around the night and she sleeps in the coffin during the daytime or works in a residential area, the kitchen. The place which is designed to be out of sunlight.
It’s night right now and the employees are at leisure.

After dinner, Iris-san came to my room saying that she wanted to hear about my trip.
She listens to me happily while she leans toward me.


『umm… Puha. Arge, do you drink?』(Iris)

『Oh, I will hold back on that』(Arge)


Satsuki-san told me that most vampires aren’t good at drinking. Only someone like Iris-san can drink it normally.
I’ve never tried it, but I’m afraid that I will get drunk and bother everyone, so I declined.


『Fu~n, I see. Well, that’s fine.
Because vampires basically don’t drink alcohol』(Iris)

『I’m sorry』(Arge)

『It’s fine.
If it’s drinker partner, I have Shino. But she hasn’t come back for a while.』(Iris)

『Shino-san, your barista…』(Arge)

『She is in charge of coffee.
She was looking for good beans and has gone out ever since.
It’s okay because we can serve basic drinks.』(Iris)


Iris-san is laughing and when I look at it, her cup is empty.
As I see that, I think I should at least pour the liquor for her. The sweet smell of liquor is tickling my nose.


『Fu~ fu~, thank you.
I also would like to have a cute girl like you as my partner, it would be nice』(Iris)

『Are you like that? (Swing that way)』(Arge)

『For us vampire, gender has nothing to do with it.
We have a psychic body or a magical body from the beginning.
Most of the things we like are hearts and magic. There are many individuals who don’t care about gender.』(Iris)

『…It looks like so』(Arge)


I remembered about another Golden Vampire different from Iris-san, who I met in the honey village.

Her name is Elsee, she is the same as Mutsuki-san, and seems to be one of the vampires who are said to be particularly powerful in this world.
We met and she has proposed to me.
No, more like she forced herself on me, saying that gender doesn’t matter.


『I am a partner in many ways with Satsuki too』(Iris)

『… yes. Even I also know that if I look at it』(Arge)

This place… Satsuki Cafe. Satsuki made it for me.
She hoped I can enjoy the scenery of each passing day.
The days without anything besides the sweet daily life』(Iris)

『that is……』(Arge)

『Yes, it’s a long-lived life.
There are a lot of things I have to do with everyone.
I’m going to feel like I’ll be left all the way, as everyone gets older and disappears beautifully.
Yes, that’s right, Satsuki has made this kind of place so that it can be accepted a little bit』(Iris)


Iris-san speaks happily from the bottom of her heart as she narrows her eyes.
Her cheeks are red and it’s probably not just because of alcohol.
It’s been a long time ago that I was immersed in the story.
Iris-san opened her red eyes, the same as mine and she stared at me.


『So I think it’s fine for Arge to ask your friend a little more』(Iris)

『Eh …?』(Arge)


I was a little surprised by her words.
Iris-san laughs and explains more.


『I don’t know whether you want to be sweet or not.
But I understand that you are holding back.
You are thinking it’s annoying if someone is giving up,
So you are looking for someone who can be endlessly sweet to you』(Iris)

『…What, what’s with that?』(Arge)


I want to find someone, who willing to feed me with three meals and anytime nap.
There’s no lie and I’m traveling just for that.
But it’s also very bad at be in someone else’s debt.
I have vaguely understood that the two feelings are contradictory.
But either of them is my true intention.


『Yup. Kuzuha, Felnote, Zeno, and that Aoba girl, I think everyone will surely love you.
So, even if you can’t take care of everything, it’s okay to ask more from them』(Iris)


『Oh, I think I talk like a grandma now, so you only need to listen half of the story. Anyway, it’s drunken joke』(Iris)

『No, thank you very much』(Arge)


It’s true that she is drunk, and it’s no mistake that Iris is older from me.
Still, I know how serious she is from her eyes being directed at me.
Even if it seems to be bothersome, it’s something she wants to say.

Surely it’s advice, preaching, and a bit of her own story.
I will listen and remember, there is no loss.
That’s how I feel.


『Well, then. For my poor and sweet junior, I will give you another』(Iris)


『Although you refused alcohol… isn’t it hard to refuse this?』(Iris)


Iris-san smiles and brings her face very close to me.
The smell of liquor is sprayed.
Her soft finger rubbed my cheek and touched my lips.


『Blood. By all means, you haven’t taken it at all recently, right? 』(Iris)



As Iris-san says, I haven’t taken blood since I got from Richelle in the Dark Elves territory.
Richelle’s blood contained quite a good quality of magic, so my blood impulse still didn’t come out. But there were a few times in our trip, Aoba-san’s neck looked delicious to me.
To that extent, it’s 《thrist》
I thought that no one has noticed, but Iris is a vampire so she understands.


『We are vampires.
Drinking blood is to take the magic of others to stabilize our own existence…
in order to prevent our magic goes out of control.
It isn’t necessary blood. It doesn’t matter if it’s sweat or whatever…
Anyway, if we don’t have someone’s magic in our body, we will die. Our existence itself depends on someone』(Iris)

『… I learned it a little while ago. It’s not a simple thirst matter』(Arge)

『Yeah, though, you keep silent without relying on others to do something as important as your life.
At that point, you’re over-restrained.』(Iris)


Laughing like she saw something nostalgic, Iris-san rubbed on me.
The sweet smell of liquor and her smell.
Even though I’m not drinking it, I’m getting drunk.


『Hmm… Hey, come on?』(Iris)

『Come on, you say …』(Arge)

『 Isn’t it hard to rely on that girl?
In that case, I, as your friend, older one and senior can help you』(Iris)

『It’s hard to rely on… she is an old acquaintance… it’s somewhat embarrassing…』(Arge)


We know each other since I was human.
That’s why asking Aoba-san to get some blood is weird somehow.
She will not refuse.
Rather, before we started this journey, she suggested it herself.
Even on our journey until we arrived at Sakura Nomiya, she asked me many times but I said I didn’t have to drink blood.
So this is a problem of my feelings.

I endure it to the very last minute and try to drink blood only when the other person says strongly.
I don’t know if that is too modest or not.


『Hmm, that’s right, I’ll have to do something about it
…Hey, isn’t it fine?』(Iris)


When she said “it’s fine” and hugged me like this.
It became difficult to endure.




I put my fang on her slender neck and Iris-san accepted without struggling.
I’m sure she is getting used to doing it with Satsuki.
They might even do it on a daily basis whenever they meet each other.


『Um … Ah ha, how gently… Hey, isn’t this your second time?
It’s okay, so don’t hold back …』(Iris)


As Iris says, it’s the second time I drink her blood.
At that time, I was drunk like a surprise, but this time, it’s different.
We agree with each other and extend to the act of blood absorption.


Her blood was hot and crunchy like a mass of heat.
I lick it so that it melts slowly, squeaks my throat and I taste her blood.
Bad sounds of manners echo in the room, but I don’t care anymore.
I was swept away by the sweetness of the blood and I forgot about everything.


『Ah~ Fu~n… delicious …』(Arge)

『Ah…Yes Yes.
You can be honest…
… um … good,
Good girl…♪』(Iris)


Iris-san seems to have plenty of room, as expected, she might be used to being sucked.
I’m putting my mouth on the girl’s neck, whose appearance looks no different from me.
I think I’m a little embarrassed as usual, but now I’m just doing it.


『Umm, Chi~yu…
…Ji ~yururu~…
…Pua …
… Iris-san…』(Arge)

『It’s alright, it’s alright…
You will need some more… I will be patient… until you are full…..』(Iris)


The feeling of her fingers brushed my hair was nice, I clung to her in need for more blood.
My stomach is filled with hot fluid and a sweet sensation spreads throughout the body.


『Puhaa …』(Arge)


As I escape from the heat and let go, cold air passes to my chest.
Sweats floated all over my body while I was absorbed in blood sucking.


『Wa~…fu~i…, Pain pain go away…』(Arge)


My head isn’t clear but I can still speak words to trigger magic.
The magic effect activates and her neck’s bite mark is closed.


『Ah, you don’t have to bother … because I also like pains.』(Iris)

『But I care …』(Arge)

『Um …I see. Fu~ fu~, Arge, you seem to be sleepy already.
It’s good to sleep as you are…』(Iris)


I lean myself to Iris-san, who looked happy, and I closed my eyes.
For a while, I won’t be bothered with blood-feeding impulse.
My mind slowly fell into the coma, thinking dimly that I was told that my friends would also accept it.

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Winning word is “Arge Arge”

Just “Arge” is disqualified.


  1. Ara ara… That’s all I could think of when reading this chapter, and I bet that’s why Arge Arge is the winning word, at least on some subconscious level.

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  2. Arge:” Are you like that (swing that way) ?
    Iris ” Well yeah , like 90% of your friends ” xD
    Btw , Iris:” Ah you don’t have to bother , because I also like pain” REALLY NIGGA xDDD
    That made my day ^^
    Thanks for the great work like always ;D


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