Cathia Chapter 5-1: Magic City Cyrus

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T.N: Can’t make it in time yesterday, for some reason Cathia took a rather long time to translate.

Cathia Chapter 5-1: Magic City Cyrus



Magic City Cyrus, as its name suggests, is a city that studies magic.
Researchers and young people who love to study magic come here from all over the world.
This is the country’s second big city.
We arrived here at night…


『It’s so bright to the extent that I don’t think it’s night time』(Cathia?)


The city was very bright.
When I saw this town from far away, I thought it was a fire festival.
Arriving here at night was a little tired, but we came straight without hesitation because of the light emitted by the city.


『People here are working hard from day to night.
That’s why this city is lively at night. Magic researchers don’t really care about working at day or night』(Lior)


Lior-san explains so.
It seems to be the first time Neil-san and Fina-san come to this city.
Apparently, it seems that people don’t go through this route when going straight from the Raza town to the royal capital.
We went on this route because we got close to Tobal, but we weren’t originally planning to stop in this city.


『That’s right, who do you plan to meet in this city, old man (Ossan)?』(Fina)


By the way, Fina-san has no luggage at all.
They are carried by Lior-san, voluntarily carried by saying that it will be his training.
I and Neil declined that offer though.
Hmmm, Lior-san’s errand… it’s not a problem for us, but I certainly care.


『Oh, I have borrowed things from someone here.
I was told to come around this time. But it’s night time already, we should get some sleep and visit tomorrow.』(Lior)

『No, as I said, who are you going to meet?』(Fina)

『Oh, it’s Rumia《the cane》. Do you know her?』(Lior)


Rumia, the cane.
A person who holds the same title as Lior-san and is at the top of the wizard of this country.
However, it seems that she is already quite old.

We walk while searching for accommodation, but there’s not enough space.
It’s difficult to walk with so many people on the street that I can’t think it’s night time.


『Speaking of which, our father seems to have met her』(Fina)

『Ah, he said about it before』(Neil)



These two’s father, Gale-san, is the head of Raza.
He would have had the opportunity to go to the capital city, and I was wondering if he met at that time.


『However, he didn’t tell us the detail…
He told us like “Ho ho, you will be surprised if you meet her”
So, if he told us, we wouldn’t be surprised or something?』(Neil)


Neil-san talks while imitating Gale-san.
Yeah, like father like son.
Their voice is the same in the first place.


『Bu~. Neil, stop it, you are so similar that I feel bad!』(Fina)


Somehow, it seems that Fina-san is tickled.
She is laughing while holding her belly.
But why would we be surprised when we meet?
Is it her look, her word, her movement or something else?


『Certainly, it’s true… But I’m the same, I want to see your surprised face so I will not talk in detail, too』(Lior)

『Eh, are we going with you to meet her as well?』(Cathia)


I’m surprised by Lior-san’s remark.
Because I thought that we would be waiting for at that time.


『Oh, come on. You will absolutely be forced to do troublesome things』(Lior)

『… that’s why I suddenly didn’t want to go.』(Cathia)

『Wait wait. Why did you refuse to share my hardship without a second thought? Please』(Lior)


Do I really have to go when I know that trouble things are awaiting…
Well, I also want to meet and make acquaintance with her
It will be easier to work together in case something happens in the future.

After that, securing the lodging was extremely difficult.
At this time, there are many people going to the capital city for the fighting event. Basically, every inn is full.
It was full of lodgings for soldiers. Eventually, we are staying at a large, high-class lodging than the one we usually use.
It is a high-class luxury hotel with a panoramic view on the hill and the dishes seem to be expensive.

There are two double rooms.
We divide into men and women rooms.

As I open the door made of quality wood and iron.


the room and the bed are really big』

『Kathia-chan, we have already paid for it, so if you don’t enjoy it, isn’t it a loss?』(Fina)

『That’s true but…』(Cathia)


I’m a commoner, including the previous world.
If I was suddenly thrown into a luxury hotel, it was no wonder that I was moved.
Oh, I’m poor.


『It’s okay! Ah, I feel really tired…』(Fina)

『Fina-san, if you don’t change clothes, the sheets will get dirty.』(Cathia)

『I said don’t think too hard about it. Speaking of which, this room has a nice view.
Kathia-chan, open the window.』(Fina)

『Yes yes』(Cathia)


When I open a wooden window, I feel the chilly night air.
The season is already early summer, but it’s still chilly at night.




Fina-san stands up and shows a humble appearance.
Well, that’s right.


『A beautiful night scene!』(Cathia)


It’s a masterpiece.
The atmosphere is different from the previous night view.
The boisterous gentle light comes from all over the city.
The scenery is swaying softly, probably because of the light of the magical fire.
The scenery is reflected in the nearby river.


『Yeah! It was good to stay at this inn.』(Fina)

『Yeah, even this alone is worth the high rent.』(Cathia)

『Are you talking about money again?
Well, we can’t have such a night view in the Raza territory after all.
Let’s have a closer look.』(Fina)

『Yes… it’s a scene I couldn’t see if I stayed in the mountains for a long time.』(Cathia)

Cathia Under the Moon.png

My cheeks got loose naturally.
As it is, I admire the view of the city for a while.
My hair flowed behind me in the night wind.
The quiet time goes by.

When I look back to Fina’s face…
She is looking at my face instead of the landscape?
Her eyes are a bit wet and the face is red.
How did that happen?



『No, no, It’s nothing, Yup.
That’s true, isn’t it?
I don’t… feel… like that
I just thought it would become a good picture, right?』(Fina)

『What is that? Hey, your face, it’s red.
Are you cold? Should I close the window if you feel cold?』(Cathia)

『Eh, no way!? I will… go to… bed now! I’m gonna sleeping now!』(Fina)

『Wait, Fina-san!?
You still didn’t take a bath or change clothes yet!


She jumped into the bed right away.
… What happened?

There’s no reaction even when I shake Fina-san in her worm-like in the futon.

Suddenly, the door was knocked down with *Kon Kon*
Can’t be helped, I will leave Fina-san alone for now and answer.



『Cathia. Let’s fight』(Lior)

『Go back!』(Cathia)


I closed the door.
I felt that a lion-style big-beard was standing, but that was the reason.
Only three days have passed since the last battle.
And I heard it every day…


The next day, Lior-san takes us to Rumia-san’s place.
Rumia-san seems to be the director of this magic school.
At first glance, her position seems to be similar to Lior-san, but she is operating the school as the chief director firmly.
While Lior-san is only the name.


『Is it here?』(Cathia?)

『Oh, here it is』(Lior)


The school is made of brick, and there is a training ground surrounded by earthen walls that is the standard in this world.
It’s convenient because it can be easily repaired with earth magic.
Is it the size of a general university in Japan?
It’s just a guess because I can’t figure out the whole from here.

A guard is standing.


『Lior-san, do they know your face?』(Cathia)


It seems like he came here several times in the past.


『No, the guards have changed when I came last time…
Did he retire, that old man?』(Lior)

『Haa!? This brain muscle idiot!』(Fina)

『Just kidding…
It’s okay to say that Lior has arrived』(Lior)


Well, how much did you like to do that, Lior-san?
And Fina-san, you don’t have to react every time.


『Wait a minute』(Lion)


Lior-san goes and talks with the guard.

The guard rushes to announce to the staff.
Oh, he is really a celebrity.
The reaction of the other party is good or rather bad and dramatic.

After a while, the information staff came.

As we were guided to a certain room, there was an elf girl with deep green hair.
…Did he mistake the room?

Certainly, it’s written as the director’s office.
The Girl is sitting in a splendid chair.

Where is Rumia-san?
From what I heard, she must be an old woman over eighty years old.

The girl opens her mouth.


『 Long time no see. Lior.
Well, it’s not rare for thou to be late for a promise』(Green Hair Elf Girl)

Cathia CC.jpg

『Give me a break, Rumia.
As you can see, I’m bad with direction unless I’m guided.』(Lior)



Shironeko !

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The winning word today is “Yuri and CC” (If you know what I mean)


  1. Thanks for the chapter as always ^^
    Btw when they are about to enter , Lior’s name got changed to Lion


  2. Oooh some nice yuri bait and a new bishoujo girl, most probably an elf or got immortal with magic. Anyways thanks for the chapter.


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