Kaoru Manga Chapter 24.2: Goddess Descends

Kaoru Manga Chapter 23 Page 20
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Kaoru Manga Chapter 24.2: Goddess Descends


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FUNA Kaoru Mitsuha
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3, 2, 1

The winning word is “One More? Yeah!”


  1. Three more ? I guess …
    Thanks for the great work . So there goes one idiotic country … Too bad , I wanted to see how goes Celes punishment :/ (thought I knew we wouldn’t see it)

    Btw Shironeko is cheating … Maybe …

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  2. Hi! I have been watching some of your translations (most of them) since long ago.
    I remember that long time ago you translated with worse quality, so you used the feedback to correct the chapter, but now they have awesome quality (as far as I can see, as I can no longer read your novels up to last chapter, only the mangas are on last chapter). I wanted to know if you’re having some editors proofreading your novel before release, or you got used to translating and managed to raise your quality by yourself? ( I can remember when you added editors to your translations)
    I forgot about which languages did you know, You knew Japanese but your English was not perfect when you started translating, right?
    Even when the translations were not perfectly translated on the release day, you were insanely fast, and people still blamed you about quality. Even if you fixed things with the correct feedback they still blamed you too much that time on comments as they didn’t seem to notice that (at least the times I saw comments), I always felt sorry for you when I saw those comments. You’ve been an awesome translator, and the people following and helping you too!
    PS: This comment quite easily be misunderstood, so I repeat myself, great work now, and even when you started you’re awesone.

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  3. “One more? Yeah!”
    Thanks for the chapter!
    I didn’t see this for some reason… Because it came out at 2:49 AM in my area! And I don’t sleep that late! For my health!
    (Am a an old person… I swear I’m not… or am I? Lol, I’m young… maybe…)

    Suggestions! For improved flow of reading!
    Wow, it’s hard typing an an iPad screen.
    But mostly minor stuff!! Desu!
    Your English has really improved. A lot!

    Pg 1
    set foot {to} -> [on] the new continent first for 2-3 years but {doesn’t} -> [won’t] allow them to {monopoly} -> [monopolize] that continent all {for} -> [to] themselves.

    Page 5
    in case of [the] recurrence of [a] distortion…

    Page 7
    to various [other] places {of} -> [in] this world.

    It’s not a big deal to {have} -> [make] some mistake rather than {missing} -> [overlooking] the space distortion {by overlooking it} -> [].

    But this is the second time{, that} -> [] I have been called for personal protection.

    back then [,] I {have} -> [] destroyed

    Page 8
    I {have mistaken} -> [made a mistake] in controlling my power and involved the surrounding countries considerably.

    Page 10
    I will allow them to continue {to use} -> [using] my name to relieve people’s mind[s].

    you were {just} -> [] living in this world [just] recently. I doubt you {had yet to do anything} -> [did anything yet].

    Page 12
    enjoyed it {enough} -> []!

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  4. I just thought about it, but I never saw Guest_Edit making anymore comment. Did he make an account?


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