Mitsuha Manga Chapter 34.2: Award Ceremony

Mitsuha vol 2 cover
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T.N: Warning, the manga chapter this time itself is short. Don’t read it YET if you can’t wait for the next chapter tomorrow.

By the way, it’s the new month tomorrow so I will release soon release 5 Mile chapters

Mitsuha Manga Chapter 34.2: Award Ceremony

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Mitsuha Vol 3
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The winning word this time is “Oops I forgot”


  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    Oops, I forgot to check notifications for updates here since I was a decent person and stopped procrastinating and actually did my work.
    But This was posted at 3:01 AM in my area anyways…

    Not many grammar errors, most are just to make this easier to read.

    Kaoru chapter 34.2
    Page 2
    If he only receives {just} -> [] the baron title,

    If he doesn’t receive at least the viscount title[,]

    {Won’t} -> [wouldn’t] be able to face him?

    Page 3
    There {are} -> [is] no one
    My {apology} -> [apologies] …

    Page 5
    There was no {other way} -> [choice], so{, I must} -> [had to] use my secret art “Crossover” to get back to my homeland in an instant.

    However, I can’t make it {in} -> [an] order for my country to move officially{,} -> [with] procedures, meetings, approvals, documents, etc. In addition, it’s also difficult to give out orders without knowing the circumstances to the country where we have no {diplomatic} -> [diplomats]…

    (**Please help me… I don’t really understand this…!**)

    However, they have abandoned their duty {in order} -> [] to bring our {national} -> [nation’s] divine tools.

    Page 6
    That’s why I want some kind of gratitude reward for those soldiers{.in order} -> [] to justify [that] their actions {are just helping} -> [was only to help] their friendly neighbor country.

    If I {could} -> [] compensate for the divine tools, {I thought it would help to} -> [it might help] lighten their punishment.

    Page 7
    It’s cheap compared {with our} -> [to our] capital {might be} -> [being] overrun and our country {might be} -> [being] destroyed by this war!

    It’s worth 1 billion yen or 8,320,000 USD when converted to {the money of the earth} -> [Earth’s currency]!
    [It’s also] Equal to half [of] my savings goal!

    This is unexpected. If the royalty offers 2-3 times {of} -> [] the earl, I might get {enough} -> [] 40,000 gold coins easily.

    Even if I can’t get {enough} -> [] 40,000 gold coins, I might manage by selling pearls in other countries.

    Page 10
    If he can offer any {kind of} -> [] support.

    What a beautiful and merciful {thing} -> [person]…

    And {the} ->[] last but not least,

    Page 12
    I have abandoned my {country} -> [homeland] and {flowed} -> [drifted] to this country.

    [I was] Just a rootless person that [is] temporarily stay[ing] here.

    Page 13
    And she has {such} -> [so much] patriotism {about} -> [to] this country.

    Well, if it’s {Mitsua} -> [Mitshua, ] then there’s no one [who] can deny it.

    Okay, with this[,] I have officially gained citizenship! I’m {the} -> [an] object under the protection of this country!

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  2. Edits
    Page 4
    I would never +be+ involved +with+ again
    Page 7
    who helped me {as personal action}→{personally}
    page 10
    I {said it like a mistake}→{blurted it out} on purpose

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