Mile Chapter 289: Elves’ Escorts 6

Mile Vol 9.1
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Mile Chapter 289: Elves’ Escorts 6



Breakfast was just simply hard bread and dried meat.
The soup is also the “horrible basic soup” (不味い『スープの素』Mazui sūpu no moto) made by boiling vegetables and meat cut into pieces.
This alone is a luxury breakfast for hunters’ outdoor breakfast.

Normally, people won’t make soup because they don’t have time to boil water in a busy morning before departure. But this luxury breakfast can be made by the fact that there are three magicians in 《Red Oath》

After that, Mile stored the tent and everything. Then everyone returned to investigation.
Just like yesterday, the client keeps various records, examines the objects, picks up some things, leaves some things as it is.

And when it was around noon.


『Stop! Everyone, hurry up and regroup!』(Mile)


Mile told everyone in a serious tone but with a small voice.
Upon hearing that, not only the three of 《Red Oath》 but also the members of《Blue Meteor》 and the clients rushed to Mile.
Of course, they were all careful not to make any sound as they were instructed by Mile in a small voice.


『17 orcs are rapidly approaching! I have already noticed this sooner.
Forgive me, I was searching for material with short distance search magic so I was kinda late to notice!』(Mile)


Mile apologized so, but it’s already a big deal just to find out in advance and prevent surprises. That’s the common sense in the world.


『Not good, there are too many!
Even though it isn’t a surprise attack, we can only deal with 4 or 5 of them at one time.
If they are scattered, we may deal with each of them easily.
But when they come in unison like this, it will be hard to deal with them because they will support each other.
Besides, we need to protect our employers!
Rena and Pauline, stick to our employers and cast magic from afar.
The rearguards, cast magic to hinder or scatter the enemies as much as possible.
Vanguards, protect the magicians in the rear.
Try your best to lure the enemies so that we only fight 4 or 5 of them at the same time.
The first priority is to slow down the enemies.
If you can afford, please use magic to weaken the enemies.
If you have more room, please use magic to kill them.』(Graf)


This is their first joint request, there’s no way they can organize the party properly with each person’s specific.
It’s best to fight by role assignment.
The first priority is to ensure the safety of the employers, and the second is to protect the magicians and effectively use their magic.
It’s easy to defend when putting everyone in one place.

Some hunters put their safety first, but Graf’s instructions were faithful to the mission.

From all the members of the two parties, the one with most experience after becoming a C-ranked is, of course, Graf, the leader of 《Blue Meteor》
So he acts as the Escort Leader. 《Red Oath》 has no particular problem with Graf’s battle command. Even though their impression of him is low, he is still a competent hunter.


『Maneuver Defense…』(Mile)


Mile said her impression like always.


『Geez, you don’t have to make a big deal with something like Orcs.』(Rena)

『No, you should follow the instructions of the Escort Leader here.』(Maevis)


Maevis intercepted Rena’s gloomy complain.


『This time is a two-party joint order, and the Escort Leader is Graf-san
Contrary to his usual words and actions, his command is solid.
If we take selfish action here, we will make the situation more confusing.
Besides, should we not learn how to move as directed by others?』(Maevis)

『Ugu …』(Rena)


It was a positive suggestion.
Rena couldn’t deny it as she is the person with the longest hunter history in Red Oath.

… However, even though Maevis and Rena agreed to follow the order, but if the Blue Meteor got into a crisis, they would leave their position to help.
Of course, Mile and Pauline too.

Graf gave out such commands to maximize everyone’s power with his judgment. But when the employers or escort hunters are in danger, the girls will immediately shift to their exclusive battle mode.


『Here they come!』(Mile)


After Mile’s warning, a flock of orcs appeared from behind the trees.
As their intelligence isn’t well developed, they have no idea why everyone gathers at the same place.
Or do they think that such a consideration isn’t necessary for a group whose majority is 《female》?

Even the Orcs run together, they aren’t smart enough to march, they start to get separated back and forth by the difference in speed.
It’s a great help for the 《Blue Meteor》


『Earth Needle!』(Rena)

『Ice Needle!』(Pauline)


Rena and Pauline, who had already finished casting in advance, cast the Needle magic right away.
Just like the name implies, they are solid soil and ice, which is completely different from the girls’ specific magic attribute.

Rena can’t use her fire magic in the forest so she must use earth magic.
The magic flew overhead the front orcs and hit on the orcs behind them.
Needle-type attack magic almost has no destruction power, but the orcs still must use their hands to protect their faces, which makes them fall even more behind the front orcs.
As according to the requested from 《Blue Meteor》


『Earth Nail!』(Mareiwen)


Magician Mareiwen uses Earth Nail magic.
Although the number of bullets and attack range are inferior to the Needle type, their damage to the enemy is superior.
However, it still can’t defeat the enemies just like the Needle system. Fortunately, it can reduce the enemy’s combat power and momentum.
It’s a great help for the Vanguards.

For Vanguards, dealing with 1 monster with 100% of their abilities is equal to dealing with 2 monsters with 90% of their abilities and equal to dealing with 3 monsters with 70% of their abilities.
That’s why, rather than casting many single target magic to kill 1 enemy, it’s better to use AOE magic to reduce the overall power of all the enemies.
Besides, the weakened enemies won’t be able to pass the vanguards, the rearguards will have time to cast more magic.

Archer Kesbart after a few shots also pulled out his dagger and joined the Vanguards.
He still had arrows on his back unlike the archer of 《The Goddess’ servant》
… Perhaps he thought that the Vanguards wouldn’t be able to hold out in this situation.

Vanguards of《Blue Meteor》 could confront the first three orcs who are already weakened by the magic. But the second wave of Orc came earlier than expected,《Blue Meteor》 might be overwhelmed.


『Earth Javelin!』(Etoul)

『Icicle Lance !!』(Shararil)


Two attacking magics were shot and stabbed into 2 orcs.
Because the distance to the 《Blue Meteor》is far away and the Orc have already come close, the Rearguards can’t use AOE magic to avoid misfire.

It wasn’t Rena and Pauline who fired those attack magic.
Well, elves are the greatest humanoid race who can use magic, there’s no reason why the employers shouldn’t take part in this battle.


『Mile, can you take care of this place?』(Maevis)


Suddenly, Maevis asked Mile so.
This place has Rena, Pauline, two elves who can use magic and two magic swordsmen who can use magic and sword, not to mention a certain strong barrier.

Now that she thinks about it, there’s no danger that can come to the client and Rena’s group.
So, Maevis suggests she will go to help the 《Blue Meteor》
If she stays here, she will just stand behind when other people face danger, and Maevis can’t stand it.
《Blue Meteor》 isn’t weak at all, but it’s dangerous to fight with many monsters when the Rearguards can’t support well from distant.


『Yes, I’ll put a barrier at the moment, so it’s okay!』(Mile)


Mile hasn’t put barrier here because it will block the attack magic from this place as well.
But if it’s Mile, she can put the barrier in an instant.
After getting Mile’s approval, Maevis rushes to help the  《Blue Meteor》


『I’ll help you!』(Maevis)

『Ouu…, we are saved!』(Graf)


Maevis’ participation was against Graf’s command but no one could predict how the battle would go. In fact, the Blue Meteor almost reached their limit
Five members of the 《Blue Meteor》also seems to have been watching how Maevis demonstrated her skill at the guild. They are all delighted.


{Some orcs are heading towards the client and Rena’s trio but there are no worries for Mile is there.
Perhaps, Mile won’t even get a turn, Rena or someone will shoot them down easily.

Apart from Mile and Pauline, even Rena who can’t use her specialty magic can still deal with the orcs.

The orc that has been significantly reduced in power by attack magic.
They aren’t as strong as the normal Orcs much less than the Ogres.

It’s “Needless” to use 《Micro》 for several Orcs. (T.N: If you get the joke)

It’s enough with just 《True Godspeed sword》
When mixed within the enemies, it may be difficult to support with attack magic, but such things aren’t necessary for this degree of enemies.

Let’s support the people of 《Blue Meteor》so that they won’t get hurt…} (Maevis’ thought)


Maevis thought so and charged into a group of orcs.
Mile’s trio didn’t think Maevis will get a problem with something like the orcs so they paid attention to the few orcs that came towards them.






Maevis stopped moving after getting a blow from the Orc.

She was caught off guard,
It was a surprise from the blind spot,
A blow to the right flank from behind, it seemed some of Maevis’ ribs were broken.

Maevis didn’t even know if her ribs are broken, but Maevis stopped moving.

And stopping in the middle of the battlefield meant a sure《death》

Crush the weak first.
That was the basic rule of the battle. Even the low intelligence Orcs understood that much.
And while Mile was unaware of the change, several orcs focused their attacks on Maevis.

Mile Vol 8-4
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