Mile Chapter 294: Move 1

Mile Vol 9.8
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Mile Chapter 294: Move 1



『Well then, please take it out here!』(Etoul)

『I understand!』(Mile)


At the direction of the employer, Etoul, Mile took the items out of the item box in a corner of the warehouse which seems like a lab.


『『『『What… what’s this?』』』』(Old men)


The old people around were surprised at the quantity…
Apparently, they seem to be great people here.


『Etoul-dono, Shararil-dono, just what are all these…?』(Great Old man)


They were surprised that there are a lot of harvests.
Mile’s storage magic seems to be a foolish capacity that anyone will be surprised…


『Regarding that, I will tell you in the report meeting…』(Etoul)


Even if Etoul says so, she has no explanation other than saying that 《the hired hunter has a stupid storage capacity》


(Eh. Etoul and Shararil said they were working hard at the lower end of the research team. But aren’t they rather treated with respect…?) (Mile)


When Mile whispered, Maevis also whispered back.


(Oh, when the renowned elves are out in the woods and go into human research organizations to help them, they will get special treatments.
They will not be treated the same way as ordinary human young researchers.
Besides, they are probably much older than these elders) (Maevis)

(Ah, I see…) (Mile)


Apparently, she said that “We are aiming to be a lecturer or associate professor” but because they are elves, they seem to be treated specially, regardless of their position.
People might think that it’s rude to give them such a subordinate job.

Those two weren’t aware of it, they thought they couldn’t become instructors and associate professors unless they contribute a lot first. The human side doesn’t seem to notice it as well.


(Oh …) (Mile)


Mile thought that she has somehow grasped the situation, but she didn’t know for sure if that was the case. Besides, I thought that it would be rude for an unrelated person to interfere with other people’s business.


『Oh, can I put the copper ore here too?』(Mile)

『Oh, wait! Please take it out in the smithy area instead!』(Etoul)


In a hurry, Etoul stopped Mile taking out the copper ore.


『Huh? If it’s the collection, why don’t you put it out here?』(Great Old man)

『It will damage the floor!
Besides, if we get something like that indoors, we can’t move it from here again!』(Shararil)


The Old men were lost for words as Etoul and Sharalil explained so.
Certainly, there’s no choice but to put it in the blacksmiths to refine the copper.
If they do so, they might earn a little.

Then, Mile put out copper ore outdoors at a place instructed by Etoul, and all the contract items were completed.


『Thank you very much.
Well then, this is the request completion certificate.
This one for Red Oath and this one for Blue Meteor.
Both of you did really well this time.
Thanks to you, we were able to get the equivalent of a few samples of materials and get some extra cash that could help us a lot with our research.
I’m really grateful…』


Everyone is looking at the request completion certificates, both of them are rated A.
Normally, C is good and B is a market price, so the hunters really appreciated something like this…

Well, for Red Oath, this is an average evaluation, though.


『『『『『Thank you very much!』』』』』(Everyone)


Simultaneous thanks from all contractors like a ritual.
Then, when all the hunters aboutb to return to the guild branch, Etoul is calling to Red Oath.


『… and Mile-Chan, are you willing to quit being a hunter and come with us?
Well, you can keep the hunter’s register…』(Etoul)


With a strong attachment to Mile, Etoul and Shararil didn’t seem to give up. Pauline cast a deadly attacking spell.


『As expected the elves are really similar to each other.
In the end, you are the same as Dr. Kulereia』(Pauline)

『The same… that Kulereia… the same…』(Etoul)


The two elves stunned and spoken like a broken radio.


『『No, we don’t want to be the same as that girl~~~~~~!!』』(Etoul + Shararil)


Then, Red Oath left that place immediately while their employers were solid in shock.



『Well then,
Thank you for your hard work!』(Receptionist)

『『『『『Thank you for your hard work!』』』』』(RO + BM)


Red Oath submitted their request completion certificate to the guild, received a reward, and then sold the Orc at the material purchase window, distributed the money, and broke up with Blue Meteor.

Blue Meteor seemed to want to invite the girls for dinner, but they have eaten together for three days so they couldn’t use that as a reason to invite them to eat together after work.
That being said, they were somewhat down and other hunters comforted them with a smile.



* *******************************************



『It’s “Eastern Advent (東進縁起)”』(Mile)

『Again? You said something I don’t understand again』(Rena)

『The other day, you just said 『It’s “Touhou Project”』, is it the same?』(Maevis)


Because they are used to Mile’s weird behaviors, Rena and Maevis just lightly replied.
But Pauline was different.


『Go east and have a good advent, right?
Did you mean you want to leave for the next city soon, right, Mile-chan?』(Pauline)


As expected of Pauline.
She could read Mile’s movement pattern.
However, it’s also her limit because she doesn’t know the original meaning of “Eastern Advent”


『We originally intended to make this quest our last job in the city so we received a short period of time request.
We will be moving as planned. We already studied in this city enough』(Rena)


Saying that Rena glanced towards Maevis.
Certainly, Maevis has learned her lesson and must reflect on her action but Rena couldn’t say that out loud.


『Well, shall we be going then?』(Pauline)


Everyone raised their voice to Pauline’s words.

『『『Oh!』』』(Red Oath – Pauline)



* ************************************************



『… and why is this route…?』(Rena)


Rena complains.


『I have explained over and over again!
I would like to move to this neighboring country from this route…
Rena-san has agreed as well, right?』(Mile)

『Well, that’s true…
But it’s bothersome compared to going on the highway.』(Rena)


Rena still continues to complain to Mile.

Yes, the Red Oath is now in the woods.
It’s not the highway where they can walk easily.
And it wasn’t the first time they walked in this forest…
This forest is the place they did the request to push back monsters, which they first received after coming to this town.


『Rena, don’t just complain, please concentrate on collecting materials properly!
In this area, there are many kinds of medicinal plants that can be sold at relatively high prices and expensive ingredients!
You see, some of them may cost three small silver coins, which are great profit!』(Pauline)


Mile didn’t use search magic this time, for the sake of everyone’s training.
Pauline was a little grumpy. Rena and Maevis realized they were at risk of becoming too dependent on Mile so they agreed to Mile’s proposal.

Pauline was aware of that, but because they were deep in the forest, it was too tempting to gather the valuable materials.
… No, in the first place, it’s bad to gather the animals and plants which are the source of income for normal hunters (villager who hunt animal as a job) and villagers. And of course, Hunters (Adventurer) will never do it.
Even if they are just travelers who passed by, it’s prohibited to do such a thing.

Of course, Pauline’s prospects were dismissed by the other three “If you want, you can collect it by yourself”
Then, Pauline got angry with the other girls.


『Because we are going through the depths of the forest, we will do our best to collect materials in order to pay for lodging and food expenses!』(Pauline)

『『『Yes (Ha~i)…』』』(Mile’s Trio)


Yes, Pauline strongly insisted Mile’s proposal going through this forest in the end just because “I’m willing to move on that route because I will have the opportunity to make money”


『Mile-chan, if a wild Orc appears, you absolutely must not let it escape!
Maevis, you must not smash the liver, being sloppy when you cut and reduce the product value』(Pauline)

『Yes yes… (Hai Hai…) 』(Mile) (the same joke as Mitsuha)

『You only need to say 《Yes》 once!』(Pauline)

『Yes yes… (Hai Hai…)』(Mile)

(((So troublesome))) (Mile’s Trio)

Mile Vol 9.9
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  1. Some corrections:
    “Etru and Shararil” -> {Etoul and Shararil}
    “they walk in this” -> {they walked in this}
    “Then, Pauline is angry” -> {Then, Pauline got angry}
    When money/profit is involved, Pauline gets really serious, even more than the research crazy erof…elves.
    Thanks for the chapter! God bless you, take care, and have a great day!

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  2. Totally waiting for other average loli become anime. The shrewd loli, and the bad eyes loli. Im waiting


  3. Thanks for the chapter. Its reminds me possibly reference Yes..Yes… Say Yes only once from Mai’s imouto in Toji no Miko. Maybe its just coincidence.


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