Mile Chapter 298: Survey

Mile Vol 8-16
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Mile Chapter 298: Survey



『What’s that!?』(Rena)


The next morning Rena, who heard about the situation from Mile, raised her angry voice.


『First, Mile.
Why did you keep quiet with us about this?
I think it’s been a couple of times already!』(Rena)

『Ah, no. It’s the setting “I’m a goddess but it’s a secret to my partners (Nakama)”』(Mile)

『It’s only what to say to that male hunter!
It’s not a good reason to meet the man!
I would never meet a man alone in the middle of the night,
What would you do if something happened?』(Rena)


Rena continued to yell but…


『Not a chance …』(Pauline)

『It won’t happen…』(Maevis)


Maevis and Pauline gave a negative view.


『I can hardly think that there’s a man who can do anything to Mile…』(Maevis)

『First of all, it’s impossible…』(Pauline)

『Even if you say so…』(Rena)


Even when Maevis and Pauline said, Rena seemed too reluctant to look back at reality.


『But if he did what he wanted to do with Mile without using force (trick)…』(Rena)


『I won’t…(be deceived)!!(Mile) (T.N: The word isn’t completed yet, but I’m sure it means so)


When Rena said that possibility, Maevis and Pauline were somewhat convinced.
Mile was angry.


『Anyway, as it is, it may be said that “No evidence as a result of the investigation”, the harassment will be resumed soon』(Pauline)


As for Mile’s threatening, Pauline claimed so.


『But Mile-chan has threatened them that much, could they really dismiss it?』(Rena)


But Maevis seemed like the same idea about Mile’s threatening.


『Because they are the mischievous people who have been directing harassment so far, they might think that the other side has done the same.
Also, Mile didn’t really cause any catastrophe.
They might think of her as a “girl who dressed up as a Goddess” or “the path of monsters’ stampede could be slightly off from where the army originally was in the first place…”』(Maevis)

『That’s certainly true …』(Mile)


Or what Maevis said is almost a fact.
The path of the demons deviated a little, thanks to intimidation of Mile, but the enemies themselves might just think her as a girl who wore goddess costumes, “just girl who self-peoclaimed”


『Eh, but Mile did show Ridiculous skills!』(Rena)

『The healing magic.
Bend the sword.
Make a hole in the plate armor.
The attack magic penetrated the rock.
For those who have actually witnessed firsthand together Mile dressed up on the scene, It’s effective. No, it must have been super effective.
However, there’s no superior who believes in the excuse that those who fled their tails and scream desperately “the other party was tremendously strong”
And even if they believed that Mile did appear, the truth was the number of reported contents.
What if they thought that it was a bluff from something a first-rate magician can do?』(Maevis)

Well,  not that I think about, I can do something similar to a degraded version of what Mile did, then couldn’t a magician of rank A be able to do it as well?
If they think that “the report has been raised several times”
There’s a possibility that they might be considering her to be a fake goddess… 』(Rena)


Because Rena is a magician, she can understand how much the gap between her and Mile’s magic.
Maevis can’t use magic (only she thinks so) also understand how strong is Rena and Pauline’s magic.
Or how ridiculous Mile’s magic is even when she isn’t serious.
But there’s 『a wall that can not be overcome』between the other two’s magic when they are serious and Mile’s magic when she isn’t serious yet.
So, even showing off a fraction of Mile’s magic could easily make people believe she is a goddess.
Rena was also convinced that people would think like Maevis, magicians or not.


『That’s bad, isn’t it…』(Mile?)

『It’s truly bad…』(Rena?)

『It’s really bad…』(Maevis?)

『It’s seriously bad…』(Pauline?)

(T.N: Unclear who said)



* *******************************



『…And, you served as a guide, Raik or something?』(Arrogant Officer)


It was an officer of an arrogant attitude who came from the capital city.
Of course, he is a commoner.
The nobles can’t risk coming here for such a task… unless there’s something “delicious”




There is only a minimal answer.
For Raik, there’s no reason for him to have respect or consideration to this man, one of the people who put a burden on this territory.
And he didn’t like the commoner’s habit of taking a noble-like attitude.
And a problem before anything, this man is the『Goddess’ enemy』

If he is noble, Raik might show him a little consideration because Raik’d rather avoid trouble.
But he is just a commoner and Raik is a free hunter,
Raik is also the only local person who has been hired and cooperated with the military,
If he harms Raik, who is the witness of this matter, he will receive some kind of punishment for sure.

So, there’s no reason for Raik to be afraid of him.
This man doesn’t have the right to order Raik. He is just a mere lackey who runs errands.
Raik didn’t mind to report his schedule properly.
When he was in the village, there were witnesses.
When he left the village for work, he has received the request and reported to the guild.
There’s nothing to worry about.
However, it was different when a foolish man who doesn’t know his place and dares to take such an attitude.


『… and what are with these little girls?』(Arrogant Officer)


Yes, this is the meeting room of this guild branch.
The people here are Raik, the Officer, Guild Master, and Vice Master along with the Red Oath.
Mile’s group has been waiting for this officer, in the meantime, they have done various requests to build up the track record for their “Training Trip”
Mile confirmed the schedule with Raik properly. Because the girls stayed in the village, so they weren’t worried that they would miss this chance.


『They are the hunters who took the request from the other country at the time we did our monsters’ harassment work』(Raik)

『What!? Aren’t they our enemy then?』(Arrogant Officer)


The arrogant officer raised his voice when hearing Raik’s explanation.


『For hunters who can freely move between countries, we are neither enemies or allies with anyone.
With how you say it, then the hunters who were hired by your side will be your allies. Now that we left the other country and came to this country if you hire us, we will be allies of your country』(Maevis)

『Hm, you have no patriotism or belief,
Aren’t you all just selling your lives with money?
Anyway, if you get paid, won’t you also sell your body as well?』(Arrogant Officer)

『『『『……』』』』(Red Oath)


Some veins appeared in the face of the four girls, but the officer didn’t seem to notice it.
Well, even if he noticed it, he wouldn’t pay any mind.

Raik answered the officer’s most of the question and Red Oath simply answered a few questions.
In the first place, Raik had nothing to say other than『I fought against the rampaged monsters, killed some of them and repulsed most of them』

Then, the Officier went out to see the forest a little, he didn’t want to check the site and only did the minimum duty.


『He doesn’t believe, right?』(Mile?)

『He doesn’t seem to believe at all, right?』(Rena?)

『He doesn’t believe any words…』(Maevis?)

『Rather than believe, he is mocking us, right?』(Pauline?)

(T.N: Not sure who are saying again)
And the next day, Red Oath started moving toward the capital of this country.
While having a slightly irritated look.

…Yes, they were offended by the insulting words that the officer uttered, or clearly said.

This was a big problem.
That officer gave a great disadvantage to his home country by careless words, but neither the person nor his superiors knew it.

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