Mile Chapter 300: Warning

Mile Vol 8-2
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Mile Chapter 300: Warning



『Okay, I will be going now』(Mile)

『Be careful!』(Maevis)

『Give them a taste of their own medicine, Mile』(Rena)

『If there is something nice, please bring it home!』(Pauline)


Everyone said their farewell words to Mile…
Somehow it was slightly different than usual…
And Mile was dispatched in the middle of the night.

… Yes, it is a 『Sortie』

It’s something they thought they should do.
Red Oath did it on their own without a request from any employer.
The “Pushing back the monsters” quest that they have completed months ago.
But it seems that this country is about to resume it soon.
They feel sorry for the people of Mafan and the soldiers.

The soldiers and commander of this country aren’t actually bad guys.
They are just like a civil servant who just follows the orders of the superiors.
If they are hostile, the girls don’t have to forgive them. But if they aren’t, there’s no need to kill or hurt them.

So, the girls have tried to stop the military action itself before it started.
But if they just repeated it again and again, it’s not very effective…

This time, although the country hasn’t been publicized it yet, crossing the border with the military is the act of open war.
So, Mile thought that she should give an average push again.
And for military action, preparation and actual action takes time. They are recruiting hunters, mercenaries now but the actual action will be later.
With that in mind, Mile wasn’t particularly rushed, but the trouble was limited to just ending.
Civilians will be troubled by it.


『Oh, this is the royal palace …』(Mile)


The location of the royal palace, etc., is not something to ask somebody. It’s most likely the greatest building of the city that almost obvious from the view.
And Mile just needed to go to the one where security seems strict.


『Good evening…』(Unknowing Being)

『Who, who’s there?! Guards! What are the Guards doing?!』(King)


It’s the time when most people are asleep except for night guards, but surprisingly the king is still awake. It seems like he was reading something like a document with the lamplight.
The king tried to call out the Royal Guards loudly, but his voice couldn’t even reach the soldiers who were standing just outside of the room because Mile has established the soundproof and vibration barrier beforehand.




After calling to Royal Guards, the King looked back at Mile who unveiled her optical camouflage magic.
He was trembling and is lost for words.
Well, it wasn’t strange.
After all, Mile’s appearance is…

It’s not flashy but a clean and elegant white costume.
She wears a Greek mythology Goddess-like, Ionian attire.
Although it’s a typical dress in ancient Greece. It seems to be complicated but it’s the clothes made of a piece of rectangular cloth and not cut.
…That’s why making it is quite simple.

Women have ankles, and boys, children, and military personnel have a shorter hem.
Mile’s attire was fairly short to make it easy to move.
And of course, there are the wings made of ice crystals on her back, and above her head is an ice crystal ring similar to a light halo.

Mile doesn’t know if all the gods and angels of this world have Light Halo floating over their head, but Mile’s intent is to make people who see them wonder “It’s God”

In addition, Mile makes the ice crystals glide and scatter light with magic, effects, etc. (leave everything to nanomachines)
And the “Eye-see-being / Goddess El MK II” was finished.

Mile Vol 9.11

Of course, Goddess El didn’t wear a suspicious mask.
It is unnatural that a goddess wears such a thing.
The goddess who has to hide her face is a bit strange.

And because it’s no problem if the King sees her or try to search for her because she is disguised by dying her hair and eyes colored in gold.

There’s no photo and it’s unlikely for the king to be able to draw a portrait.
“Hair color” and “Eye color” are the best stand-out traits when searching for people. And Mile has changed them, so it’s okay.
Mile’s gray brain cells thought so.


(… By the way, there’s a theory that 『grey brain cells』 is a mistranslation.
Certainly, in the original 『Little Grey Cells (EN)』 and 『Grey Cells (EN)』 refer to 『brain cells』 or 『brain tissue, grey matter cells』 or 『very smart』 or 『My brain』 or 『My good brain
On the contrary, if you emphasize on 『Little』, it will mean you only have 『 a little bit of your brain
While putting 『grey』 will make it double of 『grey』 like 『grey grey matter cells』…) (Mile)


And as always, Mile’s 『gray matter cells』were thinking of random things again.


『No, no way… it’s impossible! It’s a fake!』(King)


While the king shouted so with a desperate look, 『That』smiled and said.


『Eh? There’s no fake here.
Have I even told you anything or my name yet?
In the first place, what do you mean by fake?
I could easily enter the innermost part of the Royal Palace without being noticed by the guards,
I could also get behind you without being noticed until I called out to you just now. I’m but…』(Goddess El)


The king’s face was bad.
In other words, it means the girl in front of him will be able to assassinate him whenever she likes.

Then, the king gently put his right hand on the underside of the desk.
To get the knives which are prepared in case of emergency…


Shu~! (SFX)


The king threw two throwing knives at the same time with his right hand without hesitation.
In preparation for such a situation, he has practiced a lot.
Because he has many enemies and his life depends on it, he has practiced seriously.
With the result, both of the throwing knives hit the target beautifully.
One knife hits the chest and the other one hits the abdomen of the suspicious being.


Hahaha, what a fool.
Did you think that the king would not know martial arts?
In preparation for assassination, this much is …』(King)


Then the King stopped in the middle of his triumph speech with a frozen face like seeing something unbelievable.


『…a beautiful girl (Bishoujo)… Hey! What?』(Mile)


Is this a good place where Mile can call herself “Beautiful girl”?

In Japan (日本), there are many people calling themselves with similar names, so it can’t be helped.
A warrior in a sailor suit, a masked girl, etc.

When the knives stabbed onto Mile, she stopped her speech and looked down on her chest and abdomen


There are holes in the clothes made by Pauline-san!
(She will be) ANGRY!
(She will be) SUPER ANGRY!
Even if it’s handmade but the fabric isn’t free.』(Mile who forgot her role)


It’s a big problem that Mile forgot the setting that she is the Goddess.
But somehow, because the King is surprised, he couldn’t hear properly so it’s still safe.

Yes, the throwing knife seemed to stab at Mile’s chest and abdomen at first glance, but it was actually only stabbed in the clothes.
Wrap baggy clothes around her body, fastening with a lot of clasps.
The reason Mile chose Ancient Greek Goddess-like attire is related to the size of her chest.
It’s spacious and has a lot of padding so it can hold the knife without dropping it.

Because it was bothersome and the knives seemed to be relatively expensive, Mile stored the knife magically without using her hands.




At this point, it seems that the king finally recognized reality.
That the being standing in front of him doesn’t seem to be an average little girl.


No, I should have warned you that “There is no next time”
What did you do to the commander that I asked to be the messenger?』(Goddess El)

『Uu… with no evidence to be found so far.
I judged him guilty for the act that lowered the morale of the army,
I have removed him from his position of commander and threw him in jail…』(King)


Somehow, the king answered honestly.
That was one of the patterns Pauline and Maevis had assumed.
Mile felt sorry for the commander a bit, so she followed (act with the situation)


『If you want to see the evidence, I will show you now.
Should I blow this royal palace or burn this country into ashes?』(Mile)



Of course, it’s just a bluff.
However, the king’s face was deep blue.

Mile Vol 9.11
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Today winning word is Oh mighty “Oh averagely Goddess Mile”

Shironeko: Where is the next chapter?



    • It’s an averagely slow movement speed, but translating three miles of text per day is insanely fast.

      Happy birthday to whoever is reading this on their birthday. Not shironeko though, based on the above comment having the word “like” implying that it’s not shiro’s birthday today

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    • yup, of course, did you not see the “beach” fanservice EP of the anime where her padding came out?


  1. Thanks for another one

    I keep watch for the new chapter every few hours today

    and I am very glad I can read this soon ^^


    • When the story said that it is just a bluff….about destroying the country or burn the castle.

      Somehow i imagine that she can truely do it.

      Considering the physical and magical power she has, even the ancient dragon chief will not stand a chance against her. And she also has ancient golem army hinding in the underground that will do anything as she order. ^^


  2. Some corrections:
    “several ago” -> {several days ago}
    “I even told anything” -> {I even told you anything}/{I even said anything}
    “which prepare” -> {which are prepared}
    “stabbed on Mile” -> {stabbed onto/into Mile}
    “What did that commander that” -> a verb is missing{What did that commander that…do?}or {What happened to the commander that}

    Just an average warning, plus some padding. This is going to get good.
    Congratulations on reaching chapter 300! Thanks for the translation!

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  3. This averagely Goddess Mile at last really look like a goddess ^^
    Btw , Mile thinking about grey matter made me think she is actually very smart ( as said in the very begining)
    but thinking of that at THAT moment made me realise why she is dumb. Because she is such an airhead x’D
    (yeah , took time to realize , sorry , Imma probably dumber then her ^^’)
    Anyway , thanks for the average UNCESSING release as always ^^


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