Mira Chapter 60: Accommodation

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Mira Chapter 60: Accommodation



About 2 hours flying from Lunatic Lake, Mira looked up at the sky through the flowing meadow of the brook. She took out the Apple Au Lait to drink.
The blue sky is far, and the gently flowing clouds change shape from time to time as if children’s clay crafts.
The wind blew on her cheeks was pleasant like a mother’s hand.

Leaning her body against Pegasus to rest, Mira enjoys the breeze of wind and gently touches the little birds and small animals gathered around to heal her heart.


『Peaceful ~ja ~nou…』(Mira)


When Mira enjoys herself saying so, Pegasus cries as if to answer and the animals around also cry as if they agree.
The situation is peaceful, the animals gathered in various places are unremarkable and sensible.

After enjoying her time fully, Mira got on the back of Pegasus and flew again into the sky.
After the twilight, the sun sets in the horizon, the darkness covers the sky like the curtain.
In the night sky, various lights are illuminated from afar one after another.
The most standing out lights came from a large building that lit the whole place from the shadow.


『I can finally see it』(Mira)


While speaking to Pegasus so, Mira grabbed firmly on his neck and looked ahead in the darkness of the night.
She can’t see it clearly because it’s still a little bit dark, but she can imagine that it must be a bustling city from how the light reaches to her place from afar.
Silverside isn’t as large as Lunatic Lake, the capital of the Alkite Kingdom, but it’s still a large enough city to be a station city.

When Pegasus arrives at Silverside, he slowly goes down to that stand-out building.
Mira planned to go to the town for a visit, but it’s later than expected so she decided instead to check on the lodgings that she could stay today.

The 《Silverside Station》is a large building made of wood, iron, and stone.
Landing at the side of the station, Mira jumped down from the back of Pegasus and looked at Pegasus saying 《Thank for your hard work》 before sending him back.

Mira avoided landing in the front because people would make a fuss.
Mira used the Art skills 《Shikuji (Shrink Land)》to jump to the front of the station and blended in the group.
There was a signboard in front of the counter saying 《Today’s flight has ended》, however, the entrance to Silverside Station is still busy.

Even though there is no train service until tomorrow, the stores in the station are still open.
Mira looks over the stores of the stations, it’s lively like a big shopping street.


『It’s so lively in this time of day…』(Mira)


All the building are made of stone, iron, and wood.
The buildings have the double-layered structure, people the various kind of clothes came and gone. Mira suddenly felt like visiting a theme park.
The shops are lined up to the back, and even though it is night, the station is bright as daytime.
Mira walked away from that shopping street and left the station.


(I’d better explore the station tomorrow.
More than that, I’m really tired.
I would like to find accommodation early and rest) (Mira)


The mall is certainly attractive, but Mira would like to rest more than that.
The plaza in front of the station was illuminated by streetlights, people of various races and occupations went in and out.
There are people, who hurry home after finishing their daily work and travelers who look for overnight lodgings, etc.
The station town at night also has a unique sight.
Mixed up with the travelers, Mira looked around the signboards representing the lodgings.

This area is filled with signboards of the hotel all over the station square.
And it still continues even further in.


『There are so many …』(Mira)


Mira heard that lodgings were abundant from Solomon, but she was still surprised with the sight. Moreover, the themes are abundant as well.
Some hotels have a rustic look similar to an apartment, some hotels have a sense of security on the front and others give out a luxury feeling.

A lot of characteristic lodgings lined up and Mira found it interesting. She checked through the lodgings one by one.

The first one is a rustic hotel. Because of that, there were a lot of people in the lobby, and the front desk was tagged full.

The second house is an inn in which countless barrels are lined up.
It’s a typical inn in the fantasy and the first floor is a tavern. Men drank alcohol and throbbed the empty mugs while making a lot of noise. Mira dislikes the alcohol smell and noise men so she evacuates right away.

The third house is a palace hotel.
Not only the employees but also the guests in the lobby are somewhat elegant and firm, Mira moves to the next one without looking back.

The fourth house is a restaurant type which boasts food.
The table is lined with photos of the chef along with his beautiful dishes.
Mira focused on clear photos rather than the dishes.
It’s not a screenshot, it’s the real picture.
She admires that the technology of this world has evolved in many ways and she moves to the next inn.

The shop’s interior, as seen from the large window, was filled with female customers to the point that it would seem unprofessional.
The fifth house was, in a sense, the reverse of the fourth house.
When she sees an employee dressed in maid clothes and a frustrated male customer, Mira evacuates again.

The sixth house is a hotel with a music theme.
The exclusive band is playing the music and the light melody with rhythm leaks out.
In the table, the welcome words are written in poems.
When Mira finished listening to a song outside, she headed for another lodging.

The seventh house is a good old Japanese style inn (Ryokan).
The arranged hedges surround the site, and the structure of the building is pure Japanese style.
At the end of the eaves, there are hanging lanterns written with the name of the inn, “Star Moon (Hoshi Tsuki) Manor”
Mira fell in love with the appearance, she opened the sliding door of the Ryokan.
Even the sound of the sliding door is comfortable.

When she entered the ryokan, it was a black stone floor entrance with the tatami-clad lobby and floor.
Mira raised her voice involuntarily to the nostalgic smell.


(Okay, I choose this place!) (Mira)


Soft orange light from the flower lamps warmly illuminate the corridors of the tatami floor which goes to the back.
Mira loves not only the exterior but also the interior. She changes to slippers (indoor shoes) then turns to the counter.

(T.N: Readers are advised to listen to this music)


『Welcome to Star Moon Manor, How may I be of service?』(Nakai)


Nakai-san (Ryokan’s female receptionist) smiles gently with a polite gesture.
Her Japanese-style clothes are well-matched with her black hair, black eyes. She is a beautiful woman who deserves to be called Yamato Nadeshiko.
Mira was taken aback with Nakai-san’s profound appearance and then she corrected her gesture and expression.


『One night, please…』(Mira)


Maybe because she talks face to face with a beautiful partner, her word is somewhat broken.
Nakai-san answered《Right away (Kashikomarimashita)》 as she presented a lodging book and a feather pen.

Mira loved to pose or show up but she doesn’t realize her appearance right now looks like a clumsy little girl who tries to be brave.


『Please give me your name and occupation here』(Nakai)



Upon continuing her pose, Mira received a feather pen, and she wrote her name and occupation as an adventurer.

When Nakai-san received the completed accommodation form.


『We are asking adventurers to show their registration card, is it okay?』(Nakai)


Nakai-san said so and gave out a small tray.
Mira pulled out her registration certificate from her waist pouch and showed it.
The registration card was placed in a lovely leather card case that she received from the adventurer guild in the calm city Karanak.

For Mira, who wants to show up, this can be said to be a fatal mistake, full of opening for the girl’s hobby.

When Mira was about to take it out, Nakai-san kindly said 《It’s fine as it is》

Mira put it on the tray so that the front of the case can be seen. Nakai-san confirmed the registration certificate and added something to the accommodation then she returned the card to Mira.


『I have confirmed it.
There are 20,000 Rifu for a relaxing course with breakfast and dinner and 12,000 Rifu for an overnight course with only accommodation
What is your choice?』(Nakai)

『A relaxing course』(Mira)


Mira put away her fancy card case and decided the course.
Then Nakai-san wrote it in the accommodation book with a smile on her face.


『 The fee will be paid in advance, are you sure?』(Nakai)



After returning the card case back to her waist pouch, Mira, who is rather short for the counter, took out her money leather bag and placed two Mithril coins on the tray.
Mira received this leather bag which was used as a wallet from Solomon.
Mira does not realize that there is a considerable gap in the card case compared with the leather bag.


『Thank you for choosing us.
This person will guide you to your room.
Please enjoy your stay today.』(Nakai)


Nakai-san bows deeply saying so. Her glossy black hair softly sways with her movement.
Then, after raising her face, she adjusts her hair gracefully.
Her face doesn’t stop smiling, a refined attitude of serving guests.


『Well then, dear customer. I will guide you to your room』(2nd Nakai)


The Meou-family (メオウ族) woman in Japanese clothes appeared next to Mira and said so.


『Best regard』(Mira)


When Mira answers, Nakai-san took the shoes Mira has taken off at the entrance in her hand and guided Mira to the next room saying “This way, please”.
The room was lined with shoe locker.
It has a key, and each has a letter. Nakai-san put Mira’s shoes in the place where it was written with『Sky』letter and closed it.


『This is footwear keeping place.
The corresponding key is the same as your room, so please take out your shoes and return the keys to the receptionist when your return.』(Nakai)



The shoeboxes are packed in one room, it’s Star Moon inn’s intention to keep the landscape intact.
That scene reminds Mira of the school shoe locker.

The hallway of the tatami that leads to the guest room is unusually different from the entrance of the inn.
It continues quietly like a deep-sea which light can’t reach.
The lanterns lined up at equal intervals reflected the silence of the place.
The tatami mats are comfortable for the foot and the lacquered pillars flourish well in the pale darkness.
The picture decorated paper sliding door further enhances the Japanese style.

Even in the original world, you can’t easily find places that are full of Japanese style.
That’s why Mira is overjoyed as she walks.

After walking for a while, passing through several rooms, she arrived in front of the room with the letter 《Sky》
This room has a wooden sliding door.


『 The back is also sliding doors again.
It’s an interesting structure』(Mira)

『The corridors lined with fences and fire lanterns, it’s not only bright and beautiful but also for crime prevention.
The whole mansion was built with that in mind』(Nakai)

『I see』(Mira)


While answering so, Nakai-san inserts the key into the sliding door and turns it.
The inside of the room is the continuation of the gorgeous scenery of the hallway. What Nakai-san said seems to be true.


『Please take off your slippers here』(Nakai)


The place, that Nakai-san told Mira, is the stone floor inside the room.
Mira took off her slippers as she was told and stepped into the room.

Mira’s room was a genuine Japanese room.
The size of the room is about 10 Tatami (15.30 Square Meters). There is a vivid wood grain table with various Japanese sweets on top, a cushioned chair with grass color in front of the flower arrangement and the waterfall picture.

The room looks nice in every corner.
And you can see the scenery full of exoticism from the window.
Looking at the cityscape from a Japanese-style room is like a movie on the screen.


『Do you want to have dinner right away?』(Nakai)

『(Umu) umm, I’d like to refresh myself first (ja~na). Do you have a bath here?』(Mira)


Because it’s the dishes of a Ryokan in, Mira thought she’d enjoy it better after cleansing her mind and body.
Then, Nakai-san replied.


『 Every room has a bathroom, but I would recommend a large bath.
That’s the best thing we can offer』(Nakai)


That’s true. There are chopsticks in the pot in the room.
Among them, towels, soap, etc. were all in line with what was needed for bathing.


『(Hou) My, a big bath?』(Mira)

『For bathing, please use this pottery.
If you plan to go now, I will guide you.』(Nakai)

『Well then, I’m in your care』(Mira)


Now that Mira stayed in a Ryokan, she decided she must enjoy the public bath, she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

When she went out to the corridor and locked the room, Nakai-san handed her the key saying “because this’s also the key to the room and the shoe box, so be careful not to lose it”
Mira glanced at the key and put in on her porch before following Nakai-san.

In the hall in front of the public bath, she could see a number of relaxing guests.
All of them wore a yukata, and the sound of playing ping pong ball echoes in her ear.
Souvenirs are lined up in the adjacent store, and a guide map of the inn is placed on the wall.
In a warm light reminiscent of a nostalgic atmosphere, everything is filled with calm air.

She is now in front of the “woman” bath entrance as a matter of course and she is laughing at her own destiny.
It’s common sense that the public bath is divided into men and women.
And she became a loli, it’s natural that she is classified as a woman for the woman bath.
Still, Mira wasn’t prepared to dive into naked women bath.

Certainly, she wouldn’t be able to keep calm.
Leave the desire alone, Mira thought she would surely glance in all directions.
So, she tried to distract herself by whistling like a middle schooler before struggling again.


『Well then, please enjoy the bath slowly.
I will carry dinner later』(Nakai)

『(Umu) um, I understand …』(Mira)


Nakai smiled at Mira as she said that.
After Mira’s retreat was completely blocked, she decided to go beyond the warmth of the woman’s hot bath.

The tatami dressing room was really large, with wooden lockers filling the walls.
The lanterns written with《Hot water》 are hung at equal intervals, and under the light, the skin of women is lightly colored.
Starting with the immature limbs, the lush limbs with tension and the pasty limbs, old and young women are all there.
Mira, who had stopped completely at the entrance, glanced a little bit of it and then rushed into a corner locker.
The lockers are numbered one by one and the open lockers have keys.
It is a form to see well in public baths.

Mira opened one of the lockers and immediately began to undress.


(Umu… calm down) (Mira)

Mira change clothes

From the surroundings, you can hear the laughter of the innocent young girl with her family, the hoarse voices of good friends, and the strange voice in the direction of flickering.
In a female-dominated space, Mira finally plunged her pants into the locker, removing the towel and soap from the bag and closed the locker.
After putting the key with a loop of elastic string around the arm, Mira jumped into the public bath to escape.


『What (Nanto)…』(Mira) (T.N: impressed)


This is truly what Nakai-san was most proud of.
Mira also raised her impressed voice as she saw the public bath.
The most impressing thing is all the washroom in the bath were covered in tatami mats.
It’s the kind of thing called a tatami bath and a parlor bath and only a few Ryokans have such a setting.
This is Mira’s first experience.

And that’s not the only thing hits Mira’s heart.
Adjacent to the back of the bathtub, there is a quaint space imitating a Japanese garden that can be viewed in a large panorama.
The gentle light of the lanterns doesn’t disturb the color of the garden, and the garden at night gives a moment of peace to the viewer with a refreshing feel.
Not to mention this is another world, such scene stands out with a nostalgia feeling.
The moistness of the bathroom moisturizes the skin and gives a warmth feeling.
The slight smell of rush mixed with soap to create a unique refreshing sensation.

The sound of running water and the voice of a happy little girl echoes clearly in the ear.
Mira walked ahead a few steps and secured one of the washing places while checking the surroundings like crawling.
There are silver faucets and showers that show the progress of the technology.

After gently pouring water over her body in the shower with a grateful feeling, Mira went to the bath.
In the large bathtub of the public bath, there is a large rock with a height as high as an adult in the center, and the hot water comes out from the top of the head.
Little children chat around the rock.
Hugging on rocks, sipping hot water down with hands, laughs happily.

Mira immerses in the bathtub while relaxing on such a scene.


『Wait a minute, if you enter the bath as you are, your hair will be soak』(Woman)


Someone grabbed Mira shoulder and said so.
As Mira looked back, it’s a tall woman with a firm body was smiling tenderly.
She has light purple short hair, an older sister (nee-san) around 20-year-old with a strong-looking impression.


『Now that you say it, it’s true (sou~ ja~ na~)』(Mira)


Hearing the words of that older sister,
Mira remembers the manner that she shouldn’t immerse hair in hot water in communal baths
As Mire took off her twin tails that Mariana tied for her, she looked up at the woman and immediately turned her eyes away.
It’s not just because that girl is a beauty but her chest is abundant.
As other people continue to send a mixture of envy and jealousy gaze at her, it’s clear that she is far beyond the average
Mira didn’t know how to get her hair up properly, but after thinking a little, she bundled it and put it around her neck. It shouldn’t be a problem if her shoulders aren’t soaked.


『Thank you for your advise』(Mira)


The older sister Mira’s shoulder as she is about to enter the bath again.


『Wait, wait, wait.
That’s right, we can do it together slowly. Because I’m about to enter, too』(Woman)


As she said so, the elder sister held Mira and took off her hair bundle around her neck, then she neatly tied it.


『I have a little sister (Imouto).
She has long hair like you, and I’ve helped her a lot.
Oh, can I borrow that ribbon?』(Woman)


As she talked about her little sister, her voice becomes only slightly sweeter.
Mira answered with “Umu” and handed over the ribbons Mariana used to tie her twin tails.


『After that, we will do it here and here… Yes, it’s okay now』(Woman)


The beautifully trimmed hair is carefully clipped with a ribbon, and Mira is satisfied with the quality when she checks the condition of her hair with both hands.


『With this, I can relax in the bath now (Sou~ ja~ na). Thank you.』(Mira)


Mira turned her face against the older sister to say thanks and the symbol of maternity from before has come to fruition.


『You are welcome … What’s wrong?』(Woman)


Mire turned her eyes away, the older sister leans her body to look at the state of Mira who is slightly anxious which make Mira further restless.


『Ah, I see I see. You’re welcome.』(Woman)

『No! That’s not it (So no ja na)!?』(Mira)


The older sister seems to realize Mira’s attitude that trying to hide the fact that she stares at her chest in vain when bending her body closer to Mira.


『Certainly, you are at the age to worry about such things.
Well, but it’s alright!
You are small for now but I think it will surely grow in the future.』(Woman)


The older sister stretched her back and put her hands on Mira’s shoulders as she tried to reassure Mira about the future.


『Ah,  umu, I’m relieved …』(Mira)


“If you think about it carefully, there’s no reason for people to suspect that such a cute young girl to look at other girl’s chest with a dirty mind”

So, Mira was relieved and at the same time, she looked down at her chest with an indescribable emotion.


(Well, my chest right now is the most perfect (ja~ ga~ na~)!) (Mira)

After confirming again, Mira felt confident in her heart.

(T.N a Loli Lolicon?)

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