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How I want to skip the stupid Glen’s part in the chapter.

Don’t mind me.

No matter how I hate it, I will translate properly for readers to follow the story.

Taru Chapter 25: Fantasy and Reality





I logged out of Clan-Clan once I heard the sound of my hungry stomach.




I have to go and buy it.
When I checked the clock, it was already past 12 o’clock at noon. It was around 2 o’clock.
The outside is the same as yesterday, it’s extremely hot.
Getting out of this sanctuary protected by the air conditioner is also a traumatic act.
But human can’t live without eating.
There is only one choice.


『Let’s go to a mall』(Taru)


With this delicate body, it would be hard to buy a lot of food and carry it home, but I’d like to get as much as possible.
No matter how much I don’t want to go outside under this weather, I still need to get a lot of food.






While enduring the heat of the noon, I arrived at the mall somehow and bought the desired goods (mostly cup noodle) and I returned.
Cup noodles are delicious and light even if I carried a lot.


『 Hot cup of noodles in a cold room, this is the best』(Taru)


Boil the pork base noodles. Drink the cold tea.
Then having noodles again with *zururu*. Enjoy the Moderate crunchy texture.
Then pour in the tea with *kinkin*


『Yes, it’s the best』(Taru)


I was dreaming of a scene where I enjoy eating lunch like that so I was off guard.
The supermarket bag is about to be torn. The shaved ice gummy which I bought as an after-dinner snack is falling out of the bag.




This strong sunshine and high temperatures deprive humans of their physical strength and energy.
The effect seems to be stronger on me, who has the body of the 10-year-old Loli now.
Even my movement to pick up the gummy is slow.
When I was about to pick up the shaved ice Gummy.




My gummy was gone, a black object passed through my feet with a quick motion and stole it.




My Gummy was stolen by Nyanko. She is staring at me with her snarl tail.
In a blink of an eye, Kuroneko turned around and jumped into a nearby house.


『Nyanko-kun! That’s my gummy!』(Taru)


I rushed chasing after Kuroneko to get back my after-meal snack.






『Ku… Kuroneko-kun… return my gummy!』(Taru)

(T.N: Shironeko, stop bullying our goddess. Ah no… It’s a Kuroneko)


Kuroneko-kun now stays on a high place that I can’t reach with my height.
As he realizes I can’t chase him anymore, he is walking slowly while holding my shaved ice gummy in his mouth like a devil.

Where am I now after chasing such a devil?
It was a church.


『It’s hot』(Taru)


Certainly, this church was…
In a short period when my sister-in-law Michelle was in Japan,
I felt that there was such a church.

She is doing well now, isn’t she? She went abroad together with my parents for their work.
While I vaguely remembered the face of my non-blood related sister, I felt uncomfortable.




Was this church always like this?

The rustic church image in my memory isn’t this big.
And the door wasn’t really impressive. It wasn’t this huge, strong and heavy.

Hmmm … reconstruction?
Or rather, isn’t this church now similar to the one in the pioneer city of Michel Angelo?


『Is there such a stone building church in Japan?』(Taru)


It was just like the place where I have visited with my elder sister in Clan-Clan.
No, there should be no such thing.
This is a reality, not a game.

Suddenly, my view is blurred.


『What is this… I feel tired…?』(Taru)

I feel that my small body’s physical strength is draining in the heat and my consciousness is fading…


『Ah, isn’t this dangerous…?』(Taru)


Maybe I got a heatstroke?
Look like I can’t take the Gummy back from Kuroneko-kun. When I’m about to faint with a mixture of pain and regret, I heard a gentle voice calling out to me.


『The girl over there, are you okay?』(Woman)

Even in this hot weather the woman, who is calling out to me, wears sister(priestess) clothes whose skin isn’t exposed much.
She has blonde hair and a good-looking foreigner’s appearance which must have attracted the opposite sex when she was young.

She must be a sister of this church.
I felt somewhat relieved that someone found me and then lost consciousness.





(T.N: Don’t ask me what kind of non-sense this part is. Glen’s POV chuuni power is too much that he can’t speak or think in a proper sentence)




I realized my wrong deeds, I regretted it, so I tried to confess to God to seek salvation.
What I have to do now is only one. Confession.

In the world of swords and magic, a twisted world of mercenaries of desires, Clan-Clan, I was known with the name『Non-sleeping Magician Glen』

With that said, I wanted to deal with the “immoral state” in front of my beautiful princess,
Those who dared to commit such an act is the leader of the team which opposed me.
He foolishly picked up my beloved flower.
The mishap mercenary troupe “Hundred Knight of the Night”

Everything has ended in regret.
Last night, I made a blunder with my beloved one, I felt that my heart was bursting with guilt and unwillingness whatever I was doing.


『This great me… is pathetic now』(Glen)


Actually, I am not a believer of a specific religion,
However, when humans become so fragile they want to seek help from gods with self-indulgence.

I’m the strongest Flame Master ever, Non-sleeping Magician Glen.
A handsome man and a gentleman. Yes, that is my position in the clan-clan and title.




Unlike usual, even if I show my own in-game gestures, flick my right hand, my lost energy won’t come back.
On the contrary, what reflected in front of the Bathroom’s mirror from my usual pose is…




It looks like a narcissist, in reality, it isn’t similar to the good-looking Glen game character in the mirror.

In my own evaluation, I thought I would at least rank between the middle to the top,
But when I asked my foolish little sister what did she think about it,
She said I’m in between the lower to the lowest,

The so-called “Busamen” (The opposed of Ikemen, an ugly man who thinks him as a handsome man)

“And Aniki also has Eight-grade Syndrome Sickness, disgusting” she also seconded that.

(T.N: you can read “It’s not my fault that I’m not popular to relate”)


『…Ikemen should just go explode』(Glen)


My tension dropped even more.


『Even so, my face expression really looks bad …』(Glen)


I have barely slept for a long time and my eyes are dark ever since.
When did I start to feel fine even if I didn’t sleep?


『Well, right after it was reported that I was selected to be the Clan Clan beta tester…』(Glen)


Even if I don’t sleep, it won’t affect my condition too much.
On the contrary, even if I want to, I still can’t sleep with how excited I am.
And it seems that I can easily memorize my studies when I’m in-game.
As a result, my grade is also rising.

I still go to school diligently and take classes like normal.

At the same time, I wear the contact dedicated to Clan-Clan and grind level for my character. I can’t wear my earphones during class, so I’m playing without my hearing muted.
After getting this constitution, I felt invincibility and fulfillment that I seemed to have no enemy.
In addition, it’s the fact that I’m stronger than other mercenaries with my two exceptional titles in Clan-Clan.




【100% of the Red Attribute Magic activation success rate. Increase the power of the red attribute triggered by yourself by 5 to 20%】


『Magic Language Speed Master』


【Increase magic casting speed】


Taking full advantage of these two powerful titles, I have been working as a leader of “Hundred Demon of the Night” and strengthened the members as much as possible

As for the acquisition condition of the title,
“Those who get insomnia constitution, exposed to the heat of aspiration
Processed the parallel world simultaneously in the brain at an unusually high speed”

The explanation that I didn’t understand well was written,
Is the change in constitution related?
I have no idea.


Even with such great magic advantage, I have made a great blunder in front of my beautiful flower (Taru)

I need to get over this unsettled feeling as soon as possible.
But I’m in the position to lead our members, it’s hard to cut off just like that.

I feel down.

Deputy leader Yukio, who often takes a separate action on the sidelines, seem to worry about me so much so that he sticks to hunt in a group in my place (Maybe something like P.level)






『I don’t seem to get better yet』(Glen)


There should be a church in the neighborhood.


『Lord of Fairy Tale. Such a silly name.
If I lived up to my name, I would never leave my beloved flower alone.』(Glen)


I will go to the church, I have to confess this sin and clean this tainted heart.
For my beloved princess, for our members, and for myself.
I have decided to confess my sins.
I, non-sleeping magician Glen, Ichijou Tsukasa went out under the scorching sun of 2nd day of summer vacation.






When I came to, I noticed that I was lying on the chair of the chapel.


『Ara, you already wake up』(Sister)


The foreigner sister around the age of 40 smiled gently and talked to me.
Apparently, she had brought me, who fainted due to heatstroke, into the church to rest.


『Ah, uhm, I’m…』(Taru)


I raise the upper part of my staggering body trying to talk…
Then the Sister handed me a glass of water.
I drank it to quell my thirst and refill water for my dehydrated body.

『Apparently, you seemed to have fainted with a mild heatstroke.
It was somewhat selfish of me to bring you here』(Sister)


The Sister smiled and talked gently to me as if taking care of the children.
And this sister is really good at Japanese.


『Ah uhm …』(Taru)


The chapel also has coolers installed in places that aren’t visible, the room’s temperature is neither hot nor cold, just the right temperature is maintained.


『Uhm, thank you very much.』(Taru)


I was really saved.
My body has become like this but I’m still used to it yet. I should take better of myself.
I’m really grateful to Sister, she has saved me.


『This is also the goddess’ will』(Sister)


Sister seems to be a Sister, she moved her right hand in a circle right in front of her breast.
It seems to be some kind of pray to the Goddess.
It was a way of offering prayers which I had never seen before.
Although I am non-religious, I will give prayers together with gratitude to the Sister.


『Ara ara, could it be that Young Miss is  also a devout believer?』(Sister)


Is this solicited for religion? I wonder if I should be alert to my benefactor, but
it seems that Sister doesn’t have such an intention.
It more like she was talking out her frank impression.
She gave me a warm, motherly, and full of loves for children.


『What kind of goddess is worshipped here?』(Taru)


I’m not interested in religion, but the church here has neither a cross nor Jesus Christ statue.
Instead, there was seven-colors light passing the glass and come into the chapel,
At the center of the altar, there was only a small statue of a woman.


『I believe in the rainbow-colored goddess』(Sister)


Rainbow colored goddess? I have never heard of such a religion.
When I heard the name of the unknown Goddess, I turned my face to Sister and Sister began to speak in a relaxed tone, like telling a child a tale.


『Once upon a time, this world had a White Goddess, the Goddess who was in charge of the White Earth.
Then another Black God who was in charge of the sky brought the night to the world.
A White Morning was born, a child between the two gods, a Gray God arose』


It was a sect that I had never heard of in my life for 16 years.
Well, it is said that there are many different religions in the world, and there may be such religions.


『The three gods think about calling more gods to their world.
According to their wish, the yellow, green, Indigo, Red, Orange, Blue, Purple gods came to their world.
Within the mixed Aura of seven color Gods, the rainbow-colored goddess was born.』(Sister)


It’s the denomination of this church that worships the rainbow-colored goddess.


『And a child was born between the rainbow goddess and gray god.
The existence that inherited ten colors, The top species of us humans, the Human-God (opt: Demi-God)』(Sister)


Human-God… it seems like I have heard it somewhere before.
Anyway, human beings are supposed to have enough ten colors.


『But, us, human beings have too many colors and too much power residual within.
It’s not possible to draw out that power well.
Unlike other gods or goddess, the Rainbow Colored Goddess is the mother of all humanity, who was teaching people the power of each color.』(Sister)

『Ah, I see.』(Taru)


It is a genealogy of God that seems to appear in a fantasy novel a lot.
This is the church where my sister in law went to, right?
My little sister, Michelle, do you believe in the rainbow-colored goddess…?

Speaking of which, there seems to be the literature of something.
Some unrecognized blue ancients text.
Was it from the Ancient civilization, as none of the records represent blue in the stone.
There’s a common belief that their color perception is different from that of modern people.
It was a good story.


『The color of Young Miss’ hair.
It’s the color that not even Gods could create.
Therefore, when I noticed you, a girl with such a terrific color, fainted in front of our church, it’s the matter of course for us, the rainbow-colored Goddess to take care of you.』(Sister)

『Ah, yes』(Taru)


The terrific color. Is it that bad?


『You seem to be in the midst of suffering, trouble, and frustration.』(Sister)


The sister seems to see through the inner side of my heart but she gives me a compassionate look.
The unconfessable despair hides at the bottom of my heart. I don’t understand why I have become a silver-haired loli. I have run away from reality to the VRMMO world.

After a while, Sister’s air has become more refined and transparent.


『Oh the lost lamb.
In the name of the Rainbow Goddess, I, Sister Rean, will hear your confession on this occasion and I swear that I will share your pain.』(Sister)


Being pressured by that sacred act
Encouraged by the humble and sincere demeanor
I started talking.

About my failed embarrassing confession to the one I love.


『…is that so?』(Sister)


After hearing my story for a while, Sister started talking.


『Good. You were able to tell me about your beloved person.』(Sister)


Sister smiles gently.
“Well, you did your best”, I felt like I was told so.
It was just a word, but I felt that I could have changed my failed confession into something rather than regret.

And in the first place, feces removal is a natural phenomenon of human being, and in the present, it is treated like filth, but since it used to be used as fertilizer for crops in the old days, it’s an important ingredient to connect life as an ingredient.

Sister asked me to treat what happened with this high theory.
Even Clan Clan 『Horse’s Feces』is actually usable materials.

But what is this? How could I talk about feces with Sister so serious in the church like this while I can’t do so in real life?
Somehow, I have finished that embarrassing talk with Sister.


『Somehow, it seems like you still have something on your mind.
If you like, you can also talk to me about it.
As for the rainbow-colored goddess is always watching over us.』(Sister)


Certainly, I haven’t said anything about my sudden Loli-fication yet.
However, it was impossible to discuss this matter with the person who I met for the first time.


『Ah, yes… Thank you very much…』(Taru)


After hearing my hesitated answer, Sister suddenly hit her hand like coming up with a strange idea and took my hand.


『Yes. Young Miss. If you have the time and you are okay with it, how about trying to listen to people’s confession in the confession room?』(Sister)



The confession room is where people go to confess their sins when they do something bad.
So that they can ask for God’s forgiveness, right?

Is it okay for the listener to be me, someone, who isn’t in that sect to do?
In the first place, because to speak in God’s name, to give God’s forgiveness, you need to have a high level of faith in the church.
Such a big role, I don’t think that it is okay for me to do.


『They may have the same problem as you,
if you hear the confession of those troubled lambs,
you might get the answer to your problem and help them at the same time.』(Sister)


That might be true, though.


『No, but it’s against the doctrines …』(Taru)

『The rainbow-colored goddess is open equally regardless. The treatment is also equal.』(Sister)

『But it seems that I’m not in a position where I can hear people’s sins.』(Taru)

『 If you say that, I’m pretty much the same.
Regardless of your greatness or your position, You don’t need to do anything in order to listen to people’s problem.
Just feel and think about other people’s heart with integrity.
That’s all it takes.
This is also the teaching of the rainbow-colored goddess』(Sister)


『It’s okay.
There is a routine collection of words in the regret room, I will lend it to you.
How about trying it once?』


I was puzzled by the strange outcome. But as I was pushed by the sister, I decided to try it.
The doctrine of the rainbow-colored goddess is rather rough.
Is it really okay?





(T.N: Again with Glen’s POV)


Having reached a nearby church, I had a strange feeling when I was about to open the door.
Was this church so authentic?


『It feels like a church in medieval Europe has been left in Japan as it is.』(Glen)


Heavy stone building.
And a huge wooden door that seems to have a hard time to open.
Overall, it was a church designed as you saw somewhere in European.
A sight to behold.

Is this mysterious feeling that I was led to God?


『As expected, it means that even God has his eyes on this Non-sleeping Magician and tries calling me.』(Glen)


I lightly laughed so and I went into the church.
The confession room is at the end of the passage of the right,
As it was written on the entrance guide plate, I arrived at the confession room without getting lost.


『This is he confession room』(Glen)


There is one chair in the confession room and other sides are just wall.
And when I sit in that chair, a small rectangular hole opens just like the hotel’s window for the receptionist to talk with guests but we can only see the lower part.
It seems to be the structure that the listening priest and I can’t see each other’s face.

Looking at the situation on the other side, I was able to confirm that my listener dressed like a sister.
Her height seems to rather short.
As for me, the window is the same height as my stomach, while the sister is on the chest.

We seem to be so different.


『In the name of the mother and son of the Holy Spirit, Omen』(Taru)

(T.N: I make no mistake, the Author used オーメン Omen instead of Amen)


The Sister who is sitting on the other side prays so.


『O… Omen』(Glen)


While surprising by the voice that was younger than I expected, I say my prayer.


『Oh the lost lamb.
I will hear your confession on this spot in the name of the Rainbow Goddess』(Taru)


I noticed it.
A clear voice just like the rolling the sound of a silver bell.

The ephemeral rose of one wheel,
No, the sweet sound reminiscent of the blue rose that doesn’t occur normally.
Still young, despite not having bloomed, boasting an overwhelming beauty.
This voice is…

(T.N: Grrrr…ah, talk in human language, will you? I have no idea what this mess is, I already fix it as much as possible)


『Trust in Goddess’ love and confess your sins』(Taru)


The goddess, the princess of love, has asked me for confession.
What an irony.
Let’s beg forgiveness directly to the person who I committed the crime and violence.

But this is really a miracle I meet her in person.
It must be the destiny that God has arranged.
With a mixture of joy and hopelessness, I was stunned for a while.


『…Lost lamb. What’s wrong?』(Taru)


The same voice as in the game, the Silver-haired Alchemist kindly asked me.

Taru Novel Cover
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