Arge Chapter 173: Late Night’s Secret Story

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To August 31st.

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Arge: must finish the current Arc at all cost. 18 => 17 Chapters left (Chapter 174-190)

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Arge Chapter 173: Late Night’s Secret Talks



『…Don’t you think you are worried too much, Aoba?』(Iris)



I was surprised when she told me so as we passed each other in the corridor.

Alraune in this world doesn’t sleep.
Just as flowers are always in bloom, they are a race without the need for sleep.
That’s why for me the evening time is spare time, taking a walk or taking a moonlight bath and killing time.

Looking at the sleeping face of my favorite person has recently been added as one of the best killing time.
Of course, my favorite person is Ginshi-san.
He is now known as Argent Vampyr…No, she is also…
As I remembered what this person was doing with Arge, I tried to make an excuse.


『Actually, I didn’t try to peek…
I heard someone’s voice in Arge-san’s room…
I just planned to ask what you were talking about…
I didn’t expect that she was sucking your blood…』(Aoba)

『Kusu~ …Aoba no Ecchi』(Iris)

『Eh… I wasn’t doing any Ecchi things …!?』(Aoba)

『Un (yeah), Arge was just sucking my blood.
But… you saw us and you got excited!』(Iris)

『……that is』(Aoba)


It would be a lie if I said I didn’t.

Arge-san clings to Iris-san is really cute. I was really jealous that Arge-san didn’t do that to me. Besides, I was afraid so I didn’t say anything.

I left the place, fleeing and came back after calming down from on a moonwalk.
To think I met Iris-san before returning to my room and was confined like this.


『…You noticed? Was that why you did something like that?』(Aoba)

『You were peeping on us, you should better apologize instead of showing up.
In addition…, I thought it was better for you to know properly.』(Iris)


『That’s what it means to associate with a Vampire.
Even Alraune doesn’t have blood but if you let Arge suck your sweet nectar,
She can stabilize her body.
Because that child just tends to hold back too much…
If you can, I want you to forcefully do it』(Iris)

『… That’s right, but…』(Aoba)

『Kusu~ You aren’t convinced. Jealousy?』(Iris)

『…You should know that nonetheless. Even though you know that, why do you say it to me ?』(Aoba)


While I was angry and said all that, Iris-san returned with a smile.
I heard that the life-span of a vampire is really long. Especially, Iris-san seems to have lived for hundreds of years.
Even though her appearance looks like a Loli (little girl), she has the eyes which can see through everything.

…As expected, I can’t hide from her.

She looks like a little girl, but in fact, she is older than my grandmother, a feeling that can’t put it into words.
Although there were some troubles in Kuon’s family, there wasn’t this type of people.
Kuon’s family members are basically not interested in others and they never try to get involved in this way.

I know that I can’t win no matter how hard I try (argue). So, I end up talking by exhaling sighs.


『… I apologize for being angry』(Aoba)

『Actually, you aren’t really angry.
Don’t you think it’s nice that you look at us?
So that you can understand a little about what does it mean to associate with Arge.』(Iris)

『 I agree… 』(Aoba)


Being a vampire means you have to give her blood.
If you don’t, the vampire will disappear.
It would be worse than being reincarnating into something that isn’t human.
In fact, I have also changed a lot because I was reborn as Alraune.
The light of the sun has become pleasant than ever before, clear water has become absolutely delicious.
It can be said that they are the most important parts.
Recently, I also found a weakness that I can’t soak in hot water for a long time.

… It will be difficult.

Arge-san is the favorite person in my previous life.
She was treated as a failure of Kuon’s family and was discarded.
Contrary to the height of her abilities, her self-assessment is unusually low.
She didn’t care much even with such a big event in her previous life.
Her self-rating which was originally low was lower even further.

She had been living thinking that she wasn’t necessary since she was a 『he』
With such personality, it seems like Arge-san can’t rely on others well.


『As expected even it’s me, is it better to force her to drink my sweet nectar against her will?』(Aoba)

『If she has withdrawn symptom, I think it would be better to do it that way.
She should be satisfied today but…
She will really disappear if she doesn’t drink blood for a long time.
I don’t want to see my friend disappear… anymore』(Iris)


With a slightly sad face, Iris disappeared into the back of the corridor.
Surely, there is no lie in what she says.
Even if it was just blood-sucking, she might have been intentionally shown it to me.
In order to know what kind of vampire creature is and what I have to do.


『… Someday, will there be a day that I will let Arge suck on my sweet nectar?』(Aoba)


I felt that my heart bounced when I gently stroke my neck.




Well, I realize that my cheeks are hot.
Arge and Iris’ blood-sucking was so intense, passionate and sweet as if they were lovers.
Just by imaging how I would do it with Arge-san, my body temperature raised.

I have my own expectation

I was unable to sleep anymore. And until the sun came up, I was overwhelmed by the embarrassment.

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  1. Someday, will there be a day that I will let Arge suck on my fluid?

    Taken out of context, that could sound REALLY weird/wrong. At least it wasn’t “take in my fluid” but…

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  2. A female peeping tom on a yuri scene ? NICUUU !
    Thanks for the great work as always ^^ and good luck for the WAY TOO MANY chapters to translate ^^’

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    • I remembered Oni-sama has released up to chapter 7 about 2 years ago.

      I wanted he to continue so I gave him a raw translation of chapter 8 back then. I expected him to proof read and quality check.
      After 3 days and didn’t see any update, I decided to make my own blog to upload it.

      At first, there are like 40% of readers complain to me for my bad English and Bad Japanese.
      But at the same time, there are a lot of readers cheer on me.
      I continued and up to a certain point I tried to learn Japanese and English properly.

      Looking back at my translation back then, I’m really ashamed. I should learn Japanese and English to a certain level before trying to release a translation.
      The only good thing from my translation back then was “I always listen to Readers’ advice to improve myself” and my fast release speed.

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  3. Thanks for the chapter!

    This story arc seems really promising because it pretty much guarantees character and relationship development for Arge and the people around her. She’s not going to be able to sleepwalk through this one, she’s going to have to make some choices (especially since the people using her family crest while launching wars probably have the twin to her sword…)


    Being a vampire means you have to give her blood. => Being with / a companion of a vampire means you have to give her blood.


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