Cathia Chapter 5-2: Rumia, the Staff Saint


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To August 31st.

Mile: 2 chapters left

Mira: 2 chapters left

Taru: 2 chapters left

Cathia: 3=> 2 chapters left

Arge: must finish the current Arc at all cost.

After Arge’s Arc => Cathia’s turn (10 chapters in total – 3)

After Cathia’s turn => Mile’s turn (20-30 chapters)


T.N: Rumia repeats some words twice like Misora. I may change it a little to be smoother in English.

Cathia Chapter 5-2: Rumia, the Staff Saint



『Eh, uh… you are Rumia-san…?』(Neil)


Neil-san asked so…
Actually, it seems like the three of us have the same question.


『Umu. I’m Rumia, the staff saint. The energetic eighty years old one』(Rumia)


Are you kidding?
No matter how you look at it, she looks like 10 years old Loli.

She has the long deep-green hair that might even reach her feet. Her eyes are cute and clever.
And she also has the long ears which are a feature of the elves.
The only different thing from the normal elf is her hair color.
Because elves are normally blondes.


『Eh, is it that surprising?』(Cathia?)

『Surprise? With what (~ja)?
Whatever, it’s not like the first time I get this kind of reaction (~ja ~yo)
Do you know about the high elves?』(Rumia)

『High elves …? Eh? Is that true?』(Fina)


Fina-san reacted to the word “high elves”


『Do you know about them, Fina-san?』(Cathia)

『They are the relatives of our race.
No, they are more like our ancestor.
I see. So High elf has this kind of figure…
Rumia-sama, may I talk about it?』(Fina)

『Umu, no problem, no problem, half-elf Girl』(Rumia)


She recognized Fina-san is a half-elf at a glance…!?
Or did she know?


『…Yes, if you excuse me.
Kathia-chan, about the High Elves.
They were the race who could control magic way better than ordinary elves.
Besides, their life span was said to be semi-permanent.
I think that must be the reason why Rumia-sama still had a Loli’s appearance.』(Fina)


Oh, she is the superior in ability to elves?
Is that the reason why Fina-san respects Rumia-san?


『For the high elf, eighty years old was still a child』(Fina)


Eighty years old loli…
I have no idea.
But there seems to be more than that…


『Wait a minute.
Why did you keep using the past tense from a while ago?』(Cathia)



Fina-san becomes silent and looks at Rumia-san.
It seems like they are talking something with their eyes.
Then Rumia-san sighs.


『Alright, It’s okay.
That Red Child means no harm (~ja)
You can tell her without worrying (~no ~ja)』(Rumia)

『Yes. Then…
The High Elves have been destroyed…
About eighty years ago, in the invasion of the Dao Empire…』(Fina)


…They are eternal young but they aren’t immortal?
I don’t know how many high elves were there back then but have they all been killed in the great war with Dao Empire?


『…I see. Then, Rumia-san is』(Cathia)

『Yes, I’m the survivor.
When people found me, I was still a baby.
After 10 years, my body grew to my current figure. But I remained unchanged for 70 years.
The High Elves are already gone, I don’t know if my growth has stopped or not.』(Rumia)


Certainly … Then there is no way to compare whether Rumia’s current figure is normal or abnormal.


『There is no literature left because we were closed people. …
At the end of the day, we asked the Garcia Kingdom for help.
It seems like they came when the battle was already over,
It might be an attempt to destroy us from Dao Empire』(Rumia)


Oh, this country sent relief but they didn’t make it in time?
In the end, they could only protect the baby Rumia.


『In other words, does your appearance depend on the characteristics of the high elves?』(Cathia)

『It’s probably so.
You understand it, right?
I don’t need strange sympathy.
I still remember what happens when I was a baby.』(Rumia)

『Yes, I understand.
Right? Neil-san.
…Eh, Neil-san?』(Cathia)

『…Uu, gu~su.
Without a family, in a foreign country, alone… and your body remains this small…』(Neil)


Perhaps, he didn’t hear Rumia-san’s last remark.
Just look at Rumia’s face… Eh, she isn’t angry.
It’s more like she is embarrassed.


『What is it? Why did you cry so much…?』(Rumia)

『Please forgive him… because he is a with the heart purer than anything』(Fina)

『I, I see.
I don’t like cheap sympathy, but when he is crying that much…
I don’t feel like angry anymore』(Rumia)


Fina-san was embarrassingly tapping Neil-san’s head.


『Well then. we should get into the main subject, Lior』(Rumia)

『That’s good! No need to hold back!』(Lior)


Lior-san releases an amazing Battle Aura.
I don’t understand the meaning of this.


『Well, why don’t you hunt dragons?』(Rumia)


Eh, Dra…!?


『OH! leave it to me!』(Lior)


No no, Lior-san!?
They are firing up, both of them!


『Oh, is it okay? You may die, you know?』(Rumia)

『 Worry not, my friend. These guys are going with me』(Lior)

『Uwa… are you serious?
Oh, we did not introduce ourselves yet.
We are…』(Cathia)

『That won’t be necessary. The knight Neil, the painter Fina, and then the infamous magic swordsman Cathia, right?』(Rumia)

『Eh, why?』(Cathia)

『 This place is the eyes and nose of the capital city.
All information will reach me soon enough.
In the capital city, the pictures in question are…』(Rumia)

『Ah, my pictures,
What’s about it Rumia-sama?
I’m worried!』(Fina)

The publishers have their eyes on it.
The Magic Swordman, the Sword Saint’s Disciple, and then the famous painter.
Well, it’s no wonder that it will sell well.
Not to mention the information department also helps with spreading the rumor.』(Rumia)

『Right? (Sasuga) As expected of Cathia-chan and me!』(Rumia)


Eh? The pictures are selling well?
Surely Fina-san’s pictures are great, but what should I do about my shame?

For now, I should listen to what I care about.


『Magic sword?
Is that how people call my Flame Sword』(Cathia)

Besides, you’re called a magic swordsman.
Please show it to me later.』(Rumia)


That strange …..
Well, it’s still better than the hurtful (Itai) street name.
However, it doesn’t reflect the image of a magic swordsman because I can only emit flames.


『I understand that we don’t need to introduce ourselves…
But isn’t that stupid?
Four people against Dragon…』(Cathia)

『That’s right.
In the first place, even a young dragon is a great challenge for the regiment of more than 50 people.』(Neil)

『It’s fine (~ja yo)
Originally, I planned to go with just the two of us, me and Lior.』(Rumia)


Originally? Did somewhat happen suddenly that she couldn’t go out anymore?
Even so, just two people.


『Just two people!? What do you mean?』(Neil)

『 Wasn’t the title holder strong as hundred of people?
Besides, I heard that Lior has lost to this Magic Swordsman.』(Rumia)

『Uuu… you already know?』(Cathia)

『In other words, your strength is equal to or stronger than Lior.
Besides, didn’t you have two more people than planned?』(Rumia)


The dragon didn’t appear in the mountain of his hometown, but Neil-san must have heard that it was unusual『strong』
I was even more anxious when I hear Neil-san’s opinion…


『What was Rumia-san’s problem that you couldn’t go out?』(Cathia)

『I’m busy, uhm, let see… Proving a new theory of magic.』(Rumia)

『The new theory of magic?』(Cathia)

『Well, I just said from the conclusion. A spirit has manifested in the capital city』(Rumia)





『Yes, a spirit. In a visible form』(Rumia)


It wasn’t a mistake.
No, even if she used magic at that moment… but…


『Spirit… isn’t that just fairy tales?』(Cathia)


『Is it related to magic?』(Cathia)

『This is great Art…
It was common sense that the activation of magic interferes and using the magic in your body, right?』(Rumia)


That is a common sense in this world.
It is said that magic acts on the matter when magic is triggered.


『It’s all together until it brings out the magical power of the body …
Apparently, when the invisible magic spirits received the magic power to activate magic, they become visible…』(Rumia)

『In other words, is it the spirit who mediates the activation of magic?』(Cathia)

『Because the spirits who manifest themselves were saying so…
I can only believe it.
They have an unusual presence that at first glance everyone knows they are spirits』(Rumia)

『…people? Are there more than one spirit and they can talk?』(Cathia)

『Umu, they are in the castle.
While people are preparing for the great event.
There are a lot of spirits in the castle.
The current condition of the capital city is pretty bad.』(Rumia)


Ah, I see.
But is it okay to talk about the information in the royal castle?


『Is it alright to talk to us about spirits?』(Cathia)

『No one believes in what I said.
Even when people look directly at the spirits, they still can’t see it unless they are experts at magic like me.』(Rumia)


Is that so?
There are a lot of things happened that I could only see in a dream.


『In addition, eventually I need to…
No, it’s nothing. Forget about it』(Rumia)


Rumia seems to have said something, but it seems that she won’t answer even if we ask.
It can’t be helped. Should we change the topic?


『Back to your request. Why does the dragon need to be killed?』(Cathia)

『Mu, do you ask for a reason when defeating monsters?』(Rumia)

『Well, yes.
Except for eating, for defense or use it as a material for something, I need a good for it』(Cathia)


I don’t like meaningless killing.
But it’s different if I have a purpose.


『Hoo, you are really the Disciple of the guy (~ja~no)
It’s not a bad way of thinking, umu.
This time, I need to do it for defense.
About 10 people have already been killed or injured.
It’s a mountain close from here(Rumia)

『I see, then there’s no reason to refuse …』(Cathia)

『Then there’s also the meaning as preventive measures.
There will be a Remembrance Festival soon』(Rumia)


Is that time yet?
The Remembrance Festival is like a prayer for the past,
It’s a custom in this country to greet the soul with loud noises.
In other words, we will have a festival on the day.


『This city’s Remembrance Festival is more flashy than others.
There will be Fireworks. It may stimulate the dragon with sounds and lights, so, I want to remove the threat now.』(Rumia)


Is there in this world?


『There will be fireworks, Rumi-sama!?
Cathia-chan, I want to see it!』(Fina)


Fina seems to know the fireworks itself.
I just didn’t know?
Neither Neil nor Lior moved in particular.


『We will use a lot.
If you can take care of the dragon, I will prepare special seat for…』(Rumia)

『Let’s do it, Cathia-chan!』(Fina)

『Ah, no, uhm』(Cathia)

『Let’s do it!』(Fina)


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