Arge Chapter 175: Where the Smoke rises

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Arge Chapter 175: Where the Smoke rises



『Fu~n… then, you really don’t want to be an employee』(Shino)

『Uhmm, yes. Because I’m indebted to Satsuki-san, I will help out but it’s only that.』(Arge)

『I see. Too bad, and I thought that I would get another Imouto (little sister)…』(Shino)


Perhaps, that might be her true feeling. Shino-san exhaled smoke as she replied so.
She just came back to Satsuki Cafe and seemed to be interested in us, who are the volunteers. And today, she invited us to her room to have a private talk.

Her room is not so organized, the laundry is left as it is
I have the impression that her character is quite visible.

The unknown objects placed around here are probably souvenirs of the trip.
When I and Aoba-san faced Shino-san, I felt the smell of cigarettes.


『Aoba, right?… How about you?』(Shino)

『I have reigned as a queen. As for Arge-san, she belonged to me』(Aoba)

(T.N: Raw is “Arge was reserved for me” but I thought this way sounds better)


Aoba-san pulled me into her arms with her ivy.
Aoba, another reincarnator, was originally my relatives and she was very concerned about me.
She said that she will take care of me when everything is over. In fact, that must be true.


『Fu~n… very well then,
It seems there is no space for us to enter.
In that case, while you’re here just take it easy with us.
Other people will be happy and I’m glad, too』(Shino)


Shino-san smiled while smoking her cigarettes pipe.
The swaying smoke seemed to represent her upset mood.
Then, Shino-san talked to us while watching the smoke rising to the ceiling.


『Ah, the cigarette smoke is bad but I guarantee the taste of the drink, so please drink.』(Shino)

『Yes, Itadakimasu (Bon appetit)』(Arge)


I sipped on the drink, it had a sweet taste and a deep flavor.


『…… Milk tea, isn’t it?』(Arge)

『I have good milk and tea leaves.
I’m confident in drinks other than coffee, you know?
I have sugar over there, you can adjust the taste to your liking.』(Shino)


It’s certainly delicious as she says.
While the sweetness and mellowness of the milk bring out the aroma of the tea leaves, the astringency is suppressed.
It is easy to drink without sugar.

You need to be considerably skillful to produce a drink with such taste.
You must be very careful about temperature control, extraction time, tea and milk distribution.


『…such fine details work』(Aoba)

Even I’m kind of indifferent. I still help Satsuki out with the store’s work』(Shino)


While Shino-san laughs with Aoba-san’s replies, Aoba-san sips on her cup.
This drifting fragrant aroma. It’s coffee.


『Hmm, Mine is also delicious/tasty/sweet (umai)』(Aoba)

『The drink that Shino-san prepared is always delicious.』(Arge)

『Oh, I’m glad. If you like, you can always…』(Shino)

『~Wafu! there’s a nice smell (~n ~da~yo)!』(Kuro)


The door was opened without knocking.
It was Kuro-san, an employee of this shop with the Mofumofu ears and tail, she has entered the room energetically.
As Kuro-san comes in, she starts moving her nose to check the smell of the surroundings.


『There are no sweets!』(Kuro)

『What is the premise …?』(Aoba)

Because, if you have tea, there should be sweets as well, right?』(Kuro)

Mile Tea Snack.jpg

Aoba-san put Tsukkomi, but Kuro-san looked strange.
Apparently, she thought, when there is tea, there should be sweets as well.

In other words, did she come for snacks?
Kuro-san doesn’t seem to be particularly concerned about the subtle sight directed at her, *~Wa~fu* and she runs to Shino-san.


Shino-kun, want to play with me?
Do you want to ~wafu ~wafu with Kuro?』(Kuro)

『Hoi Hoi (Yes yes), Here you go』(Shino)



With a sweet voice, Kuro-san jumps and uses Shino-san’s lap pillow.
Patting Kuro-san’s head like a dog, Shino-san talked while exhaling smoke.


『If you want cakes that much, you should ask Satsuki.』(Shino)

『You called?』(Satsuki)

『Ah, Satsuki-san』(Arge?)


Satsuki-san came in from the open door.


『 The door was open and I heard Kuro-chan’s voice, so I thought you were talking about something.
Aoba-san and Arge-chan are also here.』(Satsuki)

『Satsuki, sorry for the bother but can you bring me some cakes?
This doggy seems to be hungry』(Shino)

『Yes yes,
Well then, I’ll bring you a prototype I just baked』(Satsuki)


Replied lightly to Shino-san’s words, Satsuki-san collected the laundry scattered in the room.
It seems like she planned to collect it in the first place.


『If I leave Shino-kun alone, the room will become a mess immediately』(Satsuki)

『 My bad, Satsuki』(Shino)

『If you think so, I want you to remember to put out the laundry or clean up a bit.』(Satsuki)


While complaining, Satsuki’s face shows no unpleasant, but rather a smile.
I heard that they have a long relationship, so I guess that they are used to each other as usual.


『By the way… somehow, aren’t there more strange objects again?』(Satsuki)

『Ah, I talked about it a while back.
This comes from a mysterious tribe and a strange voice sometimes comes out at night.
It was enshrined in the depths of the ruins, I do not know well,
It is a sculpture that changes its expression occasionally』(Shino)

『…Somehow it looks dangerous, please throw it away soon if anything happens, okay?』(Satsuki)

(Sasuga ni) As expected, there’s really something.
I can rest assured that there is nothing, for now, 』(Shino)

『I think it’s already strange enough when the design changes and the strange voice…』(Satsuki)


Even she said all that, Satsuki-san didn’t tell Shino-san to throw it away immediately.
I felt something like the tea ceremony is about to begin, Shino-san stands up in a relaxed manner


『Well then, do you have extra drinks?
Kuro is hot milk and Satsuki is green tea, right?』(Shino)

『Yes, please, Shino-kun』(Satsuki)

『~Wafu! I’d like more sugar (~n ~da~yo)!』(Kuro)

『Hoi Hoi (Yes yes)』(Shino)


Shino-san went out to make drinks while smoking the pipe.
The leisurely time seems to last for a while.

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  1. When it’s Mile’s turn you should do 5 Chapters a month of Arge 😛 this way we don’t have to wait as long for our favorite loli Vampire


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