Arge Chapter 176: In a slumber with you

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Arge Chapter 176: In a slumber with you





My consciousness was loose and seemed like floating on the water.
I’m not dreaming.
About half is conscious, so to speak, it’s a state of slumber.


『n~nyu… ♪』(Arge)


I really like this time.
The fluffy consciousness seems to be lying on a cloud and feels good, and above all, it’s good to be able to notice the nice feeling of sleeping.
I think it is a very luxurious use of time to fill myself in the bed.


『Ehehe … thirty more hours …』(Arge)

『I think it’s a bit oversleeping』(Aoba)


When I heard the voice other than myself, I opened my eyes and I saw her face.
Alraune girl with green skin, Aoba-san, a friend of my previous life.
Although her appearance has changed a lot, her mood and face expression are still that of Aoba-san, who I know a lot.

She looks into my drowning face like always.


『…When I look at you like this, you are indeed Ginshi-san.
You have the face that looks very comfortable when sleeping』(Aoba)

『That’s right.
I also think I have a stupid sleeping face that seems like I don’t think about anything.』(Arge)

『No, I haven’t said that much…』(Aoba)

『umm… is that so…』(Arge)


While being aware that I can’t make a decent conversation in my sleepy state,
I didn’t want to get out of my slumber.
Because I feel so good.
The boundaries between sleep and awakening are vague, terrify comfortable and hard to let go.
When I grasp the sheets tightly, I will feel strangely relieved.
In a time like this, I want to sleep like drowning.


『~Ni ~yufufu… Bed-chan…』(Arge)

『Gin… Arge-san.
I come to visit you, don’t you feel bad neglecting me?』(Aoba)

『umm…then Aoba-san, do you want to sleep together…?』(Arge)



Though it was just a casual word, Aoba reacted more than expected.


『Eh, ah, that is…
is that okay!?
I… it’s my first time!?』(Aoba)

Ah, you don’t want to sleep with people next to you?
It’s okay.
I (Boku), I’m not that bad at sleeping…』(Arge)


She thinks I might put her away when it’s hot or I have a bad sleeping habit.
But I feel confident that I won’t do that.
Now that we are both girls, it’s not strange to sleep in the same futon.

I mean, I prefer to sleep with her because it’s troublesome to wake up and treat her like a guest.
It was such some casual invitation but Aoba-san seems to be taken aback.
I think she said she isn’t good at it.


Please don’t mind if you dislike it …』(Arge)

『There’s no way I dislike it! Absolutely!』(Aoba)

『Haa~…then, come in…』(Arge)


While maintaining half of my consciousness, I turned over the bedsheets and beckoned her
After a while, Aoba-san slowly comes into my futon.
Aah, the cool temperature and the smell of sweet flowers.


『umm… cool…』(Arge)

『Ah, uu~u…
Are… you… okay…?』(Aoba)

『It’s okay
Because Aoba-san feels really nice…』(Arge)


I might hug her instinctively.
I’m rather surprised that I have such a feeling when I’m half-sleep.
I dig my own grave.


(Yappari) As expected, Bed-chan is really warm and comfortable…
~ni ~yufufu, it’s the best.』(Arge)

『I… I see.
I thought it’s rather hot』(Aoba)


Aoba-san was reincarnated as Alraune, she is very weak to the heat.
Even a cool sleep for me may not be tolerable for her.


Shall we create a little more gap then…?』(Arge)

『No, no!
It’s okay!
Rather, please leave it as it is!』(Aoba)


I tried to resolve things with my drowning head, but I received a reply that she didn’t need it.

The other day, she wasn’t careful and was about to fall over in the bath. But it should be safe if she said she was alright.




Above all, my consciousness is at its limit.
In the warmth fluffy bed and Aoba-san’s comfortable coolness body in my grasp.
If it’s hot, I can bring Aoba-san’s body closer to me, and if it gets cold, I can make a little gap.


『N~yufu… Goodnight…』(Arge)


My consciousness fades again.
It didn’t take long for me to get back in my dream.

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  1. 30 hours more~ that sounds like me~ and then I wake up with a royal headache and all my bones hurt~ good to be a vampire no need to care about things like that~


  2. I’m grateful for this but… Taru ish… ish… Nvm. Thank you for the updates~ it’s been months since I last commented but I’ll be a lurker again.
    *Lurks back in the darkness*


  3. A girl peeping on a yuri scene –> A girl tea party –> A yuri sleep ?!! What is happening ??? It’s neither my birthday neither Christmas , why are there SO MANY SWEET THINGS HAPPENIIIIIIIING ?!!!!
    Thanks for the treat ^^


  4. Wow arge is 100% turned into a girl mentally. She was only able to innocently make that offer do to being a girl. Heck it was in her reasoning that it was fine as they are both girls. Thought this brings up a question if arge isnt looking at girls sexually is it do to prefering men or do to just not being interested in sexuality at all. Heck original plan wise she was considering men, and she really hasn’t reacked to anyone. So her preference is rather unknown. Poor aoba if arge does like guys, she actually had a chance during reincarnation to swap.


    • Spoiler:
      Arge ends off with Kuzuha-chan. Aoba is just the Mistress (Aoba still lives with Arge but she is often busy with work)

      Arge became a damsel in distress (Typical FMC), Kuzuha-chan saved her (like a Typical MC breakthrough the enemy base to save FMC)
      Arge got mental break, she screamed out all her hidden emotion/feeling and Kuzuha-chan calmed her down and confessed.

      The last chapter, Arge took a nap, Kuzuha-chan tried to wake her up.
      Arge replied with the usual “30 more hours”
      Kuzuha-chan gave up “can’t be helped, I will sleep with you then”

      The end “The reincarnation vampire wanted to take an afternoon nap quietly with her friend”


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