Taru Chapter 26: Lifetime Friend

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To September 30th.

Random manga translations release.

Mile: 7 chapters left

Mira: 3 chapters left

Taru: 3 => 3 chapters left

(I hate Glen, I can’t deal with his delusion, it’s hard to understand and translate.

I will be lazy with the translation this chapter so I won’t count it as a release, you can even skip this chapter without worrying about missing information in the main plot.

Glen’s thought and dialog might be wrong but I won’t bother.

I can only guarantee Taru’s thought and dialog are right

Next Taru chapter will be Taru’s fluffy’s exploration again)

Cathia: 3 chapters left

Arge: must finish the current Arc at all cost. 13 Chapters left (Chapter 178-190)

After Arge’s Arc => Cathia’s Arc (10 chapters in total – 2 already released chapters)

After Cathia’s turn => Mile’s turn (20-30 chapters)

Taru Chapter 26: Lifetime Friend



I was asked to change into sister clothes or something. I, the enlightened Jintaru is now sitting in the chair of the Confession Room.
I am a silver-haired sister now.
I was concerned that it wouldn’t be good for such a young girl to hear the confession, but it seems to be all right as I can’t see the other person’s face.

At a distance of about 3 meters behind, Sister Lean is watching over me, so in the worst case, she will help out.


『I have hurrt an important flower』(Glen)


From behind the window, the boy talks about his sins with delight?
From his voice, he must be about the same age as the old me.


『A flower…?』(Taru)


Was it his hobby to grow flowers? I thought it was rare as the same high-school boy.


『She hasn’t bloomed yet, just a young bud. I have come out too strong to show off my power.』(Glen)



Hmmm … I see.
He had pride in his knowledge and experience in growing flowers.
That’s why he tried to use some ground-breaking training methods, which can be said to be a culmination of the efforts he has made up to now.


『But, instead of delivering my thoughts… I was, I was…
…in the end, I still love her!』(Glen)


While he was talking, did he have clear memories of the scene at that time?

The voice heard from the other side had turned into a painful roar.


『Please rest assured.
I have heard of your confession.』(Taru)


He will need to be relieved a little.
At this moment, he isn’t the only one knowing his sins.

When he isn’t alone, he will be conscious of the gentle tone of the other person,
I slowly speak the words


『I am with you under the patronage of a rainbow-colored goddess』(Taru)


Now that I think about it, right after the miserable confession, I felt really glad when Kouya and Yuuki came to help me.

I realized that I was so relieved because I wasn’t alone.


『No way, such full of kindness words… my flower is really noble and beautiful after all (Yahari)』(Glen)



I don’t understand well, but isn’t that okay as for he is able to think a little calmer now?


『My actions resulted in hurting Kimi (you)…
Even though I have sworn that I would protect』(Glen)

(T.N: Kimi in Katakana => foreigner’s name => Taru mistakes it as a name.

I remembered the first time I hear “Begone Thot”, I thought “Thot” was the name of some hateful character)


This desperate.

Instead of treating the flower as a mere plant, he names it 『Kimi (you)』
I can’t imagine such a devout figure, who is giving a prayer to heaven to beg for forgiveness for hurting a flower.


『Even though I sinned, but still …
I keep on loving “Kimi”
Someday when “Kimi” bloomed, I want to be a light to protect “Kimi” warmly by your side,
That’s my wish』(Glen)


To be honest, his eyes are getting wet.

I know that feeling. I understand it.


『Even if I did all that, my sins couldn’t be washed away』(Glen)


Perhaps, for this boy, that flower is really important.
Only because it was really important to him that he did his best to make it bloom into a great flower.

It may be rude compared to the game, but the strength of his mind that is similar to my love for alchemy.


The materials, that I went through all of the trouble to get, were lost due to an alchemy failure.
Experience the risk, In addition to feeling a sense of loss,
Even so, you need to make a sacrifice, a new attempt, a new challenge.

My heart is fascinated by the inquisitive quest and alchemy, my thought for alchemy with infinite possibilities.


Yes, this is love.
It’s love.


『…… Is it love?』(Taru) 



I listen to the boy answering sincerely and I’m convinced.
I can listen to the boy on the other side about his confession, about his sins,
It’s a relationship that can share everything


『I’m honest, that kind of appearance doesn’t suit “Kimi (you)”』(Glen)


Flowers bear beauty.
That’s why you care about its beauty and its appearance.

If you say that, I am the same.

Alchemy bears wisdom.
My knowledge of all things is not balanced enough to exercise alchemy perfectly.


『Even so, I can not suppress the height of this feeling.』(Glen)


That’s it. The important thing is not the appearance.
It’s the strength of thought. It’s the strength of will.
I know that.


『Please forgive my sins』(Glen)


And I noticed.
I now look like a silver-haired loli.
But the contents are still me. I love alchemy, I like my best friends Yuuki and Kouya, and I love Akane-chan.

I am me.

I look like a loli, but I guess it’s just me.

I felt that the burden of my sex change was lightened a little.


『I forgive your sins in the name of the rainbow-colored goddess.』(Taru)

『Thank you …』(Glen)


I’m the one who must say thank here.

Even it was just me, I still would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the boy who I couldn’t even see the face on the other side

He will cultivate and grow flowers.
I will do alchemy to change everything.
Our way to walk is different.
But our goal seemed similar.

If you asked me how to call him, the best answer might be a friend.

He gave me the courage to face anxiety. I could even laugh even with my miserable now

I had sweat from my eyes, but I tried hard not to bother him.


『From now on you are my precious friend.
Also, please talk to me if you have any trouble(Taru)

『Oh, that is …』(Glen)


Slowly getting up from the chair and reach out to the rectangular window with gratitude and love.

For a moment, something seemed to move slowly, but my eyes sweated and I didn’t understand well.


『Please take care of me from now (Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu, ne?), right?』(Taru)


I ask for a handshake of friendship.

I can do this because we can’t see each other’s face.


『The same to you.
Please take care of me from now on (Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu)
We will start with being friends at first(Glen)


A roaring voice resonates with his delight.
And he grabs on my hand.


『I’m not from this church…』(Taru)


So I looked back at Sister Rean, who had been quietly watching for a while. Sister slowly replied.


『In that case, during this summer, I will lend you this confession room every Thursday.
Please come if you like(Rean)


Once a week, only during summer vacation.

Although it was strange, I learned that listening to human’s confession was also beneficial for me.


『 Thursday, isn’t it? Understood!
I’m will surely come and see you!(Glen)



Listen to the boy’s powerful voice.

I decided to go to the city hall tomorrow.

To face this body that has turned into a loli.






(T.N: Glen’s POV again. Can’t he just talk in human language?)


I confessed all sins to my flower of love.

The excitement that I have actually been talking her has led to my courage to set foot in some places. It has become a narrative in a moment, but the sense of the sin held in my heart is real.

So, while I was confessing, I was trapped in hopeless desperation. And I inadvertently told the height of my thought after I had done such a thing.


『But, instead of delivering my thoughts… I was, I was…
…in the end, I still love her!』(Glen)


It’s nothing more than making her uncomfortable, such as pressing my feelings on her.

This is just piling up sins.

Even though I haven’t even revealed that I’m Glenn.


『I am with you under the patronage of a rainbow-colored goddess』(Taru)


She replies in a soft tone to calm me.

Beneath the Rainbow-colored Goddess, with me…

And I noticed that the word rainbow-colored goddess came out of her mouth.

At first, I was wondering what kind of god the rainbow-colored goddess is.


I remembered.

Rainbow colored goddess.

It’s one of the religious sects in the Clan-Clan.


Mercenaries, so-called humans, stab a bright sword on their chest when acquiring skills.

At that time, iridescent glow occurs.

I read in a commentary that the reason is related to the fact that the ancient rainbow-colored goddess preached the principle of exercising power to humans.


In other words.

As she listened to my story, did she notice that I was the Non-sleeping Magician Glen?

Or did she remember my voice from the beginning and guessed it?

That’s why she used the goddess of Clan-Clan like a secret word.


Is it a message that 『I recognize that you are Glen』?

Then, there is no need to explain everything.

Then, I begged forgiveness to the angel-like person close to the Goddess, including my new sins.


『From now on you are my precious friend』(Taru)


And her silver bell echoes to the Confession Room.


I made a confession of love and the reply was a friend declaration.


Was this a rejection for something out of reach?

But her voice.


『Also, please talk to me if you have any trouble』(Taru)


By the way, I really want to know her word’s meaning and want to look at her face even just a glance.

I am attracted to her gentle tone.

I had a peek from the rectangular window.




She dyed her snow-white cheeks in amber and in her eyes, there was a grain of jewelry, she was smiling with a heartfelt smile.

She was just as beautiful as the in-game appearance, or even more beautiful.


And her hand were suddenly extended.

I hurried up and lifted my head.


What’s that?

A lovely smile that God also wants to see.


My heart pulsates.

What is her feeling behind that smile?

She is happy and cries.


Knowing my feelings, that clear smile.

And the word friend isn’t a rejection.


It’s an answer unique to her with the purity of an angel. Let’s get along as a friend.


That’s it. Despite knowing each other’s face in the game, today is the first time we met in real life.

Suddenly confess to such a partner and get an okay. There’s no such person.


Keep calm.

No, it’s impossible.

I’m too happy.



I will be her one and only good friend,
I switched to an immediate answer.


『We will start with being friends at first』(Glen)


Now that you decided on that, I had to get stronger. I need to strengthen the members and climb to the top of the Clan-Clan.

In order to prove the strength of my promise that I swore to her before that PvP.


I slowly held her soft little hand.

Everything about my insomnia and my distressed feelings was to meet you.


『I’m will surely come and see you!』(Glen)


When I get enough strength to protect you and when I settle my thoughts,
I swear I will tell you that I want to be a light to illuminate you

Taru Novel Cover
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  1. Somehow, I could understand what Glen was saying.
    Is this because I’m too accustomed to seeing such characters, or without realizing I’m actually just like him?

    Please, I need an answer

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  2. Thanks for the chapter~!

    Also, corrections I guess?

    *Enlightened Jintaru >> Futsu Jintar(o)u …. So, I kinda checked the raws(just happened to read ealier). I think MC is narrating her name in the paragraph.

    *『I have damaged an important flower』(Glen)
    -damaged >> hurt … I think “hurt” is better than “damaged” regarding tge context.

    P. S. Yeah, I didn’t bother to read slowly the chapter and just skims it. So I couldn’t point out possible corrections. Reading Glen’s narcissist, chuuni, and delusional tendency narration slowly kills my brain cells. I don’t wanna read a secobd time.

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  3. First thanks for the chapter and your hard work translating everything! But just as a small criticism:

    „Glen’s thought and dialog might be wrong but I won’t bother“

    I don’t think that it would be healthy for the story if some characters you, as the translator, don’t like, get translated wrongly on purpose (by mistake). You can always ask for some help if some sentences are too hard to translate. Nevertheless I really appreciate your work and hope for new chapters ^^.


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  6. glen is just normal teenager who fall in love so that is why his train of thought was a bit chaotic since taru is likely his first love.


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  8. i am guessing this. so my guess is that the more people play clan-clan and the longer they play it the more it merges reality with the game. eventually the game and reality will be one and the same. my guess is taru’s lolification was an early stage victim of this. and now this church i think it merged with reality. it came from the game.


  9. I’d like Glen….to be truck’d. So that maybe he could reincarnate as someone who doesn’t suffer Chuni of the highest order.


  10. Yeah no. Please back a properly translate the Glen part. You might not like him, but he is still a part of the story and there are people like me that love his character. I mean is it really okay to treat parts of the story like this? Say you disliked the alchemy, would it then be good for the story to just gloss over it? You asked people to stay with the story saying it would be better and we did… But now you are throwing out parts of the story because you yourself don’t like it? Isn’t this a pretty bad way to treat all those people that followed your translation?

    Also I see this sort of hate and dislike for characters a lot and it is all really based on what function a character has. You can read pretty much the exact same story with the same sort of characters but where hated characters mow are the main protagonists, and the same people that hated them in one story will mow love them. The characters are the same, but people now think of them differently because they were introduced as the heroes.

    Same with Glen here… He was introduced as a foil and the people that were introduced as Taru’s companions disliked him. This makes readers dislike him. But if he instead had been introduced as somebody that ended up rescuing Taru’s from some other foil, then Glen’s way of talking would have made people love him even more. So no, Glen should not be hated… He is a great character!


    • It’s not like I didn’t translate Glen’s part PROPERLY.
      I CAN’T.
      He dialog is like “VERSE”.
      To put it simply, an AMATEUR about both Japanese and English like me can’t make sense of “Shakespeare’s like Dialog” from Japanese and translate it to ENglish’s “Shakespeare’s like Dialog”.

      I guarantee the meaning of his words. I just can’t translate it to “VERSE”.
      I don’t have peotry talent.

      For example:
      He might said a peotry dialog but the best I can translate is “I love flower (you)”
      But a peotry English speaker will translate as “Rose is red. Violet is blue. I love you”.

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