Mile Chapter 305: Strengthening (Training) 4

Mile Vol 9.12
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Translator Spoiler (white color, highlight to read): “Iya, I used it for April Fool and I finally reach it

Mile Chapter 305: Strengthening (Training) 4



『Fu~ fu~ fu~, everyone will be surprised.
Well, for what Timing it will be the coolest thing to show off…』(Maevis)


Maevis walked on the street while grinning and think so.

There are no tent, beds, or blankets because there is no Mile.

But originally, average travelers don’t carry such things… Especially, the bed and so on.
If you can carry such things, you won’t need anything like a cloak.

It’s 2 days and 1 night distance travel.
The water and food in the bag on her shoulder should be enough.
There is also the place on the way where she can supply water.

…By the way, Maevis doesn’t use the shoulder bag because she can’t drop it immediately and it will get in the way of the battle.
It’s not a problem if it’s a sorceress, but it has a significant impact on the swordsman.

As Maevis walked thinking of a lot of fun plans, she heard an impatient, frustrating voice.


『 Please hang in there!
When a carriage passes by, we will ask for a ride!
Then, when we get to the next town…
Once we get to the city, we can arrange a doctor right away, so please hang in there for the time being!』(Man)


There are no people on the highway. And when Maevis looks in the direction of the voice…

There was a girl of about 15-16 years old who was sitting in the grass beside the highway and leaning against a tree, and three men stood beside her.
The men are all in their mid thirties and they wear swords.
Perhaps they are this girl’s escorts.
They don’t look like hunters, so this must be a rich lady and her guards…

Maevis thought she might’ve gotten a sudden illness or something. But if she was ill, Maevis couldn’t do anything for her.
There are three guards accompanying, her help might not be necessary.

Maevis thought so and when she was about to pass by.
The smell of blood reached her nasal cavity.
The Nanomachines in her body enhanced the vision of her eyes.
It’s a form that the physical strengthening of the True God Speed Sword, which was activated unconsciously.
And what Maevis saw in her eyes…


(Blood?) (Maevis)


Yes, it was a red-black blood color attached to the girl’s clothes.


『What happened?』(Maevis)


Maevis stopped and called out to the people along the highway,
The men put their hands on the handle of their sword in a reflective way and got ready.


(Ah~, I failed to approach friendly…) (Maevis)


(Maevis’s thought)

Even though I just asked them normally while walking in the highway.
I don’t dress strangely or have a villainess’ face… maybe.
However, they keep vigilant to the max.
Do they have something they want to protect… or are they being chased by the enemy?
And maybe the latter.

When the men judged that Maevis was alone, distinctly different from the enemies they were assuming.
They somewhat relaxed.
They moved their hands off the handle of the sword. However, they weren’t off guard. They could pull their sword at any time.


『I wonder if you have blood stasis, pain ache, or something to treat the wound.
If there is, I would like to ask for it by all means.
Of course, I will do my best to repay you!』(Man)


The man who seems to be the leader of the three escorts asked so. But Maevis also didn’t have the kind of medicine.
There was no need to prepare expensive medicines for Red Oath, while two of them are healer magicians and Pauline didn’t allow wasting money.


『Sorry, I also don’t have any medicine… AH!』(Maevis)


Maevis looked as if she came up with something when she replied.


『Can I have a look at her wound?』(Maevis)


Looking at the bare skin of a young girl.

If it’s a male, the guards will deny right away. But Maevis is a female and from how she behaves just now, it seems like she has an idea.
The escort leader nodded.

Maevis walks around and gently lifts the girl’s clothes.




A while ago, one of the escorts was saying “Going to the city by a carriage” but it’s almost impossible to leave her like this for too long.
And this wound was…


『… A stab wound by a dagger.
Did she avoid immediately or did someone intervenes and help her avoid fatal wounds …』(Maevis)


Although the escorts are watching each other, they are only puzzled, and it’s not like they can do anything in particular.
So Maevis decided to do what she came up with.

Yes, Maevis wasn’t the kind of person who could let a girl die on her watch.


『I will try to treat this girl with my family’s secret』(Maevis)

『『『Oh!』』』(3 Men)


The guards raised a voice full of surprise and hope.


『I can’t hope for more! Surely, thank you…』(Man)


Maevis raised her right hand and blocked the word of the escort leader.


『 But there are conditions for that』(Maevis)


Looking at Maevis “are you going to ask for a huge sum of rewards?
Maybe the escort leader thought so, his face got a bit grimace, but Maevis didn’t care at all.


『The conditions are the following three.
One: believes in me and doesn’t squeeze or get in the way.
Two: do not talk anything about my secret.
Three: Can you protect me during that time?』(Maevis)


With the conditions were completely different from what he thought, the guards were surprised.
It was a matter of course and common sense for those who used the secrets of the family rather than the conditions.
There was no way they could betray the person who tried to help their master’s important daughter.


『I swear to God in my name and my honor!』(Man)


Hearing the words, Maevis replied.


『……then, let’s begin』(Maevis)


While saying that, Maevis held the handle of the sword with his right hand and unsheathed the sword for about 10 cm.
Then she gently hit the left arm on the blade and moved it slightly.

It was said that the western sword isn’t used to cut, they are mainly used against opponents who wear armor.
In the case of Knight Sword (Shortsword), rather than “Isn’t used to cut“, it’s just that “It doesn’t have to be sharp, so don’t build on that kind of performance
However, the ordinary sword can cut quite deep.
And the blood that passed through Meavis’ arm, wetted Maevis’ palm.
The reason Maevis didn’t cut her fingers or palms was to avoid affecting the holding of the sword.

Maevis then took one small metal container out of her pocket.
It’s the Micro Capsule.

However, Micro is just a Capsule with many nanomachines and has no effect on healing itself.
It’s different from potions. (T.N: Funa sensei, this is Mile, not Kaoru series)

So, even sprinkle it to drink it will have no effect on injury or illness.
Maevis drank the Micro in her mouth.
Then, after thinking for a while, Maevis held the girl’s body in her hand.


『『『What…』』』(3 Men)


Reflectively, one escort tried to separate the two girls unintentionally,
The leader grabbed his shoulder and stopped him.


『I believed in her and swore to let her handle it.
Don’t interrupt!』(Leader)


Then Maevis softly pressed her bloody left palm into the girl’s flank wound, slowly bringing her face close to the girl’s face, … softly kissed.


『『『Eeeeeeeehhhh~~!!』』』(3 Men)

『HEY, Wait. Wait a minute~~ !!』(Leader)


This time, the man from before held down his leader who tried to stop Maevis.


『 Didn’t you say you believe her?』(Man)

『N…No. That’s… right… That’s right!』(Leader)


At first, the young girl was surprised and her eyes wide opened, but then her face was dyed red and her eyes were gradually closed.


『Aaah! AAAaaaaaaahhhhh!!』(Leader)

Mile Vol 9.2

And, a sad cry of the escort leader echoed.




Ten seconds which were long like forever for the guards and Maevis finally separated from the girl.

The girl’s face turns red and her eyes keep closed.
The escort leader has an unthinkable mind and a complex expression.

Then, in a subtle atmosphere, Maevis shouted in a terribly descriptive tone while keeping her hands on the girl’s wound.


『With the Mind medicine I poured from my mouth,
With the power of KI that flows from the wound via blood,
The damaged part, Cure!』(Maevis)


Of course, there is no need for such a spell.

KI” for healing has already been sent in earlier.
However, Maevis felt the crisis in the subtle atmosphere of this place and cast a spell for the explanation of the present condition.
Once the treatment is over, the escorts raised their cries all at once.
It was Maevis’ foremost self-defense plan that she foresaw…

Mile Vol 9.2
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  1. Other than Mile just being Mile, I’ve never understood why she didn’t just tell Mavis that the nanomachine capsule was liquid magic or something like that. Why all this stuff about Ki?


  2. So this is where the VERY INTERESTING picture was from, it did not disappoint(a little cringe at the very chunibyou chant towards the end, but ok). I guess, Maevis found a princess to protect 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! And thanks for the yuri treat 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. First TYVM for the chapter!

    Next a Small typo I found:
    『The conditions are the following three.
    One: believes in me and doesn’t squeeze or get in the way.
    Two: do not tank anything about my secret.
    Three: Can you protect me during that time?』(Maevis)

    I think that’s supposed to be:
    『The conditions are the following three.
    One: believes in me and doesn’t squeeze or get in the way.
    Two: do not say anything about my secret.
    Three: Can you protect me during that time?』(Maevis)

    I may be wrong about what it’s supposed to be but IDK how you tank a secret, sounds interesting. xD

    Lastly if I understood this situation correctly Maevis cut her arm slightly and pressed the bleeding wound up against the girl’s injury. Then Maevis drank a Micro capsule and then kissed the girl to share the Micro’s to try and heal our vic.

    I had originally assumed Maevis had cut herself so that she would be able to mix her blood and the girl’s blood together and share the Micros that way. However Maevis drank the Micros instead and transferred them via a kiss.
    So what was the point of slitting her arm? Dramatic effect?

    Liked by 1 person

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