Mile Chapter 307: Radiance of Life 1

Mile Vol 9.2
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Mile Chapter 307: Radiance of Life 1



『Wha… what …』(Leader)


While the escort leader was still dumbfounded, Maevis went a few steps forward.
She held the sword just like she was concentrating her mind.

No, that in itself isn’t strange.
In the battle, it was quite common for the swordsman to perform mental unification.
…If he or she doesn’t shout the battle cry…


『Come out, my “KI
Go beyond my body and even further…
Go around me and tell me all the enemies’ movements …』(Maevis)


And Maevis gently closed her eyes.
It’s not a sane act such as closing her eyes in front of many enemies.


『…Are you stupid?』(Enemy?)


Even the enemies also yell.
Did they feel something mysterious from Maevis who was full of confidence,
They stopped moving and started to surround her

Yes, this is the result of her training for the past few days.


(Maevis’ POV)


She remembered of Mile’s past action and teaching and tried to find something good.
As a result, she came up with the idea of reproducing Mile’s technique with the power of KI.

Maevis can’t greatly improve her sword’s speed and power overnight.
Because it’s the gift of daily effort and training over the years
Just like Maevis’ God Speed Sword

If she forcibly tried to do it in one night, she might die with her body going beyond limit…
So, how could she win in the battle against many top swordsman opponents?

What should I do to win?
Well, isn’t that fine if I don’t lose?
But what should I do in order not to lose?
Well, isn’t that mean I must avoid getting hit by the enemy’s sword?
So what should I do to defeat all enemy without getting hit once?
Without greatly boosting my speed or power?

Then she came up with Mile’s Search magic
A foul skill in which you can accurately detect distant enemies, prey and completely understand the situation.
With such magic, there won’t be any ambush or surprise attack.
What if I could execute that skill perfectly in close range?
The enemies behind us, the enemies in blind spots, the hiding enemies, and the situation of our allies.
If I could completely grasp all information within a certain range…

Mile has once said.


『My country has a concept of Barrier
And there are two types of it.
One is the defensive barrier that repels all enemies’ attacks.
Well, it’s the kind of Barrier I’ve taught Rena-san.
As for the other Barrier, it won’t stop any attacks from the enemy, but the caster can grasp everything within that space.
Perfectly grasp your own space, all of the movements of the other party.
It’s called Control the air(Mile)


It was Mile’s densely search magic at super close range.
And how does Maevis, who has no magic, do it?

In Mile’s case, she emits the sound wave and picks up the reflected wave…
Then Maevis without magic can only use the power of KI!

Maevis has repeated trial and error.
She poured the power of KI into her sword and then released it from the blade towards the entire surroundings.

(Maevis’ thought) (T.N: Ah, geez, I hate complicated things, I don’t even understand so I don’t know if I translate correctly)

However, it’s no good just emitting the KI straight.
Then what if I rotate it around myself?
Like drawing a circle?
However, what I feel is a line… Should I make it orbit instead?
The power of KI, it just reflects as a point or a line drawn by a point, a band-shaped of things enclose, rotate, fly around.
All the information in the area that it touched, it will arrive as reflection information,
As the image in the space will be reconstructed in the head.
All directions, over 360 degrees…

Just drawing a circle around isn’t efficient.
The enemies have more complicated movements.
However, to control a complex movement, I need concentration.
Then I can’t concentrate on the sword.
I must somehow do complicated movements unconsciously…


『Twisting a thin sheet of paper half a turn, then pasted the two ends of the paper together.
You see, the front and the back are connected, a strange ring without the front and back…
The name of this circle is…』(Mile)


Again, Mile’s words are floating in my brain.
Mile, she has a lot of useful wisdom…
And now, I can use this technique after the training with my Master and my Disciple Brothers.

With her eyes closed, in Maevis’ brain, her opponent’s movements within a few meters radius around her are recognized as shadows.
Maevis, who loves cool things, couldn’t help doing it here.

Three girls of the Red Oath who have been affected by Mile, especially Maevis and Rena.

However, it’s still out of place to imitate the blind swordsman in Mile’s Fukashi Talk.


『What are you?
Do you think you can kill me because you have the number advantage?
I think you would better quit it…』(Maevis)


As expected (Yahari), unless it’s the tone of that swordsman, it won’t be good.
Maevis thought so and said it…


『Damn, don’t test my patience little girl…
Hey, let’s do it!
Kill them all. Spare only the girl.』(Enemy leader)


Of course, the girl he mentions isn’t Maevis but the young Lady.

It seems that they changed their action this time, even though they gave her a fatal wound last time.

Well, the last time, it was “Rather than let her get away, kill her” and this time, it was “She can’t get away this time so we don’t need to worry
And even if they don’t kill her here, it doesn’t mean they won’t kill her in the future.
There are various things such as killing after the employer get the information, killing after having enjoyed a lot of torture and beg for forgiveness.

In some case, it might be better if she gets killed here.
So “Don’t kill” doesn’t mean anything.


The enemies spread three people to attack the three escorts and three to attack Maevis.

If all six of them head to attack the three escorts, it will be too clogged and they couldn’t swing their swords properly.
And if they do that, Maevis can attack them from behind.

But in order to protect the young lady, the 3 guards won’t be able to move from their spot while fighting one enemy each. In that meantime, the other 3 enemies will defeat Maevis with overwhelming strength.
After that, the six enemies can just slowly kill the three guards.
That was the easiest, safest, and error-free way.


Then, as the enemy’s leader tried to give instructions to attack, Maevis spoke a line of decision.


『Haven’t I told you’d better stop trying such useless things?
If you are dead, the flowers won’t bloom, you know?』(Maevis)


As expected (Yahari), those words must be with that tone.

However, when a young girl saying that, it’s only humorous.
It was unreasonable and unbearable…


『Silent! Kill her!』(Enemy leader)


Maevis opens her eyes at the same time as the enemy leader’s command.

It seems that she didn’t intend to fight with her eyes closed.
If it’s a newbie D-ranked or C-ranked Hunter, even if she is somewhat strong, she can’t stand well against regular soldiers or knights.
Even if she is somewhat skillful, she can only fight well one vs one, but it’s three vs one now.
She might be able to fight 3 bandits, but she won’t be able to fight 3 knights…

When everyone thought so.


『Maevis Circle Boundary!!』(Maevis)


Doshi~, gatsu~, dosu~! (SFX) (T.N: Triple Kill)

True God Speed Sword!!』(Maevis)



Against the True God Speed Sword, be it (a regular) an average soldier, a bandit, or even a skilled soldier, he will be going down in one shot. Well, Maevis won’t be able to deal with many enemies at once though.

…However, this time, it’s a one-sided battle.


『Hi~ya!』 (Enemy)


One of the enemies who went to fight the escorts changed his target, moved to attack Maevis from behind.
He doesn’t feel shame about it.
It’s natural to kill the enemy.
It’s not a fair fight or an honor battle.
It’s a ruthless business where one’s life, money, position, and future are at stake.


Ga~shii, dosu~! (SFX)

『It’s useless. I have no blind spots!』(Maevis)

(T.N: Maevis’ quote is the winning word for today. Fu fu fu, read the chapter properly to win, Shironeko, no shortcut)


And four enemies have fallen.


『…It~ can~ not~ be! It’s I~M~P~O~S~S~I~B~L~E!!』(Enemy)


The remaining two enemies scream, but four of them including their leader have fallen. The battle ratio is now 2 vs 4.
Moreover, one of the four opponents is a monster that beat four of their fellows in an instant… they couldn’t win.

And now that the enemies have reduced to 2, there’s no need to stay at the same place to protect the young lady.

The remaining two enemies, who were upset and distracted by Maevis, were knocked down by the three escorts.

And 3 pairs of eyes looked at Maevis in Awe.

While the remaining pair of eyes were somehow sparkling and scattering stars…


Mile Vol 5 Page 11
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    Another common sense breaking person have been born. ^^

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  2. It seems to me that Shironeko did have blind spots! I am sad. The cat should sleep a little more and become alert once more and glorious. 5 minutes are not enought sleep for a cat I say! Thank you for the chapter Good Work!


    • Well , I mean , my cat sleeps like ? 17 hours out of 24 ? something like that ? and I know that cats spend something like more than half of their entire life sleeping …Does that mean … Shironeko is … A FAKE CAT ?! (TUTUTUM)


  3. I feel like Maevis is becoming more of a samurai than a knight … and “Mile has a lot oof useful wisdom” xD
    I think she is the one who could possibly make that wisdom useful, her and mile herself ;D
    Anyway thanks for the average chapter as always ^^


  4. TYVM for the chapter! “It’s useless! I have no blind spots”
    SO Maevis just went and created a small scale internal radar for herself huh? Yeah sounds about “average” …


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