Mile Chapter 311: Radiance of Life 5

Mile Vol 10.7
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To September 30th.

Random manga translations release.

Mile: add 1 more chapter because I mistook the cliff hanger is only the climax of the fight. Geez, quit complaining, I feel guilty.

Mira: 3 chapters left

Taru: 3 chapters left

Cathia: 3 chapters left

Arge: must finish the current Arc at all cost. 13 Chapters left (Chapter 178-190)

After Arge’s Arc => Cathia’s Arc (10 chapters in total – 2 already released chapters)

After Cathia’s turn => Mile’s turn

Mile: down to 15 chapters (from chapter 312 to chapter 326) (Must wait after Arge and Cathia ARC)

Mile’s goddess result will be much later when the young princess is saved in another country.

Mile Chapter 311: Radiance of Life 5



The enemies are rolling on the ground.

Three escort swordsmen are standing stunned.
Two magicians have boring faces.
Mile has the face *Mu~fu~fu*

…And Maevis is releasing the “help me” aura while the princess clung onto her.


『Help me…』(Maevis)


Maevis is strong against the enemy but weak against the girl.
…Even though Maevis herself is also a “girl”…




『…that’s how it is…』(Escort Leader)


As expected (Sasuga ni), after Red Oath has been involved so far, the escort leader has to no choice but to explain the circumstance.

The place is the town’s inn.

After that fight, Mile’s group and the other party left the fallen soldiers rolling on the ground and quickly moved forward. Everyone arrived at the next town and chose the lodgings while it was bright.

Of course, before moving, Mile and Pauline healed Maevis and the princess properly, their skins have smooth skin without hairline injuries.
Of course, not only the outside but also the body has been carefully repaired with healing magic.
The great damage in the body actually takes a little time for complete healing by cell proliferation, but the grafting and bonding of tendons are temporarily treated with artificial…, or nano-technological materials.
There’s no hindrance to the fighting.
And with the rapid growth of cells under the control of nanomachines, those parts are sequentially removed and completely restored.


『I see.
An epidemic has killed everyone and your parents, the lord.
As the lord’s daughter, the lady was supposed to be the successor,
However, her father’s second brother, aka her uncle wanted to take it instead so he tried to assassinate her.
Something like that…』(Pauline)


Pauline summarized the escort leader’s explanation.
Apparently in this country, even if the first brother has already died, the inheritance order doesn’t change.
It goes under it through the deceased first brother.
Unless that first brother has no children, the inheritance order will go to the second brother.

Of course, the escort leader only explains that their lord is just “certain noble family”.

However, if they are just a normal noble family, they will flee to another territory or try to report to the royal palace for help.
They won’t go to the border and flee to other countries.
And again, if the second uncle only owns a territory, the soldiers under his order won’t be able to act however they like in other territories.

To put it simply, it’s the dispute between nobles with the intervention of the royal place.
Besides, it would be inconvenient for that second brother endlessly… unless…

That’s how it is…


And so on, but there’s no need to explain more than this. Because the enemy commander was already also saying『Our first guard platoon
It’s not something a normal noble of land can order to kill his niece.


『Two gold coins per day.』(Pauline)

『Huh?』(Escort Leader)


The escort leader doesn’t understand the meaning of Pauline’s words and is dumbfounded.


『It’s a guard fee.
It’s a free request that doesn’t go through the guild, so there’s no achievement point. The risk of being attacked is quite high, the enemies are the regular soldiers who are much stronger than the bandits. And if you get injured, we must give healing magic free of charge. So the fee is 5 small gold coins per day for each person, 2 gold coins for 4 people…』(Pauline)

『hired!』(Escort Leader)


The escort leader recovered and answered right away.
He took out one coin from his drawstring bag and handed it over to Pauline.




As Pauline stares over the coin, which she has received in a reflective way. Mile looks at the coin from the side.


『Orichalcum coin …』(Mile)


Yes, it was the Orichalcum coin that worths ten gold coins.
Perhaps, most of the contents of that drawstring bag are Orichalcum coins.
And one escort leader can’t have all of the fugitive money.
All the guards should have it distributed, just in case.
That’s it…


『I failed! I have failed miserly…
I thought that they would have run out of money while running away, I asked for a cheap price. I’m an idiot, aaaa~…!』(Pauline)


The gold coins commonly available in this world are as much as one quarter ounce gold coin of the earth,
In other words, it’s slightly heavier than the Japanese 500 yen coin and so on.
The Orichalcum coins are also about the same weight and volume.

Consider the volume. If all three escorts possess it, they all a great fortune of Orichalcum coins…
Pauline is in agony with her miscalculation.

The escort leader saw Pauline’s state and suggested to raise the fee.
Other guards and the lady also nodded.
However, Pauline was “I won’t change the fee of the request once said“.
In the end, she is the one to blame for her own misery.


『Well, anyway…』(Maevis)


Because Pauline kept on scratching her head made the air awkward, Maevis went on and changed the topic.
… Apparently, the request has already been accepted.


『Why did everyone know my place and rushed to that place?
And, when you appeared, that magic …』(Maevis)


Everyone’s appearance at that timing was too good as well as how they appeared.
Maybe, while I was desperately acquiring new skills, did everyone gain new magic to overthrow it?
For example, magic that can move to a distant place in a moment.
As Maevis thought so, she felt rather down.


『Oh, that’s just hidden magic, it’s my usual “invisible field
But I just arranged the way of the release a little and made each appearance in a different way because…』(Mile)

『『It’s very cool!』』(Mile + Maevis)


The voices of Mile and Maevis were aligned.


『I didn’t use the magic of moving away from a distance in an instant,
otherwise, you would not hear my voice before I appeared,
and I wouldn’t know about the circumstances beforehand when I appeared,
and moreover, I don’t know Maevis’ exact whereabouts, I can’t teleport to the perfect place suddenly… 』(Mile)

『Well, now that you are talking about it, it’s true』(Maevis)

((((Just what did you feel at ease about?
And she didn’t say “I couldn’t do that“, she said “I didn’t use it“)))) (3 Guard + Princess)


The young lady’s eye sparked and the guards’ eyes are dead.


『And because Maevis-san didn’t show up yesterday evening, we asked the hunters who traveled with the same direction at the guild and the bar “Did you see a blonde female swordsman hunter on the way here?“, etc.
We were told that you walked with 3 soldiers and 1 young girl.
You asked them for a ride or even just the young girl, but the merchant hated trouble so he refused, etc.
Furthermore, we heard the story about several injured soldiers rolled on the ground along the road…
Then we paid the room’s fee right away, talking through the night with Sonic Move…』(Mile)

『I’m sorry …』(Maevis)


What Mile said wasn’t a lie, but there was one more reason that Mile insisted on everyone to return soon.
The nanomachines reported that “one micro has been used
Nanomachines networks aren’t used to provide benefits to specific forces.
The nanomachine reported that to show courtesy to the extent that it didn’t violate the rules.


『First of all, Maevis-san, what’s with that question “Why did you rush?“?』(Mile)



Maevis was dumbfounded with Mile’s statement.


『I mean, how could you think that we would not come while our comrade (Nakama) was in crisis?
Be it the middle of the battlefield or the bottom of hell, if you call, we will come immediately.
As for we are the four companions who are connected by the soul with the name…』(Mile)

『『『『Red Oath』』』』(Red Oath)


As they are in the hotel, there’s neither smoke nor explosion this time.
But the glitter of the young lady’s eyes won’t stop…

Mile Vol 9.13
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