Mira Chapter 61: Onee-san’s trouble

Mira Vol 1-10
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Mira Chapter 61: Onee-san’s trouble

(T.N: Onee-san = Big sister, the way to call a girl who is older than you)


After having her hair tied up by the Onee-san in the bathroom, Mira stands up on the edge of the bath and slowly gets in.
Her cheeks loosen from the warmth of hot water on her feet.
She avoided the place where women occupied and went to secure a corner where she could enjoy the view of the Japanese garden.


『A splendid view ~ja ~no』(Mira)


The public bath and the ground continue to spread out in an ornamental pond garden.
At this time of the night, a fire is lit on the sarcophagus (stone lantern),
It illuminates the garden so that you can walk instead of crawling in the night with your hand.

The colorful light majestically reflects on the clean pond.
There are moss stones and pine trees in the surrounding area.
In the back of the row of pine trees, bamboo fences were lined up and added more colors to the whole picture.
The sound of water resonating with the bamboo cylinder shakes the quietness of the dim garden and disappears like a foam.

As Mira relaxed in the bath in the quiet night, she turned her body to change her posture, and then…


Since when were you here』(Mira)


It’s the Onee-san who helped Mira tie her hair, she was relaxing in the bath right next to Mira.
The Onee-san seems to have closed her eyes to relax. As she noticed Mira, she smiled in a gentle manner to greet her.


『I have been there for a long time. You finally noticed me』(Onee-san)


The Onee-san joyfully said so.
Mira looked at her face. Mira somehow shook her temptation, turned her face away and stayed on the edge of the bath.


『Well then, is something the matter?』(Mira)

『Well, I don’t really need anything.
But rather than staying alone, I want to spend time with you』(Onee-san)


Actually, this Onee-san is loving her Imouto way too much.
She simply wanted to take care of and spoil Mira like she was her Imouto.
She just had a fateful encounter with Mira, got permission to take care of Mira’s hair, and now she realized she wanted to wash Mira’s back as well.

And when she was about to ask, she noticed the silver armlet shining on Mira’s left arm.
Then, the color of her pupil changed sharply. (From love-struck to serious mode)


『Now that I look at it closely, isn’t it an operator’s bracelet?
Are you an advanced adventurer?』(Onee-san)


She tried to lean over and looked at Mira’s left arm.


『Mu~, Ah… that’s right (So~ja~na)』(Mira)


Mira isn’t used to the name “operator’s bracelet” yet, not to mention, the Onee-san is too close, so she is somewhat discomposed.
After calmly thinking for a while, she realized it was about the Bracelet on her left arm and replied.
The Onee-san’s eyes are sparkling as she heard Mira’s reply.


The Operator’s bracelet is amazing.
I heard it was very convenient.
However, I’m only D rank now. I’m almost ready to become C rank.
How nice, I really yearn for it』(Onee-san)


The Onee-san came to the front of Mira with an innocent expression and saying so.
Then, after gazing (checking) at Mira’s whole naked body, she looked at Mira full of expression.


『Uhm, your name… (Kimi no na wa), Ah… I am Aselia.
How should I call you?』(Aselia)

『I am Mira ~ja.
Just call me Mira.』(Mira)


Noticing that she has been rude for asking other’s people name without introducing herself first, Aselia introduced herself properly and Mira responded while looking at the garden (Avoid looking at Aselia’s naked body)


『Un, I understand.
So Mira-chan.
Can you tell me your class?』(Aselia)


Taking more interest in Mira than before, Aselia gradually narrows her distance and tries to stay in front of Mira.
As Mira feels Aselia’s breath next to her face, her heart jumped.
Mira tried to suppress it with the calm atmosphere of the garden and replied “Summoner ~ja


『Hee… A summoner… I have never seen any summoner, I wonder if there are many advanced one』(Aselia)


Aselia admired it honestly and raised her impression.
Aselia also had heard about the current status of the summoner class.
It’s the situation that there’s no new strong summoner in decades.
Still, if there is such a person, Aselia will be a little happy to know about it.
It’s because she feels her world is expanding.


『By the way, I am a Holy Knight!』(Aselia)


Aselia claims so.
Listening to Aselia’s class, Mira is reminded of her friend’s face.


『Hoo… a Holy Knight? It would be the same as Solomon ~ja~na』(Mira)


King Solomon of the Alkite Kingdom was also a Holy Knight.
Mira just said that without any deep meaning but when Aselia heard it, she had a face like a child.


『Did you also understand it?
I have heard from Mama the story of Solomon-sama since childhood.
I have been longing to be like him since then. That’s why I chose the same class as Solomon-sama』(Aselia)


Was she embarrassed or was she shy? But it’s more like she was happy and twisted her body.
For Aselia, who has been listening to Solomon’s folklore as a holy knight instead of a lullaby, she worshiped Solomon as a hero over nine wise men.
And instead of longing to become a Holy Knight like Solomon, it becomes her future goal and she finally reaches it now.


You are longing for him…
But that guy has an unusual way of fighting ~ja~ga,
How did you fare?』(Mira)


Mira remembered the invincible aggression of Solomon’s Holy Knight at the time. She felt uneasy as to whether Aselia has largely deviated from the royal road of the Holy Knight.


『I’m still aiming to be like him, I’m still not there yet though』(Aselia)


Aselia replied so and she suddenly confronted Mira with a serious look.


『By the way, Mira-chan.
From a while ago, you didn’t call Solomon-sama with an honorific.
You called him, that guy.
Don’t call the king like that.
Especially with Solomon-sama!』(Aselia)


It’s good advice or rather it’s common sense.
Although Solomon is the King of a small country, there’s no one who doesn’t know about the arts at the top of the Arkite kingdom,
He is a great man who deserves respect.

For people with common sense, Solomon is a great existence.
But for Mira, who has been playing with Solomon for years, he is a close friend.
If Mira isn’t conscious of it, she will call him naturally with just his name.


(Solomon-sama….. Hmmm, I only feel discomfort…) (Mira)

『For now, it sounds weird to call him with an honorific…』(Mira)


After trying a simulator in her head, Mira leaks out her thought unconsciously.

Then, Aselia’s eyes became sharper as she brought her face closer to confront Mira, it made Mira flustered.


『How can you say it like that…
Somehow you have a friendly, familiar tone
Don’t tell me you are acquainted with Solomon-sama?
Wait, I don’t think that’s true!
…Hey, no way』(Aselia)


Even though she seems to be joking, her eyes are serious.
Aselia is determined not to leave until she hears Mira’s explanation properly.

She expressed her attitude by grasping Mira’s shoulders. And she pulled her face closer that their noses almost touched each other.
When she was approached by a naked woman this close, Mira couldn’t hide her upset. She shook her head vertically with rounded eyes.


『I know him even before he became a king.
He is like a friend of mine ~ja ~na』(Mira)


Mira was pushed by Aselia’s momentum and she stated the truth without hiding fine dust.
On the other hand, Aselia stared at Mira with a suspicious look.


『It must have been over thirty years before Solomon became king.
No matter how you look at it, Mira-chan doesn’t seem to be over thirty.』(Aselia)

『Well, it would be the same with Solomon』(Mira)


Just as Mira says, Solomon remains as a boy while continuing to reign as a king.
Aselia was convinced “indeed” and she looked at Mira’s body without hesitation.


『But as far as I see, Mira is an average human.
There are no characteristics like the elves or fairies…』(Aselia)


At first, Aselia thought about the possibility that Mira is a long-lived species.
However, Mira’s own body has no such feature.
There are no signs of the long-lived species known to the world, such as the long-eared Elves and the fairy wings.


『Please excuse me for a bit』(Aselia)


Aselia leans her head forward and says so while lifting Mira’s upper lip with her finger.
There are aligned white teeth. Aselia can’t find the characteristic of a Vampire, sharp canines.

In front of the doubting Aselia, Mira herself has also wondered what kind of race the players like Solomon and Luminaria will be classified. So that Mira can answer Aselia.
But Aselia immediately murmured the answer.


『Then. as expected, Mira-chan is really the same as Solomon-sama, the Celestial Human!』(Aselia)


Even while being upset, Aselia still suppressed her voice to hear-able volume.
Mira was pondering with the unfamiliar word “Celestial Human?


『That’s right, Mira-chan』(Aselia)

『It’s good that you already calmed down.
So what is the Celestial Human in the first place ~no ~koto ~ja?』(Mira)


Mira managed to get some distance by removing Aselia’s hands on her shoulders and pushed Aselia back a little. Then Mira asked Aselia.
At that moment, Aselia lost her momentum with “Arere” and looked at Mira’s whole body again


The Celestial Human are people like Solomon-sama. Somehow they appeared in this world at the same time (Open beta).
Unlike long-lived species, their body is the same as an ordinary person, but they are the race whose appearance remains unchanged with time passing. The kings of many countries have their attention to this celestial race.
I have heard that a lot of them are powerful adventurers, skillful craftsmen, and famous people.
There was a talk about they are the messengers of the Heaven』(Aselia)

『Hmm, so that is the High Human you are talking about』(Mira)


In other words, Mira believed that the Celestial Human was actually former players.
Certainly, if their appearance didn’t change for thirty years, people would start to have some doubts.
They were neither ordinary human nor long-lived species.

After that, people started to wonder if they are some kind of monster (bakemono) or demon (mamono). Somehow or another, they were settled as a new race. Mira has a wry smile, imagining the uproar at that time.

Mira’s imagination is almost spotted on.
When people started to feel suspicious, the former players also started working with people
They declared themselves as a new race that descended from heaven to earth, a celestial race.
Because of their unusual abilities and reliability, the Celestial Human was recognized by the whole world.


『So, how about it?』(Aselia)

『It may be so ~n ~ja~rou.
I don’t really know…
But I have the evidence that I’m acquainted with Solomon.』(Mira)


As she said that, Mira brought out the medal which has proven effective in place of ID card.
Mira heard that people would understand that Solomon has approved the person with this medal.
Aselia who observes every corner of the medal with the curious expression.
Then her eyes were opened wide as she found something.


『Uwa, that’s true.
The name of Solomon is engraved.
That means Mira is really a Celestial.』(Aselia)


In fact, the medal had the name of Solomon inscribed with a special form letter for awarding.
Mira wouldn’t notice it, but it was common sense for Aselia, who worships Solomon.
As a result, Mira’s medal is the absolute proof for Aselia.
Aselia returned to the medal even though she greedily wanted to hold on it a little more.


『This is the first time I have seen a Celestial up close.
Your skin is so beautiful and cute,
As expected, the heavenly people are something else』(Aselia)


As Aselia said that, she looked at Mira again with a dignified expression.
For Aselia, the fact that Mira is the same race as Solomon, the philosopher by itself is worth-respecting.

And in the case of the Celestial beings, it would be no wonder the girl in front of her eyes knew Solomon even before he became the king.


『Mira-chan… No, Mira-sama.
I have a favor to ask.
If you know Solomon-sama in the old days, could you please tell me how Solomon did his training…?』(Aselia)


Aselia suddenly changed her way of calling Mira and despite being in the bath, she prostrated underwater.
And the surrounding female customers started looking at Mira’s direction. Mira couldn’t bear their gaze so…


『I get it. I will tell you as much as you want so please spare me any of this!』(Mira)


Mira pulled Aselia out of the hot water while saying so.
However, because she was underwater, apparently she didn’t hear Mira’s words clearly.


『I will teach you so much as you want, so give me a break already!』(Mira)


Mira cried so as to suppress her swirling emotion from feeling the softness of Aselia’s body.


No, is that true?!
Thank you very much!』(Aselia)

『 You can talk to me the same as before.
I’m just an adventurer, even if I’m a celestial.
I’m not different from you』(Mira)


As Mira said so, she turned her face toward the garden again as if to cool her red hot cheeks.


『U~n, I understand.
If Mira-chan says so, I will do so. So, how did Solomon-sama train?』(Aselia)


Aselia sits on her knees in the bath.
It’s an attitude like saying that she won’t miss any word.
Her eyes are full of expectations, but they also have some dark shadows.


『I don’t mind telling you but why do you want to hear about it ~ga~ru~n~ja?
It doesn’t seem to be just an interest ~yashino~u.
To be honest, in the past he had a very quiet way of fighting ~otta~zo』(Mira)

『I’m sorry…
Actually, I’m struggling to grow now.
Since I reached the middle-rank D, there were a lot of things that didn’t work well.
Look, here, here … here, and here too.
The potions also cost money and the request doesn’t go well.』(Aselia)


As Aselia said so, she pointed to the scars on the body and showed Mira.
Mira only confirmed the wounds on her shoulder and her flank, she avoided looking at the front wounds.


『As I said earlier,
I longed for Solomon-sama and chose to be a Holy Knight.
But recently, I don’t know how to be strong like Solomon-sama』(Aselia)


Aselia became depressed as she said that.


『Become like Solomon.
It will be a difficult road, I think you’d better not follow ~ja ~gana』(Mira)

『I have met various holy knights so I already knew it.
But I still longed for Solomon-sama after all.
So, please.
Tell me anything you know so that I can use them as a reference.』(Aselia)


Aselia has a feeling of helplessness.
The so-called advancing to C-rank. Because there is an invisible wall between C and D.
There are monsters that can’t be dealt with power or wisdom.
The D-rank has a mix of various requests and Aselia is trying her best to advance from there.


『Well, I understood.
Speaking of which, you are longing for Solomon.
So, did you get the attribute sword?』(Mira)

『Of course!
My battle style is the same attribute release specialization as Solomon-sama.
I have the weapon that I still have only the Red Lotus Long Sword…』(Aselia)

『Hm, the Red Lotus Long Sword?』(Mira)


It’s the standard attribute sword with an attribute of fire.
It is an easy-to-use, long-lasting product.
If you choose the attribute release specialization, the performance of the attribute weapon will greatly affect the strength.
However, Red Lotus Long Sword should be enough as a weapon.
Mira remembered how Solomon played at the old day and thought about the difference with Aselia.


『You said you’re struggling.
What does that mean specifically?』(Mira)


There is no problem with the sword itself.
After that, it is the arm.
If there is a problem there, Mira need asking to find out the cause.
Then Aselia shyly smiles and talks.


『Recently, my sword training is bad.
Certainly, there was some response but I couldn’t finish it or receive a big counterattack.
Ah, geez, I have never had such a problem before!』(Aselia)

『Hm… the sword training, isn’t it ~ga ~nou?』(Mira)


As she was reminded of her regretful failure, Aselia became down from depression. She pouted and taps the surface of the water with her hand.
Mira wiped the water on her face, she recalled the effect of attribute release, which is the skill of the Holy Knight.
Attribute release is the skill to release the power of the weapon and temporarily strengthen the attribute of the weapon.
If you use it with Red Lotus Long Sword, it will form a flame blade that burns off the subject.


『Actually, I was thinking about a solution.
Because I’ve been using Red Lotus Long Sword ever since I started,
This is more like a revolution,
I was thinking about using a new sword』(Aselia)

Well, if you use the stronger weapon than Red Lotus Long Sword, you will naturally become stronger.
So, what are you going to use?』(Mira)


Attribute release has the characteristic that the effect is dramatically increased as the power stored in the weapon increased.
Meanwhile, Red Lotus Long Sword’s performance is rather low as a medium of a flame attribute sword.
You could get a better sword if you try to find more.

However, Mira still doesn’t know which is the cause. Even the arms are still important, changing the weapon might not be the solution here.
After hearing Mira somewhat confirmed her method, Aselia was a little proud and answered.


『Spirit sword! I think that is the only way』(Aselia)


Spirit sword.
The sword containing the power of the spirit is very compatible with the skills and liberation of the Holy Knight.
So you will be able to make a leap as a holy knight if you get the right spirit sword.
However, the degree of difficulty in obtaining one is also exceptional.
But it’s much more certain than the other ways.


『Spirit Sword, right…
Certainly, if you choose attribute release specialization, it can be said that there is no better weapon,
But is it something you can get?』(Mira)


There are other spirit arms, not just the spirit sword, which all have the power of spirit dwelling within.
It’s close to having the spirits shaving their life for those types of equipment.
You must either get close contact with the spirit for a long time or you need to be blessed with great fortune (RNGesus) in order to get it.


『Yeah, I thought so too. But you know, actually…』(Aselia)


Aselia brought her face closer to Mira’s ear and spoke with secret gestures.


『In the port town of Ostein, I heard that there is a store with a lot of Spirit Arms.
And it’s about 70% of the market price』(Aselia)


Then she talked in a delightful voice as if singing and she pulled her face apart then sinking herself in the bath.


『I have a lot of money.
The most expensive equipment I have ever bought was the Red Lotus Long Sword,
I have done all requests with minimal expenses until now.
It might be impossible to get an advanced class weapon.
But if it’s 70% of the lower class, I might get it somehow.
And now that’s how it is.
I can get there using train』(Aselia)


Aselia is happily saying and she laughs like a child.


『So there was such a place now.
Time sure has changed a lot』(Mira)


Buy spirit arms with money. This is also one of the means of acquisition.
However, due to its rarity and usefulness, the price also rises accordingly. In some cases, people can even buy a better performance weapon with that money.
Nevertheless, it is said that Spirit Arms have its value over those weapons.
Spirit Arms also have characteristics of each spirit.
If it’s the Spirit Arm with the power a spirit who likes to dance in the sky dwells within, those who wear it becomes surprisingly light.
If it’s the Spirit Arm of a hot-headed spirit, the weapon’s attribute will raise higher,
If it’s the Spirit Arm leans to defend, it will add a strong counterattack to the enemy.
All of those added more value attraction of Spiritual Arms.

And that’s also the reason why it’s compatible with the Holy Knight.
Because the Holy Knight’s Attribute Release Skill also has a similar effect.
Mira also understood the difference in the performance because she has seen how Solomon did it.
Therefore, if you have a chance to get the Spirit Arm, you should try your best to get it till the end.
If it’s a Holy Knight specializing in Attribute Release, he will definitely become stronger.

But, from how Aselia said, Mira was worried that she was overly inclined to the sword.
Originally, the Holy Knight is essential to block and counter.

Mira raised her face slightly and looked at Aselia’s body.
There are scars in various places.
Many scars are in her upper body which should have been covered with a shield.
Aselia also said she often got hurt by counterattacks and had a difficulty to use her sword.
Furthermore, she used Salomon’s battle style as a reference.

From that point, Mira thought that Aselia has neglected defense somehow.
The main point of defense for the Holy Knight is a shield.
But Aselia said that her only thing expensive equipment was the Red Lotus Long Sword.


『By the way, what kind of shield are you using now?』(Mira)


Mira asked so.
She took into account the possibility of Aselia having a good shield from the beginning.
However, Aselia was…


Well, It’s a kite shield I bought at a nearby weapons store before I left for the trip.』(Aselia)


Aselia answered while tilting her head wondering why Mira asked her such a thing.

Mira nodded “I see” and she grasped the general circumstances.
The battle method of the Attribute Release Specialization Holy Knight is something called the Flow of the Iron Wall
They receive attacks with Shield and counter-attack with Attribute Release,
It’s super effective to hit the enemies after breaking their balance.

This is the basis. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s the most important thing.
And it was also the battle method which Solomon took


『For now, does your shield have attributes?』(Mira)

『It’s an ordinary shield, so it’s non-attribute. What’s about it?』(Aselia)


Aselia had no idea what was this about so she looked at Mira waiting for an answer.
Apparently, it may be necessary to fix Aselia from the basics of the Holy Knight.
That’s why Mira thought about what Solomon has been doing until he reached his current fighting style which barely using the shield to block

(T.N: When you are too strong, you won’t block and counter anymore but keep attacking while tanking the damage)

If Aselia is aiming to be a Holy Knight like Solomon, this information might be a little helpful.


『In my memory, Solomon had acquired the Attribute Shield before Attribute Sword.
Attribute Sword is something he got later』(Mira)

『Eh!? But… I mean… Solomon in the tale was…』(Aselia)


Aselia can’t believe Mira’s words, she repeatedly refutes it with Solomon’s knowledge in her brain until she finally reaches the conclusion that Mira is lying.
But that doesn’t seem to be the case either.

If Aselia didn’t see Solomon’s proof from Mira just now, she would have been angry with Mira.
The Solomon that Aselia know has a strong impression of using the sword as main, it’s different from how Mira knows.


『I know what you want to say, but that’s true.
Solomon’s battle style nowadays is the result of his training with the basic of the Holy Knight』(Mira)

『The basics of the Holy Knight…
Is that so?
It must be true if a Celestial like Mira-chan said so.
So, what about me compared to Solomon-sama?』(Aselia)


Aselia began thinking about the tale of Solomon that she heard and she carefully took into account Mira’s words. Then she asked Mira about the most important thing.


『I can’t tell because I still don’t see how you fight. But if you follow Solomon, it’s probably better to get an attribute shield than a spirit sword.
We have been fighting together well. Until Solomon became strong like today, he has been fighting using a shield as main』(Mira)

『Un… I see. That’s true. I somehow also felt the same way.
So that’s the purpose of the shield.』(Aselia)

『I’m more surprised that you could fight like that until now…』(Mira)


Aselia herself has also hit the wall due to the recent injury.
Up until now, she continued to run around to attack with her sword, she didn’t stop to think about the basics.

And when she’s stuck, the light of hope appeared.
It’s the story of King Solomon from a Celestial Girl, who is his friend from the old day.
Solomon’s past told by her made Aselia consider everything from the beginning.


『If you know, I would like you to tell me…
What is the attribute shield that Solomon-sama acquired for the first time?』(Aselia)


Aselia put both hands together to appeal.
As a result, Mira was somewhat embarrassed and then she answered.


『Certainly, it was a Red Jade Stone Shield.』(Mira)


Initially, Mira, who had fought with Solomon from the start, was present at the first time Solomon obtained the first shield.
The Red Jade Stone Shield is a shield of fire property that can be obtained from a special monster.
After saying, Mira remembered something she missed.
The Stone Shield has eight attributes in all, so of course, Somolon would use it.
And Mira had a wry smile after she recalled it.


『Red Jade Stone Shield…
That’s Solomon-sama’s origin…
Thank you, Mira-chan, I will start with a Red Jade Stone Shield!』(Aselia)


Aselia declared so.
Her expression was full of determination.


『Stopping with what you have been doing might be a hassle.
And using the Attribute Shield as main might lower your attack (DPS)
But once you mastered it, you can fight the same style as Solomon』(Mira)

『Same as Solomon is good!』(Aselia)


Aselia said neatly and cleanly.
As for Mira, she can’t say anything more than this other than “Do your best”

Mira relaxed and thought she had a good souvenir story for Solomon.

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    “But it’s more she was happy and twisted” -> {But it’s more like she was happy and/while/as she was twisting}
    “as a hero over nine” -> {as a hero of/over the nine}
    “with an honorific” -> {with honorifics}
    “Especially with Solomon-sama” -> {Especially Solomon-sama}
    “trying a simulator” -> {trying a simulation}
    “Mira make Mira flustered” -> {Mira, making Mira flustered}
    “her upset” -> wot?
    “thirty years before” -> {thirty years since}
    “Then. as expected” -> {Then, as expected}
    “removing Aselia’s hands on her shoulders” -> {removing Aselia’s hands off of her shoulders}
    “remains unchanged with time passed” -> {remains unchanged with the passage of time}
    “was actually former players” -> {was actually the race of the former players}
    “even she greedily wanted” -> {even as she greedily wanted}
    “chose to be the Holy Knight” -> {chose to be a Holy Knight}
    “I don’t know how to be strong” -> {I don’t know [anymore] how to become strong}, the [anymore] is not necessary
    “so-called advanced to C-rank” -> {so-called advancement to C-rank}
    “can’t be dealing with” -> {can’t be dealt with}
    “She pouted and taps” -> {She pouted and tapped}
    “if you use the stronger weapon” -> {if you use a stronger weapon}
    “all have the power of spirit dwells within” -> {all have the power of spirit dwelling within}
    “better performance weapon with that money” -> {better performing weapon with that sum of money}
    “If it’s the Spirit Arm” -> {If it’s a Spirit Arm} in all instances 😀
    “those who wear it becomes” -> {those who wear it become}
    “more value attraction of Spiritual Arms” -> {more value and attraction to the Spiritual Arms}
    “I’m a kite shield” -> {I’m using a kite shield}
    “Mira nodded “I see” and she grasped” -> {Mira nodded “I see” as she grasped}
    “which barely using the shield to block” -> {which barely used the shield to block.} ~ don’t forget the full stop, plix
    “who had been fought with Solomon” -> {who had been fighting side by side with Solomon}
    “Stopped with what you have been doing” -> {Stopping with what you have been doing}

    A long chat with a naked woman in the hot spring, this is very envious. And after reading about that huge price discount on spirit arms, I think there is a new lead on that villainous organization.
    Thanks for the chapter! It was long and interesting! God bless you, take care, and have a great day!

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  3. Ahhh~ caught up with Mile and Mira at last… i still have about 50+ chapters with Arge too… time binge read Arge now thanksies…


  4. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Is Mira gonna have a practice match with the wannabe Holy Knight?

    And the spirit shields at discount prices seem kinda shady. Like they could be evil spirits or made using the poached spirits from the forest.


    • Yes. That whole country is hunting Spirit.
      I was so angry at first.
      And at a two certain points of the story, I cried two times. I know they are just spirits but I don’t like that tregady and how people who hold them dear grief on their death.


      • So are spirits killed and forged into blades or something or are they like, trapped in the weapons? Or maybe the spirits are forced to imbue their blessings into the weapons?

        Does it give an explanation as to how spirit blades function?


        • Spirit weapon are wespon enchanted with Spirit life force.

          Normally, you must befriend with a spirit, raise the AFFECTION POINT to the max and the spirit will give some of his/her life force to bless you (in Mira case: immune all status blessing on her body)

          And here goes, a mad scientist cut spirit’s body apart in lab and success use the spirit life force to enchant any kind of items (daily goods, potions, weapon, robot, etc.)
          He already died of old age long ago though.

          The country got blind on the fortune and mascared over 9000 spirits.
          They created a army of robots running with spirit’s life force.

          Spirits are a peaceful race, they won’t attack people unless people attack them first. Which was why they were mascared easily even though they were strong.


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