Sei Manga Chapter 12 Part 4: Intense Training

Sei Cover vol 2
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Sei Manga Chapter 12 Part 4: Intense Training

Page 25

After that, Mr. Head Magician told me various things,

師団長様から色々と聴取された のだった
such as how to feel magic power while sending it to other people.


魔法の講義に実技の時間も 加わるように なり
the time for magic practice increased.

一日の前半は 座学
The first half of the day is studying in the classroom

後半は一 演習場まで 移動しての 実技なのだが…
The second half is practice skill at the Court Mage Division’s practice grounds

Page 26

とにかく、 スパルタ なのだ
If I must say
His teaching style was that of a Spartan’s
では、 前回と同じ方法で はじめましょう
Let’s get started. The procedure is the same as last time.


今教わっているのは 魔力操作について
I’m currently learning about magical manipulation.

魔力操作だけなら 演習場まで来ることもないのだけど
If I only need to use my magical power, I won’t need to come to the training area

同時にすばやく 魔法を発動させる という実習も 課せられた。
At the same time, I also need to practice to shorten the magic activate time.

そのため毎回 演習場まで来る 必要があった。
Therefore, it was necessary to come to the training area.


Page 27


もう少し早く 発動できませんか?
Can’t you cast a little faster?

…いきなり師団長様と一 同じ速度というのは 難しいです…
I can’t suddenly cast at the same speed as you, Mr. Head Magician

これでも 手加減はしてるん ですけどね
I’m still going easy on you, you know.

実技は師団長様と 同じ速さで発動 することが目標 らしい
The goal of my practice is to cast magic at the same speed as Mr. Head Magician

ちなみに師団長様は 三属性の魔法を一 ぽんぽん発動させる ことができる…。
By the way, it seems Mr. Head Magician can activate three magic at the same time

Page 28

宮廷魔道師の 人達に聞いた話によると
According to the story that I heard from the court mages

以前行われた師団長様の魔法指導ではあまりのスパルタぶりに1日で音を上げる人が たくさんいたそうだ
When Mr. Head Magician started this magic training for the first time, a large number of mages gathered at the exercise grounds. They wanted to receive guidance from the best Mage.

Death carnage…

魔道師さんから言わせると これでも 師団長様は私の能力に 合わせてくれて いるらしい
From what the mages told me, Mr. Head Magician was still going easy on me

That means he thought I could do it

それはそれで 期待に応えられ なくて悔しい
However, I couldn’t meet his expectations


今は練習 あるのみ
Anyway, I should concentrate on practice now

そう思って講義の間中 ただ無心に魔法を発動し続けた
I thought so and continued to use magic throughout the lecture.
But …

一週間経っても 目標には届かな かったのだった。
Even after a week, I still couldn’t reach the goal.

Page 29

Royal Academy

ねえ そこの貴女
Hey, the girl over there

Page 30

今まで何度も 忠告したのに
I have advised you many times so far

貴女まだ カイル殿下に付き纏って いるみたいね
But it looks like you are still attached to His Highness Kyle

カイル殿下には 正式な婚約者が いらっしゃるの
His Highness Kyle already has a fiancées

Didn’t you realize how annoyed it would be for her?

カイル殿下 だけではないわ
Besides, it’s not just his highness Kyle

貴女 他の 男性にも…
You also take other men…


Page 31

お前達 何をしている。
What are you doing?

カイル 殿下…!
His Highness Kyle …!

Aira! Let’s go


Page 25

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Page 26

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Page 27

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Page 28

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Page 29

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Page 30

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Page 31

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