Taru Chapter 27: Signs of War

Taru Novel Cover
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To September 30th.

Random manga translations release. (Full chapter of Kaoru is under translating, 33 pages)

Mira: 2 chapters left

Taru: 3 => 2 chapters left (By the way, I will continue to release Taru next to 0 chapters left then marathon Arge 13 => Marathon Cathy 8 => Marathon Mile 15)

Arge: must finish the current Arc at all cost. 13 Chapters left (Chapter 178-190)

After Arge’s Arc => Cathia’s Arc (10 chapters in total – 2 already released chapters)

After Cathia’s turn => Mile’s turn

Mile: 15 chapters (from chapter 312 to chapter 326) (Must wait after Arge and Cathia ARC)

T.N: A little busy in real life last week.

Taru Chapter 27: Signs of War



After leaving the mysterious church, I noticed that my smartphone was flashing when I got home safely.
I forgot my cell phone at home.


『The turbulent time of Battle Era will come soon…』(LINE message)


I read the LINE message from Kouya.


『RinTaru, are you out?』(LINE message)


Am I logged out?
An additional question has been sent.
Was it something to do with me in Clan-Clan?


『Ohh (yes)』(Taru)

(T.N: The “Oh” here means like “yes“, the average reply from Red Oath to Rena)


Hurry up and reply.


『Did you hear the event announcement?
It ’s a Fairy Ball(Kouya)

『I heard loud and clear (T.N: Taru said “I heard it” twice but I change for more variety』(Taru)

『Oh, you catch on fast.
Well, we’re going to move the contract city from Micheal Angelo to the Mining town Gerardi(Kouya)


Contract city? The Mining town Gerardi?


『I’m sorry, I don’t follow the story.
What is the contract city?』(Taru)

『Ahh. My bad.
Taru isn’t a member of any Mercenary Clan(Kouya)


『Contract City is the city that Mercenary Clan has contracted as the name suggests.
Depending on the contracted city, various bonuses will be applied to the Mercenary Clan(Kouya)

『It looks like something convenient』(Taru)

『That’s right. It depends on the city.
The pioneer city Micheal Angelo is +2% of experience gained for all mercenary members』(Kouya)

『That’s really nice』(Taru)


I see.
If I join a Mercenary Clan, I will get such benefits, right?


『And if you sign up with that city, you will get more quest orders at that city’s Prize and Auction(Kouya)

『So that means… If I have a contract with Micheal Angelo, there will be more quests posted in Micheal Angelo‘s Prize and Auction?』(Taru)

『That’s right.
The number of quests depends on the mercenary’s degree of reliability?』(Kouya)


I wonder if I should join a Mercenary Clan.


『Degree of reliability?』(Taru)

『As the mercenary clan’s credibility increases, there will be more quests and rewards in that city’s Prize and Auction(Kouya)


It’s something serious.


『Well, that isn’t the only merit of the Contract City』(Kouya)

『Mu. There is more?』(Taru)

『The Mercenary Clan has a maintenance fee.
Every two weeks, each Mercenary Clan needs to pay the maintenance costs to the contract city.』(Kouya)


『Well, but you don’t need to pay if the Mercenary Clan has a contracted city』(Kouya)

『What’s about the Mercenary Clan that doesn’t have a contract with the city?』(Taru)

『Maintenance costs have automatically reduced during the operation.
If that’s the case, it would be better to get a contract somewhere. Most Mercenary Clans will choose to have a contract with their active city (respawn point city)』(Kouya)

『Money cost is a little painful』(Taru)

However, when the contracted city is in crisis, I think you will be forced to participate in town defense quests, etc.』(Kouya)

『I see. Something like an event and it looks interesting』(Taru)


A number of Mercenary Clans work together in a defense quest to save the city’s pinch.


『That ’s it.
As I told you earlier, our clan Hundreds Knight of the Night will change the contract city.』(Kouya)

『Umm, why do you bother to do that?』(Taru)

『My earlier talk is about not going to Micheal Angelo for a while』(Kouya)

『Do you mean you move the base of the activity to the place called Mining town Gerardi?』(Taru)

『That’s it』(Kouya)

『Can I ask you why you move?』(Taru)

『The first reason.
Do you remember the Fairy Ball that will be held on each city by their ruler in their mansion?』(Kouya)


That’s right.


『In the case of Micheal Angelo
Is it King Castle located in the back of the Three Ducal Ministers’ Mansions?』(Taru)

『Yes… that’s it.
Did you get access to the ruler’s home of each city?』(Kouya)

『What’s about it?』(Taru)

『You can challenge the ruler and take over the city』(Kouya)

『What!? Can you do that?』(Taru)

『Oh, you can.
Although it’s still not announced on the official website of Clan-Clan yet, it seems that mercenaries can take control of each town, city, or state.』(Kouya)

『Seriously…? Can you tell me more specifically about the town control?』(Taru)

『Sorry about that. It hasn’t been announced yet. But there are rumors about the Mercenary Clan can collect the tax for the equipment and items trading at Prize and Auction?』(Kouya)

『It’s amazing…』(Taru)


If that’s true, then the Mercenary Clan that managed a city with a large number of populations will be very rich.


『That ’s right.
One week later, the Fairy Ball event will be held with the theme of deepening exchanges with other mercenaries.』(Kouya)

『In essence, might it lead to a fierce conflict between the mercenaries over the control of the city?』(Taru)

『That’s how it is』(Kouya)


The big gathering party for many people, the meeting of new friends.
In the back, the fierce power struggle.
The beginning of this world war…
I’m excited.

But then what about the fairies?
I have contact with them and it turns out that the fairies seem to prefer peace and joy.
Because of the fight between the fairy race and humans that have occurred in the past, they found the humans suspicious and scary.
In the human world, where conflicts are likely to break out,
The emergence of fairies will surely lead to the trend of collection of powerful materials…
Mercenaries who plan to use fairy would surely come out again. (Oh! Players sure are ruthless)

And in such a situation, I need to show off the fairy as the promise with the wise man Misora.

Anxiety is raised.

Both Misora and the fairies are just NPCs.
So they got involved in human battles. Whatever happened, it just happened within the game system.
But I met the fairies who talked to me cheerfully, spending time with Misora who cherished me,
It was something irreplaceable to me.


『Large-scale War will occur frequently.
And it may consume a lot of ore material to maintain weapons and armor.』(Kouya)

『Oh …』(Taru)

『If we set Mining town Gerardi as the contract city, the Mercenary Clan Contract Bonus will increase the normal and rare Ore material drop rate』(Kouya)

『Do you mean to make a profit?』(Taru)


Yuuki and Kouya are amazing.


『That’s it.
We consider the rising price of Ore materials and we will also raise our level while making money』(Kouya)

『I see……』(Taru)

『The second reason for moving the contract city… Recently, I and Yuuki are entangled with strange guys』(Kouya)

『umm, are you tangled?』(Taru)

『That’s it.
Somehow it seems that they concern about you though… don’t you know anything?』(Kouya)


Someone involved with me, Yuuki and Kouya?
There’s no one other than Glen, who is the Hundreds of Demons of the Night Clan’s leader



『No, they aren’t Hundreds Demons of the Night…』(Kouya)

『How can you tell?』(Taru)


Kouya is acting strange.


『They started spamming during the time Sage Misora first appeared, Taru.
Mercenaries who wanted to see you started flooding…』(Kouya)


I heard that there were mercenaries spotted us as I walked with the Sage Misora.
Some mercenaries may have already noticed that I have some connection with a fairy.
I have to raise my alertness.
I’m sorry that I had troubled Yuuki and Kouya.


『That ’s sorry. It must be annoying!』(Taru)

『No, it ’s okay.
However, I feel a little dangerous from their state…
Like loli…, well, the criminal odor…』(Kouya)


Was it difficult for Kouya to say about it?
Are they terrible guys?


『Did they do anything to you, Kouya?』(Taru)


Did he remind of something unpleasant?


『No, there’s no real harm…
Anyway, that’s why we move the base of activity for a while.』(Kouya)

『…somehow I feel bad about it』(Taru)

『No, you don’t have to apologize.
Money making for the event is the main reason for the move.』(Kouya)


『Oh, now that we are talking about this.
I’m worried about leaving Taru alone at Micheal Angelo.
Want to join our Mercenary Clan?』(Kouya)


『Of course, Shizuku and Yurachi, as well as Yuuki, are welcoming you.
This is solicitation after witnessing Taru’s alchemist.
How is it?
Want to take this opportunity to join our Mercenary Clan(Kouya)

『… It’s an honest and pretty happy invitation.』(Taru)


At first, they regarded alchemy as a baggage skill and even Yurachi was very upset when they invited me to join.
However, there may be a risk of involving them in the Crystal Forest and the outbreak of war in the future.

Well, there were already mercenaries who attacked Kouya coming out.
When in world war, even more of higher-class mercenaries than them will come out. I don’t want to put more burden on them.
I thought it would be better to decide whether to join after the Fairy Ball, the battle over the control right and the situation was settled.


『But I still don’t want to join yet』(Taru)

『That’s right …』(Kouya)


『All right.
But we will always welcome Taru.
Even if you are not in the same Mercenary Clan, contact me immediately if you have any troubles.』(Kouya)

『Oh, I’m saved.
And the same to you. Don’t hesitate to ask me.
Soon, the alchemist will come for assist』(Taru)

『I’m counting on you, little alchemist』(Kouya)

『Little is one word too many』(Taru)

『Did you prefer an average alchemist?』(Kouya)


Kouya plays with my nickname, average person.


『Daah! Kouya, I will remember this for later』(Taru)



Subtlely messed up, the LINE exchange with Kouya ended.
There seems to be a lot to think about in the future, but I’m looking forward to it.
I have to be prepared to do everything up to the event.

Should I enter the Clan Clan?

Taru Novel Cover
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  1. I can already picture it:
    A giant slugfest at the ball, scared fairies and teary eyed Taru saying:
    “Please stop fighting, can’t we all be friends?”
    And the awakening rage of the silver (loli) angel evangelists.
    None can be the power of sad loli. None.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Kouya clearly knows those creeps are stalkers. No, lolicons yet didnt say it huh… Still, Taru should be cute when angry. No damage at all with her fists. Ahahahaha. Anyways, does Kouya think nothing will happen to Tarou despite warning her about it? He said they were dangerous and looking for her but I wonder if how dangerous was said.


  3. Thanks for the great work as always ^^
    Btw “Random manga translations release. (Full chapter of Kaoru is under translating, 33 pages)”
    “KAORU” ? you didn’t stop it ? Joint translation with kurori ?


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