Taru Chapter 28: Sky Blue Dress

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To September 30th.

Random manga translations release. (Full chapter of Kaoru is under translating, 33 pages)

Mira: 2 chapters left

Taru: 2 => 1 chapters left (By the way, I will continue to release Taru next to 0 chapters left then marathon Arge 13 => Marathon Cathy 8 => Marathon Mile 15)

Arge: must finish the current Arc at all cost. 13 Chapters left (Chapter 178-190)

After Arge’s Arc => Cathia’s Arc (10 chapters in total – 2 already released chapters)

After Cathia’s turn => Mile’s turn

Mile: 15 chapters (from chapter 312 to chapter 326) (Must wait after Arge and Cathia ARC)

Somehow readers are slow at reading Taru then Mile.

Taru Chapter 28: Sky Blue Dress


『Pon』(Friend Message)

As soon as I entered Clan-Clan, a friend message came from Mina.

『Tenshi-sama, where are you now?』(Mina)

『George’s shop』(Taru)


This is where I logged out after all.


『Is it George-san’s shop again…?』(Mina)

『Eh, um. Wasn’t it always the place you logged out?』(Taru)

『Speaking of which, it’s true』(Mina)

『Yup Yup (un~ un~)』(Taru)

『Tenshi-sama, would you mind playing with me?』(Mina)

『Mmm, well…』(Taru)


When I haven’t decided what to do yet


*Minadzuki has sent a PT invitation*
*Accept or Refuse*


When I was in doubt, Minadzuki sent the PT invitation right away.
Well, there’s no reason to decline.

I pressed Accept to join Mina’s PT.

Speaking of which, did she check friend list frequently to send the Friend-Message as soon as I logged in?


『I ’m heading over there now.』(Mina)

『Oh, my bad. thank you』(Taru)


Am I thinking too much?






『Haa… Haa』(Mina)


After a while, I saw the blonde little girl running hard on the stone path.
Somehow, I feel a little guilty to see her running this far.




I approach her as I wave my hand.
Mina also runs with a smile while waving her right hand back.


『Ten…shi…sa…ma』(Mina) (T.N: Mina is out of breath)

『My bad, I’m sorry』(Taru)

『No, no』(Mina)


Mina had rough breath, after a while, when her breathing calms down, she pats the hem of her robe and fixes her clothes

Girl power…


『Fu~u, Speaking of which, Tenshi-sama』(Mina)


Well, what should we do now?



『I’m looking forward to the Fairy Ball(Mina)


Mina showed me a warm smile, she seemed to be excited from the bottom of her heart.
Little girls of this age are straight.
I will enjoy the ball to some extent without thinking too hard

Her smile that made me feel like that.


『Yeah, I’m looking forward to it』(Taru)

『That’s right, Tenshi-sama. Why don’t you wear that dress?』(Mina)

『The Dress that I got from Misora-san?』(Taru)

『That’s right』(Mina)


Mina is staring at me with sparkling eyes full of expectation… So dazzling.


『Eh, uhm… over here… uhm…』(Taru)


There are people looking.
Above all, I have never been dressed like a girl.
It’s a problem related to my dignity as a man.


『George-san’s shop again?』(Mina)


Mina subtly wrinkles between her eyebrows.


『But I also love to see Tenshi-sama getting shy』(Mina)


Saying so, Mina pulled my hand and opened the door of the Skill Shop ☆ George.

Eh, wait…
I didn’t say anything about wearing it…

Somehow this little girl is pushy.






『Tenshi-sama has become Megami-sama (goddess)…』(Mina)

『Kya-wa-ta-n~~~~ ♪』(George) (T.N: unidentified Okama’s scream)


Somehow, I was forced to wear the dress which I received from Misora-san, the Sky Blue Dress. And when I showed myself to them, those two got excited.


『Gu~u. Maybe I should take it off?』(Taru)


I think this equipment is definitely the finest equipment I have.
Especially the magic defense status is abnormal.

Too much embarrassed.


『What are you talking about, Tenshi-sama?』(Mina)

『That’s right~♪
I want more of you, so let me S~E~E, kay?』(George)

『I hereby ban George-san looking at Tenshi-sama with these eyes』(Mina)


Mina poked her two fingers at George’s eyes with the speed of god.




George seems to be in pain but it’s not the problem right now.

The skirt’s hem isn’t short, the shoulders and chest aren’t open boldly. It can be said that this is low exposure equipment.


Seeing myself in the mirror wearing a dress.
It was a Goth-Loli (Gothic Lolita)


『I’ll take it off …』(Taru)



Mina tried to grab my hand. I was a little surprised so I reflexly stepped back, then…

Fuwa~ (fluffy)

My body floated in the air and my head hit on the ceiling of George’s store.



『Eh? Did Tenshi-sama fly?』(Mina)

『It hurts, it hurt!?
My eyes~ my eyes~』(George)


And then I slowly return to the ground.


『What is this?』(Taru)


This is also the effect of the Sky Blue Dress?

I hurry up and check the item description.
Special effect: Gravity on the wearer is reduced to 1/6 (T.N: I believe it’s the same as the Moon’s gravity 16.5% of the Earth)

It’s true. It was written in the explanation.
I try walking normally, but my body floats fluffy about 10-40 centimeters above the ground and landing slowly.




I’m driven by the urge to go outside while wearing this dress and want to jump into the sky.


『Tenshi-sama, that is …』(Mina)

『Yup (~un), it seems to be the effect of this dress』(Taru)



Moving next to Mina, George finally stopped making a ruckus about his eyes and looking at me.

As a test, I stepped lightly and tried to float about a meter.
As it is, I try to turn and spin around.
Slowly and gently with a triple axel, like you do in figure skating.

The skirt’s hem rises and It’s a bit embarrassing.

George saw it and seriously stared at my brilliant figure and raised his delight voice.


『You are so cute ~IT ~HURTS』(George)

(T.N: George said cute=Kawai and changes to it hurts=Itai, Kawaii~itai)


Again Mina poked George’s eyes.
The second half was his scream.

Mina is scary.

Speaking of which, what will Mina do about her dress?


『Does Mina have dress-like equipment?』(Taru)

『I don’t have it, why?』(Mina)

『Then, are you going to the ball as you are?』(Taru)

『Yes, I’m Tenshi-san’s personal priestess after all』(Mina)


Oh, that’s the setting.

I look at Mina from top to bottom again.

Her priestess’ robe based on white, blue, yellow, it created the depths of a blonde girl and surely looked good.
Contrary to her still immature appearance, she looks dignified.

There’s no reason not to make use of her materials.

Dat white and clear skin color.
Dat Blond hair, Dem green eyes.
Dat Innocent expression. (T.N: I want to make it a little funny so I use Dat and Dem)

It’s such a slapstick (joke) that only I get dressed in a dress and go to a ball.

I’m not saying this because I have an insidious desire to see cute Mina in a pretty dress. Never.


『Mina should also wear a dress and join me in the ball』(Taru)





『Because I will feel lonely to be the only one wearing dress』(Taru)


Hook and sinker.


『Eh~ Eh~ But I can’t suddenly wear a dress alongside Tenshi-sama…』(Mina)


Her face became bright red, Mina began to panic.


『 Isn’t that fine? Let’s wear dress together』(Taru)

『If Tenshi-sama says so…』(Mina)


Somehow the embarrassed Mina is really cute.


『In that case, we should buy a dress』(Taru)


『… but how do you get a dress?』(Taru)


Okama-san, who finally made a second revival from Mina’s eyes crush skill, answer my self-question.


『…You should find the mercenaries who have sewing and coloring professional skills to make it for you』(George)

『I see』(Taru)

『Well, some of them are sold to the equipment shop in the city but…』(George)


George looks at me and continues.


『I don’t think the dress that matches Tenshi-Chan is sold at the equipment store』(George)

『Actually, I just want to go to the ball with Tenshi-sama』(Mina)


I see.
I’m wearing a fine dress.
If Mina wears a dress next to me but looks inferior,
It’s some kind of humility,
That kind of conclusion, right?

As expected, Okama-san. Nice advice.
He really did have a maiden heart (Otome Kokoro)


『Should I ask the craftsman to make a made-to-order one… but I don’t know many mercenaries』(Taru)


First of all, searching for craftsmen.


『Ara~n Ara~n. I can introduce, is that okay?』(George)


Georgesus. (Play on his name + god)
No. Goddess! (Raw is only Megami)


『George! Would you please introduce me』(Taru)

『It’s okay. I have also asked that person as well!』(George)


I’m surprised by George’s remarks.
He moved fast!


『Eh? Have you already made it?』(Taru)

『~Cer ~tain ~ly』(George)


Black-and-white Okama is winking.


『I asked her to make this Dress.
~Let ~me ~show ~you♪』(George)


As soon as George said that and took a pose, Mina crushed his eyes again with godspeed.




A black-and-white fine macho punch perm, thick makeup Okama’s dress is too tight.
Good job, Mina.


『Uhm…Geo… George, I would like you to introduce me to the sewing craftsman』(Taru)


R.I.P, George.

Leaving Okama-san who groans in pain on the floor alone, I imagine about the person sewing professional skills.

I was thrilled to think of a mercenary that I haven’t seen yet.

Taru Novel Cover
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  1. thanks fer the chap.

    well. Mile is just more popular. for one, Mile already got lots of chapters. so most people already got into the story. Taru still relatively new compared to Mile.

    for me, im really fond of Taru cause i like atelier series. but i felt like right now Taru haven’t really got into the exciting part much. the alchemy still have not truly shown it full potential.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. I like Taru because of the crafting. I’m always all about that in games that have it. I experiment with everything I can.
    Although I am forced to admit I like Mile more than Taru. The entertainment quality is different. Mile is a light average read, and is refreshingly funny. Taru is not quite as light and fluffy. It’s by no means a deep and serious read, but it’s not as relaxing as Mile.


  3. I like Taru than Mile because mile at this point is pretty OP. But taru started as a weak one and I also loved games… So yeah, I like Thru more than Mile.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I Think there are several reasons Mile has quicker/more readers, Mile has an anime adaptation coming, it has an English Light Novel release and has way more chapters and has been around longer, Taru is gender bender which is a turn off for some, Taru also has a very erratic release schedule and is nowhere near as well known.

    Myself I prefer Taru (as well as Arge and Mira) over Mile, heck I found this site thanks to Arge


  5. Probably not as many people read Taru, I love it though, even more than Mile (and this is just personal opinion).

    And even more than this I love the Cathy series so much ♡_♡ so whenever I see any of these two I immediately start reading


  6. Now reread about it i think the first 7 chapter make people lost interest i mean i load with tone of boring info and some of them are gross…the author really should learn how to start a story


  7. Thanks 4 the chapter
    I think mile has more readers because it has shorter chapters than most of the other novels.


  8. Mina is showing preliminary signs of chronic yandere syndrome. There is no cure. your only option is to flee the country, change your name, have plastic surgery to change your face, train your body until it looks completely different, and spend the rest of your life in hiding hoping she’ll never find you.


  9. When are the friends gonna find out that their Taru turned into a girl for realsies?
    and also 39 for the updates~ I love this novel :3


  10. Mina can only fully release her powers when it is in service to Tenshi-sama.

    Also… Tenshi-sama? Mina is gayer than springtime in Paris during pride week and you are the object of her affection and worship… but you can keep lying to yourself that “girls can’t be that way at such a young age” if it helps you sleep better at night…. Mina would like you to be deeply asleep anyhow when she does her…rituals for you XD


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    (luckily, I have Novel Updates open still so I’ll be right over to it soon!)

    Poor George. Mina is barely old enough to understand she’s in love, let alone know what a yandere… and yet……

    Thanks for the chapters.


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