Arge Chapter 178: Daily Career

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T.N: This series of cliff is rather long, that’s why we will marathon.

Arge Chapter 178: Daily Career



The night is the time for vampires, but for me, it’s always the sleepy time.
In the first place, for me who was a human before reincarnation, the night is nothing but sleeping time.

Still, there are times when I suddenly wake up in the middle of the night.
I usually ignore it and sleep, but because I am thirsty, I decided to go to the kitchen to drink water.


『Ah … Satsuki-san』(Arge)

『Ara~ ara~, it’s unusual for Arge-chan to come out at this time』(Satsuki)


Satsuki-san, the landlord of this house, was doing some work in the kitchen as I walked in.
The sweet smell drifts from butter, cream, and chocolate. And there are already many cakes on the desk.


『…Hey, you are still wearing work clothes?』(Satsuki)

『I’m sorry. I didn’t change clothes』(Arge)


Today, I was helping Satsuki Cafe, so I didn’t wear my usual robe but the uniform in a coffee shop similar to maid clothes.
I fell asleep immediately after work without changing clothes. Well, I’m not in front of the customers, so I’m not embarrassed.


『I’m just thinking about a new cake. I’m sorry for being a little messy.』(Satsuki)


From a number of utensils and bowls scattered throughout the kitchen, you can see that there was a lot of trial and error.
Satsuki-san invited me happily as usual, though I think I might be in the way.


『Did you come to drink tea?』(Satsuki)

『Ah no, I’m okay with water…』(Arge)

『I’ll bring warm tea because it seems to be a lot of fun. Just take your time and relax, okay?) (Satsuki)

『…Is that okay?』(Arge)

『Ahaha. It will be boiled in a moment. Satsuki-chan is going to take a break in the first place, so don’t worry』(Satsuki)

(T.N: Satsuki calls herself as Satsuki-chan like a 3rd person)


Then, Satsuki-san started preparing a cup of tea.
It’s an unexpected tea party at night, but her cake is delicious, so I will happily accept it.

While sitting in the seat and waiting, I drank the warm tea.
After thanking her properly, there was a fruity sweet smell tickled my sense of smell.


『Umm, it’s a sight for sore eyes…
…Ah, that’s right. What cake do you like? Please help yourself
I’d be happy if you could give me your impressions』(Satsuki)

『Well, I won’t hesitate then』(Arge)


I took a bite of a chocolate cake.
…Oh, a bit bitter.
I think it will sweet because it’s chocolate, but there’s a bitter taste on my tongue.
The bitterness enhances the scent and the sweetness of the dough unravels through the throat.
All that remained was a little sweet scent.


『…Bitter but refreshing and delicious』(Arge)

『Oh, that’s good. It’s the cake for customers who like the smell of chocolate but don’t like being too sweet』(Satsuki)

『I think it’s good! It’s really delicious』(Arge)


The gentle sweetness of the dough is to make sure that the bitterness isn’t hard to swallow. I can see Satsuki-san’s thoughts.
Satsuki-san laughed innocently like a little girl, I wonder if she was happy with my words.


『that’s a relief. I am glad that you are pleased ♪』(Satsuki)

『…… Satsuki-san, have you been doing this for a long time?』(Arge)

『Oh, yes. That’s right.
But Satsuki-san is an eternal 17-year-old,
It hasn’t been that long?』(Satsuki)

『Uhmm… is that so?』(Arge)


She is actually a vampire, so she must have lived for hundreds of years.


『…Well, certainly, it must have been a little longer.
But it was an appointment with Iris-chan and other people.』(Satsuki)

『Some kind of commitment?』(Arge)


Satsuki-san’s eyes seemed to have a mix of emotions.
Her were narrowed in a nostalgia look like they were crying now and I unintentionally stared at her eyes.
Satsuki-san spoke without a change in her eyes.


『In the beginning, I didn’t want to make Iris lonely.
No one will ever be there for her, I didn’t want her to be engulfed in sorrows』(Satsuki)


『I just didn’t want Iris-chan to say something like “If everyone goes away and I get used to not having anyone, there’s no need to worry about getting lonely“』(Satsuki)


I also have heard the same from Iris-san.
I certainly heard that Satsuki-san has built this cafe for Iris-san.


『So I built this shop… We kept having a lot of customers
Over time, the number of employees has also increased…
In the meantime, the number of promises has increased.』(Satsuki)


Surely, she must have been talking about those who have passed away.
Satsuki-san, the longevity vampire race must have been living for a long time and has met a lot of people.
And Satsuki-san seemed to remember each of them.


『People I knew from when they were young until their hips bent.
People who went to visit us all the time.
There were people who became our shop’s regular,  then they visited again as parents, and then as grandparents.
There were also people who jealous of us for a long time ago.
Some people came only once.』(Satsuki)

『 ………… 』(Arge)

『Among them, I was looking forward to meeting people who love this place for the delicious cake and those who have told me that they want to be there all the time.』 (Satsuki)

『… This is a good shop』(Arge)

『Thank you, Fu~fu~. So, I want to protect her here. As long as this shop is still working』(Satsuki)


To conclude, Satsuki-san begins eating one of the cakes she made.


『Oh, it’s delicious. As expected of me. But can’t I get a better method to cut costs a little more? My basic policy is to make it easy to eat as it is… Gu~nu~nu… I also want to improve the taste a little more …』(Satsuki)


Mei is a flourishing store, but as long as it’s a store, there’s a problem with profits. It is natural that black is better than red.
Satsuki-san wrinkled her face while eating her own cake. While repeatedly pondering and having a troubled face, she finished the cake and started cleaning the table.

I would like to give more reference to product development.
I would like to sleep as soon as I get a cup of tea, but I seemed unable to do that.
Above all, Satsuki-san’s cake is very delicious even in the prototype.
When it’s gotten late, the cakes on the table were already tidy.


『I’m sorry for keeping you here in the middle of the night.』(Satsuki)

『No, it’s fine because it’s delicious.』(Arge)

『Even if you say that, it’s only a prototype. Because Arge-chan will be going as soon as you meet the others, I should finish it soon to give you a good memory 』(Satsuki)

『……I will come again 』(Arge)


To Satsuki-san, who was smiling happily, I made the promise naturally.
If I think about the future, it will be rather depressing. We probably have to fight. And if people in Kuon house are involved, I feel that it will not end easily.
That’s why I think I need some fun.
The Satsuki Cafe is a bit strange and noisy, but the food, cakes, and drinks are delicious. Besides, there’s an atmosphere that makes me feel at ease.
This shop deserves plenty of praise.


『Hehe, I’m happy. The new promise has been increased. Just leave the cleanup for Satsuki-chan, you can go sleeping, Arge-Chan』(Satsuki)

『Yes, thank you for your treats and…』(Arge)


good night“, the word that I planned to said was disturbed…
By a much louder roar destroyed the gentle night.


『…Earthquake… !?』(Satsuki)

『No, this is… but why… !?』(Arge)


Satsuki-san lost her balance and fell. I took Satsuki-san hand and helped her get up while answering her question.
It’s a sound of destruction from afar. I was beginning to get used to the unpleasant sound.

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  1. This sound which make the earth tremble , and this reaction from Arge reminds me of when there is a lot of animal rushing at once on the house in Jumanji x’D
    Thanks for the sweet cake as always ^^


  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    I was confused about the following:

    『…Well, certainly, it mist have become a little longer.
    But it was an appointment with Iris-chan and other people.』 (Satsuki)

    『Some kind of promise?』(Arge)

    Here “mist” should be “must”. But the subsequent sentence seems unclear. An appointment is typically some sort of scheduled meeting, e.g. with a doctor. Is the sense supposed to be something like, “But it was originally meant to be a way for Iris-chan to form connections with other people.” And then Arge: “As in some sort of commitment?” Here “commitment” (as in a committed relationship) might make more sense than “promise” (which feels more contractual). Not sure though since I can’t really get a good feeling for the original text.

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  3. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Roaring earthquake huh? Did the Kuon family spread over there as well? Sounds like Arge raised a flag.


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