Arge Chapter 179: The destruction of daily life

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To September 30th.

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Arge Chapter 179: The destruction of daily life



『…As expected…!』(Arge)


I angrily raised my voice with what happened.
The town of Sakuranomiya, which was lit by the gentle lights, was now burned in the flame.

As expected, it was the same impact sound (canon?) and airships which we have seen in the kingdom.

Vampires appearing from them started descending and destroying the town.
Each of them was engraved with Kuon family’s crest.

Aoba-san, who had gone outside before me, turned around and talked.


『It looks like they are here too』(Aoba)


『Arge-chan, this is…』(Satsuki)

『Satsuki-san, please take everyone away』(Arge)


I called out to Satsuki-san in the back and I took out the katana from my body.
Blood Box, the skill that stores items by dissolving their existence in the blood. The name of the katana taken out of my body is Suiren
I hold the blade and feeling the cold touch in my hand adjusts to my body temperature.


『…… This is what we have to get rid of』(Arge)


I strongly thought so when I saw the scenery being burned.


『Let’s go, Ginji… No. Arge-san』(Aoba)

『…… Yes』(Arge)


I spoke to Aoba-san and took the first step.
Run towards a vampire who has been deprived of consciousness by a reincarnation from Kuon family and has been used as a tool of war.

The night breeze passed through and my skirt was fluttering. I accelerated as I felt that Aoba-san released her ivy behind me.


『……I’m sorry』(Arge)


Our opponent is no longer conscious. Perhaps he doesn’t even remember that he has become a vampire.
Still, I made an apology for what the Kuon family had done and struck the blade.
The feeling on my hand was like cutting a dream or a phantom.




The Vampire soldier disperses with a moaning voice.
Without looking at it, I ran to the next goal.
Sakuranomiya burns.

The cherry blossoms I saw with Aoba-san are burned.
The irritated feeling that the promise I made with Aoba has become ash drove me.


『Such a thing … why …!』(Arge)


The people of Kuon Family. He is also a reincarnator.
With the knowledge of the world we were in, the talent of Kuon family, in addition of cheat abilities from being a reincarnator, it would be possible to make an airship. I understand that.

But why does he do this in this reborn world?
What is his purpose of attacking even a neutral powerhouse called the Republic?
There’s no answer to my question, only the annoying screams and destruction sounds hit my ears. Feeling the enormous number of enemies from the sound I hear, the impatience is grown in my heart.




As soon as I learned a small thing behind the neck, my impatience turned into fear.
I don’t miss the wind noise in the sound of destruction.
A silver arrow grazed at where I had my head just before.



『It’s okay, I avoid it…!』(Arge)

『Tch… do you want to die again? As expected, strong vampires are stupid』(Shiba)

『…you are…』(Arge)

(T.N: Just like in Pokemon, the 3 annoyed thieves who can be defeated in an instant for a comic relief followed you to the end. Worse, they are terrorists, human trafficking, killers. I hated how they were protected by PLOT ARMOR. Given how they are weaker than Terrier’s trio but they wreak havoc everywhere)


From the arrow direction, there were men from the back alley, they were familiar.
It was the 3 soldiers who we fought in the Dark Elf Village. They fought with a cooperative action that can be called the Trinity.
The small man in the middle shook his sword and spoke.


『We met again, Silver』(Shiba)

『… Shiba-san. Wasn’t it?』(Arge)

『Oh, you remembered well.
This four-eyes is Spitz, the big man is Akita.
We are Father’s proud hunting dog unit…
We took advantage of the confusion and got in』(Shiba)


Shiba Inu, Spitz, Akita Inu.
I thought it might be a coincidence or playful but now I know.
Their name was given because their master was a person who lived on the Earth and because he was a reincarnator.


『Do you know them, Arge-san』(Aoba)

『I met them before going to the kingdom. It seemed like they are involved with our target』(Arge)

『… It seems to be troublesome』(Aoba)


I briefly explain the situation to Aoba-san.
I’m not surprised if something’s afoot. The method is unknown, but they are probably somehow strengthened by the hands of the reincarnated Kuon family.

Shiba-san whispered lightly in front of us, who was ready without hesitation.


『How can you stay alive after taking the explosion of Father’s special weapon…
Father was saying it was a bomb that erased the subject beyond the space-time,
It was just a prototype. Looks like it didn’t work』(Shiba)

『… I’m a bit stronger than humans』(Arge)

Then, this time, I will bring that body back to my father.
It’s okay to crush you into limbs…』(Akita)

『Akita, please calm down. Don’t increase my effort like that, because my arrows are limited』(Spitz)


While confronted them, I repositioned my katana.
The fact that not only the vampire soldiers but also these three are coming out means that the Empire is seriously attacking the Republic more than just the kidnapping in the village of Dark Elves.


『I don’t want to do this last time but now…』(Arge)

『…Yes, “Relax“, okay?』(Iris)



I was going to put power into my katana and my body was stroked with a finger from behind.
When I rushed looking back, there was an acquaintance who laughed with her successful mischief.


『Iris-san ……!?』(Arge)

『And not just me』(Iris)


As she said, it wasn’t just Iris-san that was there.
Kuro-san, Fumitsuki-san, Shino-san, Satsuki-san.
All the employees of Satsuki cafe were there.


『Why …』(Arge)

『If they destroy things that much, anyone will come out. It’s too noisy for me to sleep』(Shino)

『Yes, Arge-chan! This is Kuro’s walk course. If I allow them to break it, I will be in trouble!』(Kuro)

『Isn’t that right…?
Satsuki also doesn’t like the repair cost if the shop is broken,
As a result, if the customers planned to destroy the house, we’d better chase those troubled customers away.
Even Sales are important』(Satsuki)

『Onee-sama, I’m a little nervous… 』(Fumitsuki)


Fumitsuki-san had a frightened voice, but everyone else had a cool face.
The employees of Mei are as usual, with a feeling of atmosphere that makes you feel that this is not the battlefield, but the usual workplace.
Satsuki-san smiled and clapped her hands. The employees smiled as if it was a signal.


『Well well. Then everyone, let’s get started?』(Satsuki)

『Yes, customer business can’t choose customers』(Iris)

『But, I have the right to stop rude customers ~daze? 』(Shino)

『That’s right. Sometimes, that’s the case.』(Iris)

『Wafu~! Leave it to me!』(Kuro)


Everyone stepped forward in an atmosphere like telling to take everything head-on.

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  1. How long until Aoba slips up and calls Arge Genji in front of someone who could recognize the name?

    I’m guessing after exactly two more run-ins with the plot-armor trio and before the arc that that run-in is in ends.


  2. let me guess, the stupid trio will yet again survive this…

    authors have to let their main character kill the bad guys, even those with a name and backstory, it makes no sense to let them live and cause suffering elsewhere


  3. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Let me predict the next set of events; group easily defeats the trio, powerful enemy appears, group struggles against new enemy, Arge is kidnapped?


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