Arge Chapter 180: Daily life’s Guardian

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To September 30th.

Random manga translations release. (Full chapter of Kaoru is under translating, 33 pages)

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T.N: National day (but getting more busy with emergency works at the hospital) and the storm came near my city (too much preparation beforehand and cleaning after work)

Ah, don’t worry. There’s no harm, I’m just getting busy in the last few days.

Arge Chapter 180: Daily life’s Guardian

(Satsuki’s POV) (T.N: Satsuki calls herself Satsuki-chan in 3rd POV)


『Well then…』(Satsuki)


Something is wrong.

The feeling from the three men we are currently facing was different from any other person I had ever met.
Of course, there are all kinds of people in this world. Their signs are different, but that is not the case.

These people have a mysterious sensation as if we were dealing with something that looked like a human and was not a human.

Arge-chan’s group seems to know some details but I don’t have time to hear it now.

Yeah, Satsuki-chan is a girl who can read the air, so I understand that.
In conclusion, I make words to give instructions to my employees.


『Now, Fumi-chan guided the evacuation,
Getting the details and report them to Congress!
Shino-kun and Kuro-chan are dealing appropriately,
As for Iris-chan…』(Satsuki)

『…Do you think you have time for a leisurely meeting? 』(Shiba)


He interrupted me before I finished speaking…
The youngest of the three men rushed to my side at a speed that was unlikely to of a human.




His blade was slashing at my neck.
His speed is probably the limit that ordinary humans can put out. If he slashed an off-guard person, it would be a sure-kill.


『How impatient』(Satsuki)



Of course, only if that person is completely off-guard.
His blade swung down to the void where I was before.
What I did is simple. All it takes is a simple back-step to avoid it.
Attacks that didn’t hit won’t cause any harm. However, this unwelcomed customer has opened his eyes in surprised too much.


『Ara ara, You don’t have to be surprised so much, you know?』(Satsuki)

『Tch… leave it to me, Shiba!』(Spitz)


The man in glasses said so to his friend and at the same time an arrow flew at me.
It’s aiming at my face to kill or at least to help the other man withdraw.
That arrow, which was originally a threat, never reached me.


『Wafu~! Satsuki-chan, look out!』(Kuro)


Kuro-chan intercepted at the reaction speed of the beast.
She rushed near me from the side and crushed the arrow with her hand.


『Damn it, stop joking with me…!』(Akita)

『What are you doing to my Satsuki, this damn fool (Baka Yarou)?
You (Teme) are the one who must stop joking here.』(Shino)



Furthermore, Shino-kun hit the man who attempted to charge at me.
Although he tried to shield himself with his big hammer which he planned to hit me,
The sound of the blow is obviously heavy.
It was a sound that you wouldn’t think from the bare-hands against a big hammer.


『So, how long do you intend to stay near my Satsuki?』(Iris)

『…Who the hell are you?』(Shiba)

『Who are we (Bokutachi)?
Well… For the time being, I (Boku) am Iris Ichinose.
An employee of a coffee shop you can find anywhere, I wonder.
Yup (U~n), just an average person, maybe?』(Iris)

…How could a person like you be average!?』(Shiba)

『That’s why it can’t be helped you know (Shōganai Desho)… Hey (Tto)』(Iris)


Iris-chan responded with a kick to the man.
Rather than hitting, he was sent flying back with some distance.


How about the cooperation of my children (Uchinoko-tachi)?
I wouldn’t lose to you anyway.
Actually, everyone just protects me as they like!?』(Satsuki @ 3 dogs)


Of course, I didn’t expect it at all, but it went well, so this result was all right. I shook your big breasts with satisfaction and kept my face calm.
Although this is supposed to be the time for a deathmatch, it’s too much of the usual, our normal driving.

Kuro-chan, Shino-kun, Iris-chan are basically the selfish type that do things at their own pace.
But there is something in common.
Everyone says that their friends are important.
Fumi-chan is the only child who is always honest and nice.

I called out to Arge-chan and Aoba-san who were stunned.


『Both of you. Leave this to us』(Satsuki)


『You will be helpful to deal with vampires.
We are not good at it』(Satsuki)


While saying so, my current facial expression must be terribly troubled.

I was still smiling as usual but I couldn’t stop my eyebrows from falling down.
…I don’t want Iris-chan to fight them.
It was a completely personal reason but it was what I feel from my heart.

Iris-chan looks like she is drowning in sentiment. Her dignified attitude is just a pose, she is actually humane. It ’s too human, so don’t put too much in your shoulders, don’t step in more than necessary.
I wanted to avoid forcing her to fight her family (race).


『…I understand. I’m sorry. I’m counting on you』(Arge)

『Please don’t overdo it』(Aoba)


The person who should apologize should be me, but the two girls politely bowed down to me and moved away.
They are polite and cute. I have to work hard in response to that.


『Onee-sama, I will go too.』(Fumitsuki)

『Yes, please, Fumi-chan. Now it’s over time, so, I’ll give you some allowance later』(Satsuki)

『Wafu~! Satsuki-chan! Kuro also wants a special allowance! 』(Kuro)

『Yes, I don’t mind. I’ll buy you any number of jerky. 』(Satsuki)

『Wafu~! Yay (Yatta)! I’m so motivated now! Kuro, here I come (Ikku yo~)』(Kuro)


Raised her hand, Kuro-chan looked up at the sky.
The floating moon is round and the coldness of the night is spreading.


『Tonight is the full moon. A good time for the vampires.
I don’t know why they attacked but it’s certainly a good time for the vampires to attack』(Kuro)

『But, the one who is happy with the full moon isn’t just the vampires, you know… arh-woooo…』(Kuro)


The howl that cuts through the night is to awaken the wolf’s blood that flows in her body.
A groaning sound makes Kuro-chan’s body itch.
Her whole body’s hair stands upside down and covers her whole body. Her body swells up and starts changing.
From bipedal to quadrupedal walking. Faster, stronger and more suitable for hunting.




Kuro-chan returned to her frightening beast’s appearance as she was looking up toward the full moon.


『Beastification… it’s 2 meters or more!?』(Shiba)

『The name is Wolf Form (Okami keitai). It’s Kuro-chan’s trump card. The sun… no, isn’t the moon a bad new now?』(Satsuki)


The transformation into a giant wolf is a skill which only a small part of the Wolf tribe can use.
It’s not simply appearance change, it has the aspect of existence that was revered as God among some tribes long ago. It’s an old and strong presence alongside the Nine-Tailed Fox.

The present Kuro-chan is a guardian deity and can be said to be a disaster. This Goddess is always friendly to what she likes, but she does not forgive her enemies. But she is an obedient beast-type god, even more so.
I stroked her fur that became ridiculous thick and I spoke to her.


『Kuro-chan, leave these people (3 dogs) here to us.
Please help the residents evacuate while playing with other people (vampires).
…”GO“! (in EN)』(Satsuki)

『…Guru !! 』(Kuro)


She rushed out while emitting a frightening power.
To destroy the enemies and protect important people.


『Damn… Don’t let it get away, Spitz!
That is the beast god!
If it gets to the others…!』(Shiba)

『You don’t have to worry. It’s impossible for people like you』(Shino)

『Ha…!? 』(Shiba)


Shino-kun stepped into the moment that man’s consciousness turned to Kuro-chan.
Her blows weren’t bare hands but were equipped with a “Knuckle Duster” (EN). The man tried to receive it with his Katana.


『Hey Hey, my Katana chipped』(Shiba)


『You… this male-woman…!』(Shiba)


Yelled in rough words, the man swung his katana at Shino-kun.
Sino casually switched from attack to evasion and made a back-step.


『Calling me a male-woman is bad. Hey (Tto)!』(Shino)


Right after she stepped to the back, Shino-kun stepped forward sharply and struck with her fist.
Her fist struck accurately at the side of the Katana and blew it away from the opponent’s hand.

At that moment, the third man shot the arrow.



『As expected I should remove you first… Uwa, that’s dangerous』(Shino)

『Damn… I thought my glasses must be broken…!』(Spitz)


Shino-kun crouched down a little in order to avoid the arrow.
And then Shino-kun was stepping back but this time she didn’t step forward like before.


『If you get too much trouble facing me, you can never beat Kuro. As for I don’t have any ability』(Shino)

『You don’t have any ability …?』(Shiba)

『Oh. I don’t think I’m hated by the world. I don’t have any skills other than Blood Follower(Shino)



What Shino-kun says is true.
She certainly has magic power in her body. But she can’t handle it.
In addition, Shino-kun has no martial art skill such as swordsmanship or speed reading, etc.
It’s a peculiar constitution called 『unskilled person』. In other words, Shino-kun is really just a 『human』.

She has Blood Follower skill granted by my Blood Contract but only at skill level 1.
Level 1 Blood Follower has no physical enhancement. In other words, she is now trading blows with those three men without any technical assistance. It’s only the power and skill of her own efforts.


『Unskilled person, Beast-God… How the hell are you average people?』(Shiba)

『Well, there are some parts which I can’t deny that.
But we are only average people.
If you want, you may say we are somewhat strong…』(Satsuki)


There is a dear everyday life here that we don’t want it to be destroyed.
Even if they are the scenery that will someday fade away, it’s unacceptable to be taken away by someone else.
We can do our best to protect our important things.

It’s just that


『We are but a group who try to protect our everyday life』(Satsuki)


I noticed Iris-chan readying her fighting posture in the back, the same as me.
We show hospitality to customers and give punishment to rude people are not customers.
The scent of food and cake rather than the smell of war. A dazzling smile rather than a steep one.
We went to get back to our daily routine.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Unskilled isn’t the same as average, is it? Since it’s a condition; something that not all people have, so Unskilled people are actually out of the norm.


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