Arge Chapter 181: Encore Dance (EN)

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To September 30th.

Random manga translations release. (Full chapter of Kaoru is under translating, 33 pages)

Mira: 2 chapters left

Taru: 0 chapters left

Arge: 10 => 9 Chapters left (Chapter 182-190)

After Arge’s Arc => Cathia’s Arc. 8 Chapters left

After Cathia’s turn => Mile’s turn. 15 chapters (from chapter 312 to chapter 326) (Must wait after Arge and Cathia ARC)

T.N: I have a request. Can reader-san-tachi check for me if this Loli… ahem, manga series is picked up yet?

I have been late to pick up some cute Loli…, ahem, series like Mary and Yuri

Arge Chapter 181: Encore Dance (EN)



『I wonder if Satsuki-san’s group is okay …?』 (Arge)

『You’d better concentrate now, Arge-san』 (Aoba)

『… That ’s right』 (Arge)


I’m worried about everyone in Satsuki Cafe, but it’s also important to concentrate on the fight in the front.
We have already defeated over 30 vampires.
I heard that it ’s a rare race. If they could gather all this, the hound unit led by Shiba-san is also a serious threat.

However, as I saw Aoba-san’s ivy captured some enemies, my consciousness shifted on the vampires.

Twisting my body to avoid the approaching flame magic.
Well, with my magic resistance, it will be lukewarm, but the uniform will be burned in that case.

I shook the blade, slashed the vampire who could use magic even if he had lost his ego.


『…Fuu~』 (Arge)

『Arge-san, long time no see』 (Oni Ninja Girl)

『Ah…』 (Arge)


From the other side of the vampire, a face that I knew appeared from the shadow.


『Uhm… you must be Habotan-san, right?』 (Arge)

『Yes. I’m Habotan, Akisame-sama’s private soldiers at the Yotsuba Parliament.』 (Habotan)


After affirming my question, she repeated her name and deeply bowed her head.
She was tall, dressed in a ninja costume in Japan, and had a horn on her head.
She seems to be a race with excellent physical abilities called “Oni

The fact that she, the private ninja serves a house named Higure, one of the four families that are governing the politics of the republic, is coming here, means that the republic is moving as well.


『Are the Congress already moving?』 (Arge)

『Yes. As expected, the enemies made quite a mess in the city…
All four families are busy dealing with the problem in various places.
I’m acquainted with you, so I come here to inform you』 (Habotan)

『I think they are the empire’s soldiers』 (Arge)

『Our lord also had the same opinion. However, we must defend the city first, even if this conflict becomes war or not』 (Habotan)


As usual, Axame-san is moving fast.
He is always brilliant and seems to be a playful person, but he is definitely a clever person.


『Arge-san and your traveling company, may I ask for your help?』 (Habotan)

『Yes. Because I can’t just leave things like this.
I have a weapon that works well against vampires. I think it will be useful』 (Arge)

『 …You have my gratitude. Well then… I will also start working here』 (Habotan)


With her head bowed down deeply, Habotan-san disappears as if melting in the shadow of night.
Is that the power of skill or is it just pure technique?
In any case, she is a great user.


『Hmm, Ninja and Sakura flower. It’s like a Japanese movie.』 (Aoba)

『Maybe that kind of thing has been brought from our world.』 (Arge)


After a little chat, we resume defense again.
Aoba-san supports me with ivy, it’s quite mobile. Her ivy lures the enemies as if guiding me with a “Suiren” effective against vampires. And in some cases, her ivy prevents the enemies’ magic and attacks.


『I will not let something hurt you ever again』 (Aoba)

『Actually, I haven’t been hurt (physical) since I was born in Kuon family!』 (Arge)


It’s inevitable that I was no longer needed at Kuon family.
Because I couldn’t meet my family’s expectations.
The slow time that passed by in the closed world was like the sleep time to me and then my curtain of life was closed.

However, now that I have been reincarnated in this world, I get annoying from the bottom of my heart with them.
I have gotten new friends and being indebted to the people who live in this world.


『It’s more annoying and disgusting…』 (Arge)


To see the people who helped me getting hurt makes my heart feel terrible.
Moreover, the fact that the cause is from the Kuon family is further increasing my unpleasantness.


『I can’t sleep at all …!』 (Arge)


I can’t even control my heart, but I understand only one thing.
Unless I get rid of this frustration, I can’t take a nap with peace of mind.


『Troublesome things must be done quickly.』 (Arge)

『Yes. I think so. I hate troublesome things as well』 (Sadist’s Voice)

『E…!』 (Arge)


The unpleasantness in my heart suddenly got cold.
I forgot to move my body for a moment, in a disgusting sensation that I could compare with being shot from behind.

That voice tickled my ears and gave me goosebumps.
My body starts breaking cold sweat and I’m getting thirsty.
My whole body tells me to escape from the danger.

She looked like a beautiful girl, the same as me.
Her hair color is golden, and the red eyes indicate she is my family (race).
The same as Iris-san.

However, from her, there is no fragment of the bright atmosphere like from Iris-san.
I feel the insidiousness and the neatness.

She suddenly appeared on an unknown private house and was clearly focusing at me.


『…… Ahaha ♪』 (Elsie)


The golden vampire laughs as tearing the moon.
Her white fangs are peaking out and her red eyes are looking down at me.


『It has been a long time, Argento』 (Elsie)

『Elsie~ san~…』 (Arge)

『Ara~, you remembered me. I’m happy, I’m so happy』 (Elsie)


She made words as if singing and looked really happy.
Elsie-san, the golden vampire.
Like Mutsuki-san, she is one of the three powerful vampires.


『Fu~fu~, you wear a maid outfit today?
You dressed so cutely.
I wonder if you finally have the awareness of a wonderful girl?』 (Elsie)

『Uu……!』 (Arge)

『*giggle* (Kusukusu)… then,
It’s worth that I taught some good feelings…』 (Elsie)

『Ah, uu…』 (Arge)


My face got hot with her spoken words.
I was reminded of what she did to me when we first met.
It was pushed down on the bed, my whole body was licked so that I was moaning in a cute voice, my blood was sucked, and my ear was bitten.


『Uu…!』 (Arge)


My whole body trembles and my legs don’t move.
I think I have to run away with my head, but my body reacts as if I remember what she did.


『Aha… such a nice face.
It looks like I’ve come to like it a lot. Well then, shall we become one again tonight?』 (Elsie)

『Ah ……』 (Arge)


When I realized it, her figure has become a shadow and appears in front of me in an instant.
The legs didn’t move like I thought and I have immediately pressed against the wall of the private house.

Elsie-san put her hand down and touches Satsuki Cafe’s uniform (the skirt).
I thought that she would tear it apart like before, but she just stroked my skin under my uniform.


『Hi~u~…』 (Arge)

『Fu~fu~, good reaction.
So, you wear underwear today?
In that case, it will be fun to take it off.』 (Elsie)

『No, stop…』 (Arge)


I don’t think it’s good to let her fingers crawl on my body as she likes.
But I can’t move.
When she is staring at me, my body is solidified and my intention is deprived.


『Now, Argento. You will be mine today…』 (Elsie)

『Get your hand off (my girl)… !!』 (Aoba)

(T.N: Aoba doesn’t finish her word yet but it must be so)


Aoba-san’s voice pulled me back to sanity.
My body was already wrapped around her ivy and was pulled to her side.


『Are you okay, Arge-san !?』 (Aoba)

『Ye, yes… Thank you very much, Aoba-san』 (Arge)

『…… Your friends still love to disturb people』 (Elsie)


Her voice doesn’t seem to hate, it feels like more like she is enjoying the situation.
Perhaps for Elsie-san, she just thinks that the number of cute objects has increased.
She is such a person.
She is honest with her desires and never hides.


『…… Why are you here?』 (Arge)

『Ara~, of course, it’s because you have been here once. Isn’t it obvious that I should monitor this place?』 (Elsie)

『Uu…!』 (Arge)


That’s it. This person has already caught me once.
I rejected her at that time but she didn’t give up.
In that case, she would probably keep a watchful eye on the place I have visited.


『Actually, I need a little more time.
I was thinking of getting ready to get you …
Somehow, the capital itself seems is in dismay, so I decided to get on it』 (Elsie)


As expected, Elsie-san has nothing to do with the empire,
She seems to be here with her own will
The appearance of her, who has enough power to be treated as a third power alone, was nothing but the worst.
Besides, her aim is clearly me.


『*giggle* (Kusukusu)』 (Elsie)


Elsie-san giggles when she looks at me with her hot eyes, unlike me who breaks in cold sweats.
At the same time, her magical power started growing, indicated that she was motivated.

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  1. I hate stories like this where the MC is supposedly overpowered and has all the tools that they’d need to defeat their enemies, but are so useless that they can’t take care of even one enemy properly. Disappointing. Hope Arge gets into proper trouble and ends up becoming Elsie’s toy at this point while watching all of her friends get destroyed right now, since this story is starting to get stupidly bad at this point.


  2. Typo?

    『I will let something hurt you again』 (Aoba)

    Should be something like

    『I won’t let anything hurt you ever again』 (Aoba)

    Also, a bigger mistake by the TL: forgetting to put up the winning word/phrase

    Liked by 1 person

  3. There are 7 chapters of Yuri translated, last update was 11 days ago.

    As for Mary there are 4 chapters translated, last chapter update was 2 months ago so maybe is dropped. Btw Mary novel is 100% dropped.

    Sources for both manga «Manga Rock» and «Novel updates» for Mary novel.


  4. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Oh my~ Ot appears the Yuri values have been spiking recently.

    If you like Yuri and Lolis, might I suggest reading Alice Tale in Phantasmagoria? Boy gets isekai’d as a female elf; builds female harem over time. While Arge is invincible against all abnormal statuses, Alice (MC) has 0 physical strength, defence and endurance, but high magic.


    • Ahem…
      I only planned to pick up manga (which is like 1 chapter per month) that I can affort to spend time to scan.

      I have my hands full with the current number of Novel series.


      • No, no. I only just meant to read, not pick up.

        Like things I recommend you to read in your free time.


  5. Thanks for the great work as always ^^
    After parting with the ninja , Aoba said ” I will let something hurt you again ” , I think it’s supposed to be ” I will not let something hurt you again” , and the second time Elsie spoke , you wrote the speaker’s name as “Elise” , when Arge remembered what Elsie did to her , she remembered ” and my ear was beaten ” , I think it’s supposed to be “and my ear was bitten ” , and last but not least , when Elsie spoke for the first time , the speaker was named “Sadism voice” , I think writing ” sadist voice” or “a sadist’s voice” would be better , as “Sadism voice” could be interpreted as “The personnified Sadism spoke” or even Arge’s inner sadism who spoke , which is in the later case HILARIOUS x’D

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh yay, the psychopathic vampire is back. Maybe they can manage to get Elsie to take out the Kuon family, by IDK somehow convince her that their annoying and getting in the way, Elsie could probably just kill them all without much difficulty. It probably shouldn’t be too hard to convince her, after all the place is being bombed and invaded. Hardly the ideal situation to go on a date, let alone get it on with somebody.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. XD Vampires not good with aggressive type love characters! Arge and Elsie – 100%, but what about other? (Satsuki and Iris)


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