Arge Chapter 182: The Disaster Bringer

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To September 30th.

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Arge Chapter 182: The Disaster Bringer



『Ara~?』 (Elsie)


It wasn’t just us who responded to Elsie-san’s magical power.
Probably because of her powerful emitting magical power, the mindless vampires recognized her as a threat beyond us.
They rushed to attack Elsie-san.


『”Curse blade“』 (Elsie)


Without chanting, Elsie-san cast magic.
Countless swords appear from the ground, similar to thorns.
They accurately penetrated countless vampires.
It’s probably magic blades with a powerful curse.
The vampires can’t atomize to escape and they are all skewered.


『Man is disturbing』 (Elsie)


Elsie-san shook her fingers annoyingly.
Countless of fluid was sprit out as if dyeing the moon in red.
They are all blood from vampire men.


『As for girls… I’m a little busy now.
Maybe I should suck your blood later.
Restrain, “Shadow Bind“』 (Elsie)


Her words resonated and the remaining vampire girls stopped moving.
Even in the battle situation, she doesn’t change anything.
She stays true to her desires.
Powerful enough to be said to be a living disaster and self-consciousness with no fine consideration for others.

Her laughter resounds and passes through the night sky.
She is the biggest threat now. She could twist all of her enemies in an instant.


『…Aoba-san. Let’s escape and leave Sakuranomiya.
Her aim is me』 (Arge)

『…… I understand』 (Aoba)


Aoba-san nods to my words.
Aoba-san must somehow feel the danger level of the other party.

Not only she has unfathomable power but she also has the skill to store living creatures. With that power, she can summon her monsters anywhere.
Although there may be a limit to the number, she can at least bring out an army like before.

However, Elsie-san’s purpose is clear. She said before that she would make me her bride and didn’t give up on it.
So if I could get out of Sakuranomiya, she would chase after me and no one will be inconvenienced.
On the other hand, I can go all out against her without worrying about our surroundings.


『Now… Well then, this time, until we stop breathing, S~H~A~L~L   W~E   P~L~A~Y?』 (Elsie)

『I refuse…!』 (Arge)


Relying on my agility skill, I started running while bridal carrying Aoba-san.
I can’t run with my usual speed because of the obstacles on the road from the destroyed building while bridal carrying someone. And my balance is also poor due to our height difference.
But right now, I have to leave this place.


『…Good reaction. Well then, shall we go, Bandersnatch』 (Elsie)


There was a sign that something moved behind.
Perhaps she summoned a handmade monster and rode on it.
The signs and smells that chasing us are fast. Our distance seems to be gradually narrowed.
The name Bander Snatch is somewhat familiar.
It must have been the monster that looked like a big dog with two heads.


『Blooming as my will, my magic flower』 (Aoba)


Aoba-san threw countless flower seeds at the opponent.
I don’t see it because I don’t have time to worry about the situation behind it, but it seems Aoba-san is trying to stop the chasers.


『It’s a carnivorous ferocious thing.
If you ask how effective it is…
Well, as far as I can see, it seems not so much』 (Aoba)

『We should hurry…!』 (Arge)


Even though it’s not very effective, that’s enough for now.


『A HA HA HA! Chasing is fun, Argento! “Curse Maker“, “Will O Wisp”!』 (Elsie)

(T.N: After a while, I finally know who Elsie reminds me of


She is laughing with the voice that seems to have fun from the bottom of her heart. And at the same time, sinister words are spoken.
The sound of the wind breaking down clearly showed that something was released toward us.


『Arge-san, it’s coming from the right!』 (Aoba)

『Uu…!』 (Arge)


By following Aoba-san’s voice from behind, I avoided it.
It was a curse lump that looked like a bird, it flew around with its body.
The cursed bird turns over as if it had a will of its own.
Apparently, it seems to be a type of magic that automatically tracks the target.


『Did it chase after us until it hit?!』 (Aoba)

『Ah geez, how troublesome (mendōkusai)…!』 (Arge)


It won’t have much of an effect on my body with my curse resist but my feet will stop.
Then we will be caught up.
I can cut the curse with “Suiren” but I can’t do that while bridal carrying Aoba-san.


『Aoba-san, can you do somehow …!?』 (Arge)

『Yes, I might be able to! But wouldn’t it be better to hit it!?』 (Aoba)


Aoba-san extended the ivy from her arm and handled it.


『Tee …!』 (Aoba)


I thought she was going to hit the curse with her ivy but she wasn’t.
She grabbed a vampire woman who had fallen due to Elsie-san’s curse
and bumped it to the “Will O Wisp”.
Bikun~ (SFX) The mindless vampire shook her bound body without screaming.


『Okay. I guess!』 (Aoba)

『Is that okay? How you defend it is…
…a little too complicated』 (Arge)

『It’s okay. Because those vampires are already dead anyway!』 (Aoba)


Surely, I’ve been cutting them up so far, but I wonder if this method is a bit too much.
That being said, it’s no doubt that we can’t choose a method.
Because our opponent’s attack has surely disturbed our speed.


『Arge-san, have you decided how to climb Sakuranomiya’s wall?』 (Aoba)

『I’ll fly forcibly with my wind magic』 (Arge)

『…Arge-san, you relied on your skill too much』 (Aoba)


Aoba-san half-closed eye in my arms as if Tsukkomi to me.
Well, it’s because I can’t think of anything else.


『Let’s do this without doing anything wild』 (Aoba)


Even though she said so, it was her good point to lend a hand no matter the situation.
The ivy grows in front of me and assembles into a shape like a staircase.
The destination is straight up to the top of the outer wall.


『How convenient, Aoba-san ivy…』 (Arge)

『Actually I use a lot of nutrients, so I want to replenish it later』 (Aoba)

『I will treat you delicious cakes after we are done!』 (Arge)


I accelerated as I said that.
Speed up and rush toward the outside of Sakuranomiya.
I still don’t have any plan after getting out but much better than fighting inside the city.


『Even so,
That blonde “Loli” vampire…
It seems she has strangely high magic power』 (Aoba)

『She might be a little strange, but the problem is I have been haunted…』 (Arge)

『What a horrible thing you say about me』 (Elsie)

『………!?』 (Arge)

『Do you want me to say it more romantic or shouting out about love?』 (Elsie)


The one who breaks in between our talk is the person we should have been escaped from.
The golden hair vampire girl laughs on the back of a giant double-headed dog.


『Why …!?』 (Arge)

『You shouldn’t take your eyes off me, you know?
There are so many ways to close the distance.
For example… moving from shadow to shadow』 (Elsie)


While politely explaining, she runs in parallel with a smile.
I should be quicker in the original situation, but in this situation, Bandersnatch caught up to us by our side.


『Tch…!』 (Arge)

『Yes, you are slow. Bandersnatch, Crush』 (Elsie)

『Ga~u~u!!!!』 (Banderstach)


Before Aoba-san moved to intercept,
Bandersnatch’s forefoot broke the ivy stairs.
The foothold under my foot disappeared and we were thrown into the air.
The floating sensation changed to a falling sensation in an instant, and gravity drew us to the ground.


『… Aoba-san!』 (Arge)

『Extends ivy!』 (Aoba)

『That’s not necessary (~arimasen wa)!』 (Kuzuha)


When I tried to respond in the middle of the air, I heard a nostalgic voice.
The smell of the girl I knew well was fragrant softly during the war.
The two girls jumped up and carried us like scooping us up.


『Kuzuha-chan …… !?』 (Arge)

『This time, I was in time for my important person!』 (Kuzuha)


A cheerful voice lit through the darkness of the night.

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  1. Wait … Loliomamoritai was right . Kuzuha is actually the main character , always coming in the right time to save Pinch x’D
    Kuzuha-chan is BAAAAACK !
    Thanks for the great work as always ^^

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  2. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Kuzuha-chan steals the spotlight! She’s more of a main protagonist than Arge!


  3. and, as predicted, the stupid dog trio is escaping once again, the author just couldn’t get rid of them it seems…


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