Arge Chapter 183: Something must not be lost

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To September 30th.

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Arge: 8 => 7 Chapters left (Chapter 184-190)

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Arge Chapter 183: Something must not be lost



『Heave-ho (Yoissho)!』 (Kuzuha)


Kuzuha-chan landed with a shout of enthusiasm.
My goal of leaving the city couldn’t be achieved, but at least everyone was intact.
It’s still acceptable.


『Are you okay (~desu no), Arge-san?』 (Kuzuha)

『Yes, it’s all thanks to you』 (Arge)


I’m sure I might manage to do it myself but it was true that I was saved.
Above all, the fact that I felt relieved because she came.
Kuzuha-chan tried to make sure that everything is okay and touched all over my body.


『There seems to be no injuries (~desu wa ne)… I’m glad (Yokatta~ desu no)』 (Kuzuha)


Her words are gently and Kuzuha-chan has a relief expression.
The clothes she wears are clearly tattered, her hair and skin are rough, and her tail is shattered.
To be honest, she looks much more worrisome than me.
Surely, she has traveled a really long way with Neguseo.
Still, all Kuzuha-chan shows me isn’t the tired expression but a gentle smile.


『Become beautiful』 (Arge)


I decided to use magic on her first.
The high-level recovery magic that cleans not only the wounds but even the dirt has demonstrated the effect I wanted.
My magical power surrounds Kuzuha-chan’s body and cleans all the dirt from her journey.
Her skin regained its luster. The holes on her clothes didn’t mend but the stains were removed. Her tail became smooth as if it had been washed.

After sniffing her body, Kuzuha-chan bowed lightly to me.


『Thank you very much (Arigatōgozaimasu ~wa)
To be honest, I also think it was little unbecoming as a girl (~desu no)』 (Kuzuha)

『No, it was because you rushed here in a hurry for my sake』(Arge)

『It’s natural because we are friends (~desu wa).
But… you can’t do this to me without hesitation』 (Kuzuha)


Kuzuha-chan reached out to me and shifted to a hug.
I accepted without hesitation and the soft touch was firmly pressed.


『I’m so worried, Arge-san…』 (Kuzuha)

『…I ’m sorry and thank you』 (Arge)


When I put my arm over, Kuzuha-chan’s body was trembling.
Tears spilled from her eyes wetting her cheeks.
…She was upset.

Back then at the dark elf village, I left everyone and flew away alone.
I couldn’t imagine what Kuzuha-chan thought about it but she was so upset that she shed tears.
Because I’m her important friend.


『Arge-san, is that child…?』 (Aoba)

『She is my friend. The one I told you before』 (Arge)


I introduce her to Aoba-san, who was picked up by Bushiha-chan.
The word friend has become much more straightforward than before.


『…Twins (Futago-san)?』 (Aoba)

『That’s my Alter Ego, don’t you know (~desu no yo)?』 (Kuzuha)

『I see, you have interesting skills.
Nice to meet you, my name is Aoba, an Alraune』 (Aoba)

『Fox Beastkin, Kuzuha (~desu no)
Nice to meet you…
And it looks like we can’t take it easy yet』 (Kuzuha)


Kuzuha-chan turns her gaze without wiping tears.
The opponent looked at us while laughing without hiding their fangs. Her golden hair is swaying with the wind.
Naturally, she was also intact.


『The fox child is also here. I hadn’t seen it for the past few days so I thought it wasn’t』 (Elsie)

『I have been running from the Demon Continent!』 (Kuzuha)

『…Well, isn’t that amazing? It looks pretty good as a pet』 (Elsie)

『Elsie-san, this is my friend, not a pet 』 (Arge)


Elsie-san smiled joyfully as I denied her words.


『Argento, did you become much more willing?
Well then, I’ll test your strength』 (Elsie)


After getting off Bander snatch, Elsie-san scoops up her hair.
The Blood colored gems spill out from the gaps of her golden gold.

Parin~ parin~ (SFX)

The blood jewels which dropped on the stone path shattered.
Reflecting the moonlight, the mysterious light is scattered.


『Blood cage』 (Elsie)


And with Elsie’s words.
Monsters appeared from the broken jewels ignoring their masses different in appearance and cried.
The monsters that Elsie-san created.
Chimeras made by combining various creature parts.


『… Isn’t it too unreasonable, that ability?』 (Aoba)

『Ara~, but it’s not unreasonable for me.
This is for what I want the most.』 (Elsie)


Elsie-san smiles and replies to Aoba-san with a cool face.

What she wants is definitely me.
Her feverish gaze is clearly fixed at me, I unconsciously took one step back.
Although it’s not killing intent, it feels as if it is entangled in a snake.
There is a sense of tension that cannot be compared to when I’m dealing with vampire soldiers until now.


『Kuzuha-chan, Neguseo is ……』(Arge)

『Because they are too truly dangerous, I asked him to stay outside and I entered the city  alone』(Kuzuha)

『I understand. In that case…』(Arge)

『Guha~!?』 (Shiba)

『…!?』 (Arge)


At the moment I thought the battle would start, something came like splitting between us.
It was a familiar face that was clearly blowing-away form.


『Shiba-san ……?』 (Arge)

『Are you okay, Shiba !?』 (other 2)


The other two came chasing after Shiba-san who blew away to help him.
Looking at the direction they came, there were people as expected.


『Satsuki-san!』 (Arge)

『Everyone-san was safe. I’m glad.
Oya, Kuzuha-chan is also here』 (Satsuki)

『It’s been a long time, Satsuki-san』 (Kuzuha)


Satsuki-san waving his hand with her usual tension and everyone else wasn’t injured at all.
Kuro-san and Fumitsuki-san aren’t there but they probably have some different works to do.

When I was relieved that everyone was unharmed, Shiba-san started getting up and shook his head.


『Damn it… I didn’t hear about this …』 (Akita)

『Everything is unexpected』 (Spitz)

『Can you expect some Cafe’s Clerks to be so strong…!』 (Shiba)


While Shiba-san’s group is groaning, Satsuki-san shows a cool face.

I don’t know how strong Satsuki Cafe’s employees are.
Rather than fighting, I was more impressive that they are still acting like the clerks at a coffee shop.

However, it’s true that Shiba-san’s group isn’t weak.
Rather, it’s clear that they got some kind of reinforcement which gave them the power beyond normal humans.
Satsuki Cafe’s members must much stronger than they look because they are completely unharmed.


『So, are you still going to continue?
I’m tired of this too.』 (Iris)


Shiba-san, who heard Iris-san’s words, glanced at Elsie-san and had a face like eating a bitter worm.


『…It’s a complete failure, not to mention the golden princess is here as well…
I’m sorry. God Father. (Oyaji-dono)
…Spitz, give everyone the withdrawal instruction!
Get out of here and run away!!』(Shiba)

『…It can’t be helped.
To be honest. This time I misjudge our strength』 (Spitz)


Spitz-san answered so and released an arrow from his bow.
The released arrow was not aimed at anyone but flew up in the sky.
After reaching a certain distance, it emits an intense red light and dyeing the color of the night.
It was just like a flare bullet.


『Let’s give them a souvenir before retreating.
Don’t you dare think you are already winning?』(Shiba)


Shiba put their last words before running away.
Their legs are fast and it seems difficult to follow.
In the first place, I don’t think I can do it with Elsie-san here.
Perhaps other hunting units and vampire soldiers have also retreated.
Spitz-san’s flare should have conveyed that intent.


『…Fu~u~n. Humans also use interesting toys.』 (Elsie)


Conversely, all that remains is her and her attitude.
Elsie-san looks up at the sky with an impressive face.
There was a huge shadow that appeared in front of her.


『A lump of iron… is flying…?』 (Shino? Kuro?)

『…It’s an airship』 (Arge)

『Is it a flying ship? Humans made something unusual again』 (Iris?)


Satsuki Cafe’s employees looked up at the ship in the sky with a surprise.
It wasn’t that rare in our world, but when it’s in a different world where magic is more advanced than technology, it must look really strange.


I feel uneasy about the word “souvenir” as I watch the airship.
It was not the bomb that was concerned.


『…!?』 (Arge)


Something has fallen, it looks like the coffin wich trapped the vampires at first glance.
Kuon family crest is also designed on the surface of that cage which made of some kind of alloy.


『…Arge-san. That’s …』 (Aoba)

『I know. Somehow… it’s different from the others』 (Arge)


I respond to Aoba-san while observing the coffin-like thing.
The lit is still closed.
However, the magical power pierced my skin conveys a clear danger to me.

Kuzuha-chan is also in the fighting stance with her tail hair upside down.

A man with a ghostly atmosphere appeared from a coffin that opened with a heavy sound.
He looked like a dead man. His Aura is Redder than Crimson.
His obviously uncleaned black hair is swaying and darkness seems to blur.
He is tall and wears like a rag to promote his ghostly impression.

From his appearance alone, it feels like he would go down with a hit.
Nevertheless, his leaking magical power was clearly alien and abnormal.


『…who disturbs my slumber?』 (???)


His spoken word is faint and difficult to hear but I can still understand.
It was the word with a will, not like the mindless vampire soldiers we had fought so far.


『Is he not completely deprived of intentions…?』 (Aoba)


The opponent doesn’t respond to Aoba-san’s questions.
Just swaying with the breeze, looking at the surroundings in a relaxed manner.

There was something that moved before his glaring eyes stopped.
It is the existence that should have watched the situation move until now.
A golden vampire with several chimeras.


『…E-A-R-L!』 (Elsie)


Her bloody eyes had a clear hatred and anger.
And countless of curses blades flew toward him.

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    • I’m not reading Arge at the moment for 2 reasons, first being that since I read the manga I don’t know exactly where to start or if there are any major changes, and the second and most important reason is that I don’t have the time to binge it at the moment so I’m gonna have to wait probably until December when I finish this semester in university. So yeah, that sucks :/

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  1. Small typo:
    『Is it a flying ship? Humans made something usual again』 (Iris?)
    I believe that’s supposed to be unusual.

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