Arge Chapter 184: Black Earl

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Arge Chapter 184: Black Earl



『…Oh, I see』 (Earl)


Those words, It was too out of place for a person under attack.
He just said that without anxious.
It was just some words when he realized things.


『Curse Blade!!』 (Elsie)

『It seems like you hate me』 (Earl)


He just casually said those words even though he was pierced by many cursed blades.
On the other side, Elsie-san was glaring strongly with her red eyes that she might kill somebody with her gaze alone.
The margin of power that she showed up is fine.
But she had the eyes that lost reason, she was dominated by anger and hatred.


『Hate? You said “Hate”!?
Do you think it was something of that level?!
I will make that not even one of the pieces of your meat or magical power remain!!』 (Elsie)


In response to Elsie-san’s heart, the Chimeras started flooding the Earl.
Every monster attacked in order to completely crush his body, which was already penetrated by countless of curse blades.
Some spit flames, some slam their arms, and others spit the wind blades.

The excessive firepower for a single target clearly showed Elsie-san’s hatred.


『It’s a shame』 (Earl)


That’s why it’s strange to hear his voice.
It should be impossible to move with the power of a curse.
And with countless attacks from Elsie’s monsters, it wouldn’t be strange if not even a piece of meat remained like Elsie-san said.

However, his voice certainly resounded without any feelings of reverence.
It reached everyone’s ears.


『The Curse Blade should be like this… “Curse Blade“』 (Earl)

『Uu…Avoid!!』 (Elsie)


The magic word was spoken and ended in an instant.
Countless blades are released from the Earl’s body.
They all stabbed the Chimeras precisely and skewed them.
Only Elsie-san and Bandersnatch who could react to his master’s words in time escape.


『…… “Thorn“』 (Earl)


Right after that, the additional magic words echoed in the sky, the thorn garden was created.
The thorn garden covered the Chimeras created by Elsie-san as if swallow them.

This is probably due to the magic used by the opponent.
And that magic doesn’t end there, both the Curse Blades and Thorn completely destroy the opponent from the inside.


『Something like this, Golden』 (Earl)


The opponent talked somewhat boring without any wounds on his body, although he should have received a number of attacks.
There was no pretending nor defense action, he was just taking it silently and didn’t get any wounds.
It was an overwhelming power.

A mass of violent magical power that could destroy one army by itself from Elsie-san and her monsters.
It was clearly an existence worthy of calling a disaster.


『…Black Earl. One of the non-standard vampires』 (Iris)


The words Iris-san said indicate the existence that I have been heard several times.
Among the vampires in this world, there are three vampires with unusual power.
Elsie-san, the golden princess.
Mutsuki-san, the crimson lord.
He must be the last of the three.

His figure like wearing a black robe and walking in the darkness is certainly suitable for calling him Black.


『Ah…u…』 (Elsie)


Elsie-san was clearly at a disadvantage in the current situation, although they were three people of the same rank.
Elsie-san was trembling as if her hatred from before was just a lie.

She looked like a helpless girl who saw her important things got destroyed in front of her.


『…Repeat, Vampire Princess. It would be useless if all you loved was butterflies and flowers.』 (Earl)

『NO, NO…』 (Elsie)

『You are not good at fighting.
You knew it yourself.
You tried to trick and raise yourself to the extent that you could be called a disaster.
But just admit it.
You are the weakest, just a cunning princess, who dares to call yourself one of three pillars』 (Earl)

『STOP…』 (Elsie)

『Therefore, just say it.
Even your eyes ruled by hatred, with just simple power in comparison …
I can never beat me.
You are the same at that time…
You are called a princess because you are nothing but a weakling』 (Earl)

『SHUT UP…』 (Elsie)


Elsie-san shouted, exploding emotions.
Her crafted magical powers appear to be running out of control.
No, in fact, she’s completely lost herself.
There must have been something in the past.
Maybe he is the reason why Elsie-san hates men.

Elsie-san, who became half-crazy, still used powerful magic.
It was clear that the power of darkness, much stronger than what she had released against Felnote-san in the past and was powerful enough to harm me even with my resistance.

『I will destroy you!
Catastrophe“……!! 』 (Elsie)

(T.N: Ah, I wonder where is the reader CAT-astrophe now)


The magic was powerful enough to call it a disaster.
The vortex of destruction that smashed all the surrounding buildings together was released to destroy the target.


『”Disaster“』 (Earl)


The returned from the Earl was no longer sounding like a prayer or a word without emotion.
The magic released by the Earl was similar to Elsie-san.
Two destructive forces that make a whirl collide from the front.


『I’ll teach you again just like that day.
Unreasonable is something like this』 (Earl)

『Uu… AAAAAaaaaaa! ! ! 』 (Elsie)


An unreasonable vortex swallowed the golden’s cry.

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@siikalahna: I told you, you got Arge and Elsie’s role reversed.

Time to conquer Elsie with Arge’s unique *censor*


  1. You called and I came. XD

    Anyways, I think that Earl might have once been Elise’s father figure or something like that. He speaks as if he knows/knew her really well, and is acting like he’s trying to teach her more than kill her, as well as like he’s trying to remind her of the gentle girl he once knew, before his (however long) slumber/entrapment/whatever.

    Meanwhile, she seems to hate him in a way I’d associate with someone feeling betrayed, which could easily be if she felt she was abandoned for a few thousand years or something like that, and didn’t know why he left her or where he went.

    As such, my theory is that he’d been a father figure to her from a young age, watched as she enjoyed herself while gardening or something like that (butterflies and flowers), and then he got sealed away in that coffin, or perhaps he got injured badly and had to take a long slumber to heal. She didn’t know that, and waited for him to return for a while, then started trying to get stronger using him as a reference, as well as incorporating her love of raising life into her fighting by creating chimeras, all so she could go out and try to find him. She got strong enough that nothing could really threaten her, and so she set out to search for him.

    Along the way, however, she lost sight of her goal of finding him, and started living more for the sake of satisfying her desires, which was for a person to call family. However, she also felt betrayed by him a bit, and that feeling grew as her desire to find him lessened. That also meant she had the association of men=betrayal, and so made her want a female family member, hence her only liking women.

    However, that’s just a theory.


    • Spoiler:

      Actually, the Earl loved(?) Elsie.
      But Elsie loved another girl.
      In jealous, The Earl came and crushed the girl Elsie loved in front of Elsie’s eyes the most cruel way and crushed Elsie’s heart (metaphor) at the same time.

      He seeked death from Elsie’s hand and wanted to remain in her heart enternally.
      And now he was captured, he somewhat lost his heart and was about to kill Elsie as well.


  2. please please please, don’t be a “get beaten up, then saved by the main character and redeemed” story arc, i’m tired with people forgiving villains like they did nothing wrong, Elsie need to go down, don’t pull a “Vegeta” on us


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