Arge Chapter 186: Will of Iron and Blood

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To September 30th.

Random manga translations release. (Full chapter of Kaoru is under translating, 33 pages)

Mira: 2 chapters left

Taru: 0 chapters left

Arge: 5 => 4 Chapters left (Chapter 187-190)

After Arge’s Arc => Cathia’s Arc. 8 Chapters left

After Cathia’s turn => Mile’s turn. 15 chapters (from chapter 312 to chapter 326) (Must wait after Arge and Cathia ARC)

Arge Chapter 186: Will of Iron and Blood

(T.N: Kurogane means steel and Brute pronouns the same blood. Author plays on their name as “Iron and Blood”) (T.N: Kurogane’s POV)


『Hahh … I’m so nervous, geez』 (Kurogane)


I turn back, exhaling.
The woman sitting on the throne, with her gaze on me, claps her hand,


『It was a pretty good speech, Kurogane』 (Brute)

『Empress, I’m just an engineer, so I don’t like this』(Kurogane)


She laughed and shrugged when I protested.
The empress laughs violently. Her red hair like blood is a coincidence, but in the world where I was originally, she has the name Brute with the same pronoun as “blood
Sounds quite heavy for a woman, but it looks good on her.
In fact, the main path of her empire is covered with blood.


『I’m not good at what you make.
I don’t know at all even if you told me about Kamera… or Televi…
When I touch it, it will break immediately』 (Brute)

『Yes yes. I knew it really well when you always tried to fix the error with chops』 (Kurogane)

『Error? 』 (Brute)

『Ah, fine fine. I don’t want to repeat it again』 (Kurogane)


The action of tilting her head is like a girl and it’s a bit different from the image of the Empress who climbed to this spot with the path of blood.
She is interested in everything but she doesn’t bother to understand any of it.
It seems like the king’s vessel (王の器) doesn’t care about the details and it doesn’t reduce my hardship.

…I’m not suitable to be a leader as well.

I know myself the best.
I can’t lead people. I’m just an engineer.
I’m not interested in the lacking parts of the others.
I’ve genetically manipulated a unit, I don’t feel any excitement when I see hounds that should be called my children.
At best, I am only worried about the battle as a result.
I can only handle human life as numbers and objects and I definitely don’t have the general or king’s vessel.


『By the way, how many hounds died in the Republic? 』 (Brute)

『The reports are still coming but they shouldn’t be worn out yet.
They were really quick to escape with the Flare signal and the Earl』 (Kurogane)

『I see. Then give praise to the rest and build a grave for the dead.
Don’t hesitate』 (Brute)

『Everyone will be pleased and look forward to work harder』 (Kurogane)


Yes, I don’t have the spirituality to take care of life created like this.
The only thing that gave hearts to the hounds was an experimental measure because when the numbers declined, I expected more results from their anger and sadness.
I don’t have such a thing, but I know it can have a big impact on those who have been killed.
The creation of a hound unit was nothing more than collecting data for it.


『Fuu……』 (Kurogane)


They worked more than I thought and contributed greatly to the production of the brainwash vampire.
That’s the only thing for me.
Even though many sacrifices were made, I finally got the Black Earl in our hand.
I’m glad that the tool I made was useful.

The hound unit seems to be worshipping me as their creator but it has nothing to do with the outcome. Well, it will be connected directly to their motivation so there’s no need to stop it.
It’s true that my attitude has created a few aliens but I do not intend to stop it.
I’m not interested in tools that can no longer be used.


『Now… to determine my value』 (Kurogane)


My value of being an engineer.
This world is far behind the one I lived in.
Because of the existence of magic, technological progress was slow.
But minerals and the world’s law are almost unchanged.
In other words, it was possible to discover scientific reactions and create technical things.
Incorporating unique technologies in this world such as artifacts. I even made tools such as airships.
The knowledge and skills I had before reincarnation enabled me to bring many technologies to this world.
It’s like moving the hands of the original clock but it doesn’t matter.

I didn’t know about others but I will define my value in this world.
I will use whatever I can for that.
In that respect, I and she are in common.
We didn’t choose any means for the purpose so we joined our hands.


『Let’s try to conquer this world.
I’m looking forward to it.』 (Brute)

『I want to meet that expectation』 (Kurogane)


I will twist all enemies as she wishes.
That’s the value I set in this world and I can’t give it away to anyone.
As a member of Kuon, I will go above everyone.
That’s my philosophy that doesn’t change even in another world.


『Let’s conquer this world like the promise I have with you that day』 (Kurogane)

『You don’t need to repeat too much until it’s done』 (Brute)

『It’s time to set the value』 (Kurogane)


What is the value of this different world?
What is the value of the Empress’ dream?
How much is my reincarnation value?
I will try my best to decide everything.
I reincarnated here because I wanted to make my wish come true.


(Translator’s RANT: please skip this part, I just want to scream this frustration out loud)

(I hate this Shouta but at least I understand well why he became like this. It’s somewhat logically. He is a hateful character but he was still well-built.

But I hate this girl even more. Her character and personality were poor-built.

OH, COME ON, Just because she doesn’t have any skill and was born as a poor Orphan, she wanted to crush everyone, dye her path with blood to become an Empress? Just how many people live in Hell out there? She may not have any skill and was poor but if you ask me, I’d say She was born a WINNER to have a childhood friend who grants her any wish and she became that TWISTED.

When I read this chapter at first, I thought she still has her humanity)

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  1. good to know that even the empress is just third-rate villain character on her….
    it suit with that chunni, heck even he not worth to be treated as second-rate villain, since now his reason for war is more ridiculous than second-rate villains…..

    in the end, all of them is just a brats…. Earl got more Last Boss vibe than them, he should be the last boss instead, rather than those clowns in the clothing of villains.


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