Arge Chapter 187: Tear of Awakening

Arge Elsee
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To September 30th.

Random manga translations release. (Full chapter of Kaoru is under translating, 33 pages)

Mira: 2 chapters left

Taru: 0 chapters left

Arge: 4 => 3 Chapters left (Chapter 178-190)

After Arge’s Arc => Cathia’s Arc. 8 Chapters left

After Cathia’s turn => Mile’s turn. 15 chapters (from chapter 312 to chapter 326) (Must wait after Arge and Cathia ARC)

Arge Chapter 187: Tear of Awakening





When I opened my eyes, there was a ceiling.
The familiar scenery is from the room assigned to me in Satsuki Cafe’s residence.


『Uhmm……』 (Arge)

『Arge-san!!』 (Kuzuha)

『Waa』 (Arge)


As soon as I woke up, someone called my name with a familiar voice.
It’s the Fox Loli with her eyes full of tears, my first friend of this world, Kuzuha-chan.


『You woke up …! 』 (Kuzuha)


Kuzuha-chan jumped and hugged me.
I asked her as she hugged me.


『Uhm… how long have I slept? 』 (Arge)

『6 hours. But it seemed you sleep much deeper than usual …』 (Kuzuha)


6 hours is normal for a nap but she must be worried a lot with how I lost consciousness.
I have slept deeply without dreaming, or rather I seemed to have fainted.


『Sorry, I made you worry』 (Arge)

I was on time.
Because it was on time… I’m glad…
I didn’t make a mistake like with my mother…!』 (Kuzuha)


It was a little painful when she kept hugging me strongly like this but I didn’t want to refuse.
When her mother lost her life, she couldn’t come to help. She always keeps it in her heart.
After I disappeared in the Dark Elf Village, she worked hard with Neguseou to catch up with me.


『Because Kuzuha-chan was there to help me out, I was saved』 (Arge)


Because she hurried to help me, I could prevent the magic of the Black Earl.
I don’t know what would happen without her. Thanks to her, I could protect Elsie-san the last time.

The past will not disappear. Kuzuha-chan will continue to regret her mother’s death.
But today she came to help me. She didn’t have to regret this time.
I gently hugged her back as I felt the warmth of her body again.


『Umm~… Gusu~… Uhm…』 (Kuzuha)

『Umm…』 (Arge)


It feels good when I put her finger through her hair.
I stroked her head as I hugged her trembling body.
I don’t know if this has anything to do with being a friend, but still…
I just want to keep doing this for a moment.


『…Are you done?』 (Elsie)

『!?』 (Arge)

『If you look surprised like that, I will feel hurt. 』 (Elsie)


Of course, someone unusual was sitting there.
It was a known face that shook her golden hair and laughed. Moreover, I know her in a bad way.


『Elsie-san……!? 』 (Arge)

『Fufu, good morning Argento』 (Elsie)


Elsie-san shakes a glass in her hand, smiling gracefully. It’s not hard to imagine what the red liquid is inside.
Kuzuha-chan intimidated and threatened against Elsie-san.


『I tell you now, I won’t let you do mean thing to Arge-san!』 (Kuzuha)

『Ara, ain’t you a cute little guardian? Want to join me and do it together with Argento? 』 (Elsie)

『Elsie-san, don’t tell Kuzuha-chan anything strange 』 (Arge)

『Ara, something strange you said…
Argento, what did you imagine?』 (Elsie)

『Uu… what do you come here for?』 (Arge)


I speak to Elsie-san while closing Kuzuha-chan’s ears so that she doesn’t hear bad words.
Elsie-san tilts her cup with a sly smile as she plays with my words. She squeezed her throat and emptied the glass, and gently wiped the red remaining on her lips,


『Just a little…』 (Elsie)

『…Are you alright, Arge-san?!』 (Aoba)


At the moment Elsie-san tried to speak, the room door was force-opened wildly.
Aoba-san entered with heavy breathing, she stretched her ivy and tying Elsie-san up.


『Haa… haa… I won’t let you do anything strange…! 』 (Aoba)

『Ara~ ara~, it’s fine. You can slowly bring the water in』 (Elsie)


Elsie-san doesn’t have any change in her expression against Aoba-san who looks impatient.
She casually smiles and uses her atomization skill to get out of the restrain.
In contrast to Aoba-san who bites her teeth, Elsie-san talks confidently.


『Hey, didn’t you bring it for Argento? 』 (Elsie)

『…I will not forgive you if you dare to do anything strange』(Aoba)


While threatening Elsie-san, Aoba-san gives me a glass of water.


『Ah… Thank you, Aoba-San』 (Arge)

『No, no. I just had some free time to kill』 (Aoba)

『That girl, she has prepared cold water for you many times,
She was worried about you when preparing your bed, you know?』 (Elsie)

『Don’t say extra things! 』 (Aoba)


Aoba-san handed over the glass of water, I picked it up and drank it, the cool comfort passed through my throat.
I don’t know if I slept due to losing consciousness or fainted, but I was able to calm down a little.
After breathing in the smell of the room I was used to, I looked at Elsie-san again.


『So, uhm… what do you come here for again? 』 (Arge)

『I want to talk, but I prefer no to have these two here』 (Elsie)

『Stop joking…』 (Aoba)

『…Aoba-san. I ask you, please let me talk to her for a moment? Well… I can do self-defense.』 (Arge)

『But Arge-san… Isn’t this person dangerous? 』 (Aoba)

『It’s okay. I ask you the same, Kuzuha-chan』 (Arge)

『…If there’s anything, please call me right away. Absolutely』 (Kuzuha)


When I asked the two sincerely, they went out with unsatisfactory faces
After that, only the silence remained. But from the scented, I could see that the two were ready outside. They would come back right away if anything happened.


『…Now that we are alone like you ask, can you start talking? 』 (Arge)

『I don’t mind but it’s a mood problem』 (Elsie)


Because she still doesn’t sort out her feeling, she doesn’t want to talk yet, such a selfish (Wagamama) person. But Elsie-san has enough power to force her way through.

That’s why I wonder what was the reason she is in this place now. Neither Kuzuha-chan nor Aoba-san could suppress her.
The only reason why no fight is breaking out and no blood is flowing right now is that Elsie-san herself doesn’t feel that way. So I decided it was okay, but on the other hand, I don’t know what to do at the moment when she was offended.

I was strongly aware that she wouldn’t be a dangerous person at the moment, I got off the bed and faced her.

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  1. “『Elsie-san, don’t tell Kuzuha-chan anything strange 』 (Kuzuha)”

    There’s a couple mistakes I’ve seen in this one. But this one seems fairly obvious since Kuzuha doesn’t say her name when talking.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Who’s the illustration up top supposed to be? At first I thought might be Felnote dressed up in a risque outfit, but then I saw her eyes weren’t hetero chromatic. My only other guess, is Elsie but I thought she was built the same way as Arge. (in other words a gold Loli as opposed to the Silver Loli)


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