Arge Chapter 188: Non-overlap Holding Hands.

Arge Elsee
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To September 30th.

Random manga translations release. (Full chapter of Kaoru is under translating, 33 pages)

Mira: 2 chapters left

Taru: 0 chapters left

Arge: 3 => 2 Chapters left (Chapter 189-190)

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Arge Chapter 188: Non-overlap Holding Hands.



『Uhm…』 (Arge)

『First of all, thank you. I heard from Bandersnatch that you protected me』 (Elsie)

『No, that was…
Somehow, my body just moved on its own』 (Arge)

『But that was for my sake,
I just wanted to say…
Oh, well…
Anyway, I was saved』 (Elsie)

『Um …you are welcome』 (Arge)


I didn’t think I would be thanked. For the time being, I received her grateful word.


『Elsie-san… that ragged-emptiness-san…』 (Arge)

『Ragged emptiness!?』 (Elsie)

『Oh, sorry. That black ragged person. Black Earl or something?』 (Arge)


Not good, I suddenly gave it a proper nickname in my usual way. Because he was dressed like a rag, he was also noisy and empty.


『…Ahaa』 (Elsie)


I was surprised. Elsie-san’s reaction was different from what I expected.
She was surprised by my evaluation and laughed.


『Against that Earl. And you call him that way』 (Elsie)

『Uh, I ’m sorry. It’s somewhat natural…』 (Arge)

『…No, it’s good. I felt calm a little. Fu~fu~, you’re good at relieving tension, Argento』 (Elsie)


And Elsie-san smiles softly.
It was a kind smile that I had never seen before.
I was surprised that she could make such a face, but I decided to continue talking for the time being.


『 Elsie-san. Was there something with that person…? 』 (Arge)

『… Yes, It was a shameful display. As you think. I was robbed of something important by that man』 (Elsie)


Elsie-san tells me that he has a calm voice but the burning emotion in her eyes tells otherwise.
It’s powerful but different from the obsession with me. I don’t understand it well but I feel it’s a strong hatred that seems to keep burning.


『The world is full of unreasonableness. So, in order to not getting robbed, I chose to become the robbing one. But… no matter how far I go, unreasonableness still appears.』 (Elsie)

『That’s …』 (Arge)


The word unreasonable resonated with me.
By reincarnation, I thought I was no longer involved with the house of Kuon.
Even so, even in the different world where I reincarnated, I was involved with the Kuon house. It wasn’t just the person who denies the house like Aoba-san, but also the person who has completely dyed the world in the way of Kuon family.
It feels as if I can’t escape from the past.

Elsie-san keeps speaking in the heavy air that makes even her breathing sounds loud.


『What are you going to do now? 』 (Elsie)

『I will go to the empire』 (Arge)

『Ara~, what’s a surprise. I thought you wouldn’t bother to save the world』 (Elsie)

『That’s not my intention』 (Arge)


The denial was clearly spoken from the bottom of my heart.
I have no intention of saving the world. Such a thing will be done by a more noble person.
I was just trying to live just for my own wishes and for my own sake.
So going to the empire is also for a simple reason. I don’t care about the world, it’s just one thing.


『I have something I want to know. I feel like I have to ask why and get the answer』 (Arge)


The emblem of the Kuon family that I saw in the Dark Elf village that day.
I’ve never forgotten that crest since I saw it.
Even after reincarnation, I still want to ask that person who holds that crest.
Reincarnation doesn’t change the soul. So their way of life cannot be changed. Still.
What is the meaning of living as a Kuon family member in this world?


『… I want to know』 (Arge)


If that is the right way of life.
My value may still be missing even after reincarnation.


『…So. You don’t want to admit unreasonableness.』 (Elsie)

『I don’t know if it’s reasonable or unreasonable. I don’t know anything to the extent that I can’t judge it』』 (Arge)

『… You really feel like you were just born』 (Elsie)


Once again, Elsie-san looked at me with a soft smile.
Her eyes aren’t filled with lust or hatred but kindness. It was only a moment, and she immediately returned to normal laughter.


『I’m going to the Empire too. This time, in order to break my unreasonableness』 (Elsie)

『Uhm… together? 』 (Arge)

『No way. I need to be prepared after getting crushed so much. And I can’t move under the sun. In the first place, your friend will not forgive me』 (Elsie)

『…Well, Kuzuha-chan will absolutely hate you』 (Arge)

『Right? And… did you really think I give up about you?』 (Elsie)

『Ah ……』 (Arge)


I can’t move when she lifts my chin.
I thought she was going to suck my blood again and wanted to make a loud call for help, but it was different.


『Chu』 (Elsie)

『Nni~yu!? 』 (Arge)


Short. It was just a momentary kiss.
My eyes are wide-opened for her touch that left a faint feeling on my lips.


『Eh… Ah… Eh? 』 (Arge)

『*Giggle* (Kusukusu)… I saw a nice embarrassed face. It was good for today』 (Elsie)

『Ah…uu』 (Arge)


I can see that my body temperature has risen so much.
Although this is sudden, she said she wanted to make me her bride. In other words, her current kiss is… to make love but to hold dear.


『 Don’t worry. I will be there when you go to the empire. Anyway, it’s a battle for each other’s purpose… I’ll do my best to help create confusion. Well, is this a promise? 』 (Elsie)

『Ah, yes. Thank you very much?』 (Arge)

『Fu~fu~, you are welcome. Well… I’ll be in the shadows and go out at night. As expected, I should leave the way that doesn’t bother other people』 (Elsie)


Elsie-san disappears after saying what she wants to say.
I think I understand a little but I still don’t want this opinion. The golden vampire who is selfish and in a sense straighter than anyone else.
Still, she gave me the word promise.


『……Thank you very much』(Arge)


In the room where no one remained, I spoke my thanks again.
Even if it’s quiet, she must be listening.
I’m sure that it’s okay for now. Even if I don’t understand everything, I know that we want to go to the same place.

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    • Erk, please no ! I realy hate character who “become bad people because they have lost someone” the most. So what if they have suffer ? EVERYONE SUFER in life, damn it ! Life is suffering, strugling, and try to go up again.
      Well, some don’t know that and simply live with a golden spoon in the mouth, but they are pretty much the exeption to the rule.


    • She’s, like, the fifth one? Or the third, depending on if you think it happened the first time she met Arge or only now…


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