Cathia Chapter 5-3: Impatience

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Cathia Chapter 5-3: Impatience



I asked Rumia-san for a detailed map of the area and left the room.
On the way out, I was pulled on my clothes.
By a small girl’s hand.


『Cathia, can you stay for a moment』 (Rumia)

『Ah, yes』 (Cathia)

『Cathia, we will go ahead. You can catch up with us near the north entrance of the city』 (Lior)

『I understand』 (Cathia)


The three left me and went out of the director’s office.
…Well then.


『What is it, Rumia-san?』 (Cathia)

『How is Tim doing, Cathia?』 (Rumia)


Oh, she wanted to talk about Grandfather.
Well, if you think about her age. Yup (u~n)


『 Are you his acquaintance?』 (Cathia)

『Well. I heard he hurt his waist…』 (Rumia)

『Yes. He is now staying in the village chief’s house for better care』 (Cathia)


Grandfather is getting along well with everyone.
Hanna-san, Rosa, and the village chief are all kind, so I think it’s okay.


『Ah, I see, I see. I’m somewhat lonely that the people around me getting older…』 (Rumia)

『Rumia-san ……』 (Cathia)

『Oops, sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad…
Ahem, rather than that, there is a strange sign from you(Rumia)

『… what is that? 』 (Cathia)

『 It’s a special skill of mine. I can feel the wavelength of the magical power of other people…』 (Rumia)

『……』 (Cathia)


Magical Wavelength …
Is that a characteristic of the high elf?


『I feel like there are two types of aura coming out of your body. I have never met such a person』(Rumia)



Two types?


『Apparently, it’s not my imagination. I can feel it when I touch your body like this…』(Rumia)


Rumia-san talks while touching my stomach.
And she has a pondering expression middle way.


『What’s wrong?』 (Cathia)

『One aura is very weak… what does this mean? 』 (Rumia)

How weak is she? Rumia-san?』 (Cathia)


I don’t want to believe it.
Please tell me it was a misunderstanding if it was a lie.


『Calm down!
…Haa~, it seems like you know something about the other aura.
I don’t like secrets, just tell me anything you know.
Then I will explain to you』 (Rumia)


However, it’s information about her life.
No… it’s also my secret now.


『Actually…』 (Cathia)


I told everything without wrapping up.


『…I see. unbelievable. Reincarnation from a different world?』 (Rumia)

『I told you everything. So…』 (Cathia)

『Certainly, the story fits.
Ordinarily, two Auras can’t stay in one body.
But if the body has two souls, it makes sense』(Rumia)

『……』 (Cathia)

『…You are Tim’s apprentice. Fuu~, I trust you』(Rumia)

『Thank you very much……』 (Cathia)


Rumia-san silently listened to my story that people with common sense would never believe.
It shows that she is a person with a big heart.
I’m very thankful for the current situation.


『And about your other Soul Aura… she most likely only have a month or two left…』 (Rumia)

『No way… how could that be?!』 (Cathia)


Short, too short.
There isn’t enough time to devise or investigate anything.


『The cause is probably because of the separation of the soul due to the awakening of the ego…
A soul that lived without a vessel cannot exist.
That body has chosen your soul.』 (Rumia)

『I’m the reasons…? 』 (Cathia)

『Your tone is broken.
It wasn’t like that.
If you didn’t do that in the past, wasn’t that girl already dead?
Don’t blame yourself.』 (Rumia)

『But…』 (Cathia)

『…There’s still one way left』 (Rumia)

『Really!?』 (Cathia)

『The spiritualization of the soul』 (Rumia)

『The spiritualization …? 』 (Cathia)

『That ’s right. The spirit that appeared in the royal castle… they were called the Great Spirit to distinguish.
They told me. The spirit is the end of humans’ soul.
The souls of the dead will eventually lose their ego and become spirits.
The Great Spirit is a collection of those little spirits(Rumia)


It’s a surprising fact, but nothing has come into my head now.
In short, that means nothing.


『But isn’t that the same as being dead …! She will be gone』 (Cathia)

『That’s right. There’s no guarantee that the girl’s ego will remain.
However, from what you told, she could control the flame which was the missing Aura of that body.
Being able to do such a trick is already out of specification as a human soul.
You could say she was already close to the spirit.
Furthermore, she could keep her ego in that state and manipulating the body…』 (Rumia)

『Which means there’s enough possibility of being spiritualized while keeping the ego…?』 (Cathia)

However, your magical power of fire is as weak as her aura.
So, you should ask the great spirit of fire to give magical power…
Maybe she would manifest as being close to a great spirit.
That body can’t no longer supply her Aura』 (Rumia)


Aura is more dependent on the individual.
She already hasn’t accepted the aura from this body.
However, magical power is almost the same thing for everyone, taking from everything I have heard until now.


『Her soul and your soul are now in a special state. It’s a wonder that that body could balance until now』 (Rumia)

『That’s right, I should go to the Royal Castle now…』 (Cathia)

『Wait. Wait. Don’t rush. It’s impossible now. The castle is still confused. I will send a letter to explain things beforehand as soon as possible. So, be patient for a while』 (Rumia)

『Uu… I understand. Now that I think about it, there are the remnants of the great spirit in the Royal Castle, we are really lucky…』 (Cathia)

『That’s right… At the timing when the Great Spirit manifests, someone like you appeared… I don’t feel it’s just a coincidence』(Rumia)


Certainly, the timing is too good.
But now I won’t mind it.
If I can help her, it doesn’t matter if it’s someone’s plan.


Even so, you were originally a man…
Is your body now a normal woman?
I want to investigate』 (Rumia)

『Uhm… are you joking just now…?』 (Cathia)

『Unfortunately, I was really serious…
However, now that you had such a face, you wouldn’t lose to a dragon(Rumia)

『Muu~… is that so? 』 (Cathia)

『That ’s right. Now concentrate on what is in front of you. It won’t do anything if you get impatient』 (Rumia)


Even if she looks a loli, she is much older than the age of my previous life plus this life…
Certainly, I had a bad mental state.


『… Okay, now I’m going to hunt the dragon』 (Cathia)

『Yes. That’s the spirit』 (Rumia)

『Uhm, as for the matter of the Royal Castle…』 (Cathia)

『 Don’t worry about it. It’s the request of my old friend’s disciple.
Let’s get things done well…
Be careful, Cathia(Rumia)

『Thank you very much… I’ll be going now, Rumia-san』 (Cathia)


I left the chairman’s office with slightly heavier legs than when I came.




『Ah, Cathia-chan. Here, over here! Hey!』 (Fina)


When I went near the entrance of the city, Fina-san found me here and waved her hand to call so I could join immediately.
Speaking of which, my red hair may have been conspicuous.

There are a lot of food stalls today, where people come and go.
The gatekeeper seems busy.


『 Thank you for waiting.』(Cathia)

『That was a long talk. Hmm? Cathia-chan, are you alright?』 (Fina)

『Eh?… Yes. She asked me about Grandfather so I missed my hometown a little!』 (Cathia)


She is as sharp as ever.
I told Fina-san a lie that mixed with truth in order not to be found out immediately.


『Did Rumia-sama know Sword Saint?
Ah, I see. She is 80 years old.
Cathia-san, I think you could send a letter when you get to the capital.
You may feel a little better (Neil)

『Sure, I’ve seen her and Tim together several times. They are good friends!』 (Lior)

『Hmm…… Please wait for a minute』 (Fina)


There seemed to be no particular suspicion.
Only Fina-san leaves the place as if she has something in mind.
Where is she going?


『Speaking of which, what type of dragon will be hunt? 』 (Cathia)


Since I don’t have any other topic, I ask Lior-san an appropriate question.


『It’s the Earth dragon. Of course, its size is a large dragon』 (Lior)


In the case of a flying dragon, we need a lot of magical power or archers to shoot it down.
Our member has two swordsmen, one fighter, and one wizard. We lack anti-air means.
There’s no reason that Rumia-san didn’t consider it before asking us. It’s inevitably the type of dragon that our member can deal with.


『 Fina-nee is full of vigor. Is it okay, Cathia-san? No, of course, we are not losing』 (Neil)

『There were already Victims… Well, Neil-san’s skill has improved, isn’t this a good opportunity?』 (Cathia)

『 Isn’t it strange that the skill test is a dragon?』 (Neil)

『 Isn’t that decided?
If you think with common sense (think about it normally)…』 (Lior)

『Think with common sense, you say?』 (Neil)

(T.N: the words mean “think about it normally” but I translated as “think with common sense” to be funnier)

『Is there something wrong?』 (Lior)

『Is that so… Yes…』 (Neil)


Neil-san sighed like he gave up.
After that, Fina-san returned when the three of us chatting.


『Fina-san…?! It’s somewhat  nice』 (Cathia)


She feeds something in my mouth.


『A freshly baked melon bread』 (Fina)

『Why melon bread?』 (Cathia)

『 Sweet thing is the best when you feel depressed, right? 』 (Fina)


Sweetness spreads in my mouth.
The sweetness of Fina-san was more than just sweet.


『Thank you』 (Cathia)

『Yup! Let’s do our best for the fireworks! 』 (Fina)

『Hey, Fina. What about us? 』 (Lior)

『You, two men can eat the foods they sell around here!
There was a queue and I could only buy two pieces!』 (Fina)

『Hi~dee~ (cheapskate). Hey, Neil. We can’t fight well if we don’t get anything in our stomach』 (Lior)

『That’s right. I’ll buy something else, please wait for a moment』(Neil)


As usual, I appreciated their thoughtfulness.

As Rumia-san says, it can’t be helped.
I should concentrate on dragon extermination first.

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  1. I like the possibilty of the other soul inside of her manifeating as it’s own character, but since the original soul doesn’t have any memories of it’s own is the spirit gonna be like a baby or even more lacking in common sense?

    Anyways thanks for the chapter and for reading my rambling ヽ(^o^)丿


  2. I recommend going back to alternating chapters rather than translating arcs. Someone already tried poaching average abilities off you and no some one else has taken another of your series since you haven’t been updating it.

    I know cliffhangers suck, but at least they don’t steel translations off you.


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