Mile Chapter 312: Radiance of Life 6

Mile Vol 10.7
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Mile Chapter 312: Radiance of Life 6



The next morning, after breakfast, everyone goes straight to find a carriage.
While everyone was having breakfast slowly, one of the escorts was going ahead to rent a carriage. That escort seems to plan to eat preserved food in the carriage later. Mile plans to give him a sandwich from her Item Box.


『Two horses. Ain’t this a fine carriage?』 (Rena)


As Rena says, it was a light construction and seemed to be faster than an average carriage. The horse is also well-groomed and seems to be in good care. Probably, he chose the best carriage and horses available without paying attention to gold.


『Gunnu …』 (Pauline)


It seems that this group isn’t troubled with money at all. Pauline bites her teeth in regret. But as expected, she didn’t shamelessly raise the price after knowing that the other party has money. She didn’t have a word for it.
Perhaps it’s an act contrary to Pauline’s tenure as a merchant. Of course, even if she isn’t a merchant but a normal person, it’s an embarrassing act that she unlikely can do.

And the two-horses carriage departed with the young lady’s party and “Red Oath” , a total of 8 people plus one driver.

The chasers would no longer be chasing them. Even if they tried to chase, they wouldn’t be able to catch up with this carriage if they are armed and walking with water and food.

And even if they rent a carriage, they can’t catch up with a carriage full of armed men.
Also, no matter how many hired magicians they hire, there are so many injured people for them to be healed so quickly. It’s not possible.

And when other units come, it’s hard to catch up with this carriage, which is already close to the border, when they need time to prepare and time to move.

In other words …


『We will be able to escape soon, somehow …』 (Guard Captain?)


That’s it.
If a group of army soldiers invades another country across the border, that will be war. As expected, it will not be possible.


『If we cross the border,
The soldiers from the neighboring country will be our escort guards.
If we go there, it will be a safety zone…』(Guard Captain?)



This young lady is under the protection of another country. It had great merit and a big demerit.
As merit, her safety is improved except for the possibility of an assassin. And when fighting back, she can borrow soldiers there.
The disadvantage is the troops that the neighboring country will let her borrow.
Even if she succeeds in recapturing the government, the existence of this huge borrowing troops will be a major diplomatic constraint for a long time. Of course, finances might be a big problem but she might be forced to marry into the royal family or you will be forced to conclude an unequal treaty.


『Is it a government in exile…』 (Mile)


Mile concludes so but they don’t react much.
The escorts understand “that” although they tried to conceal it, and Mile’s group also understand “that” about the other party.


『Speaking of that, the invasion on Marein Kingdom…』 (Maevis)

『Ah. Maybe. I see…』 (Mile)


Maevis says so and Mile nods.


『What are you two convinced about?』 (Rena)


Rena seems to be unable to see the story, so Maevis explained.


『No, that’s a sudden and aggressive invasion. I think that’s probably related to this matter.
When you encounter a hard-to-get-rid-of or taking-away target. At that time, the simplest and most convenient method is…』 (Maevis)

『War, right…』 (Pauline)


Apparently, Pauline also understood.


『That’s right. If you create enemies outside, you can’t afford to compete in the country. And war is welcomed by some. For example, military leaders, big merchants, and powerful nobility. General soldiers, small merchants, and other common people are not really satisfied with it』 (Maevis)

『But the “layers you want to get on your side” are all those who welcome the war.』(Mile)


Mile continues the explanation of Maevis.


『That’s right. Then assign the factions who are hostile to you to the most dangerous place. It’s good if they get killed in the war or to be responsible for failure. And, they can add spies or assassins to kill your target during the confusion.
And even if that faction succeeds, you can them give a lot of rewards. You will get the promotion “the new king will give you a reward without discrimination against hostile faction“. At the same time, the king will get the new territory, the looting, and gain the support of the nobility, the military, the people.
Anyway, if you are troubled by domestic problems, you can start a war against other countries. It’s a classic method』 (Maevis)

『Oh~. But Mile-chan had crushed the invasion, so he had no choice but rushed to crush the risk factor…』 (Pauline)

『『『『Eh? 』』』』 (Lady + 3 escorts)


The young lady and her 3 escorts’ eyes were wide opened with Pauline’s words.


『Ah… aaaah~… uhm… what in the world is that…』 (Lady)


The young lady asked in a broken tone. Oops. Pauline tried to make a poker face but it was too late.
Mile rescued the troubled Pauline from the side.


『Ah, I asked an acquaintance of mine to stop the invasion on Marein Kingdom…』 (Mile)

『『『What kind of acquaintance was that?!』』』 (3 Escorts)


The three escorts retorted out loud.


Eventually, Mile managed to escape by telling “a certain friend” “has strongly persuaded” direct to the top.
The eyes of the escorts were completely dead.


That’s why he suddenly changed his mind from keeping Milady under arrest to killing her.
Our escape plan was suddenly put forward because we wouldn’t have time to make a through-out preparation.
Result to they noticed us fast and chased us.
Also, he had horrible eyes after that day…』 (Escort Leader)


Gikuri (vein pops SFX)
Tarari. (vein pops SFX)

Somehow, Red Oath has a bad face complexion.


『『『That’s all because of you!!』』』 (3 Escorts)



* ********************************



Actually, there was no problem at all.
Of course...』 (Escort Leader)


After a while, the escort leader calmed down and said so.


『 It was a matter of time anyway.
Did he decide to kill the prin(cess)… Milady right away because he sensed danger?
If he kept Milady under arrest, he could completely control the royalty and nobility.
But now that he could seize the military, the use-value of keeping Milady under arrest just in case has been lost.
In order to end the retrospective,
Probably, no, I’m sure it was a big risk to keep Milady alive.
And conversely, if he couldn’t control everything as expected, there would be a danger of the rebels taking action with Milady’s name as a flag…
And this is exactly what it was …』 (Escort Leader)


In the end, what he said to “Red Oath” didn’t change.
From the content of the story, there was no meaning in restating the young girl title to “Milady”


『We would try to escape anyway.
If we delayed the scheduled to the date of execution for a more through-out escape plan, I wouldn’t know whether we could escape safely.
It was better this time that “Red Oath” helped us.
…This could be a better result…
In the end, “This could be a better result“, but…』 (Escort Leader)

((((He is angry! Even he is humbly talking, but he is angry!!!!)))) (Red Oath)


And the escorts finally managed to fix their mood with the words of the young lady “compared to my life… having prevented the war with the neighboring country in advance is much better…”


T.N: The winning word today “For our average daily life

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  1. At least an average chapter but what is the meaning for 0 chapter left there are no more chapter or the project is going to be droped


    • I think it’s about how many scheduled chapters there are left for this months. After all, Mile has 99 more raw chapters at the moment, not 14.

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  2. What? Mile-chan has crushed something again.
    Not the invasion, but also Pauline common sense so that she speak it out so casually, LOL

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  3. Oh, right, I should try to remember names of kingdoms/nations in stories, maybe, sometimes, idk. Well, since red oath both stopped the war and saved the princess, they are really pissing off that new king, or whatever. They might need to take an average trip into that nation, and averagely convince them to be nice.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome Mile time is back! God bless you, take care, and have some average fun!


      • Right, I was first thinking about the invasion of the domain where Mile was born. Only now I remember they also stopped a war where one side pushed the monsters from a forest to “bully” the other side, probably into war.
        Yeah, I really need to remember the names of kingdoms 😀


    • If mobile turn on night mode in the phone or browser settings… If in browser there should be a way to invert color or an accessibility option somewhere in your settings


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    Probably, he chose the best carriage and horses +available+ without paying attention 
    improved except for {the invasion of the}>{the possibility if an} assassin
    Of course, {financial}->{finances} might
    Is it {an asylum administration}→{a government in exile}
    even if that faction {success}→{succeeds}
    If we delayed+,+ the scheduled to the date of execution

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