Cathia Chapter 5-4: Earth Dragon

Cathia Imouto
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(T.N: For the time being, it will be like this)

Cathia Chapter 5-4: Earth Dragon


It seems that the mountain where the earth dragon is located is the Sura mountain.
About 2 hours on foot from Cyrus.
A mountain with mostly rocks and a few green.


『Lior-san, can I ask you a little?』 (Cathia)


On the mountain path, I wanted to hear Lior-san’s thoughts.


『What’s that? Well, you’re the person with a lot of questions』 (Lior)

『I’m the type of person with a principle to listen as much as possible if I have a chance』 (Cathia)


Because in my previous life, the moment when I graduated from being a college student, I must investigate the things I didn’t know by myself without being able to ask the professors.
If you don’t listen, learn and practice as much as possible as you become mature, you will become an empty person when you grow up.
Like myself in my previous life.


『What would Lior-san do when you borrow something important and can’t return it?』 (Cathia)

『What is that? A philosophy question? …or is it a serious talk?』 (Lior)

『Yes, I’m serious』 (Cathia)


If it’s someone with great experience like Lior-san, he must have the answer to my doubts.
But is there Philosophy in this world?
Or is it just a word of wisdom?


『I see. Hm…
Borrow, right?
If you count it. You can say I borrow something from Tim that I haven’t returned yet.』 (Lior)

『Did you mean he retired before you could score a win from him?』 (Cathia)

『Yes, that’s right. But not only that, I learned a lot from him as well. I was going to repay it by winning』(Lior)

『Is that so』 (Cathia)


Repaying to teaching by winning the opponent… It’s really a Lior-san’s way of thinking.


『In the end, I couldn’t met him until now. The information department stubbornly didn’t disclose any information about him. However…』 (Lior)


Lior-san took a breath and pointed at me.


『You appeared in front of me, Cathia』 (Lior)

『Me?』 (Cathia)

『Ah. But when I fight with you, I end of learning from you even a little. It was more like I have indirectly borrowed more from Tim.』(Lior)

『Maybe』 (Cathia)

But I don’t know what Tim thinks.
In the first place, you are the only one who thinks you have been borrowing.
From your perspective, how would Tim think about it?』 (Lior)

『If it was grandfather, he wouldn’t think you owe him anything』 (Cathia)

『Right? It was only I thought so and tried to return it. To get a little self-satisfaction. It may be annoying to him though』 (Lior)

『That’s annoying, I guess』 (Cathia)


Certainly, aside from being asked for daily battles, I have gained many things in the previous battle.
The feeling of the last counter in that fight is something I can’t get anywhere else.
Even now, I also gained something by talking like this.


『But it’s best to return the borrowing directly to the said person if possible. What about the person you want to return the loan to?』 (Lior)

『Eh?』 (Cathia)

『You can’t meet?』 (Lior)

『… What if there is a risk in meeting itself?』 (Cathia)

『Then it’s decided.
You should meet again whatever obstacles you have.
Think again after meeting the said person』 (Lior)

『After meeting her?』 (Cathia)

『That’s it.
You can think of a way to return a loan as many times as you want.
As long as there is life.
And sometimes the said person doesn’t think it is a loan.
In the first place, if you don’t meet, nothing will start』 (Lior)

『……』 (Cathia)


If possible, I want to do so if I can return this body to her.
However, from Rumia-san’s story, she will die soon and I can’t return it to her, who can no longer adapt to this body.
Neither the magic of fire nor the aura seems to be supplied to her soul anymore.

…But first of all, I need to see her.


『Thank you, Lior-san』 (Cathia)

『Is that okay?』 (Lior)

『Yes』 (Cathia)


Any shape is acceptable.
I must listen to her feelings.
Then, follow any wishes she has.

I’m going to do that even if that means I will die. I have always tried to find a way to get her back to this body.
But I need to see her,
Even if that is the act of turning her into something else.


『I don’t know who you borrowed from, but you seem to have decided. But for now, just focus on the enemies in front of you. Here it comes』 (Lior)


The ground shook.
Nearby birds flew away.


『Niel-san, Fina-san. Be careful!』 (Cathia)


I called to the two from behind to be careful.


『Uhm… Lior-san. I can’t see anything, it’s just the sound』 (Cathia? Niel?)

『Look carefully. That’s it』 (Lior)


In the direction indicated by Lior-san…, rock?
But if you look closely at that rock…, is it moving?


『Gururururururu…』 (Earth Dragon)


Uwa, it roars.
In other words, is that a dragon?
It seems to have an outer shell resembling a rock surface. It can’t be spotted easily from a distance.
Its length seems to be 50 meters.
If you look closely, there seem to be weapons and arrows of the victims still stabbing on its body.


『Speaking of which, Lior-san, what’s about your armor?』 (Cathia)

『Well, I have a spare… but this time I don’t use it. Anyway, if it attacks, you will die immediately. I brought only the gauntlet.』 (Lior)

(T.N: when the world has physics, Evade Tank is a thing, Tank makes no sense)

『I don’t like that kind of information. I don’t think it noticed us yet, what should we do?』 (Cathia)


While hiding behind the rocks, I ask Lior-san with a quiet voice.
Considering the difference in experience, he should be suitable as a commander in this situation.


『Then, it will a surprise attack. Niel!』 (Lior)


Lior-san calls Niel-san out loud.


『I’m not like you two』 (Neil)

『But your attack is the best. You can only have one blow. Okay, aim for its eyes. Fina, support Niel’s retreat and we will handle the rest』 (Lior)


Certainly, there are relatively few rock-like outer shells near the face.
The head position is low and attacking it seems to be the best method.


『Are there any weak points that are easier to make use of it?』 (Fina)


Fina-san asked.
And Lior-san answered.


『No. That’s why it is a dragon species. But because it’s earth type, water magic might have a little better effect?』 (Lior)

『Okay, water. Niel, jump into it and believing in your onee-chan!』 (Fina)

『U…Usu. I will do my best』 (Niel)

『Now, go!』 (Lior)


When Lior-san hits his back, Niel-san’s strengthened his Aura and pulled out his sword.
Then, he ran toward the Earth dragon.
A strong aura comes from Damascus Sword.

The earth dragon has not noticed yet.
Here he goes!


『OOh!』 (Niel)


Niel-san’s sword swung down and cut deeply the face of the earth dragon!
Good power, no complaints!


『Gaaaaaaaaa!』 (Earth Dragon)

『Fina!』 (Lior)


At the same time as Lior-san shouts, the earth dragon begins to rampage as if screaming in pain.
Niel-san has already started to leave but because of its giant body, he is still in the range of the Earth Dragon’s rampage.

Dangerous state.


『Take this. Stop right there!』 (Fina)


Fina-san shot the compressed water!
…… Near Niel-san’s face.
Onee-chan has no mercy.
However, it’s an optimal solution at present.


『Goaaaaaaa!?』 (Earth Dragon)


The compressed water plunged into the Earth dragon’s wound made it fall to the ground in pain.
At the same time, Niel-san was able to leave safely.


『Let’s go! Cathia. You take care of the right side!』 (Lior)

『Yes』 (Cathia)


I readied myself and headed to the raging dragon.
Approaching while staying the blind spot of its wounded eye.

Lior-san would take care of its left foot!

I pulled out my black sword and hit it against the right foot of the earth dragon.
…But it bounced back with an echoing sound.


『Hard!』 (Cathia)


I can’t cut into it.
Apparently, the earth dragon seems to strengthen itself with an aura.
Its shell is too thick to see well.

This is a problem for high-level monsters.
What about Lior-san?


『Ora~! Eat this! There’s still more!』 (Lior)


He crushed it from the top of the outer shell.

That can’t be imitated.
The dragon screams whenever he hits.

… Then, should I rely on a magic sword?
I start kneading my magical power while being cautious of the earth dragon’s attacks.
I’m not good at putting out the magical power of fire outside with high output, but I’m good at compressing it as much as I can.
The downside is that it takes a lot of time, but there is no problem in the current situation.

Accumulate, accumulate, and earnestly gather the magical power to mix with the black sword’s aura.
The air around the sword begins to distort due to heat.
The black sword seems to be fine as if nothing even with such heat.
A mysterious metal, made by Orichalcum.


『Haaaaaaa!』 (Cathia)


When I was convinced that I could go, I went to attack the left foot of the earth dragon again.
It’s a fresh sound this time.
The black sword, which temperature had risen to the limit, cut into its left foot while melting the outer shell easily.
I start running while slashing its thick feet!


『Goge~, Gaa~!』 (Earth Dragon)


Dust danced with heavy noise.
Next, the right foot in the back!
With my magic, I won’t be able to bring out such high output fire magic again.
I must finish it right away!

… Soon after, the Earth Dragon was crushed on the ground, having no limbs and tail left.
Lior-san also stopped beating it.


『Iya~ (Nice), That was a great beating…
By the way Cathia, how did you cut this guy’s leg?
Ooh… It’s really hot near the cut!』 (Lior)

『Eh? I just used Fire magic to raise the temperature to the point that melts the shell…』 (Cathia)

『Oh, I get it. That’s enough. I can’t understand anyway. The theory of attack on this guy is to aim at the gap in the outer shell though』 (Lior)

『 Wasn’t Lior-san beating it from the top of the shell?』 (Cathia)

『…Neil, your first attack was good! Because it lost an eye, I was able to enjoy myself!』 (Lior)


He changed the topic openly.
I don’t want to be compared with his insane battle instinct.


『I’m glad to be able to help』 (Niel)


Certainly, Niel-san gave a great blow.
I think that it can be used as a trump card more than a trick in a fight though it has low succession ability.


『Hurray. It seems to be done. We should return soon! Fireworks, fireworks!』 (Fina)


Fina-san seems to be in a good mood.
Fireworks in this world… I wonder what is it like?

Cathia Firework
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  1. Thanks for the chapter as always ^^
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  2. 10000 degree sword vs earth dragon leg

    Thanks for the chapter! Much appreciated Loli Mamoritai


  3. in the section below you have Lior talking 3 times in a row when I think it is supposed to be Cathia the 2nd time
    『Eh? I just used Fire magic to raise the temperature to the point that melts the shell…』 (Cathia)

    『Oh, I get it. That’s enough. I can’t understand anyway. The theory of attack on this guy is to aim at the gap in the outer shell though』 (Lior)

    『 Wasn’t Lior-san beating it from the top of the shell?』{(Cathia) not} (Lior)

    『…Neil, your first attack was good! Because it lost an eye, I was able to enjoy myself!』 (Lior)

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