Mile Chapter 316: Another month…

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Counting changed to December 31st.

Mile’s turn.  37 => 36 chapters left (Next Arc)

Cathia’s Arc: 14 Chapters (This Arc and next Arc)

Taru: 5 chapters

Arge: 30 Chapters (2 Arcs)

Mira: 5 chapters

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From Average Daily Life to a WONDERFUL life, no, it’s WONDER THREE.

Mile Chapter 316: Another month…



Ekland Academy Female Dormitory, Marcela’s room

Each girl sits on a chair or bed, Marcella, “Wonder three“‘s members, and the third princess, Morena.


『So, the information hasn’t been leaked to His Majesty the King and the Princes, right?』 (Oriana)


The princess replied to Oriana.


『Yes, other families have only tried to take advantage of the situation to get their daughter closer to my brothers.
We organized a squad of only young women with 9 people.
Our cover is making everyone my private escorts.
There are places the Royal Knights can’t accompany me…
Like in the bathroom, private room, etc.
It’s impure…
But the escorts in such cases are absolutely necessary.
I have strongly insisted that and got approved.
I also used it as a reason for my private escorts is only for young girls.
And with my position, there are only a few friends that I can talk easily.
The princess must look great and gorgeous to give higher impression to other countries.
When I explained so, no one could deny my logic.
And if this experimental case succeeds,
We will expand the second and third squads,
Each will be deployed as my elder sisters’ private escort unit…』 (Morena)


The fact that their fighting ability is inferior to the male veteran Royal Knight isn’t a problem.
They can scream or blow the whistle,
Or they might notice something unusual before that,
It only takes a few seconds for the nearby male guard to rush there.

In the meantime, if they can protect the Princess even by using themselves as the shield, anyway is fine.

For that reason, the requirement isn’t really “combat ability” but “the escort ability to protect the princess”
And it’s natural for the princess’ private escorts to be armed.

Marcella’s Trio has a good track record of escorting senior aristocratic girls, they are also the princess Morena’s close friend, and many aristocrats know about them.

There were also nobles who considered to have Marcela as his son’s daughter-in-law. They thought they would have more opportunities to contact Marcella if their daughter was in the same squad as her. They agreed with the princess’ proposal.

Mile Vol 10.9

『Just according to the plan, right (Keikaku doori, desu wa ne)?
Then the three of us will screw it,
On the day of the establishment of the female guard team, we will immediately receive a special mission from Morena-sama,
The three of us will go on a journey searching for the missing Askham Lady, viscountess Adel von Askham…』 (Marcella)


Kokuri~ (Giggle SFX)
Niyari~ (Giggle SFX)
Yup yup

Each of the other three people gives a different gesture of consent to Marcella.


『I would be immediately engaged to someone after graduation,
After two years of bride training, I would be married at the age of 15.
That’s boring!
In particular, to become someone’s mistress!』 (Marcella)


Marcella shook her head as she said that.


『I would be treated as escort magician and water barrel for my parents’ carriage for a while,
I might be sold to a merchant, who they wanted to make a connection somewhere …
No, they might portray as to marry me off… Isn’t that horrible…』 (Monica)


Similarly, Monica shook her head.


『As for me,
I can’t expect to earn enough to return the scholarship,
I must work at a national institution, or become a school clerk,
Anyway, if I don’t work in a public workplace I won’t get exempt from paying scholarships,
My whole family will be in debt hell …』 (Orianna)


There was no system of self-bankruptcy in this country.


『『『Therefore, failure is absolutely not allowed! !』』』 (Wonder Three)

『Ye, yes!!』 (Morena)


When Wonder Three showed their determination, Princess Morena unexpectedly told something.


『I want to go with you!』 (Morena)


*Kiii* the princess was chagrined (Bitting handkerchief). It was impossible, indeed.


『Anyway, I’m talking about the establishment of my private female escort.
Not only we trick other girls for this scheme, but I also take great care not to let their fathers know.
There are 9 female guards in total, and when I go out, I divide them with a rotation of 3 people.
I’m going to say that I divide everyone into three shifts of three people each…』 (Morena)

『But actually, there are two shifts of three people,
The remaining three people are dedicated to a special mission…』 (Marcella)

『That’s right. Fu~fu……』 (Morena)

『『『『Fufufufufu ……』 』 』 』 (Wonder Three + Morena)


Morena hopes that her brothers will marry Marcela and Adel,
but from how the girls talk,
Marcella doesn’t seem to want it,
Marcella seemed not to want getting married so soon right after she became 15 years old.
So, Morena wanted to give Marcella a little cooling period,
And to prevent Marcella from being engaged by other nobles, she went and arranged this proposal from Marcella.


(I won’t be able to meet them for a while but I will get letters frequently…,
No, they will send me “reports” without fail…
Then, a few years later, Both Adel-sama and Marcella-chan will become my sisters-in-law.
While Orianna and Monica will remain as my friends, and we will have fun every day.
Kukukukuku~…) (Morena)


As for Marcela…


(Having a fun adventure trip with Adel… it doesn’t matter if 5 years have passed, I’m still 18 years old. I haven’t reached the turning point for marriage. I have as many as 9 years until I become 22 years old.
As I was under a special mission from Her Highness Princess Morena, if I fulfilled her mission and brought Adel-san back, I will be highly appreciated by the royal family. Yes, I will be okay.
And by that time, both His highness Princes would have forgotten about me.
Even if I find Adel-san and join her’s group soon,
I’m sorry that I will only report “under searching” all the time,
Eventually, I will take her home safely,
I’m sorry, Her Highness Morena ...) (Marcella)


Marcella can send reports from time to time.
However, there’s no way to send letters from Morena’s side.
In particular, if Marcella asks for “information concealment about the sender“, even the place, where the letter was sent out, is concealed and the guild can only deliver the entrusted letter to the other party.

Morena can’t do anything, even if the search team, which Morena thought “will end in a few months” doesn’t return for years.

But regularly, Marcella will report with just:
We still can’t find her. There are nothing anomalies with our health and mind


As for Monica…


(That stubborn father of mine won’t miss such an opportunity to make a connection to the royal family.
He accepted it right away without fail.
In the first place, he couldn’t refuse the proposal for protecting the Princess,
Refusing the request from the Royalty, it would be a fatal wound for merchants.
And by doing so I will foil his plan to marry me off.
He will hate me for it but I will find a wonderful partner myself and have a happy marriage…) (Monika)


She dreamed of such a happy future.


『『『Ufu~ Ufufufufufufu~……』』 』 (Wonder Three + Morena)

(I need to be firm.
And use my head to steer, protect, and guide the others, whose head is in the flower garden…) (Orianna)


While the other three young girls were laughing together, Orianna was thinking so with a cool head. What kind of identity is appropriate to travel safely, which means to replenish the road bank, and how far to talk to the government’s constitution and royal family when they are involved in a disaster. Oriana’s brain was spinning at high speed…






『Finally, just another month』 (Marcella)


After Morena returned, Marcela said to Monica and Oriana.


『One year and seven months since Adel-san disappeared… No, she came to visit us twice on the way, but it was only a few hours…』 (Marcella)


Yes, the girls were glad that they were able to confirm Adel’s safety. But that was temporary. Compared to a year and two months spent together, it was only a moment of bliss.


『After Adel-san disappeared, we predicted her behavior,
We got the hunter job started that day surely became useful now.
Just the other day, we got up to the C Rank…』 (Marcella)

『As an exchange condition to receive the sudden escort request,
We demand to be “promoted to C rank“.
The guild master couldn’t decline the request from the Marquis,
he had a blue face, right?』 (Monika?)

『But then he cried to us “Never take any work other than women’s escort request until you get stronger”…』 (Orianna?)


Monica and Oriana laughed together as they heard Marcela’s words.


In fact, the guild master, other guild personnel, and some hunters know about Marcella’s group.
Marcela’s “Wonder Three” is a new hunter party specializing in escort for girls.
Other works they can give the girls are either collecting herbs or hunting horn-rabbits.

But the girls wanted to get a true hunter qualification for the future,
The Hunter history in their license is useless in emergency cases,
They couldn’t agree with just the qualification in-name-only.

At night, the girls researched on monster opponents and interpersonal battles.

Base on the “Magic essence” taught by Adel, the girls have always been studying on a new method of using magic.
And on the resting day when they didn’t have a job, they went to the nearby forest and practiced their magical experiments.

Giving up on fighting with swords and spears.
Make primary strike from a long distance by magic,
Deal with enemies in mid-range with tricky magic and hidden knives.
Making use of their enemies’ off-guard when seeing the girls’ harmless appearance.
A unique way of fighting in close combat.
Yes, they were able to do interpersonal combat as well as work to stall a few seconds before help came. And even more, fights against monsters…
Of course, the girls have no experience in actual battles but they intended to learn it through joint orders with other parties after traveling.


『“The slime with the greatest abilities is the one making himself look like an ordinary slime” (Rimuru confirmed)
It was in Adel-san’s language record…』 (Marcella)


Monica and Oriana nodded with Marcella’s words.

Winning words: “WONDERFUL, It’s WONDER THREE

Let’s see if Shironeko says the winning word this time.

Mile Vol 10.9
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  3. It was about time we knew what the wonder three were up to, so they will search for Mile as a newbie C rank party but this time… WITH COMMON SENSE.

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    • Yeah.. It always starts with common sense-chan skipping happily along the forest.. But 12 chapters layer she is seen with dead-fish eyes, messy clothes and a constant shiver when she hears the words: Average, Normal, Obvious or Simple…

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    • Actually, WE ARE MADE to believe that common-sense-chan is still alive with Wonder Three.
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    • They don’t have enough active time to rank up yet.
      Even each of them is already strongest of this world.

      Maevis is strongest swordsman.
      Rena is strongest attack magician.
      Pauline is strongest healing magician.
      Mile is everage.


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