Mile Light Novel 2 Extra: Private tutor

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Mile Light Novel 2 Extra: Private tutor

(T.N: I will hear all your complaints about changing “little girl” to “Loli” and “Little sister” to “Imouto” but I won’t change it. Because this is an Imouto site from a LolioMamoritai.)



Mile has some free time.

After a long trip, Red Oath took a vacation. (T.N: Chapter 50-60, escorting the merchant group, capture a platoon of 40 soldiers who fake to be bandits)

Red Oath‘s members are always together during work and rest, but sometimes they have personal errands, and sometimes they want to act in secret.

Date with boyfriend… NO.

They want to have personal time as anyone.


Well, that’s why Maevis and Pauline go to their parents’ homes.
Rena goes to visit the graves of her father and Red Lightning Bolt.
And Mile, who cannot go back to her parents’ home or visit her mother or grandfather’s graves, remained in the city.

On the first day of the vacation, she spent her days in bed and practicing a “jumping prostrate (dogeza)” to see if it would be useful someday because there was no Rena to Tsukkomi her.

But on the second day, she became bored as she couldn’t think of anything to do anymore.

In her previous life, it was normal to spend time alone, but why couldn’t she do so when she has so much time now?

Was it because she got used to spending time with her friends? Mile was thinking so.
In addition, there was no TV, recorder, book, manga, games in this world.
Also, no textbooks and reference books.


Anyway, she became so bored that she couldn’t wait until everyone came back to the inn.
It’s hard to put up with boredom. And it’s quite hurt to be treated as a nuisance by Reni-chan, who came to clean the room.

And after thinking a lot, Mile finally got an idea.


(Why don’t I do some quest alone?) (Mile)


And then she came to Hunter Guild Royal City Branch.

The conditions for this quest are: working it alone, finishing at least 2 days before Red Oath‘s members return, and seems to be interesting.


『Ummm, something that looks interesting…』(Mile)


Mile was looking at the request board for a while and noticed one request.


“Tutor request
Period: 10 days
Request details: Help my daughter pass the scholarship entrance exam of August School.
Reward on success: 3 gold coins(Notice)

(…This is it!) (Mile)


Somehow, it looks exciting.

Mile has never gotten any private lesson or tutor, including her previous life.
However, she was longing to experience to be a tutor.


『This request, please (Onegai Shimasu)』(Mile)


Although she isn’t the exclusion for Mile’s group, the receptionist Leria has somehow always been in charge of their request. She knew the girls to a certain extent.
Leria(レリア) looked at the request submitted by Mile and was surprised.


『…Mile-san. This is a tutor’s request, you know?
You aren’t the one who will be taught but the teaching one, you know?』(Leria)

『Of course, I know that much!』(Mile)


Mile is somewhat dissatisfied with Leria’s rude words.


『But this request’s condition is to get the scholarship at the August School…
The August School is a school in the capital city for rich people and poor… I mean noble who can’t spare much of their money to attend. Their exams are both written test and magical practice test. It isn’t just combat-skills and physical-fitness tests, you know…』(Leria)

『How rude!
Just so you know, I’m always the top student at my school in my home country!』(Mile)




Because it seemed like Mile was about to take another strange quest again, the hunters listened carefully (eavesdrop) from their sits. They all shouted all at once upon hearing Mile’s statement.


『『『『What kind of undeveloped country is that?!』』』』(Hunters)

『Everyone, what do you take me for?』(Mile)


…. After that, the guild officials who have academic ability started asking Mile some questions. The fact that Mile was smarter than all of them, except for the history of this country was proved. Mile could take the request.
The hunters and guild staff members, who realized that fact, were stunned. The questioners also left with a big shock.


『Everyone, you treat me like an idiot way too much!』(Mile)


Mile left the guild while puffing (pouting).


『…Is it here?』(Mile)


Mile came to the mansion of Mr. Kuledi (Kuledi-shi) (クレディ kuredi), the president of “Yonos merchant company”.
Mr. Kuledi seems to have left his business to his eldest son except for busy periods and important transactions. He seems to be living a relaxed life.
Perhaps he still isn’t thinking about retiring but doing it to train the heir.

His children are quite different in age. His eldest son already has wives and children.
The subject of this request was Young Lady (嬢) Mareeta (マレエット Mareetto), the third daughter of Mr. Kuledi.


『Excuse me, I came from the Hunter Guild~』(Mile)


Mile said to the Maid (Meido-san), something like the fire extinguisher sales scam.


『…Anyway, I want Mareeta to pass the school’s exam!』(Kuledi)


The request from Mr. Kuledi was very easy to understand.
Mr. Kuledi was blessed with 2 sons and 3 daughters. He planned to let his eldest son take over his business and made his second son work as a spare under his eldest son.

At first, he didn’t intend to have his daughters to attend the school. But the two girls grew up better than he thought. They both have some magical talent, enough for them to attend school.
At best, they can become the wive of the second son of a large scale merchant family.
Or at least, they could become the wive of a middle scale merchant’s son or a lower nobleman’s third son.

However, he has spent a lot of money on his two son and daughters to go to school.
He doesn’t want to spend any more money that will affect the store’s operating funds.
Therefore, he wants to aim for scholarship admission rather than general admission.

They will have 3 years after her graduation to pay for the scholarship. And if she is to marry, the husband family may pay that scholarship instead.

Even in the worst case, she only needs to work for a while at a public institution until the obligation expired.

Scholarship admission is a system for those who are talented but can’t enter because of their poverty, but they aren’t limited by their parents’ income.
If you can pass the exam, that’s fine.

As expected, the large-scale merchant or a noble child won’t aim for a scholarship. Although they aren’t really poor, there’s no problem if it’s a mid-sized merchant with a lot of sons and daughters. It’s not unusual.

So in the case of Mareeta, there’s no problem except for one point.

The problem was that “she doesn’t have the ability to pass”.
…a fatal wound.

And Mr. Kuledi planned to hire a tutor, he wanted his daughter to pass somehow.
However, it’s not possible to hire a regular teacher. No high academic ability people would take such a request to teach a third daughter of a medium scale merchant.
Even if someone accepts it, they will demand a (stupid) high fee. Or it’s someone with low academic ability.

Then, he thought of requesting a hunter.
Even if they are hunters, there are many different types. Some of them are the fallen former aristocrats and the children of crushed merchants.

And if it’s the payment on success, he doesn’t have to pay even one copper coin if his daughter fails.
That’s why he made a request.

Scholarship entrance exams are conducted earlier than general entrance exams, and the results will be announced soon.

It made so in order for those who have failed can apply for the general entrance examination.
General entrance examination requires a lot of money for admission even if the student passes, thus the school gives them free time for making decisions or making money.

Mr. Kuledi’s only miscalculation was that no one had received the request. Well, It is natural.

In the first place, there are few people who have the target conditions, and in terms of success fees, if the student is an idiot, the hunter won’t get paid regardless of their efforts.

Only an idiot or people that has nothing to do will accept such a request.
…like this girl here.

Mile then gave the guild staff’s note saying “We guarantee this person’s ability, and all of the exam questions prepared by Mr. Kuledi were correct” and received a formal request.






『…Sensei, please take care of me from now on (Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu)』(Mareeta)


Mareeta is bowing her head.

The student, Mr. Kuledi’s third daughter Mareeta, 10 years old. Of course, because she is about to take the exam.

Her age corresponding to Adel before.


Although she is smaller than Reni-chan, who is the same age.
That’s only because Reni-chan is bigger than average.



And as Mr. Kuledi said, she is good. In other words, very cute.


(A rich daughter and to be this cute… How nice!) (Mile)


Mile thought so, but if someone else listened to it, he would probably get angry with “you are the one to talk!


(However, she is cute!) (Mile)


Yes, Mareeta was very, very cute.
It is no wonder that Mr. Kuledi, her father, hopes that in the future, a worthy man would propose to her.
And Mile was also the same.

Not the future, but right now.


(I have to make this loli happy! …With my own hand!) (Mile)


Speaking of “girl who is smaller than her” that Mile has become touched to some extent including her previous life, there is her Imouto (little sister) in her previous life and Reni-chan.

And they were very cute in appearance, but they have a strong personality.

Needless to say about Reni-chan.

Misato’s Imouto (little sister) was… Whenever Misato went out, she had always been “onee-chan, do you have the handkerchief? What about tissues?
Do you remember the transfer station?
And even if a stranger calls out to you, don’t follow them like you did the last time” and so on.

Mile Vol 6 Page 15

Rather than spoiling her like an Imouto (little sister), it was more like Misato had been taken care of.

However, Mareeta is different.
She has the cuteness that makes you “want to protect”, like tickling your desire to protect.
It had the same attack power as a hand-carrying bird or a three-week-old kitten.

This is the first time Mile has this feeling “I must do anything I can for this loli!
And Mile decided to give her full support for Mareeta.


(That means I stand in Orianna-san’s position for Monica-san’s sake) (Mile)


Mile interprets Mareeta’s position.
And that is the correct answer.

Mile was well aware of the scholastic ability of the two, and generally understood the level of students at Ekland School, including other classes.
No matter how different the countries are, there isn’t a big difference between the levels of the same standing school.

In addition, Mile was helping with the entrance examination for the next lower grade.
It’s a temporary part-time job.

Therefore, she generally understood the entrance examination level.
There’s no better qualified-personnel for Mr. Kuledi’s request.


『Likewise, please take care of me
Well then, without delay, I will confirm Mareeta-san’s abilities』(Mile)


Mile replied so with a loose smile before bombarding Mareeta with question one after another.


(Hmm… even if she did it decently, isn’t it still a bit harsh for her?) (Mile)


Mareeta is never stupid.
No, she is rather intelligent/smart.

However, the hurdles for entering a scholarship are high.
Very high.
That’s it.

Orianna is mature and inconspicuous. Actually, she is far superior to Marcella in terms of intelligence.
In order to help Marcella and make her stand out, Orianna had concealed it, that’s why other than her classmates, no one realized it yet.


(Let’s do it…) (Mile)


Mile hadn’t used much of her previous life’s knowledge.
She only used it to some extent so that she and the people around her could enjoy a little. She was afraid that the knowledge she spread might be used for bad things, wars, etc. or being targeted for that knowledge.

However, on the other hand, if it’s only some small things like useful daily life knowledge for an individual, it won’t be a problem.


『First of all, you will need to remember the multiplication table.
Learning it during class will be a waste of time, so learn it by heart tonight as homework.
You will need to memorize things such as history and law yourself the night after tomorrow.
I will start teaching Arithmetic from tomorrow after you memorized the multiplication table.
For today, let’s study the concept of scientific knowledge and study the mechanism of the world.』(Mile)

『Eh …』(Mareeta)


No matter how Mile wanted to dote on Mareeta, no, that’s why Mile’s guidance was strict.
It’s all for the happiness of Mareeta.

Many words that she had never heard before were lined up, and it made Mareeta agape.
Naturally, the level of knowledge in this world is low.
By no means the people in this world are stupid.
It’s just the overall amount of knowledge is small.

There are a few books and it’s very expensive to read and study.
Using library costs a lot of money. There’s a small number of books and only some biased genre.
In addition, the content is low, and there are many things that are just mistakes or speculations.
In addition, many researchers conceal their knowledge, research results and encrypt records to prevent others from imitating them.

In other words, all of the results are often lost as soon as the said person dies.
Even top-class scientists have a low level of knowledge outside of their field of expertise, and even from the perspective of overall knowledge and accuracy, they aren’t even as good as Japanese elementary school students.

But it can’t be helped.
The amount of information that is circulating between people is too small.
There is little opportunity to touch them.
Except for schools, academies, and some research institutes in each country, it’s
only something like conversations and rumors with familiar people, knowledge and information that can be obtained by the general public.

Of course, Mareeta is also the same… Therefore, Mile planned to educate her for 8 days.
The basic concepts of multiplication, drawing, and equations.
Bookkeeping for basic physics, chemistry, sociology, economics, and bonuses.

And the last two days were insurance.
Even if Mile says insurance, it’s not the lesson about life insurance or accident insurance.
This insurance was provided in case she messed up (failed).


『Well then, as for today and tomorrow, the last 2 days, we will have magic training』(Mile)

『Eh …』(Mareeta)


Although Mareeta has decent magical talent, it’s not enough to enter a scholarship.
Mareeta thought “how can I learn magic in 2 days of training… I mean just 2 days…“.
But then she looked back at the knowledge she had learned in “only 8 days“.


『 Please take care of me (Onegai Shimasu)!』(Mareeta)


And Mile started Mareeta’s special magic training.
She doesn’t teach Mareeta the true fundamental nature of magic like with Marcella’s trio.
It’s only the pinpoint instruction that isn’t very applicable like what Mile has taught to Rena’s trio.
However, Mareeta is the merchant’s daughter, it would be better to learn support magic than combat magic. Mile decided to teach Mareeta water magic and healing magic.



(Her learning progress is quite good,… but she doesn’t get any explosive results) (Mile)


No wonder.

Rena and Pauline are elite who have passed the entrance examination of a high-powered hunter training school.
It’s wrong to expect the same results as those two, a select few (elite), from Mareeta who only has a “decent talent” degree.


(Ummm, umm, how can I…) (Mile)


Mile was in trouble and finally, she decided to use the last method.

Yes, Mile thinks herself as a normal, average girl. She decided not to rely on “that” as much as possible except in times of trouble or emergency.


(…Nano-chan, are you there?) (Mile)

“Yes. We are here Mile-sama!” (Nano)


Calling “Nanomachine-san” every single time is rather long and troublesome. And as their relationship became closer, Mile decided to make it a little shorter and friendly (nickname).


(Uhm… nano-chan’s group. Do you have “exclusive contract” system?) (Mile)

“…Yes?” (Nano)






『Ah, Mile-san. Yonos trading company just sent the request’s completion certificate/report.
You got A evaluation and a bonus reward.
Would you like to take the reward now?』(Leria)


One day, about 10 days after completing the private tutor request, Mile visited Guild with all member of Red Oath, receptionist Leria called out to Mile and said so.
Mile already told her friends that during the holidays, she had too much free time and was bored so she took an individual request.


『For merchant, Money is as important as their life, and you get a bonus reward?
Also, it’s quite a lot of money…』(Pauline)

『It’s really unusual…』(Rena)

『…What did you do, Mile?』(Maevis)


The three stared at Mile.


『 Don’t look at me like that. I’m not doing anything special.
I told you. I was just teaching as a tutor!』(Mile)


Leria offered something that seems to be a letter to Mile, who denied Maevis’ words.


『A letter from the client.
It came together with the completion report』(Leria)


Rena snatched it from the side.


『『Ah …』』(Mile + Leria)


While Mile and Leria were surprised, Rena quickly opened the letter and read the content.


『Thank to you, my daughter has passed the scholarship entrance’s writing skill and magic skill examinations with top score. She was called with “Goddess Mareeta”, “Water Bomb Princess”, etc …
Hey, Mile, what were you doing?』(Rena)

『I’m sorry』(Mile)



Yes. Back then, Mile asked and recruited the nanomachines “I need a group of Nano-chan to be Mareeta-chan’s exclusive. You will always stay beside and support Mareeta-chan in magic executing”.
The exclusive Nano-chan’s group will be compatible with Mareeta-chan’s thought wave, stays close to Mareeta-chan and pays attention to Mareeta-chan’s thoughts.

For the nanomachines, who has a long period of activity with the history of the world, a few decades are only a moment.

Follow and serve a human being for life”,

Maybe they just felt bored and wanted to do something interesting.

Or Maybe they just follow Mile’s order with authority level 5

Or maybe it’s just the nanomachines’ the kindness, or the favor for the loli (少女 little girl)?

The reason wasn’t clear, but a lot of nanomachines took over that mission. And from that day, Mareeta’s magic power jumped up.

However, as a safety measure, Mile was giving instructions to the nano-chan who took over that mission.


『 If Mareeta-chan ever tries to use magic to do something bad, you will only execute magic with her original, normal power (thought wavelength).
Ah, it’s okay with something like a mischievous or prank.
And if she is trying to do something that is obviously vicious criminal acts or trampling on the dignity of another person, please erase her exclusive priority』(Mile)


However, it was natural to follow the conditions given by Mile. Because the exclusive group was received that request from Mile with authority level 5.
Originally, nanomachines aren’t allowed to give special treatment to anyone without instructions from authorized personnel.
Mile just gave them a『request』 and left the choice of whether or not to take it for the nanomachines. But in reality, it was『gives permission to have an interesting experience of exclusive use』. Many nanomachines were flooded.

Later, it was no wonder that the nanomachines, who weren’t nearby when Mile recruited them, became grumpy.


And Mile reminded Mareeta-chan over and over.


『Do you understand? I’m praying Goddess to betow you her blessing to help you using magic. So you can’t use it for bad things, okay?
If you use it for horrible things or criminal acts, you will lose your blessing.
Ah, it’s okay to use it for mischief or a prank. You don’t have to worry.
By criminal acts, I mean something like “
trying to commit a felony at a level that would result in death or many years in prison
Legitimate defense is all right.(Mile)


And Mile doesn’t forget her self-protection.


『And this is a secret.
Please reply by saying “As I was training, I suddenly awaken my magic abilities“.
Wouldn’t it be awkward if I were forced to tell the secret that your magical power suddenly increased?
I can’t teach,
nor to give Goddess’ blessing to just anyone.
Goddess’ blessing will only get you to involve in religion, power struggle, and trouble』(Mile)


So Mile said.

Mareeta, who was originally brilliant.
She seems to understand properly.


『I would be thankful if you reply when people ask about me that I’m just an average C rank hunter who you can meet anywhere.
Well then, I wish you success in August School Scholarship Entrance Exam.
Or rather… if you don’t pass, all my work for the last 10 days will be wasted.
I ask you, please succeed. Really.』(Mile)


Mareeta-chan always had a dumbfounded face until then, finally laughed.

Mareeta-chan was told by Mile that『Mischief is fine』but she was still worried.
If she did something wrong, she might lose the Goddess’ blessing.
Therefore, she tried to do the right thing and worked hard every day.
Never do any wrong things.

A cute and intelligent girl, who helps those in need and the weak with her powerful magic. There is no reason for her not to be famous.

And it wasn’t just the 2 titles in the first 10 days like

Goddess Mareeta”,

Water Bomb Princess”,

she got other titles such as

Explosion saintess”,

Guardian of the school”,

The number one girl who you love to have as an Imouto (little sister)”

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